Welcome to the Nightmare.

Today is October 31, 2007 and Nachton is full of fucking zombies. You're not sure how, you're not sure why but YOU need to get somewhere safe or die trying.

All standard forum rules apply - this special event is an allowable open third thread. You may only be in ONE thread at a time in the special event, so remember to OUT your character. You are more than welcomed to kill as many zombies as you like, just keep in mind that ALL NPC's - regardless of SPECIES will be infected. STAFF will be rp'ing some attacks but it is up to YOU if you want to be bitten and infected - please notify staff ahead of time. We will not hurt you without your permission.

We will be opening more location threads for interaction, but feel free to open your own. There is no mandatory entry thread because everywhere in Nachton has been infected but NACHTON IS QUARANTINED so there is no escape from the city. ALL Vampire and Werewolf residences are safe havens, public areas are subject to infection.