Fortress of Solitude Amongst the Fanged - House of Pain - Safe Haven

Of all the fetish vampire gin joints in all the cities being over run by zombies - House of Pain ended up being a safe place to be. Twenty floors above the streets of Nachton, completed sealed off from the one entrance to the elevator and no emergency stairs to be climbed by zombies - the vampire fetish club, for the moment, was the safest place to be in the Industrial district of Nachton.

No one inside knew how long it had been since the first infection, they only knew that security had immediately cut off the elevator entrance at the first sign of trouble. There had been scarier things in Nachton that had troubled the minds of those who ruled House of Pain - but tonight, Halloween night, a normally traditional night of Vampires and things that go shriek in the night, vampires were being hunted by something scarier than them.

Uninfected 15 years ago
The music had long since stopped as they listened to the sounds coming from the windows - the streets were filling up with fast moving blurs of death and the smell of tainted blood wafted up towards them from their hiding place. Twenty floors separated them from the infestation below - how fortunate for them, the hallowed hearted beasts of this species, that they were safe from harm. They were suppose to be causing it, not running from it.


Alexandra 15 years ago
She had no idea what the fuck had happened but Alexa knew one thing she wasn't going back outside where those nasty thing walked, cause seriously can anyone raise their hand and say ewwwwww? Come on.. they tried to touch her and she lost her favourite purse while making her way inside the club, yes she was pissed to say the least.

"Damn.. I need a drink"

Looking around she headed towards the bar, they better have some serious good Chardonnay on stock.
Uninfected 15 years ago
The patrons of House of Pain milled around nervously - some opening the darkened windows to look down below at the screaming infected or backed away as far as possible, close to the bar. Some had even retreated to the private booths, trying in vain not to crumble into crying messes, waiting for their death. No one knew what was happening, no one could get a call through with their cell phones with everyone in the city trying to contact their loved ones. The vampires and their pets were trapped on the 20th floor with no where to go and nothing to do but wait.
Peter Haines 15 years ago
Peter had never seen a war zone except in movies, but he knew that what was happening outside wasn't a war, it was a slaughter. The first screams had started shortly after Alexandra and he had left the restaurant. In the ensuing panic they had been separated as what seemed to be a zombie started its rampage through the area. Well that one zombie had become twenty than one hundred until the entire city had been overrun by the creatures. And Peter could have sworn he saw some of the zombies start to change to wolves part way their feasting. There had been one extremely close call that, had Peter's shoes been made out of a slightly weaker material, he would be still out there, but on the other side of the killing.
He weighed the small bag in his hands, it was heavier than it should be, but maybe that was just because it brought everything into perspective. It looked almost as bad as he did, bloodstained, torn, and missing somewhere to go. He had seen it and had paused to pick it up. It had been Alexandra's though she was probably one of the hundreds of zombies roaming the city now. She had been a known a killer, a hired murder, yet the only thing he could think of was that there was probably a ghost out there who was happier now.
The worst part was that he didn't even think that what was out there was truthfully dead. If they were truthfully dead or undead as it were, then he be able to see thousands of new ghosts from the violent attacks. As it was, there was only the normal amount of ghosts in the city. It was like the 'zombies' were on a type of PHP that was contagious. It was like a virus, a virus or bacteria that caused rapid deterioration of the higher mental orders, increased agression, strength, and speed, and a increase in the decay of flesh. The method of the diseases spread seemed to be biting someone, but who ever had heard of a disease that you got from biting someone? Another one of the blood curdling screams came up from the street, causing some people to turn away from the window and woman to break down sobbing. Peter rubbed his arm self-conciously the material from his shirt rubbing up against the scar that he got when that werewolf bit him - Oh, right. Peter walked over and began to comfort the sobbing woman while continuing to think. 'So it was a disease like lycanthropy that that caused rapid deterioration of the higher mental orders, increased agression, strength, and speed, and a increase in the decay of flesh.' he thought, 'yet it doesn't attack other diseases like lycanthropy does. It seems to coexist somehow with them. As some other people came over to comfort the woman and Peter drifted back over to the corner he had been sitting in and pulled out his notebook. He then began to write about everything that had happened that night. From the beginning of the meal to the zombie attacks.
After of what if it felt like hours of writing, listening to the horrible screams and pleas for help that came from outside, and comforting the nearby people, Peter finally saw a familiar face in the crowd. Rather he felt it first, rippling through him as the the ghost went past. He looked up from the notebook to see the spectral stalker floating a bit above the heads of the crowd giving the person in front of him the evilest glare it could muster. Peter didn't know how to feel but looked at the purse next to him. 'Guess she's not out there,' he thought. He watched Alexandra make her way over to the bar and pull out what looked like a very good bottle of champane and pour herself a glass. He thought of what he could possibly say at a time like this, gave up, and walked over to her. He would hopefully think of something by the time he got there.
He nodded to the ghost and sat down next to her now dried blood splattered all over his cloths and face, his coat torn, and the dried blood in his hair had hardened to make it feel harder. None of any of this blood was his and the only substantial injuries were the bruises on his jaw, ribs, and back. "You know," he began, leaning lightly on the bar and scratching his face with one hand, before continuing "It'll be very hard to pay for that without this." He set the purse down in front of her, part of him congratuating himself on the excellent impromptu.
Alexandra 15 years ago
She had felt Peter before he spoke to her, turning her head slightly her eyes turned to their almost black, a sign that she was on her toes, the smell of blood on him made her stomach rumble, watching a few other guests of the club move around she noticed some of them were vampires she knew, she wondered if Peter was like them... or maybe he was not.

