The return. (Nachton Airport)

Xerxes Asha sighed in relief as he closed the passenger side door of his car. Despite frequently traveling the businessman still felt stressed when he flew. Airports were busy with a chaotic, frantic energy. It didn't help that he was of Persian decent; contrary to the disinterested glances most received when traveling he was greeted with suspicion and mistrust.

Or jealousy.

The woman accompanying him, Océane Émond, was beautiful. No, not merely beautiful, more than that - she was divine. Her tanned skin glowed from an inner radiance, perfectly healthy and naturally enticing. What little makeup she wore was not used to mask imperfections but rather to accentuate her beauty. Her violet eyes conveyed her intellect and subtle intensity. She wore elegant attire that was modest enough to avoid the hungry looks of the primal desire from teens but revealing enough to catch the eye of the more appealing young professional crowd. Again the clothes didn't make up for what wasn't there but instead tactfully supplemented her natural beauty.

He glanced at her then as she adjusted the seat and mirrors to suit her physique, and he smiled. His smile was handsome and heartfelt, reaching his own dark eyes. It was a smile of affection - a smile that conveyed both his quiet love and his passion for the woman.

The simple fact that she was in the driver seat and he in the passenger stated his absolute trust and comfort. He never allowed anyone to drive his car. This act betrayed his need for acute control of his environment and was a testament of his commitment to the woman.

Outside the evening was a pleasant spring night.
"Let's put the top down, darling?"Â? he suggested.

Océane Émond 17 years ago
Oce relaxed in her seat one hand on the wheel. The open stretch of highway ahead of her was shortly evaporating and Nochton would be upon them in short time. Their trip had lasted almost 2 years and Oce hadn't really wanted to come home she had enjoyed it so much. The time she spent with Xerxes was quite eye opening and she still didn't know what to make of the man sitting in the passenger seat beside her. She allowed her eyes to wander momentarily and she scanned his profile. His dark handsome good looks always shocked her. He was smartly dressed in an all black suit which complemented her cream coloured blouse and tan skirt. Her hair was collected under a tan silk scarf. She knew he would want the roof down at some point. The day was gorgeous outside.

Squeezing the steering wheel Oce smiled to herself, she was enjoying his black BMW z4 roadster.

She blushed at the smile he had given her moments ago. When ever his eyes were on her she felt singled out of everything going on around them. Considering their 'mission' had subsequently failed the trip was a great vacation. She had not seen that much of the world in a long time and in such wonderful company.

His voice reached her ears as a soft purrr. She smiled chuckling to herself. Leaning over she pushed the button and the automatic top rolled off them bathing them in sunlight. "How is that handsome?" She cooed back settling back in to her driving stance. Eyeing him a moment she realized this may be the last time they are alone for awhile. A pang in her chest ached slightly. They had come to be extremely close in many ways. She wondered where they would be going from here. They both had lives and they had never really discussed the future past tomorrow or the next destination. Clearing her throat she decided to voice her concern.

"So my," She was going to say friend but that did not even compare to the love she held in her heart for him, "love what do we do now?" The question was quite vague and probably had a billion possible answers but it was all she could manage to come up with at that moment.
Xerxes Asha 17 years ago
Xerxes caught the slight grin that flashed across Oce's face as she removed the roof on the convertable. He smiled too, in a similar manner - even in just two short years she was able to read him so well.

"It's so nice out. It reminds me of the first time you kissed me,"
his eyes twinkled with the memory.

[You disarmed me without even making a move] he sent to the woman beside him. At the same time he placed his left hand gently over her right, which rested on the shift stick. His fingers meandered with her own and her soft skin sent a jolt through him.

He chuckled at himself, despite two years with the woman she still had a strong effect on him. Centuries erased in seconds and again he felt like a adolescent boy around his first crush.

The Persian could now readily make out the Liefde Towers; the twin pillars of glass and steel that dominated Nachton's skyline. His home.

No, he thought to himself - his apartment. Océane Émond had become his home. His anchor. He hadn't realized how close he had gotten to her or how deeply he cared for the cunning and beautiful French woman.

