Happy Birthday Connie!

Oldbomb for the Emma Constance Mathilda Stone! Woot!

Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
Ahh, happy birthday Connie =)
Livia 16 years ago
Happy happy birthday!
Alexandra 16 years ago
Happy birthday
Addison 16 years ago
Haaappy birthday!!!!
Connie 16 years ago
Awww, thanks ever so much!

Please send flowers in lieu of gifts to...

Ah, hell, just give me cash.

Meegan 16 years ago
I'm just glad we decided to forego candles.
Dayle 16 years ago
You do realize you only need one, right?
Fallon 16 years ago
But its so much fun to have the actual number. The trick would be to get them all lit before the first ones melted and put themselves out.