"Pardon my language, but who gives a fuck about money in a time like this"

Opening the bottle of rich red chardonnay she reached for a glass, pouring herself one she took a sip, closing her eyes for a moment as the excellent taste reached her taste buds, letting out a content sigh she looked over at Peter, the guy was covered in blood, just then his words sunk in and she looked over at her purse.

"Thanks... so.. what were those things? and how the hell did they come here, I mean I've seen some things that go bump in the night too often but those... never and believe me mon chere, I don't wish to see them again either"

Shuddering she took another sip of her wine, her dress was ruined, she knew that the HOP had a storage/changing room for their employees, maybe she could find something to wear in there, taking her glass with her she crooked a finger at Peter who wasn't in much better shape clothes wise.

"Come on, I used to have a friend who worked here, they have a changing room where they keep the uniforms they wear, maybe we can find something to change into you, though with your size.. not likely, but one never knows right"

Taking her purse with her she walked down the hall, she didn't look back to see if Peter followed her or not, if he wanted to he could if not fine with her, taking out her lockpicking set, she quickly opened the lock to the changing rooms, smiling in satisfaction as the door swung op she put her glass down on one of the benches, going through the lockers she found a pair of jeans in about her size and a custom tight fitting HOP t-shirt.
Peter Haines 15 years ago
Peter followed her, glancing out a window against better judgement, as he walked past. He paused as he saw the sources of another on of the terrified shouts as a man's leg got ripped off. The smell of blood was stronger here, and the sight of fresh meat made the wolf inside him do the human equivilant of opening a sleepy eye to look around. Peter shook his head and looked away, feeling the wolf fall back to it's half-sleep. He walked over to where Alexandra was in time to see her showing off her excellent abilities as a lockpick. In front of him? He was a Detective (for what it was worth at them moment) and she just broke the law not even caring- Peter walked in and, making sure it was unlocked first, closed the door behind him. "It's illegal to just own a lockpick set if your not a professional locksmith, which I'm pretty sure you're not. And you actually lockpicking a door in front of me would be grounds for me to arrest you, even if it's just on principle." commented Peter to Alexandra's turned back. Letting the statement sink in for a moment.
"You should. Just arrest her right now. You'll have to later anyway, so arrest her now so that she won't run off and you can put her behind bars later." coaxed the ghost, "Just arrest the vile, bloodsucking-"
"I probably would in fact," continued Peter, casting a dirty look at the ghost behind Alexandra's back that said calling someone names wasn't nice even if they did kill you, "if I hadn't had the stupid idea earlier of using my handcuffs on one of those zombies." He sat down on the bench, moving her glass to the other side. "And I can tell you right now, that shirt is looks too small for anyone over 10."
Alexandra 15 years ago
"It's illegal to just own a lockpick set if your not a professional locksmith, which I'm pretty sure you're not. And you actually lockpicking a door in front of me would be grounds for me to arrest you, even if it's just on principle." commented Peter to Alexandra's turned back. Letting the statement sink in for a moment.

Was this guy from another planet? or just a really dedicated detective? reaching for the zipper of her dress she pulled the garment down, letting the dress fall down her body it pooled at her feet, leaving her in nothing but a flimsy black lace lingerie set, sticking her wrists out towards him she smiled sweetly.

