Balancing Act ((Private, Attn Alex))

A long sigh escaped Amberelle as she leaned back from her keyboard, popping a crick in her neck. The blonde stretched her arms overhead and yawned. Glancing over at the clock she was suprised to see it was still relatively early in the evening, not yet midnight. Setting the silver laptop aside she swung her long tanned legs over the side of the bed and wiggled her toes to get some circulation back again.

Her laptop glowed softly in the dim light of her bedroom and she stared at the screen a moment, contemplated finishing the review of the surveilance tape she'd been compiling but decided it could wait. Blinking when her stomach rumbled loudly, she shook her head and stood. The last several days she'd been so wrapped up in doing her recon and prep work before her targets left for a conference that she honestly didn't remember if she'd been eating or not. Judging from the noises coming from her belly the blonde surmised it had been more than one night.

Walking into the living room, she pulled a fresh bag of blood from the fridge and set it out on the bar to warm. Pausing, she frowned faintly. Come to think of it she didn't recall seeing Alex the past few nights either. That was rather odd, it was fairly reliable that he would stop in to at least check on her even when he was busy. Her frown deepened. Either they were both working too hard, or she'd been neglecting him which was even worse.

Plopping down on the loveseat, Amberelle grabbed her silver cell from the ottoman and flipped it open, quickly composing a text message. "Miss you! Come over!
Too much work. Need play." She grinned at the small screen faintly and pressed send. Hopefully her beau would be somewhere nearby.

Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander was tempted to ignore the PDA as it buzzed angrily on the desktop. Since dusk he had been busy working on stock portfolios, balancing share market investments and handling major credit and banking transactions from accounts throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He was a small part of the Clan's network of investors and speculators who continually strove to expand the wealth and influence of Anantya.

And of course lining his own pockets at the same time was an added incentive. Alexander could read the economic winds of fortune with uncanny precision, and he juggled numbers and percentages with practiced ease. He craned his neck to look at the PDA and smiled as he read the message. His beloved was bored.

He felt a twinge of guilt over not having been over to see her in recent nights, but the hive of online activity and demands from his superiors had kept him busy making sure they were kept in a happy frame of mind. Alexander shut down the computer, and watched as the screens flickered off one by one. There was little more to be done tonight. His associates had been as busy as he had, the business of the Clan never ended, but tonight someone else could pore over the information.

Alexander re-read the text and quickly typed in his own reply. Three simple words. 'On my Way.' He hit send and pocketed the PDA inside his jacket pocket. Time for a quick clean-up to make himself look presentable then off to Amberelle's.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Clicking the remote, Amberelle stared at the TV with a bored expression as she surfed slowly through late night television's paltry offerings. Her eyes kept darting to the slim phone sitting beside her, as if she wouldn't have heard it buzzing and beeping loudly when it received a message. Pausing on the latest historical reinactment special the History Channel had churned out, she squeeked in suprise when the silver phone began to vibrate against her leg and chirp. Flipping it open one handed the blonde read the short reply and couldn't supress the grin that split her face from ear to ear. A delighted laugh filled the air. Alex was free and coming over. In the back of her mind she marvelled at how incredibly happy that always made her.

The remote was tossed aside, television forgotten, as she rose and dashed to the bathroom to freshen up. Humming a tune as she did, Amberelle ran a brush through her mess of wavy blonde locks and dabbed on a bit of perfume behind her ears. Her amber eyes were darting back and forth from her reflection to her closet as she debated changing out of the pink boyshorts and matching tank top when she heard the familiar sharp rap at her door. Her bare feet made little noise as she made her way quickly through the living area to the foyer to open the wooden double doors.
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander heard the quick patter of feet from the other side of the polished wooden doors as he stood patiently waiting. Alexander calmly straighted his jacket as he heard the slight click from behind the doors. The left door was swung open and Alexander opened his mouth to greet Amberelle.

Unfortunately, or rather pleasantly, for him Amberelle dashed through the doorway wearing very little attire, wrapped her arms around Alexanders neck and roughly pressed her lips against his. Amberelle sighed contentedly as she pulled back and dragged Alexander inside her door before he could offer any comment.

Amberelle quickly closed the door behind Alexander as he stood in the foyer. He smiled slightly as he heard the locks being reset. She obviously planned on him staying for some time. Alexander grabbed Amberelle as she leapt at him, catching her as she landed in his arms and purred like a cat.

