About Ginnie...

*mourns* Brought tears to my eyes.. There's lots of changes happening in the city these days it seems.

Thanks for such great and entertaining characters Sarah!

Dayle 16 years ago
Made me tear up too.

*mourns Ginnie*

Thanks, Sarah.
Ginnie 16 years ago
You guys beat me to the punch.

I've had such an incredible time here at SA and I've learned a lot about myself as a writer.

I promised Roz I'd do some guest writing here and there so you'll see me around.

I want to thank you all for a great time and so many great memories.

Cyrus 16 years ago
So sad! We are going to miss our little crime lord gal!
Shay 16 years ago


Ginnie will definitely be missed, on so many layers.
That poem was perfect.
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
I kept up with the thread too =( Very cool how it all went down. Is there going to be a wake?!
Alexandra 16 years ago
She will be missed! and so will you hon, glad to hear you'll be popping in now and then /hug!
Alec Devereaux 16 years ago
Yes, indeedy - don't be a stranger, you!