As if reading his own thoughts - which, he reminded himself, she could do - she voiced a simple question with so many answers.

"What do we do? Tonight, I suggest we enjoy our vacation, erm...mission,"
he corrected himself through a cocked smile, " just a little bit longer. And tomorrow. Tomorrow brings a new day in a town undoubtedly different than when we left. Tomorrow brings a new day in Nachton; a day with me proudly standing next to, if it pleases you of course."

He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it affectionately.
Océane Émond 17 years ago
Oce felt the tickle in her mind as Xerxes sent her his message. Receiving from him was pure bliss. It was a wave or more then just words. It expressed desire, love, pain, anguish in a single thought. If she hadn't been driving she would of loved to play a game of back and forth with him but she had to focus some what. They wouldn't die if they crashed but the car was to magnificent to waste on something so trivial.

In fact Oce had been so intent on blocking the memory of their first kiss she jumped as his fingers entwined with hers on the gear shift. A cool shock ran through the tips of her fingers. Xerxes made her nervous and it wasn't for the stereotypical reasons. He was an ancient and Oce a mere pup in comparison. For all her 'worldly' charm and charisma she had nothing as substantial as real power behind her.

A mere peon in vampire terms. The only thing that stopped her from becoming just that was her drive, education and her mentor Megan. Back in the fold with their clan who knew what would happen. It sickened her to think she was but a child in their world. Clearing her throat she hoped any sign of her recent train of thought vanished. The buldings of the city were now closer then just the skyline. Xerxes was answering her question and the melody of his voice calmed her fears. She would enjoy tonight.

"What ever you say darling." She smiled as his lips brushed the sensitive skin on the back of her hand. "As long as I am with you it pleases me just fine." Oce said regrettably taking her hand away from him and shifting in to a lower gear. She had reached their exit. Inhaling deeply she longed for his tough and realized what a school girl she had suddenly become. She was Océane Émond.

"Home sweet home." She whispered and then feeling much more like herself she purred gently in the back of her throat. "So your place or mine?" She laughed deep in the back of her throat. Considering they both live in the same building it wasn't too hard to figure out, "Or both?" She raised an eyebrow at him with a wicked grin. It felt good to be 'free'. Before the trip Oce had terrible problems speaking what was on her mind but he had made it so easy. She couldn't resist the gentle tease.
Xerxes Asha 17 years ago
As the skyline of the city grew before them Xerxes began to feel the bittersweet feeling of returning home. The relaxed days of travel and leisure were coming to an end and he was sad to see them go. He knew now that they had returned both his own schedule and Oce's would allow far less time for the two alone. However, his excitement to return to his world and start a new phase in their relationship, one of normalcy (as much as the lives of two vampires can be considered normal) overshadowed his regret of coming back.

He glanced at Oce when her silky voice broke his meandering thoughts. She had a playful grin on her face and her fangs made a teasing appearance on her lower lip. Despite his best attempts, he found himself becoming more and more excited for the evening ahead. The two had travelled the world, visiting some of the most romantic places on earth, and some of the more adventurous locales as well. It would be a change to be somewhere familiar. Well, he thought, they would make things interesting enough themselves.

"Why don't we start at your place; I'm sure you will enjoy your own home. We can go to my apartment near dawn. I have a surprise for you there," he said with a grin of his own.

After she parked the car in the parking garage, he got out and got the luggage from the trunk. They had packed light and so he only had a couple suitcases to carry. When she met him moments later he was awed again (for what was probably the forty thousandth time) by her elegance and beauty. He set the bags down and pulled her close to him. He rested one hand on the small of her back and used the other to draw her close. When their lips met he felt the familiar excitement that accompanied being close to this woman. Her took her all in at once, her smell, the slightly sweet taste on her lips, the comfortable feeling of her body pressed against his. The kiss was long, loving and passionate.

When finally their lips parted he kissed her forehead. A charming smile slipped onto his face and he whispered,
"I'm sorry, it couldn't wait any longer." And then, "Lead the way, love."