Synchronized Hunting (Attn: Thaddeus)

Alfarinn moved through the crowd at the entrance of Club Eternity and scanned its depths for an empty booth. He could sense Thaddeus behind him, a reassuring warmth that made him feel safe and comfortable. There was something about coming to places like this to hunt that put him on edge. perhaps it was the overwhelming mass of emotions coming from the sea of people or perhaps it was the potential for connection and emotional involvement each time he chose someone to feed from. The people in Eternity were some of the deadest souls in the city; the rich and apathetic, each one looking for that one thing that would wake them up and give them something to live for.

He found a booth with a good view of the rest of the club and weaved his way towards it. Sliding inside, Alfarinn turned to his companion and smiled.

"I think this was a brilliant idea of yours. We could both use our strength."Â?

The prospect of hunting with Thaddeus was exciting and he found himself in an extremely good mood despite the earlier altercation with one of Ellis' minions. Though he'd have to admit that any gloom that he might have foundered in had been quite efficiently erased by the concern that Thaddeus had shown for him. Their relationship no longer seemed one step away from disaster and with that revelation nothing could keep his spirits down.

A waitress came by to take their order and stumbled slightly over her standard greeting when she looked his way. Giving her a cheerful grin, Alfarinn ordered his drink.

"I believe I feel nostalgic for an "Assisted Suicide"Â? tonight."Â?

His smile softened as he turned towards his companion, remembering that first trip to the House of Pain.

"What would you like?"Â?

Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
Thaddeus had no way of knowing if it was especially crowded at Club Eternity tonight, but it certainly seemed that way to him. That was what they needed; a place to get lost inside. That there were plenty of options for them both tonight was both a blessing and a curse; the advantages were obvious but with so many choices picking exactly the right human was all the more involved.

Thaddeus eliminated people in batches as they made their way across the floor, to a well situated booth. Too garish, too loud, too young. That last was ironic if only because many would say the same of him.

He smiled when Alfarinn reminded him that this was his suggestion and thought that he should think less about himself, if for no other reason than because being in the wrong frame of mind tended to make the process of finding a meal all the more difficult.

“Well I don’t know about brilliant…”

Situating himself across from Alfarinn, his eyes swept the room once more before a waitress appeared at his elbow, asking for orders. His companion ordered first, giving him some small amount of time to think his order through before it was his turn. Smiling in the slightly absent way of one who realizes something funny has just been said but doesn’t quite get the joke, he turned his attention to the waitress. He had briefly considered ordering a water, something mundane, but then decided should have a real drink in front of him even if he never took more than a sip. After all, that was what one did at a club. He ordered a martini, dry, no olive, gin and not vodka, retorting as quickly as the waitress could fire off her questions, and with no real idea of what difference it made. He had ordered the drink because it was the first one to come to mind, not realizing it would end up being so bloody complicated. He rolled his eyes in self deprecation as the waitress walked away.

“You can tell how often I go out drinking…” He chuckled nervously and rubbed at his cheek. “I should have just had what you were having.” Looking over, his eyes more amused than concerned over his slight slip up, he gave a slight shrug. “Though I wouldn’t want to intrude on a good memory.”
Alfarinn 17 years ago

He shrugged and smiled at his partner's denial, merely smiling in response. Turning to watch the crowd, he looked for solitary individuals in the club. They were not very numerous, most people coming in pairs and groups, but with the large crowd in Eternity tonight there were still plenty to choose from.

Alfarinn blinked in surprise at Thaddeus' very detailed order and wondered if this drink was actually a preference or simply something that sounded good. He already knew of his companion's lack of experience in the drinking field and had fully expected Thaddeus to come up with something light.

Giving his partner his full attention at the nervous chuckle, Alfarinn reached over and brushed a hand along his companion's thigh.

"You wouldn't be intruding and I must say that from the past experience it was probably better that you chose not to indulge in an 'assisted suicide'."Â?

He flashed Thaddeus a reassuring smile, before giving his lover's knee a final squeeze and leaning back.

"So how would you like to do this? Shall we both find someone at the same time or should we hunt one at a time with the other here waiting for their return?"Â?
Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
Was Alfarinn having fun with him? Thaddeus rather thought he was, dangling a lost memory just out of his reach. His companion’s upbeat mood was contagious, though; it was too good to see him happy to worry over what he had forgotten.