"Well yes, good evening to you to cherie."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
It should be illegal how deliriously happy he made her, Amberelle thought as she rubbed her nose against his with a smile. Her voice was husky as she almost purred, Bon soir mon amor. Her eyes had turned a smokey honey as they swept over his face, drinking him in. She would gladly stay there in the foyer all night with him holding her against him, but that didn't seem quite as much fun as she'd like the evening to be.

Her arms squeezed around his neck and she pressed a loud, hard kiss to his mouth before wiggling for him to set her down. With an innocent smile Alex slowly released her, letting her slide down him. Amby just grinned and chuckled at him as she gave him a look that said "bad boy", but with no real feeling behind it.

Stepping away enough to allow air to pass between them again, the blonde grabbed his hand and squeezed.
Come on, let's sit down, she said as she pulled him after her around and into the living room. Giving him a nudge towards the loveseat, she instructed him with a grin, Find a movie or something on TV to watch. Amby walked over to the bar trying not to bounce from her giddiness.

So, I've been busy scoping out a job, what have you been up to? For a moment she worried that her preoccupation had caused her to ignore him and hoped he'd been just as busy.
Glancing over as she started warming up her bag of dinner, a smile curned the corners of her mouth as she watched watched as he slipped off his jacket and laid it over one of the chairs before settling down. So predictable. She'd simply have to find ways to muss up his neat appearance.

What do you want, cheri? I'm eating.. want some? Or a drink? Setting a mug on the counter, she filled it with the crimson liquid and set it in the microwave, waiting to see if she should add one.
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander politely declined Amberelle's offer of a 'drink.' He resisted the temptation to shudder as he thought about reheating blood taken from a cool plastic container. But at least Amberelle was feeding, which was a good sign. But how regularly. Alexander's eyes darted about as he looked for the telltale colored tags that Celeste had mentioned. But either there were none or they were out of sight.

Alexander picked up the remote as Amberelle hovered around the microwave. He idly began flicking through the channels.

"I've been busy tending to Clan business, cheri. Nothing hush hush. Just financial and investment wheeling and dealing. There are quite a few of us in Anantya who are employed in keeping our superiors in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed to."

News. Sports. Documentaries. All interesting, but hardly the fare to spend quality time with Amberelle in front of, thought Alexander.

Amberelle watched as the final numbers flickered on the small display and the microwave stopped with a short series of soft beeps. She took out the warmed mug and headed over to join Alexander.

Anything good on tonight?" she asked as she plopped down beside Alexander and pulled her legs up and over his.

Alexander smiled wryly.
"Besides you? Nothing so far. I'll never understand American television. So many channels and so little to watch."

Amberelle laughed at the mock look of indignation Alexander gave her.

Alexander gave up flicking through the channels and handed the remote to Amberelle.

"So you're after a job and not a Job." said Alexander, making a cutting movement across his throat his hand to illustrate the point. "What sort of work calls for skills in bladed combat, martial arts, and stalking and hiding?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amby took a sip of the lukewarm vitae and forced herself not to grimace too much. Something about microwaving it always seemed to alter the flavor and texture in a most unpleasant way to her. But it was convenient, fast and created no guilt on her part. She considered it the equivalent of ramen for vampires. Functional but not appetizing.

Well actually I had to turn down a friend of mine who offered me a job as her assistant. Daytime hours and stuff.. Sighing softly, she pouted some. I would have loved it. I mean.. working for my favorite fashion designer? Her expression clearly showed how much she loved that concept before darkening some. But of course she was attacked one night a while back by some rogue kindred so she won't work nights anymore. Forcing down several large gulps she set the mug aside with a small shudder before she continued. And anyways.. her woman is about to have babies so she needed someone more daytime friendly. One shoulder lifted in a slight shrug. But no, I've been working on my own stuff.. not killing people.

Settling back against the side of the small sofa, she wiggled her toes at Alex before tucking them between his leg and the other cushioned arm. Toying with the remote she considered how to explain her "work". My secondary line of work, cheri. De'Espionnes don't just kill you know, they're Order of the Night. We have many skills. Among other more lethal things I was good at a few things that I could turn into a bit of a side job to make me money for when I ran away.. It's just kind of stuck since I need money now too. Smirking, the blonde assumed a slightly haughty tone. Residential security analysis and aquisitions. Her eyes danced with mirth as she explained in more simple terms, I'm something of a cat burglar.

