Crossing the T's (attn: Yuu)

Over the late afternoon and early evening, Robert and Miss Yuukaku had been going over all of the legalese with various lawyers. As a result, Alec arrived at his creation before she arrived. Taking one last personal tour, he ended at the balcony railing and watched a cruise ship make its festive way from Nachton Harbor toward New York. He had never been on a large ship before - circumstances seem to have avoided it for the most part. In this modern era of air travel, he debated the need. Of course, it could be another route for gaining influence over the human elite...something to consider for another day.

Hearing the sound of a woman's shoes on the front walk, Alec checked his reflection over. Since he felt he was in a bit of a dual role, he'd worn a black and white pinstriped zoot suit. The ever-present gloves were white this evening, and he'd selected a platinum wallet chain to match the thin, wire rim glasses he'd sported. A bit theatrical and out of date, sure, but it was both comfortable and cut an interesting line. He was visible from the entrance, so he was not concerned with startling her. Leaning lightly against the rail, he turned to watch Miss Yuukaku enter her home for the first time.

Yuu 16 years ago
'Jesus H. Christ on a pony.'

She looked over the top of her sunglasses at the man wearing the throw back to the late 30's zoot suit. Yuu blinked and then chuckled as closed the door behind her softly.

Yuu folded her sunglasses and tucked them into her light spring jacket. She gave him an appraising look and decided that he was the proper amount of eccentric that money usually seemed to do to people. Snobbery was her forte, shoulders padded like a lunatic's cell was apparently his. Still, it had class and damned if he wasn't a little cute.

'Mr. Dess? Kevin Dess?' Lifting her red bag, she set it down on one of the glass cabinets and did a small circle, taking in the magnificent site. She honestly did not know where to begin or what to say; the pictures had not done the home justice. Her eyes came back down from the tops of the glass walls to look at Kevin Dess again. This time she noticed a little more about him, looking him directly in the face. Short brown hair, brown eyes and just tall enough to still be taller than her in her most adventurous heels.

'I'm Shiroi Yuukaku.' Yuu turned her back to Kevin and looked over her shoulder. 'You mind?'

In the finest snobbery's, one had to maintain the illusion that doing things for themselves was just too low class as well as tiring. People either took it one of two ways with Yuu, in fact, there were two very distinct types of snobs: she was either that despicable, obnoxious snob that had no reason to even pretend she was the level of snobbery she was portraying or the charming, pedestal snob - the out of reach, princess and the pea type. If her ability to out do god knows what dignitaries and high city officials for an exquisite and ridiculously expensive house - she'd have to go for the latter.
Alec Devereaux 16 years ago
Watching the human spot him, he smiled slightly at what he expected her internal monologue to be. Though outdated and a bit strange looking, Alec found zoot suits rather comfortable, and very practical for getting people to pigeonhole you into a stereotype rapidly. Seeing that it had accomplished its task, he nodded once. As she took in the sight, he nodded again, this time to himself. He'd chosen well. Her lines were a lovely contrast to the architecture, and she was already moving through the space with confidence and comfort. As she spun, he noticed the skill of her hairdresser, as well - the cut of her hair seamlessly continued the lines of her body.

Sliding his unnecessary glasses back up his nose, he watched her watching him. She was still a bit taken with the location, so watching the transition of her facial cues revealed just how much she enjoyed the architecture. Or that the house was just okay and he looked like the elephant man. At the request, Alec paid attention to not be as utilitarian in his movement and leaned forward and lifted himself from the rail rather than simply tightening his stomach muscles. Taking two even steps over, he nodded slightly once again and said.

"Yes, of course."

Lightly removing the shimmering short jacket, he inhaled silently. It was a Chanel of some variety - their bases were slightly different than other manufacturers and tasted a bit different to expanded senses. Draping the jacket carefully over one arm, he gave his winning smile and offered her the other arm.

"Shall we?"
Yuu 16 years ago
Yuu encircled his offered arm with hers and squeezed gently. With a lavish smile she walked with the previous owner, since obviously this was -her- house they were now in, and at a casual pace, toured the multi leveled home.

If Mr. Dess was talking, Yuu didn't notice. With each room she became more and more engrossed with the attention to detail that went into the decorating. She had been enthralled by the architecture but the room designs spoke to her snobbery and she quelled a squeal with step. Her eye was continuously coaxed back to the glass walls and she could not wait till she could see the rising sun through them, however the dark night was more beautiful than she could have imagined. The positioning of the house was perfectly coupled with the landscaping and flow of the waterfront. She could not be happier with her purchase.

She continued to be guided by Kevin Dess and from time to time was pleased to feel the warmth of his body and the curl of his muscled arm. Both of which ultimately reminded her of Tai, someone she curiously found herself comparing to all men she met. Kevin was as tall as Tai and had similar body shapes, although Yuu did not think he was the type to have all over body tattoos and, as he spoke gently, she looked up at him.