“Oh, good – you already know I can’t hold a drink to save my life,” he said, laughing. “Or order one, apparently. Don’t worry; that poor waitress will probably be picking up a nearly full glass at the end of the night. I just wanted something in front of me.”

It seemed strange to so easily reveal his motivations, even over something so trivial; he was typically so closed off, secretive even, but Alfarinn had a way of putting him at ease. Perhaps it was the steadying, cool hand on his thigh, but Thaddeus thought it was more likely simply his companion’s understanding manner.

Alfarinn got to the point of their excursion without further ado, bringing his thoughts back to just how this evening should proceed. Weighing his options, he eventually ruled in favor of practicality over security; the thought of Alfarinn waiting on him brought his self consciousness back, full force.

“I think we’re safe enough to go at our own pace – it would be just as well if we both found someone at the same time.”

Just as well, but not all that likely. Even taking his choosiness into consideration, though, Club Eternity was a good location; already there were a couple of people circulating that he was keeping mental tabs on.
Alfarinn 17 years ago
Alfarinn smiled at his lover's self depreciation but shook his head in gentle disagreement.

"You were a lovely companion even whilst drunk and quite the thinker."Â? Knowing Thaddeus had not a clue what he was talking about and getting used to explaining these awkward moments, he filled in the past events. "It was that night that we put together part of our plan for following some of our leads and it was primarily due to your initial brilliance."Â?

He did keep quiet on what other revelations that night brought but could not help but remember those as well. Alfarinn trusted in hope they would get Thaddeus' memories back and he was not giving up on that wish until every last possibility was exhausted. Until then though he was simply happy to create new memories with his Beloved.

"Alright then. Is there anyone that looks especially intriguing to you? It'd be a shame if our similar tastes had us planning to approach the same individual."Â?

The waitress came back with the drinks and sat them down in front of their correct owners with a 'There you go'. Alfarinn thanked her and reached for his glass. After the early evening events he deserved a drink but thankfully he didn't feel that he -needed- one.
Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
Thaddeus was still smiling as the waitress came and went, certain now that Alfarinn was messing with him.

“Perhaps I –should- drink this…thing…then! A little brilliance never hurt anyone.” Leaning forward, he let his eyes shift to the waitress for a moment before looking back to his companion with a slight smirk. “And is it just me, or do you have a fan there?”

He’d noticed the woman color a little when Alfarinn thanked her, and the way she pressed her lips together as though to stifle a nervous giggle. Small signs, perhaps, but after all it took one to know one – he’d been known to color a little himself when Alfarinn looked his way.

Grinning cheekily, he toyed with his glass while answering the question at hand, keeping his eyes on either his drink or his companion.

“There’s a group of badly dressed gentlemen at the bar; behind them, sitting alone, is a woman who looks to be in her early twenties.” The woman in question wore little makeup and had her sandy hair down. From this distance, it looked as though she were drinking cranberry juice. Shrugging in a gesture that declared that the jury was still out on her, he went on. “And near the piano there is a dark haired gentleman listening to the music, at a little table by himself. I’m guessing you noticed the…I would guess Indian woman, who’s looked this way a couple of times. She’s with friends and anyway I’m not sure if she’s looking at you, or me, or both.” He concluded with another shrug, feeling the disadvantages there were obvious. “But she might approach on her own if someone were to buy her a drink. A risk, perhaps, but it could prove a viable one.”

He concluded with a raised eyebrow. “And you?”

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Alfarinn 17 years ago
Alfarinn gave Thaddeus a mischievous smirk and a raised eyebrow and then looked down at the full drink sitting next to his companion's hand as if to say "I dare you"Â?. In truth he would not mind if his partner chose to drink or not but he was glad that Thaddeus had not used alcohol as a numbing agent for his emotions.

At the mention of the waitress, Alfarinn blushed slightly and leaned forward, letting his hair frame the sides of his face. He was quite used to being noticed and treated differently by those who were star struck by anyone who had some ounce of fame; it was somehow very different and slightly more embarrassing when Thaddeus noticed. He had gotten used to the two of them sharing private lives in the apartment together or being simply two immortals amongst a crowd. Their public personas had not yet made much of an appearance and he wondered how Thaddeus would view his overly showy social life.

