Tequila! (open)

Her mother would've been mortified - little Dawn heading out to a location with flamenco dancing in a white dress! For shame! Her mother had been of the opinion that only red and black were appropriate colors for the dance. Of course, she also felt that hair was supposed to stay its natural color, so obviously she was fucking clueless. Grinning as she ran her fingers through her currently crimson hair, she shook it happily. Maybe dear old ma would have accepted the compromise of red hair for the dance.

Laughing aloud at her thought, she headed into the festive environment. She'd been a good dancer once upon a time, but no practice for so long...she was probably rubbish now. Can't win 'em all. Heading straight to the bar, she was pleased to see an habanero infused tequila - maybe this place knew what they were doing. That would be a serious find - she missed real Mexican food, and everyplace else had been rubbish to what you could get in LA. Ordering a couple of shots, she leaned on the counter and surveyed the crowd - a wide mix of folks, to be sure, but no one she knew.

Well, someone would likely turn up - fun like this brought out all sorts of interesting people. If not, well, then she'd meet someone new. Lovely worst case scenario. Winking at a stranger who'd heard her order, she slammed back one of her fiery hot shots and started looking for fun.

Peter Haines 17 years ago
Peter threw the lemon slice into the trash can. The fact that so many restaurants were convinced that water needed to be served with a lemon slice was depressing. He liked the flavor (or lack there of) of water, spoiling it with a slice of citrus was entirely unnecessary and was a sorry attempt to make the glass of water or the resteraunt seem fancier than it was. 'Oh well' he thought taking a sip, 'at least they didn't put ice in it.' The truth was he had come to this place to meet new people, and so far there seemed to be a lot of couples and no one to talk to. He pushed his sunglasses up, making sure they were still in place and keeping anyone from seeing his eyes. People would be avoiding him because of the dark refective glasses, but they would probably still avoid him if he took them off, his eyes had a tendency to freak some people out.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Seeing motion out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a nearby patron fish out the slice of lemon from his water and discard it before fiddling with his...sunglasses? At night? Was she in a Corey Hart song all of a sudden? Cocking her head, she considered the stranger while swirling her second shot. Tapping her foot to the mariachi's beat, she stared.

He looked too young to drink, but the glasses could indicate otherwise. Hell, they could indicate anything from a heroin junkie to an emo kid who had been crying earlier and was feeling shy, really. Or maybe he had a nasty scar and lost the eye and was self conscious about it. Or maybe they were just boring old brown like his hair and he figured the sunglasses would make him more interesting. Well, they'd worked if that was the case. But the lemon thing...that was the clincher. Knowing that she'd already made up her mind, she downed her second shot of fire and asked for a glass of plain water with no lemon. Grabbing it, she walked purposely toward him.

Timing so his glass was not in hand when she arrived, she placed the lemon-free one in front of him, and took his. Leaning lightly on one arm to bring out her triceps, she sported a lopsided grin and blurted

"Oai! Sumthin' wrong wi' lemons?"

Examining the glass of water she had in hand, she saw little bits of the lemon floating around in it. That might be gross for someone with an anti-lemon kick. Looking back at the kid, she cocked her head again. Yeah, he would be pretty fucking tall if he were fully upright. Good reach on him, also in pretty good shape. Maybe he'd be more interesting than his hair indicated.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
There was already a decent sized crowd filling the restaurant when Amberelle pushed open the door and stepped in. The mouth watering smells coming from the food and spirits greeted her and made her smile. Growing up just next door to Texas, the blonde had a good appreciation for the cuisine and was looking forward to indulging in something cheesy and spicy before the night was through. Especially if it was washed down with a frozen Margarita or two.

Pausing to adjust the delicate, fringed shawl she had laid loosely about tanned her shoulders, the vampire caught her reflection and smiled. Her long red dress swished around her softly as she moved slowly through, winding her way around tables towards the bar. Tonight she had opted not for the expensive and stylish shoes she adored but
something more practical for the dancing competition she hoped to enter, sturdy and professional in a soft red suede with a slight heel. A vibrant red flower was pinned above her ear and her long hair hung in silky golden curls down to almost her waist. It suddenly reminded her of the night she had met her beloved at her cousin Cyrus' housewarming party. The memory had her golden eyes sparkling and a happy glow colored her cheeks.

Reaching the bar, Amby took an empty seat not too far from a young man sitting alone and gave him a polite but slightly reserved smile. The last thing she wanted was to have someone hitting on her when Alex arrived. Well, if he arrived she amended silently. Once again he'd been wrapped up in work and she'd never gotten a firm confirmation that he would be able to make it tonight. 'Even if he can't, I am going to dance and I am going to have fun tonight,' the Creole told herself firmly.