"Do what you must detective, arrest me"

Letting out a soft laughter she turned her back to him, first putting on the jeans which were comfortable but a little on the big size, looking around saw a mans tie hanging from one of the lockers, using that as a belt she tied it around her waist, putting on the HOP t-shirt she felt much better, taking the pins out of her more then messy hair she let the long locks cascade down her back.

"Tell me Peter, are you always this righteous? there are fucking zombies running outside these doors and you care about a freaking lockpick set? Let me tell you one thing officer, if you want to arrest me fine, do it, but don't give me crap or you will wish you were still out there with those zombies, is that clear?"

That said she walked passed him, picked up her glass and sat down on one of the benches as if telling someone she would do him harm was something she did on a daily basis. (well actually it was but he didn't know that)
Peter Haines 15 years ago
Peter stared at her turned back as she changed into the stolen clothes. With a little information from the ghost he could probably get her with at least second degree murder (though first degree wasn't out of the picture) along with what he'd seen her do. The zombies made it so there was nothing left of the legal system that could have brought her to justice. He could stop her though, he could just stop her right now with one swipe of his claws and- he looked down and noticed that his fingernails had started to take more 'claw like' appearance. Angry with himself over the loss of control, he looked away from the changing Alexandra as he felt the nails shift back into their normal form. He breathed deeply to calm himself down before smelling something odd. A smell of death older than the zombies was wafting from Alexandra, though by how much he couldn't tell. Peter realized that he had smelled it in the restaurant, though at the time he had dismissed it as the part of the food. 'She must have killed someone recently and before I met her at the restaurant,' he thought, as she began to speak. And by the time she sat down, Peter was furious. She had threatened him! A police officer! He looked down and took off his sunglasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose with two fingers.
Stephen looked at Peter's hunched over form. The guy needed to understand what he was going talking to at least. He kneeled down, "Listen, don't drop your guard, she's a real vamp-" he began then stopped as Peter opened his eyes. The look was blocked from Alexandra by Peter's arm, but Stephen Harrison saw it. Stephen the saw dangerous determination in Peter's eyes and rethought what he was going to say, "Just be careful."
Peter he breathed out a slow breath as he stood up and walked over to her. "Fine, Have it your way." he shrugged, the anger concealed from his voice. He sat down next to her, "No crap, and no BS." He let out a sigh that almost sounded resigned then put one of his spare pair of handcuffs on her wrists. "You're under arrest for Intent of Unlawful Acts, Breaking and Entering, Theft, and Threatening an Officer of the Law."
"And multiple homicide." added the ghost, almost cheerfully.
Peter almost looked over at the ghost to ask why that wasn’t mentioned before but he continued normally. “You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in a Court of Law. You have the right to an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights I have just told you?" He asked, staring intently at her .
Alexandra 15 years ago
The moment Peter put the cuffs on her Alexandra's eyes turned completely black, one would have to look really close to see her pupils at this point, her fangs lengthened as she tried to keep her cool as he read her her fucking rights! slowly getting up from the bench she stood in front of him, leaning in closely she brought their faces so close together their noses touched.

"This must be turning you on"

Bringing her cuffed wrist up she placed her fists on his chest, brining her body down she sat on his lap, leaning back slightly she opened her mouth and licked her lips, at that point her sharp fangs were clearly visible.

