Feedback Request and New Policy Update

New Policy Update

Here at Sanguine Affliction, we have a rich, diverse world to write within. The trouble is, as we're sure you all have noticed, that participation seems to be floundering. We've decided to take another look at some of our policies to see where we can better foster role playing. To that end, we will be initiating a 30 day trial for new characters. The idea is to get people role playing first and foremost - to have the opportunity to jump in and get their hands dirty, so to speak.

We have some other ideas in the works to streamline and promote role play within Nachton, among them an incentive program for bringing in new members. We would like to open up the discussion to all of you who have stayed with us thus far. SA would not be here if not for you and we value your input. Some specific things we'd like you to consider are:

What kind of incentive would be most appealing to reward successful referrals?
Are there any rules/systems in place on SA which you feel hinder role playing?
What are your ideas for helping this community grow and thrive?

Of course any suggestions are appreciated.

Fallon 15 years ago
I must apologize for being one of the 'floundering' flock...I don't know what has come over me the past few months, but I have a very difficult time finding the urge to write. I'm hoping I am coming out of it, as there have been a couple times I've wanted to say something recently, but I think because everyone else has been quiet too, I didn't.

I totally quit the other RP board I was also playing, but am not ready for that here. I have a long weekend ahead where I'll have no computer, and think when I get back next week, I may be ready.

As to incentive is bringing in new blood...I've always hoped those I refer would find the rp board as fascinating as I do. Personally, I really don't want anything else.

As for board rules...I think the bio regulations might tend to scare some people off, but personally think they make sense. Once the bios are approved, I think the few rules there are are necessary as well.

I think the only thing that will help get SA back on its feet, would be for those of us still here to play, and find a way to successfully introduce new people. Unfortunately, I'm not sure there really are many of us still around...
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
I'm alive.

I've had some issues, mainly time, but I'm here and wanting to be more active just well.. time. And then certain angles I have going I shall have to resolve but that's another story. I've got a couple people I would try to drag over here to check the place out just was waiting to suggest it until the board was a bit more active again so they didn't see it and think we were all hibernating.

A bio policy change is ummm.. I dunno IMO SA's bio requirements are NOT that stringent and once you get a grasp of the material it makes perfect sense. Has that been a problem?

I do think new members maybe found it hard to know where to dive in? It can be intimidating..
Alexandra 15 years ago
I'm still here *waves* Same for me as for T, time is an issue, big one but I am willing to play to be honest I've been dying to play but there are so VERY few people around it's hard to start a threat if you don't have anyone to reply to it *glares at a certain blond*

As for the bio rules, I think their fine, but i do agree again with T when I say that all the rules and the not really knowing where to start might be a bit scary/intimidating for new people.

Other then that, I love this place and i'm not going anywhere
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
*blushes and looks down guiltily* Well you of all people know how busy I am at work these days and how impossible doing it at home is now..... But I just posted aresponse for ya and it was even less than a month! =)
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
Naw, we definitely don't want anything feeling guilty for having a life, it's not like I haven't been afk since I got pregnant for the most part. My internet time now is being replaced by snugglin' with my pooter pie (aka David, my son hehe). I think a lot of preexisting story lines have been halted due to all of us taking time off. I SINCERELY apologize for letting the halloween event lapsed for so long - I mean cripes its friggin February already =x. Just remember those threads do not conflict with what's open in the public threads, so hopefully no one feels stuck.

I guess we all fell into comfortable grooves but maybe we can shake things up a bit by starting new story lines? I had planned on killing Ellis by now but that's certainly changed so I think we should all feel free to explore new avenues with our peeps. =) Hopefully we'll find new people to interact with as well.
Thaddeus Grey 15 years ago
*nods* yeah this wasn't meant to be a guilt trip at all. Thanks for replying - I've found it enlightening. I'm surprised by the response to the bio idea, although I'll admit that it is gratifying to hear that we were doing something right with that.

My husband suggested a 'newbie island' sort of thing to get new players RPing right away, while they wait for their bios to be approved and get a handle on the rules.

But yes, I agree with Ellis - shaking things up with new storylines is a good idea.
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
Oooh, I like the newbie idea! That would be fun, like an open quest but...not..
Alexandra 15 years ago
Btw you guys are aware that people can't register at this time right? a friend of mine wanted to join but he couldn't
Amberelle DeEspionne 15 years ago
oooooo... Is Will gonna come play?
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
Btw you guys are aware that people can't register at this time right? a friend of mine wanted to join but he couldn't

Well poop, I opened it back up like a month or so ago - I thought it worked. I'll check again.
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
My bad, ok registration has been tested and is back open. Invite away!
Alexandra 15 years ago
Amberelle DeEspionne;42101
oooooo... Is Will gonna come play?

He just might

And tnx Roz
Cyrus 15 years ago
Sorry all. Work has blocked SA from sites I can visit. I rarely find time between commuting, cooking dinner and gaming in EQ2 but I promise to try harder!
Reign 15 years ago
Si i know this isn't a guilt trip but SA being blocked at work has been a serious downer (so has work but that's another story!) On the upside some odd part of my brain has woken up and i think i'm getting back into the swing

I love the idea of some sort of Newbie zone. I think that might help. I know at new boards i'm always some what intimidated by where to start.

I don't think the bio requrirments are an issue, seriously if they are that big a deal you're probably going to have trouble playing at all.

Other than that a plot shake up is good it would probably wake up more of us
Fiona 15 years ago
I hadn't realized how long it's been since I've been here!!! just smack me, already!!

Between school, life, child, etc... not to mention EQ2, the writing bug took a back seat. it's starting to bite again. course, I have no clue what's been happening, so will have to take sometime to figure out who is where and all that.... which is a rather daunting task to be sure... *sigh*