Flashing a wide pearly white smile to the bartender, a rather frazzled looking man, her softy voice was just loud enough to be heard over the festive mariachi band as she ordered a shot of Patron. One or two shots wouldn't hurt, and then she would be good and switch to something more sedate like a Margarita or a Pina Colada.

While he dissapeared down the bar to prepare her drink, the Anantya glanced around the room. It wasn't so crowded yet that people couldn't be seen, but so far no one the young vampire recognized was here. It wasn't until she'd turned back to the bar and taken her drink that she caught sight of someone who seemed familiar out of the corner of her eye.

Dawn... is that you? Amberelle'e eyebrows shot up at the sight of her friend in a rather pretty white dress. It was one of the last things she'd expected to see on the young Californian.
Peter Haines 17 years ago
Peter's eyebrows raised to the assault of alcohol on his nostrils. "I'm fine with lemons," he answered, taking the offered drink, "Just not in water. Ruins the taste" She must have seen him through away the lemon and was offering the water to... why was she offering him the water? She didn't work here. Maybe she was hitting on him... Nah, from the smell of it she would have needed a few more drinks to be trying to pick a guy up with 'Oai' as the first word. So maybe she just wanted to talk to him. He looked down at the water and noticed the lemons bits floating in it. There weren't enough to changed the taste terribly and, well, his parents had always said that it's the thought that counts... so he took a sip. "Thanks," he gave a small smile, "My name is Peter by the way." He switched hands with the drink to straighten up and hold out his right hand.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Sporting her lopsided grin, she asked

"Huh. I guess Nachton's water's a bit cleaner'n a lotta cities, but I still prefer lemon t'metals an' fluoride. Maybe y'got a cute dentist when y'ere a kid an' like th'fluoro flava cuz a it."

Taking a big draught from Peter's old glass, she set it aside as he stood up and introduced himself. Yup - looked like he was about halfway through the six foot range. Extending her hand, bruised knuckles and all, she watched as it vanished under the grip of the tall man's hands. It was almost like being a kid again. Her pops had been about the same build, just...4 sizes shorter. And of remarkably darker skin. But thinking of him would lead to melancholy, and that wouldn't do - she was out to have fun, even if she had to force the matter.

That didn't seem to be on the menu, though, as fun sounded like it was finding her. Turning toward the familiar Southern voice behind her, Dawn broke into the first full smile of the night. Disengaging her hand, she turned to embrace her friend.

"Oai! Glad ya decided t'come - but...where's yer boytoy? Oh, hey, this's Peter. I'm Dawn, this's Cousin Amby...er...Amberelle. She's taken, so don't get any ideas, mister."

Releasing her hold on her clanmate, she squared herself in front of Peter, and cocked her head again.

"So...what's with them sunglasses, anyway?"
Peter Haines 17 years ago
By how she said it the Amberelle person might have been her cousin or not. But at the mention of his sunglasses though he touched them again to make sure they were on then disguised the motion by running his hand through his hair. "Well, my eyes tend to unnerve some people so I wear glasses so there are no problems." he shrugged, then changed subjects so they hopefully wouldn't go into it. "So are you two really realated?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Laughing happily, the blonde hugged her friend. Giving her a quick once over she smiled. The color du jour for her hair suited the fiesty Californian quite well. And the dress flattered her athletic frame. Glancing up at Peter as Dawn introduced them she gave the man a warm smile tinged with a touch of sympathy. Dawn could be quite overwhelming, especially at first. She hoped he was up to the challenge.

Addressing the question posed to her first, she leaned in closer to Dawn and spoke quietly.
Family business has him tied up, of course. But hopefully he'll be along soon. A mischevious tone entered her voice as she added, Hopefully you can keep me out of trouble until he does, non? Golden topaz eyes sparkled as she contained the chuckle that thought brought. It would most definately be the other way around, the Creole knew.

It's a pleasure to meet you Peter, she said as she extended her free hand to him. And we are indeed blood cousins, however we're a few generations removed. Hopefully her little inside joke wouldn't send Dawn off into a fit of laughter. That could be difficult to recover from.

I know a little bit about unusual eyes, Ambysaid with a wry smile and a chuckle as she motioned to her own unusual golden ones. If you'd like to remove your glasses, I'm quite she we can handle anything you might feel is odd about them. 'And I will stomp Dawn to death if she makes some kind of crass remark about them too,' the young Anantya added silently.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Family business could mean just about anything, so she let it slide. It did remind her that she needed to resume her research on the two Orders she was closest to and actually make a decision. Amby wanted to chat with her regarding the decision making process...but they kept getting sidetracked with other things. Well, she had forever to decide, so no worries.

