Pedler's Fair

The strip was crowded, streets blocked off and policemen patrolled the area. How Bertrand had convinced her to participate in this 'Pedler's' fair she had no idea. Apparently it was a new Chamber of Commerce idea to host a huge sidewalk sale type of thing with merchants from all over the country. Bertrand had set up a wide array of display stands outside the Gallery, not just for her work but for the mural artist, the glass artist and the mixed media artist. The later was actually creating right on the street. Of course if you are stapling trash together that could apparently be done anywhere.

Looking at her paintings, Nyra felt pleased. She had been inspired by the baby girls to paint soft and delicate looking scenes. Dreamscapes for babies, Connie had called it. With a smile she remembered the talk. Sunsets over ponds of fairies were kind of overdone. Luckily after about six she had worked it out of her system. The newest pieces were the heralds of Fall. Wisps of steam rising from ground as the sun rose on the horizon in anything from a wetlands puddle to a Victorian cemetery.

Standing in the setting sun she wondered if anyone cared about buying art at a junk sale like this. Nyra's sleek green capri pants, tailored button down white shirt and casual sling back sandals set her apart from the bell bottom, peace sign tunic, dreadlocked artist working the evening portion with her. It boggled the mind to think Bertrand really thought the two of them were similar. Sure Serenity was a nice enough girl but she was very different from Nyra. When they had first been introduced it had been obvious to her. Serenity put on a show but did not subscribe to the core of beliefs she promoted. Nyra had stopped trying to put on a show but still followed those beliefs to the best of her ability. Maybe if Serenity, if that really was her name, kept it up long enough she would eventually believe her own propaganda.

Luckily the event only lasted until 10pm and her friends were all aware of her participation should they wish to come. Looking down the street she saw antiques, collectibles, junk, food vendors, clothing, entertainment and even one brave soul who was getting a tattoo in front of the Ink Shop at the end of the block. Music flowed from shops and two tiny stages. Lights were strung across the street in a haphazard pattern, brightening the coming dusk.

Rather than miss it, Nyra quickly got out canvas and paints to capture the scene. She worked under the light post outside The Gallery and offered passers by a friendly smile, whenever she happened to glance up.

(Open to all, just having some fun.)

Nikhila 16 years ago
Outdoor markets, no matter what they were selling always held a fascination for Nikhila. It could be a farmer’s market, a bizarre, or just a random collection of sellers; it didn’t seem to matter, she often wound up at them if not seeking them out. Perhaps it was the energy they seemed to give off; people hunting for the best bargains or trying to get a good price the constant stream of chatter the back and forth between merchant and customer and in this case a rather eclectic mix of music. Or perhaps it was the smell. That would undoubtedly sound strange to most people and she certainly wouldn’t share it with any one. But , there was something inviting about all the different smells, even more so if there were food vendors.

This evening was no exception, she was having a fine time milling through, around and near the various shops and stalls being fascinated by any number of different treasures with out actually being tempted to buy any. Although, her rooms were rather bare; perhaps she could find some art to liven them up. Nikhila pondered this as she browed the stalls. Unfortunately, while the idea seemed sound, there seemed to be a lack of interesting pieces. No, she phrased that badly, she saw nothing that matched her personal tastes. There much better, that was a fair assessment.

Satisfied she was being fair she gave into a fit of whimsy and bought a caramel apple. Not wanting to eat as she walked home she decided to take one final look around, perhaps she’d missed something. In her final round, she spotted an artist who seemed to be hard at work, probably inspired by the atmosphere. She paused to watch, intending to move on with out disturbing the woman, but slightly curious as to what she was working on.
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
Moving through the crowds Amberelle shifted the small bundles of paper wrapped paintings she'd bought earlier to a more comfortable position under her arm, then paused on the curb to glance up and down the street. Warm golden honey colored eyes slowly moved over the gathered patrons and artists as she contemplated where to go next. Tucking an errant strand of her long blonde hair behind her ear when a soft wind caught it, the vampire smiled and nodded.

