Entirely Too Long!

Ana realized that it had been entirely too long since she and Joey had gone out for a night on the town that didn't include pizza or sandwiches, ice cream or movies. And it was with a bit more trepidation than she remembered that she had gone to first Penney's for a dress (though Fallon had offered repeatedly to have Suki help her shop, she had been adamant in her refusal and instead proclaimed she needed the decisions to be her own) then roamed the mall endlessly for a nice pair of shoes.

So when she'd gotten home with the black with floral print dress she questioned the wisdom of the choices to be matched with the low-heel, no ankle support slides that she'd picked out.

Fiddling with a strapless bra that she didn't much care for as she tried on the dress, she vaguely wished, staring out her bedroom window, that it was a bit darker so that Fallon could help her with her plight.

After all, it felt, to the librarian, as if the last few months, since Wren's departure from the city, had been frought with nearly nothing but arguments with her boyfriend. Arguments and nights alternating between frustrated silence and seemingly desperate congress. Or as congress-like as "no sex" could get. She wondered if the angst was brought upon by... She shook her head. She wanted to clear the negative thoughts, the possibly erroneous assumptions, the elated anticipation mixed with nearly overwhelming fear when she pondered that one simple act.

But it wasn't so simple, in her head or heart, to listen to or heed what her body wanted.

Then in a fit of "must find something other than our usual" she'd found Buenas Noches and wondered how long they'd gone without finding that place. Eight months, apparently.

Scrunching up her face as she put the finishing touches on her hair, she cupped her hands around her bosom, pressing them inwards and upwards, before staring into the mirror for a few moments. She liked the changes in herself that she spied: the weekly exercising classes at The Studio were going well. Keeley was a nice enough lady, and though Ana knew she was discounting the chance for a friendship with the new teacher, likely out of some strange sense of loyalty to Wren, she couldn't bring herself to spend time with the young woman, who asked nearly incessantly every week. But she noticed, from looking at the photo-bearing badge she wore at the Library, as well as pictures from the aborted Mayor's Ball, that there was a definite slimming in her cheeks and hips. And Nyra had even commented about how her calves were looking tighter - but walking daily and climbing all the stairs in the library could have contributed more to that, she thought.

She was happy with herself, perhaps slightly more than she had been before she'd begun her exercising, but a little more comfortability with oneself never hurt anyone.

So it was with a wide smile on her gently shimmering lips that she shut the lights off in her bedroom and bath, gave Russ a quick pat on his sleeping little head and finding her keeps took up her purse and headed out.

As she sat down in the driver's seat and started Mocha's engine - purring nicely, after a morning repair a couple weeks ago, courtesy of a certain painting boyfriend - she nearly clobbered herself in the face as she realized she'd neglected to find out one extremely important detail.

She had no idea where Joey lived.