Smirking at Amberelle's response she winked while rubbing her thumbs over her pronounced, bruised knuckles.

"Yup! That's me! Picture of innocence!"

Playing off Amberelle's commentary without any trouble, she put her arm around blondie's shoulder and put her other hand on her own hip. Nodding sagely, she added

"Yup! 'tween yellereyes'ere an' m'supersized mouth'n lack'a internal monologue, we've got'r problems too! Least YOU kin put on glasses t'git normal, I'M stuck like this ALL the time!"

Chuckling at her own joke, she wondered if he'd rise to the bait or not. Amby'd make her stay good, but she WAS curious.
Peter Haines 17 years ago
Peter shook Amberelle's hand lightly yet firmly. He had noticed her golden eyes before, but had just thought about how pretty they were, and how well they suited her. Of course she probably wouldn't want him to say that. It was different for guys, while pretty eyes are good for girls, for guys... But they seemed to be, more or less, understanding. He smirked at Dawn's line about putting on glasses to get normal. Yeah, right. Putting on glasses would never get rid of the fact he was a werewolf. He realized what she was doing though, having a PhD in Psychology did mean that he did have some sort of glimpse of the human psyche. He couldn't see the harm in it either way, well yes he could, but Amberelle had already shown him her eyes, and what would be lost to do the same. "Okay, fine, you win. Here." he chuckled and slid the glasses down his nose so that they could see his dazzling iridescent eyes.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Alexandra loved dressing up for the night, wearing a Spanish style dress with 4" heeled open toe pumps completing the ensemble.

Her hair was down in loose curls reaching the small of her back, a touch of make up completing the look with simmering lipgloss and loads of black mascara, she knew she looked good enough to eat and who know if Panos showed up she would let him nibble away for a bit.

Looking around to see if she saw anyone she knew she smiled sweetly at the waiter who approached her, ordering a glass of dry white wine she began to mingle.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Watching expectantly, she gasped slightly when his eyes were revealed. Raising her eyebrows, she turned her head toward Amberelle.

"Oh...my...God...all'at buildup an'is eyes're totally awesome. I was 'spectin' like all red with oozey stuff'n no white to'm at all an' shit! There's people on th'raver scene'd pay good money fer their eyes t'look like that!"

Looking at him severely, she nodded.

"A letdown like that demands penance - bein' all cute instead'a horrorshow. I think Amby'll have to buy us all dinner'n you'll haveta tell us a story to make up for bein' self conscious."

Hooking her elbow through Amberelle's, she offered the other to Peter.

"C'mon - there's a big ol' table o'er there. Lessee if th'tamales here're crap'r not."
Peter Haines 17 years ago
'She certainly does have a way of twisting the English language to its understandable limits.' Peter thought, moving his glasses back into place and finished his water. Well, he had wanted to meet some people, now he realized that he should probably have been more specific as it seemed that he had just been volunteered as a storyteller. There seemed to be no dignified way out of it, so he would have to go with it. Peter heaved an exaggerated sigh, “Well, if I really must,” and took Dawn’s offered arm.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Tamales? Amby's expression was ambivilent and she shrugged. I was thinking more along the lines of a huge bowl of queso dip and a pitcher of margaritas.. but we can try whatever you want.

Taking her cousin's arm, Amberelle let Dawn lead them to a large empty table. Picking a chair with both a good view of the entrance, since she still held out hope that Alex would join her, as well as a good portion of the restaurant, for prime people watching, the blonde gave her two companions a large grin.

Oui, if Dawn says you owe us a story well... there's no avoiding it. Lifting a menu from the table she opened it and split her attention between it, the door and her tablemates. Besides she's right, your eyes aren't that odd. Trust me I've seen more suprising things. 'Like a full grown man turning into a hawk, or a girl walking through walls,' she added silently and supressed a smirk.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
As they arrived at the table, she wrinkled her nose at Peter's statement. Doing a reasonable impression of his voice as she took the farthest seat from the entrance, she said

"Oh no, I am at an up-and-coming restaurant with two beautiful and vibrant young women who for some strange reason wish to talk to me! Woe is me!"

The words wouldn't have been things he'd chosen, but the voice came out pretty well for a first attempt - just a bit too high. Chuckling, she nodded at Amberelle.

"Well DUH! Th'first time ya gotta try like total! But I wanna make sure th'tamales're substandard, otherwise I got slapped way back when for nothin'! It smells like they do their beef right here, anyway, so that's sumthin. 'sides, been a tic since I ate myself stupid. Whaddya all like? I'll order for us'n case these guys can talk Spanish."