She didn't stand out too much in well worn and faded tight blue jeans, knee high chocolate suede moccasins and a soft, fuzzy pink cashmere sweater but the tall Creole still drew quite a few admiring glances as she walked up to the Gallery. The corners of her mouth curved upwards slightly as she remembered the evening she'd attended an opening here. Her eyes darted down a few feet to the bench she'd first spied her friend Alec sitting on. It seemed like a lifetime ago she thought with a small sigh.

Shaking off the nostalgic thoughts Amby turned her attention to the stunning paintings on display. Something about them captured her and the style of the dreamy sunsets and sunrises had something in the back of her brain going, trying to place it. They reminded her of the gorgeous pieces she'd hung in her own rooms at Heolfor. It wasn't until the blonde saw Nyra that everything fell into place and she was able to place them as being the work of that same artist. 'Explains the similarities, non?' she thought with a slight grin.

Seeing a few pieces whose soft hues matches the blues and creamy yellows of her suite she made up her mind and walked up to the pretty human and smiled. Loathe to interupt her sketching she paused, not sure who to speak with.

Pardon moi... Umm.. do I talk to you if I want some of these? Her hand delicately gestured towards the displayed works.
Alexandra 16 years ago
Alexandra had been restless at home, working out for a bit hadn't taken away the restless feeling like it normally would, dressed in a sexy top and a black leather skirt she walked the strip browsing the stalls and looking at what the merchants had to offer, her black leather boots making a soft tapping sound as she walked slowly taking in all that was around her.

She wasn't in any hurry, the night was young, the sun gone under just over an hour ago, the night was still young and who knew what it might have to offer, she had fed the night before on a stupid fool who came on to her as she was doing some shopping, he payed for that mistake with his life.

Looking at some pottery she admired the craftsmanship, asking the artists for his card she smiled at him, giving him her own and asking him to contact her as she was looking for some pieces for her apartment.

Exchanging details she left with a satisfied smile on her lips as she calmly strolled enjoying the night.

Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
Looking over from a few feet away Serenity smiled at the blonde. Nyra hadn't looked up from her sketching so she decided to help the young woman. Maybe she could even interest her in a few more pieces. Her own, of course.

If you want to bring those over here I can help you, she offered with a warm smile. Amby returned it, and stepped quietly away from the artist working intently, a part of her glad not to have interrupted her work. Holding out the six pieces she'd chosen for herself she let the other woman take them to ring up.

Thanks.. I really didn't want to disturb her but well.. she shrugged a shoulder. The other artist laughed and started commenting on her choices, mentioning a couple of other pieces that might compliment them well and offered to pull them out for her. The blonde nodded and sighed inside at how all salesmen seemed to be alike.

Turning back slightly towards the street as she pulled her wallet from her bag, the Anantya caught a sight out of the corner of her eye that stole her attention from the task at hand. Amberelle looked over to spy a familiar figure walking past, just across the street from her. Golden eyes danced with glee and she called out, waving her hand high to catch the other vampire's attention.

Alexandra! Alexandra! Over here!
Alexandra 16 years ago
Hearing someone call Alexandria, Alexandra turned her head, there was only one person who called her that with the most delicious French accent and that was Amby, waving back she smiled warmly at the other woman, quickly crossing the street she glared at a driver who came towards her and honked his horn, flipping him the finger she walked towards he friend.

"Hey love, imagine running into you here, doing some art shopping?"

Pulling the other woman into a hug she kissed both her cheeks, it had been quite a while since they last saw one another, smiling warmly at her she admired the blonds natural beauty as her skin glowed softly in the street lanterns.
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
Returning the embrace, the Anantya realized how much she'd missed Alexandra. It had been far too long since the last evening the pair had spent together. Stepping back, but keeping one arm loosely around the other vampire's waist, the blonde grinned at her dear friend and nodded.