He smiled softly in answer to the observation.

"So it seems."Â?

His eyes darted quickly over to the people as Thaddeus mentioned, placing each one in his mind so that he could concentrate on them later. Once his companion was done with his selections, Alfarinn bent his head downwards towards his drink and tilted his chin slightly in Thaddeus' direction in hopes that he would appear to be listening intently to his partner. Closing his eyes, he focused first on the lady at the bar. Opening himself up to all the emotions in Eternity caused him a moment of confusion and a near loss of self as they all overwhelmed him at once; it was a feeling he had grown accustomed to over these many years but there was still that instance of sheer terror that -this- time his identity would be crushed completely beneath the onslaught. He reached for the image of the woman like a lifeline and all the other emotions faded once more into the background. She was angry. It was a focused fury that had a purpose and reason behind it and not the more muted discontent at life in general. The man was next and the loneliness that usurped the anger was almost a welcome relief. The last woman was more vague or simply more complicated; she seemed interested, curious, eager but somewhat apprehensive.

Alfarinn walled off most of his senses again and looked up at his companion.

"The first woman is furious. I'm not certain why she's here or if her anger is towards someone specific in Eternity but its definitely focused on something or someone. The man is lonely, perhaps a bit nostalgic and the woman nearby is curious...a little eager but at the same time apprehensive. I believe you're right about her. She seems to be working up the nerve to come over here."Â?

He looked around the room for those that had interested him.

"I sometimes choose as I go. There is one dancing on the floor nearby in pink. She's simply in the mood for someone...anyone, right now."Â?

Alfarinn shrugged slightly and hoped that revelation didn't upset his companion. He would not sleep with the woman but he could certainly make her happy for the moment and she didn't seem to want an attachment. That was always his biggest worry.
Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
Thaddeus took a sip, and no more, in answer to Alfarinn's silent challenge. He managed to avoid making a face; martinis were not, apparently, his drink. He suspected that an olive had been placed, and then removed from, his glass. There was a definite olive taint to the beverage – he was almost entirely sure he wasn't imagining it.

His expression softened from its teasing smirk when he realized he had embarrassed his companion. Before he could say anything, though, the moment seemed to pass and he thought it best to let it go. There didn't seem to be any reason to dwell but he would take that as a lesson learned.

He wasn't certain of what he expected Alfarinn to do with the information he'd provided, but the emotions he felt through the bond were more than a little startling. Reaching out, he rested his hand over top of Alfarinn's, under the table, and frowned in concern. This, too, quickly passed, and he pulled away his hand, though his frown lingered and he bit down absently on his lower lip. He did not, however, interrupt his partner's sensing. Being a psychometrist, he was familiar with the effort and concentration it took to utilize a supernatural ability, and had also experienced the disorientation and frustration of being pulled away from his efforts. Such 'sixth senses' certainly had their benefits, but always came at a cost; that was just the way of things.

He shortly got a first hand accounting of just how beneficial Alfarinn's additional sense could be; he didn't have to imagine how trying it would be to discover the woman's mood the hard way, and while the other two were apparently what they seemed, that information was useful as well.

“That's...quite helpful, thank you for your trouble.”

Alfarinn was well suited to this approach to hunting; the drawback, he reasoned, was that other tactics were likely much more difficult, given his ability. Many hunted the weaker beings – thieves and addicts, or the low life types no one else would bother with. He didn't imagine this would be a comfortable option for Alfarinn in particular, but then it really wasn't an option for anyone with taste. Social engineering was so much more suitable for gentlemen such as themselves.

He cast a glance over at the woman in pink that Alfarinn had mentioned, knowing he wouldn't have picked up on her restlessness. He was a little surprised at the first thought that entered his mind- a mental image of the woman wrapping herself around his companion on the dance floor. The curious little voyeuristic twinge he felt at that thought was -not- something he cared to contemplate just now and he hastened to put it out of his mind.

“If you wanted to approach her before someone else does, I could stay here and buy the curious one a drink. Then take it from there.”

