Clubbing, Dr's Orders! (Attn:Addison)

Jan nodded at the bouncer as they entered. He paused for Addison and then took the redhead by the hand and slid through the crowd. He noticed a vague sense of pride welling up from somewhere at the thought of leading this sexy man through Tacharan territory. His familiar... It was still strange to him but he believed he liked it. It certainly had its perks.

Having the accountant fairly poured into latex and right behind him was definitely high on the list of benefits. Jan slid into one of the booths where they could watch the crowd and gently tugged Addison in after him.

"Feeling better?"

He caught the attention of a waitress and then turned his gaze back to the redhead.

"Or will we have to progress further with the treatment?"

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Addison 17 years ago
Addison eyed the bouncer with a wary eye. Why was it that all bouncers looked like their heads were too small for their overly muscled bodies? Where were the ones that didn't look like the hulk? The red head was quite grateful for the warm hand grasping his. He'd have tripped over his own feet while walking and taking in the whole place. Aside from Mr. Testosterone at the door, the hooks were....offputting.

He was still staring at them when the pair arrived at their booth. Addison half collapsed, half slid to a sort of on top Jan position. Yeah, that was graceful.... He flashed a smile and settled in, cozying up to his master and flinging on leg over Jan's lap.

"Feeling better?"


"Or will we have to progress further with the treatment?"

"There's always room for improvement." What did that mean? Baaahh...he was half curled around Jan and mighty content for the time being. "What does this...treatment involve?"

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Jan 17 years ago
Quietly chuckling about the smooth maneuver that ended up with a latex clad accountant in his lap, Jan wrapped an arm around Addison's waist. Slouching more comfortably in the booth, he ran a hand lightly along the outside of the leg that was draped across his lap.

With a thoughtful look, he said.

"Yes, there is always room for improvement."

He caught the attention of a waiter and ordered a glass of burgundy.

"The next step involves getting the over worked human at least slightly tipsy. What would you like to drink?"
Addison 17 years ago
Addison shivered at the welcome caress. Through the material of the fishnets, Jan's warmth was a most pleasant experience. The red head smiled and curled up against his master's frame, one finger tracing where the top of his shirt met his neck.

"Well, I shouldn't stand in the way of progress." The accountant turned briefly from Jan to look at the server. "A tall raspberry vodka with cranberry juice." That sounded suitably fruity and yet not completely....fruity. Addison had a sneaking suspicion that the burgandy wasn't a wine, hence he coulnd't just say 'one of the same, please...'

"So....catch me up on what you've been up to since we were last together..."
Jan 17 years ago
Jan leaned his head back against the booth and turned towards the redhead. What had he been up to? Playing gigs, helping Nova interrogate people, drinking humans....same old same old really. He smiled and a gave a slight shrug, hoping the movement didn't dissuade Addison's playful touch.

"Nothing much really. Just the usual gigs and things."

The real question would be what the accountant had been up to that had caused him to virtually disappear for months. Was Addison in some kind of trouble? He couldn't imagine what would be so frightening that he'd lay low instead of coming to a known immortal for help. Unless... the problem was another immortal. Jan's eyes narrowed slightly; had that Evenhet become a problem again?

"What about you? Who has been overworking you?"

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Addison 17 years ago
"So no exciting stories of famous singers or maybe the throws of girls and boys throwing themselves at you when you walk off stage?" The sudden flare of jealousy at thought of the latter caught addison off guard and he stilled his hand as the accountant worried his bottom lip between his teeth. He HAD been gone a while and frankly had no claim on Jan whatsoever.

But still....

"What about you? Who has been overworking you?"

Addison looked up from where he was staring at his hand on Jan's collarbone. Dark red eyebrows rose slightly as he took in Jan's expression. "Overworking?" Did that mean something else than what it should?

"Other than the usual suspects....and my parents."

And suddenly there was someone behind him setting down drinks onto the table. Addison picked up his own and eyed the dark liquid in Jan's glass curiously.
Jan 17 years ago
"Well, you know... I hate to brag..."

Jan smiled and turned to find Addison worrying his lip. What was that about exactly? He leaned over and gave the redhead a light nibble on the ear.

"Hey, no worrying about things for the rest of the night. Its against the rules."

His face relaxed in an understanding expression despite being an orphan for...well, forever. Parents were allowed to claim time with their children as far as he was concerned; at least Addison's cared enough to do that.

The waiter returned and Jan reached up to claim his drink. Seeing Addison giving it a suspicious glance, he grinned and took a long sip before getting around to answering the obvious question.

"Its just wine."
Addison 16 years ago
Addison broke out of his reverie slightly with a jerk. Had he been daydreaming? The red head smiled at Jan at his reassurance not to worry. He wasn't in trouble then? The clan must have gone soft in his absence, because he thought he'd be punished in some way. He let a little sigh escape as he nearly downed his entire drink in one draw from the cold glass. It was set on the table and his blue gaze returned to Jan, who seemed amused in his earlier suspicion of his drink. He should learn not to assume, but it was hard not to looking at the dark red liquid in the glass. After all, this wasn't a normal was in vampire territory, so it could be assumed they would cater to the....tastes of the members.

With a hungry look, Addison shifted his weight until he was seated on Jan's lap, facing his master.
"So, is there an itinerary for this relaxation?" The accountant scooted forward as far as he could go, the leather making for some rather interesting sound effects as Addison looked down at Jan. Granted, it was because the little shorts were....little, that they were riding up....not because of anything else, of course.

"Or can we make it up as we go along?" A little suggestive wiggle accompanied his arched eyebrow before Addison leaned down to lick around the shell of Jan's one exposed ear.

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