Oui. You know me. If there's a sale on something.. art.. shoes.. whatever.. then I'll be here shopping! Amber eyes twinkled happily as she chuckled softly. So what about you? Find anything good? Nodding towards Nyra's end of the displayed works Amberelle nudged her friend forward them some. You should check out her work. I just love her sunsets. I have a couple pieces by her at home already.

Trying not to cringe at the bold, abstract pieces Serenity returned with at that moment the younger vampire just shook her head and gave the artist a smile. I don't think those would go with my home.. I'm very old fashioned. For a moment she contemplated buying one of the more vibrant pieces as a present just to bring some life to her beau's rather bland room but wasn't sure he'd appreciate the modern "in your face" pieces. Perhaps more shopping would be in order to find something suitable. That thought made her giggle and grin widely.

So.. do you have plans or are you free for me to steal you away shopping with me some more?
Alexandra 16 years ago
Laughing softly at Amby's reply Alexa warmly returned the embrace, leaning into her they walked side by side looking at the merchandise that was being sold, stopping at the stall that Amberelle pointed out she wrinkled her nose for a moment.

"Not really my style, but i can see why you like it"

Grinning she imagined the colorful paintings in her mostly red and black interior, they would be very very out of place there, turning to her friend as she spoke up she shook her head.

"No plans, I was just strolling around looking for something to do when i came upon this place, it seemed a fun thing to check out, but if you have anything else in mind I'm up for anything"

Picking up some hand crafted Japanese katana's that were being sold a few stalls further she took one out of it's protective sheet, expecting the lemet and blade she quietly spoke to the craftsman, nodding and smiling she left him her card requesting him to give her a call sometimes as she was more then interesting in making a few purchases.
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
She waited patiently while the brunette spoke to the weaponsmith, her amber eyes darting around the nearby stalls. Her many packages were cumbersome but the young Anantya was not bothered by the weight. 'One of the advantages of inhuman strength,' she mused absently. Amberelle flicked her head some to toss the thick waves of blonde hair back over her shoulder when a sudden gust sent them streaming across her face. Shifting the paintings slighty she fell into step beside her friend with a slight smile.

It was good to be out and about with someone. Thinking about it, the Creole knew she'd spent far too much time closed off on her own as of late. But then there'd been so much on her mind... Nipping that train of thought off, she looked over at Alexa and gave her a dazzling grin.

How about we drop these off at my car then we can wander through some alleys for a bite? After that we could maybe go hit Victoria's, or that new shoe outlet on Main? Amby would give her a moment to respond before teasing or cajoling. Not that she really expected the other vampire to have any problems with the proposal, unless she was shy when she hunted. 'Something I don't think we've ever discussed.. should be interesting to see her style.'
Alexandra 16 years ago
As the wind moved across her skin Alexandra looked over at Amby, feeling slightly mesmerized by the beauty the younger woman was holding, smiling back at her she nodded her head as she spoke.

"Sounds like a plan and Victoria's sounds good, i haven't bought anything lacy lately"

Grinning she hooked her arm through one of her blond friend's walking along side her towards her car she waited for her to open the trunk and place her purchases inside, they had arrived at the more quiet part of town, it wouldn't be too hard to find a dark alley around there, letting her instincts take over she tossed her dark tresses back, chewing on her bottom lip in anticipation of what was too come, it had been a very long time since she had been out hunting with another vampire, the idea of them working together excited her more then she was willing to admit.

"Ready to eat?"

Extending her hand her dark eyes glistered in the light of a street lantern giving them a dangerous gleam.
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
Looking at Alexandra the young blonde felt a shiver run through her. There was something darkly dangerous about her friend now. An aura surrounded her that spoke to the beast inside of the Anantya, drawing it out. Amberelle felt a tingle in her fangs as the anticipation of the hunt began to set in. She nodded mutely, her golden eyes meeting and being caught by the dark pools looking back at her. Her hand reached out and slipped into the other vampire's and she smiled slowly.

Her voice was husky when she whispered in French, Yes... I'm famished.

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