Failte a Nachton

The rain came down in sheets, blurring her view from the back of the taxi. The windows steamed up from her body heat too, and she kept wiping the windows in an effort to see the city as she passed. The driver was blethering on still, though Aislinn had long since stopped listening to him. At first he had been telling her a little about Nachton, her accent obviously marking her as a foreigner, but when he had started talking about rumours of vampires and werewolves she had rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the view outside. She might not be native, but she also wasn't stupid.
Eventually she sighed and gave up trying to see out the side window. Instead she leaned back in her seat, and peered over the drivers shoulder out the windscreen. Surely it couldn't be that much further?
Twenty minutes later brought her to her destination. She had asked him to take her to a half decent hotel, though she could have afforded the best. But she didn't want to draw attention to her wealth. No more people calling her M'Lady, no more having to put a false face on. Here, where no one knew of her background she could finally be completly herself. The idea both excited and terrified her.
She paid the driver and heaved her huge backpack on. Already she was soaked from the watery deluge, her reddish gold hair now hanging in dark ringlets. She heard the taxi drive off as she looked up, trying to see the top of the building. This one wasn't so high, but turning slowly on her spot she noted several skyscrapers. She gaped at them, never having seen anything like them apart from on the TV.
With the rain now starting to seep through her clothes, she shook off the sense of awe for a moment and turned back towards the main door of the hotel. With another quick glance around herself, she went through the rotating doors. "Welcome to Nachton." she murmered to herself in Gaelic.