Another hunger pain struck and she reluctantly picked back up the mug. Giving Alexander a rueful smile she chuckled. Of course I don't have a fence here in town yet, or someone to launder all the money I find... so it's all sitting in a footlocker in my closet. I just grab a little cash now and then to deposit. Quickly forcing down some more of the blood she shivered delicately.
Alex West 17 years ago
The sight of watching Amberelle feed from a mug made Alexander slightly nauseous but he kept his face straight and concentrated on listening to her problems and concerns. He had forgotten that the De'Espionne's were Order of the Night, Celeste had told him that Amberelle had yet to make that commitment. Thievery wasn't something Alexander considered as a viable long term career option but it did explain how Amberelle was able to keep herself living rather well.

A footlocker full of cash? Alexander smiled at that. At least he could help her with that.

"I can take care of the money problem," Alexander replied, "it's what I do. Of course the commission is rather steep. If you'd prefer not to pay in cash I'm certain there are other services you might be willing to perform.

Amberelle arched an eyebrow in mock surprise. "Oh really, and just what sort of services did you have in mind, cheri.

Alexander leaned over and whispered softly in her right ear. Amberelle's eyes widened slightly and her cheeks flushed a bright red at what he said.

"You're positively scandalous, Mr. West. Whatever is a lady supposed to think?"

Alexander laughed and loosened his tie. "We all have our little foibles, my dear. And besides I'm certain we could both use the exercise."

Amberelle grinned and playfully jabbed Alexander in the side. "You're incorrigible, you know that?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
At least her beloved had the decency to agree with her as he rubbed at his side. Amberelle simply pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes at him. I may take you up on the offer despite your rather... scandelous.. demands. After all, she gave him a sweet smile, everything is negotiable, non? He opened his moth to reply but she just poked him in the side again eliciting a loud omph and a narrowed eyed glare. The blonde just stuck out her tongue with a giggle.

Turning her head, and her attention, to the television she pulled up the pay per view menu and began to scroll through the new releases. It quickly became almost impossible to pay attention to the short clips playing on the screen when Alexander began to lightly run his hand up and down her calf. Amby knew that he was deliberately tormenting her, so she clenched her jaw and tried to ignore the warmth building in her. Her amber eyes widened a split second before the pads of his fingers brushed over the delicate skin behind her right knee.

A squeal erupted from her despite her best efforts to stay still, and her eyes met his as he turned to look at her with a slightly raised eyebrow. She tried unsuccessfully to squirm away as his hand ran back down sending her twisting and into a peal of laughter. She bit her lip, aghast he'd found that sensitive spot. Blue eyes filled with glee and she groaned.

Amberelle tried to roll away but her beau had anticipated her retreat and held her long legs firmly. Alex grinned widely at her, a slash of pearly white against his tanned skin as he began to tickle her in earnest and she roared and laughed, writhing and bucking but unable to break free. Her hands flailed, the remote tossed down unnoticed. When she came in contact with one of the pilows Amby snatched it and began to pummel him with it, demanding horsely as she laughed to be let go.
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander laughed easily, it felt good to let go and just enjoy the moment. No complications, no unwelcome distractions. Just a very welcome one who enjoyed his company as much he enjoyed hers. Alexander relented under the barrage of blows from the pillows and let Amberelle go as she continued to laugh and squirm in his grip.

The sudden release saw her fall backwards and land in a rather undignified position on the floor. Alexander grinned at the look of shock and surprise in Amberelle's eyes as she let out a mild gasp. She flung the pillow aside and grabbing Alexander's legs pulled him forward so he slid off the couch and joined her unceremoniously on the floor.

Alexander leaned forward and pushed Amberelle onto her back, pinning her arms to her side as he roughly pressed his lips to hers. Amberelle latched onto his bottom lip with her teeth and wrapped her legs around his waist. She snickered softly and let him draw back, a thin line of blood in his mouth.

Alexander licked his lips and winked at Amberelle.
"Shower first, or shower later?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
For a second she savored the taste of his blood on her lips, enjoying the rich flavor of him and the stab of heat it sent through her. Sighing softly, Amby just smiled up at Alex as she considered his question. Ummm... Both. Wiggling her eyebrows at him suggestively she squirmed under him and pretended to struggle against the hold he had on her. He simply smiled at her faintly but didn't release her arms from her side. Frowning a little, she bucked and thrashed a little harder has he leaned down and began to nip gently along her jaw and down onto her neck, making Amby gasp softly. It quickly turned to a moan and he started to scrape his teeth across her shoulder and neck lightly, teasing her. Her eyelids closed as she twisted her head to the side, offering up her throat to him.

