Strike Two, But Not From You (attn: Joey)

Patience had been a strong suit of hers, ages ago.

Or maybe twenty-five minutes ago, when she'd told the reservations desk she was present to claim her table. At which time she was informed she'd need to wait, and at first stood quietly and patiently while other couples, three- and four-somes went ahead of her. Then she reintroduced herself to the young woman at the podium, restated her name, impressed upon the girl that she'd been waiting some time, then, bringing a chair over from the waiting area around the corner - out of sight, out of mind perhaps - sat down directly next to the podium. Smiling up at... Angela... she got comfortable and made sure to look up at her and comment about the quick service every time someone got seated. She noticed, however, that a man in each party was the one to announce their arrival.

Angela picked up the phone briefly and spoke in a hushed tone, but for the most part ignored every comment Ana made. Finally, after seeing a man in very bad brown sandals ask to be seated for his reservations for three - and he was the only one present - she got frustrated and stood up to comment. She saw a shorter gentleman with the words "Manager" stamped on his name tag walking up to the podium.
"Excuse me, I was wondering when I'd be seated? I have reservations for two that I made almost two weeks ago, for twenty minutes ago, at which time I was told to show up no sooner than five minutes before the reservation time."

"Well, miss," the man started, "we'll have a table available for you when your other party arri..."

Ana cut him off as her eyes took in his namebadge. "I can see from here that there are no less than three tables available, and that's just within the walkway behind and to your right. Your hostess has taken at least nine parties, each announced by a male, while she has not even so much as explained my waiting. Even as I caught her attention, other parties were seated. You will seat me now, and then when my other party arrives, you will escort him to that table. Otherwise, I will write a letter to the owner and the Better Business Bureau stating that you are showing preferential treatment to customers that are not female, as well as inform any pertinent media to the same. After that, I will inform my not innumerable friends as well as post signs in the University as well as the city's libraries that your establishment discriminates against female patrons." She smiled inwardly at his skeptical glare, and continued gracefully, "As I am sure you do not wish me to do that, Mr. Coraluzzo, I hope you will instead find a way to compensate me for wasting now exactly one half hour of my time."

He blinked at her from under bulging lids, a vein at the corner of his eye a dark purple. "Well, Miss..." He read her name as Angela pointed it out in the reservation book, quite high on the page. Still uncrossed out, and surrounded by other names that had been struck. "Miss Kensington, I will escort you to your table then. Angela, please ensure that her companion is brought to table thirty-one and have Raven take care of their table." At that, Mr. Coraluzzo reached out and struck Ana's name from the list, and said, "Follow me please," then escorted her to a table at the far end of the hall from the podium.

She sat and stared up at him expectantly as he rambled on about timing and cleaning issues and was about to insist she be compensated when he mentioned the almost acceptible recourse of "all your drinks are on me tonight."

"Thank you for your prompt handling of the situation, Mr. Coraluzzo." With that, Ana settled in to wait for Joey's arrival, accepting only a glass of water for the moment.