"So tell me Peter... now that you have me in your lap.. all tied up and no where to go.... what on earth will you do with me? licking her right fang she smiled her most dangerous smile at him Ooo I know we could play a game.... do you know it? it's called killing the police officer and that my dear isn't a threat"
Peter Haines 15 years ago
"This must be turning you on." she said, and as Peter saw the dangerous intent on her face and the emptiness in her eyes his first thought was, 'Not really,' which was then followed by the second thought of, 'The ghost was right, she really is a sexual-.' He noticed the ghost was waving it arms in very unbuisnessman like way as Alexandra started to straddle his lap. "Don't let her- I thought I warned you to be careful!" it said as Alexandra bared her fangs, "She's a vampire!" 'Something else that would have been nice to learn earlier,' thought Peter. "I lied to you earlier," he said, mainly to distract her while his brain quickly ran some equations, "I work out more than I said I did." He lifted his legs up and turned on the bench so that they were both parallel to the seat. He then grabbed her shoulders and as he laid down along the bench, he slightly changed her downward momentum so that she was falling more off the bench then onto him. Peter continued twist while holding her so that as she fell, she was actually closer to being thrown down then falling off the bench. As she grew level Peter rolled off the bench too, following her down. She landed on the ground, Peter's weight on top of her, but Peter wasn't quite done. Peter had pulled himself closer to her as they fell so that when they rolled over in another time he could control it. They stopped with Alexandra on the bottom and straddling her and holding her upper arms in place. It was all done within a few seconds. "And I don't like that game, let's play a different one. How about a game of chess? Maybe Scrabble." He suggested, there was a unnoticeable pointing of his teeth as the muscles in his upper and lower body along with his jaw started to grow a bit stronger. Some other muscles were growing where there was none on a normal human body. His nails hadn't change shape yet, but they had become a bit harder too. He wasn't fully in the hybrid form yet, but he was only a couple steps away, if she wanted to do this, he was ready.
Alexandra 15 years ago
As Peter moved she calculated his every movement, bracing herself she did a full backflip, still falling but landing so that she had her arms free, placing them above her head she used her legs to steady herself as Peter landed above her, brining one leg up she placed it next to his hip.

"Chess sounds fine to me, but let me tell you I'm a very sour looser"

This guy was big, now she wasn't short by any standards, standing at 5'11" she was taller then almost any woman she knew and even some men, lifting her arms the wrapped them around his neck, licking the side of his neck she purred softly, the metal of the cuffs making a soft clanging sound as she moved her wrist, at that moment she let loose all of her glamour powers, concentrating hard on him she made him feel like he was doing something terribly wrong to her and he should let her go that very instant.

"Peter... don't you know that all of this is a big mistake, it's me sweetie, Alexandra, your friend, you do not want to harm your friend do you?"

Running her fingers softly through his hair she purred softly in his ear, making soft soothing sounds as her glamour powers worked their hardest to change his mind.

Peter Haines 15 years ago
Peter's grip loosened a little as confusion crossed his features. 'Friend?' He thought, his opalescent meeting Alexandra's beseeching ones, 'Yeah, we had a nice dinner together and she did say that her friend worked here. She probably only borrowing her friends clothes. Yes, she picked a lock, but if there were no zombies her friend would have let her in anyway.' His teeth slowly regained their normal shape as the muscles slackened slightly. There was a tiny voice inside his head yelling at him about something, but as he tried to hear what it was saying it faded away. This was slightly confusing but unimportant compared to appologising to Alexandra who-
"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" shouted the ghost angrily, who had seen this sort of thing happen before, "She's a VAMPIRE and she's using her mind tricks on you! She's not your friend! She murdered me and tried to kill you too! Now stop acting like an idiot and kill her!" The young fool was going to get himself killed, acting like that. What was he thinking by arresting the vampire?
Peter looked up at the ghost, "Huh?" he questioned the floating phantasm dully, his brain working sluggishly. 'Vampire? What is he talking about?' Peter wondered as the tiny voice in his head grew audible. She had murdered the ghost and when he had tried to arrest her- The feelings of apology and friendship diminished slightly. Peter looked down and saw that he was more off of her than on and that she was no longer being held down. He tried to think of what to do with his scattered brain, a large part of him saying that he would be pinning her down and keeping her from moving, the other part sure that this was all just a big mistake. He blinked, his eyes slightly out of focus. As he was, she could move easier and possible escape; easier movement for her meant more danger to him. That was bad. Why did it equal more danger again? Oh yeah, she's a murderer, forgot that for a moment. So that would mean he needed to restrain her, right? Right.... Why did he want to restrain her again?
Alexandra 15 years ago
What the hell was happening to this guy, Alexa could feel him changing something in him was changing and she had no idea what it was, looking up at him she wrinkled her nose she hadn't felt this when they were struggling but now that he was sitting on top of her all confused there was surely something changing in him... it was almost as if he was shapeshifting.. shapeshifting back from what?

"What the hell are you..."

Channeling all her strength she used her cuffed hands to push him off her in one big push, panting she crawled back, looking at him with her fangs bared she raised her hands to point at him.