Alex... she whispered, please. Instead of the soft sting of his fangs piercing her skin she felt only the warmth of his lips grazing over her exposed flesh, back and forth just tasting her. A whimper came from her and she arched into him more, trying to press against him even closer. Still he tormented her, his breath hot on her ear as he gently tugged her earlobe in between his teeth.

Alexander was enjoying driving her mad, feeling her breasts crush upwards against his chest, her nipples hard under her thin shirt and the heat of her arching up and rubbing against him. There was no reason to rush, despite Amberelle's pleas for him to do just that. Shifting his weight he leaned away enough to let his mouth slide down to the soft swell of her breast, his lips pressing featherlight kisses along the silky smooth skin.

When he nipped her taut peak Amby threw her head back and groaned, her back arching up to press the globes closer to her lover's face. She felt fire dancing over her skin and struggled against him again. Her hands ached to run over his skin, to scratch her nails down his back and grip him tighter against her. Swallowing hard, she panted slightly as he licked slowly and scraped his teeth over her through the thin cotton top. A shiver ran through her.

Desire had her blood pounding in her ears, her breathing getting harder. Inside her she struggled, heat and electricity consuming her as he continued to tease her, finally leaving one swollen and aching bud to kiss his way over to the other neglected peak. His fangs pressed gently against her and a low growling scream was torn out of her.

Amberelle couldn;t stand it anymore, she needed him, needed to feel him, taste him, touch him. Her dark honey eyes opened and stared down at him, the pupils slitted as they gazed down at him. Ynwrapping her legs she planted her feet on the floor and gave a sudden hard thrust upwards with her torso taking Alexander by suprise and managing to free her arms from his grip. Roughly grabbing a handful of his hair and shirt the blonde twisted and rolled them both, sending the ottoman sliding away with a thud and she pinned him beneath her.

Growling, leaning down, Amby gripped his wrists and pulled them up beside his head. Leaning forward she captured his mouth and roughly kissed him. Biting his lip sharply, she laughed into his mouth softly as he gasped then they both groaned when her teeth bit again and drew blood once more. Her tongue lapped it up, running over his teeth and lips for every lingering trace.

Sitting up and looking down at him, her eyes shone amber as they drank in every detail of his face. Her passion swollen lips parted and a sound that was part growl, part roar came out of her before she released his hands and roughly jerked his shirt open. Her nails ran down him hard, and she writhed on top of him. Lust clouded her mind and she reveled in the feelings he awoke in her.
Alex West 17 years ago
Another ruined shirt? Alexander sighed inwardly and made a mental note to wear less expensive clothing when calling upon Amberelle in the future. The errant thought quickly faded as Alexander heard Amberelle growl? Yes she had growled at him, and when he looked into her face he could see that her amber eyes had taken on a most distinct catlike appearance.

Alexander didn't know much about shape-shifters, but he recognized based lust when he saw it. He kept very still as Amberelle drew close to him and began sniffing around his face, making odd little purring sounds as she inhaled his scent. She rubbed her face against his and then began moving downwards, all the time he could hear her purring. Just like a cat. It was an odd sensation, but Alexander was curious enough to see what Amberelle would do next.

Amberelle gently lapped at his chest and down over his abdomen as she went lower. She glared in annoyance as the bare flesh ended at his waist. Sharpened nails easily snapped the leather belt and clawed at the trousers, shredding them as she ripped them apart with ease. Alexander resisted the urge to look down as he heard the tearing sounds. He trusted that Amberelle wouldn't be inclined to shred something else down there.

The white briefs went the way of his trousers as Amberelle tore them asunder. She rubbed her face up against his crotch and wrapped her fingers around his aroused member. Her tongue darted up and down over the length as she purred contentedly. She moved her body around so that she straddled Alexander, and wiggled her behind in his face. Alexander reached up and gripping the sides of the pink boy shorts, tugged hard. The flimsy material came apart rather easily, and Amberelle responded by lowering herself downwards.

Alexander grabbed those firm buttocks and spread them apart as he reached upwards. He stifled a moan as Amberelle took him inside her mouth. With a contended sigh, Alexander pulled Amberelle down and opened his own mouth to receive her.