Raising both eyebrows in question, he resumed fiddling with his drink, leaning back to take in his surroundings once more.
Alfarinn 17 years ago
He smiled at Thaddeus and gave a slight shrug. He should have warned his companion before using his empathy in such a crowded place, especially with Thaddeus unprepared for his abilities.

"I'm sorry. I should have told you what I was about to do. I didn't mean to cause alarm."Â?

Alfarinn reached over and gave his partner's hand a return squeeze before turning his attention back to their reason for being here. He didn't like the two of them splitting up to hunt but unless they simply attacked a couple of people on the street then they were almost certainly going to have to separate. And perhaps unfortunately for both of them, ambushing pedestrians was not to their taste.

Frowning slightly, he took a large gulp of his drink before sliding out of the booth.

"I'll be back as soon as I can."Â?

He gave Thaddeus a long look, a slight smile and an unspoken 'be careful' before he turned back towards the crowded dance floor. Tugging lightly on the grey sweater, Alfarinn steeled himself for the press of unfamiliar bodies and items and then headed into fray. The seething mass of people immediately closed in around him obscuring his view of Thaddeus except for the occasional glances through gaps in the shifting throng.

Finding his chosen target, Alfarinn danced near her, pretending not to notice her at all. He closed his eyes, tilting his head back and tapped into the pounding rhythm of the music, letting it bring forth his more primal instincts. A different sort of excitement arose within him, not sexual but animal, though admittedly sometimes the difference was hard to place. He reached out with his empathy to the woman nearby, his attention locked solely on her. Her emotions changed from longing to desire. Alfarinn lowered his head and opened his eyes to stare straight into the hazel ones that were watching him. He smiled, continuing to keep his gaze locked on her's as he danced. She swayed closer, stepping into what little personal space he claimed on the floor. Her hands found his chest and when his smile broadened, her moves became more bold.
Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
Thaddeus returned Alfarinn’s slight frown with raised eyebrows, not knowing how to answer to his companion’s unspoken concerns when he himself had no idea what it was about this that felt wrong. It certainly appeared as though things were falling into place very nicely.

Perhaps that was wrong in and of itself.

Shrugging off such negative thoughts, he turned to watch Alfarinn blend in and disappear. Or nearly disappear; his height, along with that long silvery hair, made him easier than most to pick out of a crowd.

One of these nights, Thaddeus reflected, he would have to see if he could steal a dance for himself. He didn’t risk watching Alfarinn long – it would only set his imagination off, not to mention it was very likely both rude and suspicious behavior. Instead, he flagged down the waitress and ordered another drink (the same as what she was drinking) for the young, dark skinned woman who had spared an occasional glance his way. He took another sip of his drink and watched the crowd in an absent, tuned out sort of way, waiting for his loosely made plan to take effect.

Eventually he saw the waitress begin to work her way over to the woman’s table, and assumed from their gestures that he was being given credit for the drink. The woman looked over and they made eye contact. He nodded and raised his glass. All according to the unspoken script; next, she would raise her glass to finish the toast, pretend to ignore him for a little longer while she chatted with her friends, and then approach his table when an appropriate amount of time had passed.

His eyebrows went up slightly when events took a very different turn, though his expression settled to a comfortable smirk. Instead of raising her glass in return, she had simply picked it up entirely, whispered something to the woman sitting next to her, and stood up, making her way around the edges of the dance floor. She was taller than she had looked sitting down, and wore a gold cocktail dress that came halfway to her knees before ending in a beaded fringe. She radiated class and seemed confident, much moreso with the drink in her hand. Thaddeus wondered if she might be drunk, but she walked gracefully, with none of the stumbles associated with inebriation, and when she arrived at the table she spoke clearly and easily, with the Northern Indian accent that the British had left their mark upon.

‘Thanks for the drink – I didn’t think you’d noticed me.’ She smiled, apparently unembarrassed. ‘I thought your friend would never leave.’

In response, Thaddeus slid over in his seat, trying to look inviting and squashing down his instinctive skepticism. He told himself that he just wasn’t used to such forward behavior and there was nothing odd about her at all; moreover, he wanted this over and done with and if he let his misgivings guide him, they would be here into the next day.