"You're not human... what the hell are you and don't give me crap you big lug of man meat or i swear i will use these damn cuffs to strangle your large ass"

It was a good thing that vampires didn't growl.. well at least not normally or she would be there growling at him, she was just about to scratch his eyes out.. talk about feline lmao!
Peter Haines 15 years ago
Peter felt something a presence leave his mind and suddenly thinking clearly was a lot easier. He stumbled back when she shoved him, regaining his balance in front of the door. He reached over and locked it, 'Whatever she just did, I don't think she did it because she wanted to actually make up and be friends.' He liked his mind and the fact that she had just tried to do something to it, whatever it was, made him angry. Peter's muscles subtlely started to form back up and his teeth became distinctly pointy while his nails became sharper and harder. His brown hair became darker as Peter put himself even closer to the hybrid state. He didn't want to completely switch to hybrid until she attacked because then she would be ready for it, but he wanted to be close to it for when she did. "First off," Peter spoke, his voice slightly contorted by the teeth, "I am human. More than you are at least." He took off his sunglasses and set them to the side as his pupils dialated and his colorful irises started to expand. He realized as he looked up at her that she hadn't actually seen his eyes before. By the time she had joined the group at the restaurant, he had already shown his eyes to the other two girls. The only time she could have been able to see past his sunglasses after that was when he looked over them at the ghost and she would have had to stand up. Peter stared into Alexandra's eyes as his irises expanded to so that there was barely any white left. "And secondly, I'm a Detective of the Nachton Police Department." The interior of his nose changed to allow it to pick up even more scents. And even though the change was inperceptible on the outside, it made the wolf on the inside come out of the half-asleep state it was in.
The wolf was awake, waiting and wanting. It could smell the prey and fear coming off not only from the creature in front of it but from what was on the other side of the door too. The prey in front would make a good meal though, even if it smelled closer to carrion than a fresh kill. It tried to grow the paws and muzzle it was so familiar with but it wasn't being allowed to which was slightly annoying, but not unprecidented. It wandered around inside the it's cage, and after seeing there was no way to come out more, it sat down... waiting.
Peter felt the wolf looking for a way to come out. He blocked it although it's presence reminded him of what some things he wasn't. "I am also going to add charges of resisting arrest, assault and battery to a known officer of the law, and I'm sure if I check on Interpol I could find more in Europe. It would be nice if you were to come quietly now." He said carefully forming the words around the pointed teeth as he oh-so-slowly walked towards her, though it was closer to how a predator would stalk a prey than walking. "By the way, knowing you recognize the rights I told you earlier, were either of the other two I was eating dinner with hired assasins? Or is it just you?" Peter then bared his pointed teeth in a toothy grin as his nails got even closer to getting to their clawlike form. He wasn't threatening her, just showing very pointy teeth and having a 'you should tell me now' look in his eyes, and that wasn't threatening at all. His brown hair was now jet black and a fine amount of fur started to grown on his arms, legs, chest, and back. The visible parts of him remained carefully untouched by the fur.
Alexandra 15 years ago
She suddenly felt like laughing out loud, he called himself human, she could sense his body shifting as he stood before her, what did he think she was some kid? DAMN she hadn't been around for almost 500 years to know how to handle a piece of trash when she saw it.

Pushing the fear she felt before down she straightened up, getting on her feet she looked at him calmly, ok scratch Vampire of the list, that he sure as hell wasn't, she was in a big disadvantage here, for one her hands were constricted by these damn cuffs and two he just locked the door.

"Ok fine.. officer, you have me, look me up? hon I've been around for almost 500 years, you really think you will find anything on me? what do i look like some dumb kid? I've been doing what I do for centuries I am GOOD at what I do and it might be a crime in your eyes but some people make a living out of crime and if you took one freaking step back and climb down that fucking high horse your rode in on you might be able to understand what is going on here, we're trapped in this place with FUCKING ZOMBIES TRYING TO EAT US do you really think I would be doing anything other then survive in here?"

Shaking her head she took a seat on one of the benches, turning her back to him, she would know the moment he so much as moved a muscle.

"You my dear Peter are an ignorant fool, yes i'm an assassin what of it? and do you really think i would tell you if Amby and her cousin are too? If you do you're even a bigger fool"

Picking the glass of wine up she downed it in one gulp, closing her eyes she sighed, where were the smart people when you needed them.
Peter Haines 15 years ago
Peter visibly shrank, the bones and muscles in his body changing back to their pure human form, and internally winced when Alexandra mentioned the zombies. He let out a sigh and slumped down on the bench across the room, dispite the protests of the ghost. He had known that the entire 'fight' was just him trying to distract himself from the fact that there was no Law anymore, much less those who could uphold it. It was one thing to keep attempting to fooling others when someone saw through a facade, but it was just stupid to keep trying to fool yourself. He put his head in his hands "I know." he said in something between a sigh and a moan. He sat in silence, it was a while before he finally spoke. "So your really a vampire, huh?"

