Are you ready??!!!

Ellis Duban 16 years ago
IF you want to be INFECTED - either post here or PM me. You're welcome to RP it yourself or I'd be happy to take a chunk out of you. Again this is a self contained event, being infected will not extend beyond the special event. There are no future medical issues, either.

HAVE FUN! It is opened NOW!
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
[11:58] DenCalliShay: question?
[11:59] ROzBeans: sure
[11:59] DenCalliShay: can I post Nic in the thread with Ellis, and Simon...watching the collisions, etc. - not necessarily to play off of E and S...but to be a part of that scene? Or should I create a totally separate thread for him?
[12:00] DenCalliShay: do you have that all set up to go a certain way?
[12:00] ROzBeans: oh no it's completely open
[12:00] ROzBeans: i just thought it would be funny
[12:00] DenCalliShay: Ok...just checking...and it is. I love the way you've set it up
[12:00] ROzBeans: everything is basically open, it's just an idea of what's happening right that second in that thread
[12:01] ROzBeans: but you can change the timeline just stay in that general location - like the hospital
[12:01] DenCalliShay: oh good! Thanks
Rachyl 16 years ago
Sounds like poor Dr. Thorpe was conceived and born on Friday the 13th under a new moon after a black cat crossed Mom's path and his Dad walked under a ladder of a priest named Judas hanging a mirror which broke when he fell, killing the priest whose blood spattered on the lucky rabbit's foot of the doctor who got a horseshoe dropped on his head when he got his open umbrella stuck in a door that the horseshoe was hanging over.
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
Fo serious - what a bad day. O_o /snort
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
*squees* Mass carnage shall ensue.. No.. no infection here just good old fashioned slice and dice. Alice ain't got nothing on us DeEspionne women! *giggle*
Alexandra 16 years ago
*shuders* mes don't like theeee zombies.. but i do like SA so... hmmm ok i will take part not sure if i want to be infected though.. cause zombies freak me out and make me go ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww but other then that i'm fine
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
oh!! any official Anantya position on what people should be doing or is it too crazy?
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
The Clans and Packs can decide whatever course of action they want - their residences are safe havens. =) As for Tacharan - they will be trying to contain the incident within Duibne Industries and working on figuring out just what the hell happened.
Celeste 16 years ago
Hey.. you take my favorite place and fill it with furballs? *swears in French* So is it open to just weres or can I crash the party? You know silly things like walls won't keep me out...
Montana 16 years ago
You want Tribbles in your favorite place?

Ana isn't sure whether to laugh or look sick.
Celeste 16 years ago
har har har.. Actually that is a hilarious visual.. just picture Hammer all squished up against the wall with tribbles all around.. *snickers*
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
ACK! Sorry I haven't gotten a chance to post responses yet ya'll - work has been friggin insane today. Going to a friend's tonight but I will catch up with all between now and tomorrow morning =D
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
Just a heads up, y'all. There's no time limit for this event with it being so close to the holidays. We'll finish it when we finish it so don't feel rushed and just drop kick me an im or pm if I'm missing a turn or making you wait. Some topics I'm not altogether sure if you want to be bit yet, so be sure to give me a timeline so I can eats j00!

=) Just have fun!
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
Ok, now that TAC's art event is over and nothing is planned until next year, I'm going to finally buckle down and finish this event. I'm sorry this took a while guys, but I hope ya'll are enjoying it. =)
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
yes yes now that the art piece is done (along with all the other November madness) I look forward to finishing this, it's been a blast so far =D
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
Ok, I meant NOW i'm starting it up again. /blush Way way too much happened in the past month but I finally got up some posts and sent out some PM's with questions, so everyone be sure to check your other accounts just in case I had questions for ya =D
Steven 16 years ago
Heck, 3 years, this must be a record bump! Anyway, is this thing still going, sound cool. Zombies aplenty, zombies galore!