“Care to join me?”

The woman smiled, a real smile, not forced or plastic, and for some reason that put him more at ease.

‘I’d be delighted.’
Alfarinn 17 years ago
The woman he was dancing with seemed intent on undressing him on the dance floor and it was a difficult balance to continue appearing interested while at the same time extricating her hands from beneath his sweater.

"Not here"Â? He murmured,leaning close to her ear in a volume that was more of a low growl to be heard over the music and the crowd. Swaying and gently pushing, he lead his all too willing companion away from the gyrating crowd and towards the private rooms.

Alfarinn caught a glimpse of the Indian woman heading towards Thaddeus with a fresh drink in her hand. Concern,caution and a stab of jealousy brought his attention away from his own situation for a moment as he gave Thaddeus one last glance before passing the booth completely. The woman he was with followed his gaze and seeing it trained on a blonde male she quickly dismissed it and tugged on his hand, giving him a flirty smile and a sway of her hips.

Really, he had no right to be jealous; Thaddeus didn't have a woman climbing all over him. It was simply that the confident smile of the Indian stranger which spoke of intelligence and mystery was far more compelling than the physical lust displayed openly for the taking. Unlike himself, Thaddeus had been very happy with a female partner before; admittedly there was no woman who could compare to Emma, but perhaps... Alfarinn sighed and mentally kicked himself for being foolish. 'You've been an empath for thousands...not hundreds...THOUSANDS of years... ' He was so inwardly focused on what -could- be that he wasn't paying attention to the senses the Fates had decided to bless him with. 'Obviously because I needed them very badly'

Thaddeus was not dwelling on her smile or her looks. He could feel his lover's anticipation, a hint of nervousness and the burgeoning confidence of a plan coming together perfectly. Alfarinn smiled slightly to himself, adoring his partner's surprise followed by a brief moment of inner smugness. The knowledge of self worth was extremely attractive to him; Thaddeus knew he was handsome; it lent a certain posture and gracefulness to his companion's already considerable dexterity. At the same time, it was endearing because his lover did not dwell on it and despite the faith that Thaddeus had in his appearance, his lover seemed to be completely unaware of so many of the other qualities that made him so wonderful.

Filled with renewed confidence that everything was okay, Alfarinn greeted the bouncer standing watch over the entrance to the private rooms. He sent his companion a parting well wish before crossing into that secret domain.

[Good Luck, Beloved.]
Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
Thaddeus could spare little in the way of outside conversation, as all of his concentration was focused on the woman in front of him, but he imagined that Alfarinn probably understood this, and was, in fact, in the same predicament. He supposed he could have returned the sentiment his companion offered, but it didn’t appear he needed the luck; instead, he simply thanked him, and hesitatingly added that he would see him soon. Then he returned his attention to the woman next to him, who was gazing at him intently with eyes so dark they were almost black.

His hand covered her smaller one – an almost proprietary gesture on his part but she seemed more at ease rather than put off. The conversation was going well; flirty and fast, intelligent without being too intense or killing the mood they were cultivating. She moved closer, he made an excuse to touch her. He complimented her, she gave him a smart remark that set them both laughing. Give and take, inch by inch.

As they spoke, he gently turned her hand over to entwine their fingers together, leaning ever closer until he was practically whispering in her ear. He could smell her perfume – something fruity, oranges and spice. Underneath that was something soapy and clean. His fangs began to ache.

And then he looked more closely. His fingers glided down the palm of her hand to wrap lightly around her wrist, just grazing the smooth brown skin. Not hard enough to hurt the faint bruises. His smile faded to a slight smirk, and he spoke with a sudden serious that should have been jarring.

‘This has been…interesting, but I’m sure you don’t have all night to play.’

She smiled toothily, still confident, still easy and smooth. Thaddeus wasn’t sure if she was aware that he’d found her out, but if she was keeping up, she didn’t miss a beat. ‘What makes you think I’m playing games? Maybe I like you. Maybe I want us to be…friends.’ She ran a finger from her free hand down the length of his nose and concluded the gesture with a wink that he supposed was meant to be cute. Hell – it –was- cute – she was good, he could admit that. But now he was just irritated; the woman had wasted enough of his time. He tightened his fingers hard around her wrist and heard her gasp, though he could not tell if it was in surprise or pain.