((OOC: Does 'Trying to survive' = drinking wine and wearing clothes that are too tight?))
Alexandra 15 years ago
(( ooc: Alexandra has her very unique way of surviving and Chardonnay isn't champagne my dear it's wine ))

She felt his body return to normal, it was kind of creepy feeling as she could literally feel his bones shift, turning to look at him as he sat down while putting the empty wine glass down on the floor, letting out a throaty laugh as he asked her if she was really a vampire she shook her head.

"What do you think my dear.. lets make a deal, you tell me what the hell you are and i tell you the details of my being what I am, O and while you're at it"

Getting off the bench she walked over to where he was sitting, holding out her cuffed wrist she smirked at him.

"No biting and no killing unless it's zombies, deal? Now can you please take these damn things off, their bruising my skin"
Peter Haines 15 years ago
Peter chuckled dryly, "Deal, I guess it is kind of stupid to keep those on since it's not like we're really going anywhere." He pulled out the keys from some pocket in his coat and unlocked the handcuffs. He put the keys and handcuffs away in separate pockets of his bloody coat and turned to her. "I..." he paused wondering whether this was a good idea, then, deciding it wasn't, continued, "am a werewolf." He rolled back his right sleeve and held out his hand to show her as the skin bones and muscles moved. It was quick, one moment there was a human hand, the next a paw of a very large wolf. The claws seemed much sharper than they should have been. The black fur of the wolf's leg trailed up to about mid-forearm before dwindling back into a normal human arm. Peter held out the arm for her to look at, "And you? Sun, crosses, holy water, blood, and fangs? What's the truth about the stories? I know the adversion to garlic isn't true because of some of the things you ate at the restaurant and you don't seem to be sporting a 'healthy tan'." He was watching her closely, searching her face with his eyes as though he were trying to read her. His nose was the only thing that hadn't changed back and each breath brought him more information on her, most that he couldn't understand.
Alexandra 15 years ago
Chuckling softly she smirked at him, her fangs clearly visible to the naked eye.

"Sun's a no no, yes we drink blood and the fangs well you can see that, the rest.. some are true some aren't i'll leave it at that, the garlic one isn't but you figured that out on your own"

Looking at him she inspected his arm from a distance, there were loud banging noises coming from outside, she was sure the zombie horde was out there, but not in the building as of yet, who knew how fast that would be changing.

"So a werewolf, who would have guest you guys existed, but then you probably never thought we did either did you"

Rubbing her wrist as he uncuffed her she got back on her feet, kicking off her pumps she began to look for some more sensible shoes for this occasion, finding a pair army style boots that were one size too big she took those out, putting them on she wiggled her toes, the size difference was doable, not perfect but it beat running in 4" heels.

Turning back towards Peter she looked him over, his clothes where covered in blood and torn, searching for something to wear in his size would be hard, she knew some of the bouncers at the HOP were around 6" but this guy was much taller then this, it would have to do, finding a clean shirt she threw it at him.

"Here put that on, it might be a little tight but at least it's not torn and doesn't smell like zombie lunch"
Peter Haines 15 years ago
Peter looked over at the ghost, who was currently grumbling about the fact that Peter hadn't continued fighting her. 'No help there.' Peter thought.
'She probably doesn't like me smelling like 'food' also.' thought Peter. He shrugged as he started to unbutton his shirt, "Well, I didn't know vampires were real before now, but I can't speak for anyone else in this city." he said, thinking of Iov Hammerstein and the 'werewolf pack'. He wondered what else they might have known before this. He shrugged off his shirt and put on the House of Pain one, promising that he would bring it back later if they got through this. "That vampire mind trick," Peter asked rubbing his head, "I guess you could actually call nightgowned maidens out to their balcony. Maybe not maidens in your case." He put his hand on his chin and started going back through the night's events, adding his newly aquired knowledge in. The hungry stares from the other girls at the table, the zombies who had fangs but hadn't seemed like werewolves and- He looked up at her, "Do you know if there are vampires who can walk through walls? Turn into mist or bats? Anything like that?"