Making a mental list of the things they should probably test drive, Dawn grinned. This table was going to be full, even if they just got half orders of everything. One of the fringe benefits of finding her way into a rich family, she figured.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Sipping her glass of wine Alexa walked through the restaurant, stopping to talk to people she knew now and then, looking around she spotted a table with three people sitting at it, one of them had bright sunny blond hair, her tall slender frame and the way she carried herself made her think of Amberelle right away, excusing herself from the person she was talking to she made her way over to the table.

Just then the blond turned her head to say something to a young looking dark haired beauty in a white dress, yes it was Amberelle for sure, making her presence known by coughing softly she smiled at her blond friend.

"We really should stop meeting like this, people will start to talk"

Giving her an amused grin she took a small sip of her wine.
Peter Haines 17 years ago
Peter laughed at Dawn's impression of him, seeing that it had been about what he had been thinking at the time. He took the seat that was facing away from the bar and made a mental note that Amberelle could probably speak French. People don’t normally say ‘Oui’ if they don’t speak it on a somewhat regular basis. "I wouldn't know what to order, so you can order for me.” he told Dawn. He noticed another girl wandering over towards them out of the corner of his eye. He waited calmly as she spoke to Amberelle, speculating how many more people he would meet before the night was out thanks to the company he was in.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Closing and setting her menu aside, Amby just nodded when Dawn offered to order. Smiling at her cousin, she echoed Peter's statement. If Dawn wanted to take the lead here the blonde was more than willing to let her. It was nice to see her excited about something that didn;t seem to involve massive amounts of trouble-making.

Finishing off her tequila in a small sip, Amberelle just grinned when she saw Alexandra. Oui, we do. But then again, if I remember correctly we were trying to make them talk weren't we? Amby giggled, her golden eyes dancing as she teased her friend.

Standing, the Creole gave her friend a one armed hug and looked her up and down. With a nod of approval at the other vampire's dress, she left her arm around Alexa's waist and turned to address the other two occupants of the table. Nodding first towards Dawn, she said with a smirk This is my cousin Dawn. Watch out for her, she is trouble. Dawn, this is my friend Alexandra. And that, her head tilted in the direction of the lone male at the table, is Peter. He's been sucked into our little party here.

Stepping back and sitting once more, she motioned to the chair next to her. Come, sit and join us.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Waving at the newcomer, Dawn grinned. Somehow she'd managed to slip in with the beautiful people. If she wasn't careful it might give her a big head. Well, she already had a big head - it might just change some of the details of the ego. Still, it was nice having two very disparate groups of individuals that you could move easily through. It was more practice for blending in with people, which would improve her acting. That was one of the keys to longevity.

"Damn! Any more hotties show up'n Petee's gonna haveta change'is shorts!"

Laughing, she gave Peter a wink and went back to the menu. She'd selected a wide variety of plates - more than enough for the current group and several additions. If they didn't finish, which was likely, they could bring the rest home for Rupert and Company. The poor guy seemed to live his work. He should really get out more often. Looking around for a waiter, she was glad they'd grabbed a large table. The place looked to be getting busy.
Peter Haines 17 years ago
Peter smiled and stood up to shake Alexandra's hand when he was introduced. "Peter Haines, pleased to make your aquaintaince." Peter immediately suspected that Alexandra was someone who had spent some time in the more 'refined' circles of society some point in her life. It wasn't because of the way she coughed lightly to have Amberelle that she was there, the way she carried herself, or even the way she talked, though they all helped. It had been something much more subtle that she probably wouldn't even notice, the way she sipped the wine from her glass. No one could sip wine that way without practice and the fact that she just did without thinking meant that it second nature. Peter was about to ask something about it when Dawn spoke. Peter hadn't been thinking along those lines, but now that Dawn had mentioned it he noticed how he did happen to be in the company of three very attractive women. He sat down. "Well, join the party Alexandra."
Alexandra 16 years ago
Smiling warmly as Amby hugged her she squeezed her arm, she was happy to see her friend, giving the two others at the table a smile she waved back at Dawn, who appeared to be Amby's cousin and to Peter, taking his hand in hers she shook it briefly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Peter"

Putting her glass down on the table she straightened out her dress before taking the offered seat, years at boarding school in the 16th century left a big signature on her behavior, even if she didn't have any recollection of her life as a human the manners and way of being a lady had stuck to her.

She couldn't hold back a soft laugh at Dawn's words, but she was worth, poor Peter was surrounded by beautiful women, all looking very different but beautiful in their own unique way.

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