‘Who sent you?’

Her expression changed from sultry to pouty in an instant, managing to look sulky in spite of the pain he was clearly causing her.

‘You’re no fun at all, Thaddeus Grey.’
Alfarinn 16 years ago
Alfarinn gave the girl he was with a promising smile as he moved down the hall of doors that the bouncer had allowed them access to. She grinned back at him and told him that she had always wondered what was back here and that she'd hoped one day to get the chance to find out.

Finding an unlocked door, Alfarinn pushed it open and stood out of the way to give her space to enter. He gazed blankly at the familiar bed, nightstand, and chairs of a private room in Eternity; they weren't all like this but many of them were. At least they were clean, he thought dryly. It was more than he could say for some places.

His tone even, he looked back at her.

"Now you know."

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Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
Ah, now they were getting somewhere. Thaddeus pulled back, releasing the woman’s wrist, and cocked an eyebrow.

‘No. I’m not.’

Her expression softened immediately; she was still pouty, but in a sensuous way now, her head lowered as though she had been very naughty and completely deserved to be manhandled. Thaddeus, unimpressed, continued to look impassive as she crept closer.

‘If you don’t know,’ she sang, ‘no one could blame you. We can just pretend, the two of us, and no one would even have to know…’

Thaddeus resisted the urge to roll his eyes; he was now fairly certain of just who was responsible for this little attempt at seduction, but he wanted to be absolutely sure. He smiled, a predatory grin, and leaned in.

“How do I know you’re not a good little familiar who’s going to run straight back to her Master and tell him everything?”

Her triumphant smile told him all he needed to know; she was good, yes, but not –that- good. She hastened to assure him that she’d do no such thing, of course, feigning concern, shaking her little head, but she couldn’t entirely bury her smugness. He pretended to think a moment longer, tilting his head to one side, then pointed one finger in the air as though a light bulb had just gone off over his head.

“Or –maybe-…I’ll just tell Sir Marke myself. Oh, but he won’t really mind, will he?”

He would give her one thing – she recovered very quickly, only looking put out for a moment before turning up the flattery dial full force.

“I suppose I should have known better; he –told- me you were clever…forgive us, please. We were just trying to have a little…” she ran one finger from knee to belt and whispered the last word in his ear “…fun.” Her leg was now flush with his, their faces mere inches apart. He was hungry and frustrated and it was all he could do not to give her a good hard shove out of the booth. But of course Marke hadn’t sent someone who took ‘no’ for an answer; she blazed on, making her hand comfortable on his shoulder.

‘…So, now that you know, and you know Marke doesn’t mind…’

“What does he want?” he snapped, testily.

She held her hand to her chest and looked straight into his eyes. ‘He thinks only of your happiness. He told me to show you a good time, that’s –all-.’ She batted her eyelashes, a monument of good intentions.

He threw back his head and laughed, pinching the bridge of his nose and shaking with amusement. “You are a real piece of work.” He wiped at his eyes and shook his head. “Tell him you made me laugh, that should please him. And tell him that I am an obedient clansman who follows the laws, even when others disregard them, even when I am sorely tempted.” He smiled, brittle as lead. “Make sure you mentioned ‘sorely’. I give credit where credit is due.” He leaned back in his seat, unsmiling now. “Finally. Tell him that if he wants to come to me in good faith he can start by –not- using lying, scheming familiars for messengers.”

The sweetness drained slowly from the familiar’s face; she had finally realized the game was over, that he had slipped through her perfectly manicured fingers. Her lip curled up; Thaddeus found the expression quite unbecoming.

“Sir Marke does not ‘come to you’, you stupid little boy,” she snarled. “-You- will come to –him-. And you can tell him everything yourself! I don’t deliver –your- messages.”

“Oh.” He feigned disappointment. “Does this mean you’re not going to make a man out of me?”

He grinned in perverse amusement at the furious little sound she made in the back of her throat, but she quickly composed herself and stood, tall and dignified, to look down her nose at him. He gave her his most angelic expression in return.

“Sir Marke requests the pleasure of your company,” she ground out, “at your earliest possible convenience. And you,” she went on, pointing one finger at him “don’t. Scare. Me. –I’m- set for –life-.”

With that, she whirled to walk away, but Thaddeus’s parting shot stopped her in her tracks.

“Or at least until you’re 40.” At her stricken expression, he went on in an innocent tone of voice. “Didn’t he tell you?”

His own smugness at having scored a few points wore off all too quickly; she’d barely stormed out of the club before guilt settled in. He didn’t have to give her such a hard time; hell, maybe she didn’t even deserve it, not really. She was just Marke’s puppet and as fun as it had been to yank her strings, he had to acknowledge that it wasn’t the smartest move in the world.

Even so, she’d inconvenienced him, wasted his time. Now he had to find some other prey, and quickly, before Alfarinn came back and he became too caught up in self consciousness to concentrate.

With a heavy sigh, he surveyed the club once more, this times sans empath to help.
Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
Sunless tanning oil. Glitter lotion. Body spray. Wasn’t anyone just…-clean-?

Thaddeus pushed his drink across the table and stood, resolving to simply get out on the floor and see what happened. He’d been watching long enough to get a feel for how people moved, and while this wasn’t exactly his scene, he didn’t think he would make an idiot of himself.

He was swallowed by the crowd in seconds, part of the organism that was the dance floor. There almost wasn’t room to move – here they were packed so close that all they could do was sway – but as he was pushed further in, he came to a thinner place, where people had made room to watch a couple dance. The two women had their backs to each other, their arms intertwined, their eyes closed. They were both very skinny and small, reminding Thaddeus of nothing so much as a pair of mischievous pixies at play. Sweat made their shirts almost transparent. The crowd didn’t mind.

In fact, one man was enjoying the show a little too much, and obviously wanted a larger role for himself. Like the Neanderthal he was, he oafed his way in between the two girls, grinding merrily amidst their cries of disgust.

Normally, Thaddeus would have simply minded his own damn business. He fancied that he simply didn’t like the idea of jackasses messing up nice things and getting away with it, then cursed himself for being a hypocrite. Hadn’t he made sure to grind Marke’s familiar into the ground before she left? There hadn’t been any reason to do that. He’d just felt like pushing someone else’s buttons for a change.

Perhaps, then, it was guilt that motivated him to step in. The reasons didn’t matter much – what mattered was punch to the face he received for nothing more than touching the guy’s arm and yelling a succinct ‘hey’ in his ear.

It was like a kick from a baby mule, or, Thaddeus mused as he stumbled back, perhaps a small pony. He took some small satisfaction in the fact that the oaf had hurt himself just as badly as he had hurt him, though; Neanderthal was cradling his hand and swearing while a rush of people pushed their way between him and Thaddeus. Hands wrapped around his arms, holding him back from retaliating. He could have broken away but that would serve little purpose aside from getting thrown out of the club.

Bouncers were approaching them, ready to break up the fight, and Thaddeus thought that being tossed out on his ear for fighting in a club would qualify as the most humiliating thing that had happened to him tonight. It was with this in mind that he shouted across the crowd.

“Why don’t you just get the hell out of here and leave them alone!”

God, he needed blood. Thankfully the command worked, though perhaps a little too well; a group of five or six people headed for the exit along with the oaf. Usually Thaddeus was more careful, but given the circumstances he was just glad the crowd had broken up before the bouncers could make it over there. By the time they arrived, people were back to dancing as though nothing had happened.

He supposed this was what he got for going in without a plan; a good punch in the face. He wasn’t hurt, but he wasn’t exactly encouraged either, and he was still hungry. Resolving to head back to his booth and not leave until he had a target in mind, he began to work his way off the dance floor when, quite suddenly, he was intercepted by the two dancing women at the source of all this trouble. Before he really knew what was happening, one had taken each arm and they were pulling him through the crowd, toward the back of the club. He couldn’t hear much of what they were saying over the music; something along the lines of ‘you poor thing’ and ‘we’re –so- sorry’, and there was mention of ice and sitting and all in all, Thaddeus was not unhappy with where this was going. In fact, he was beginning to think there was hope for him yet.

/ooc Thaddeus out, but destined to return eventually!