His skin was a healthy Caucasian shade and closely shaved. Yuu watched his Adam's apple rise and fall with each word, impressed by his focus and ability to continue the tour even though she had casually pressed closer to him, her chest pressing against his arm. It was a game Yuu liked to play, admittedly a ridiculously vain one, but a fun game nonetheless.
Alec Devereaux 16 years ago
This human seemed a bit stranger than most. Either that or there were layers of complexity that he hadn't quite gotten to in aspects of behavior. She was very clearly excited and appreciative of the house - all of the visual cues were there, but was inattentive to the description of the creative process. Perhaps she was one of those that got caught up in the moment and had trouble doing more than one thing at once. Her job probably required a lot of focus. Perhaps it was part of why she was in that position...and also part of what shaped her current behavior. But very few humans seemed to restrain themselves from excitement. Was she concerned with appearances? Well, certainly. Look at the clothing, the house she'd purchased.

The enthusiasm she felt underlined that he'd chosen his buyer well. Even through her restraint, it was clearly present. That had been his primary concern. As they headed down the spiral staircase, he explained the final stages of planting and transplanting that would take place in order to get the flowers in at the optimal time. As they descended the stairs, he found that she was getting more physically proximate, which was slightly odd. Perhaps she was concerned about the stairs, or was growing a bit cool without her jacket.

Pausing mid-staircase, he looked out of the multi-story glass before them. Due to the central location and slight elevation, it was one of his favorite views in the house. Looking out the window for a moment, he smiled. Continuing them on their way, he reached the living level - the spaces where one would lead their more private life.
Yuu 16 years ago
Yuu let go of Kevin's arm as they reached the bottom of the staircase. She stood on the last step and leaned against the railing, watching her tour guide as he led them into the master bedroom and living quarters. Puckering her lips slightly she looked around the room, a small smile forming on her lips. Yuu was in love with the house, the furnishings - everything about it.

'I have to admit,' she started slowly as she took a deliberate step off the stairs. 'The house is quite impressive. I find a man's point of view when decorating suits my needs better than a woman's. I'd love to know where you received your inspiration for such a formidable project.'

Indeed, she thought. The clean lines, limited patterns and just plain coolness was very much appreciated. Her clothes were one thing, an obsession that she adored, but this was definitely her new hot thing. Her eyes roamed up to the high ceiling, back down along the walls and then back to Kevin Dess. She shrugged and blinked slowly.

'I like what I see.'

Walking up to Mr. Dess, Yuu sighed, as per the snob code, and stood about a foot away from him. Clasping her hands behind her back, she figured now was as good a time as any.

'What about the security system? There wasn't much information on that. How does one protect a glass house?' She ended her question with an arched eyebrow and an open mouth smile.
Alec Devereaux 16 years ago
Alec honestly hadn't given any thought to the inspiration for the project. Cocking his head, he considered a moment. Deciding that some creative bullshit was in order, he poured some forth.

"Well, the basics of the idea were simple - modern architecture with updated materials and angles. The bit of interesting innovation comes from the idea of the greenhouse - the need of most living things for natural light in order to thrive. Why bother with full spectrum bulb nonsense when we now have the means to have homes made from materials that don't block out the warmth of the sun? With treatment technology, privacy is still ensured, so we can have the best of both worlds. The angle and design of modern corporate architecture is some of the most innovative and some of the most boring available. Tuning the materials to a more...customizable use...seemed the most logical step."

Grinning like a kid who'd received a gold star, Alec was intrigued to find that the opinion of his work mattered, even from a human. How odd.

"Thank you. The satisfaction of the end user was the point of the project. It pleases me that you enjoy, and will continue to enjoy the residence."

The grin moved from childish to much more mature when she mentioned security and hit his other area of interest.

"it was not mentioned because I am still in the process of modifying the cabling arrays. My primary means of income is actually in security. You'll be the beneficiary of an undisclosed prototype system that I've been working on for...well, quite awhile. There will also be the benefit of a set of more standard systems - traditional locking and entry point alarm systems - familiarity brings in comfort, which is one of the points of security. The system that I've been developing will make every non-external plane of glass an additional detection system. The frosted interior walls will be vibration sensitive, the exterior walls interruption sensitive."

That was if he got the last aspect of the receptor array configured correctly. No need to mention that just yet. The other aspects of security would be more than adequate.

"Which brings me to a request...I would like to continue tuning the prototype after it is completed. On evenings when you are working late or otherwise occupied I would appreciate access to work on the system so that I do not interrupt your private life. That would be, of course, at your discretion. With the exception of the gardens and the external receptors, the property is complete."
Yuu 16 years ago
The prospect of having one Mr. Kevin Dess as a potential late night visitor was almost too good to be true. Still, Yuu smiled slowly and tried her best not to laugh with glee. She was really getting hard up in her old age, she thought to herself, getting excited over one reasonably good looking man. It made her realize how much she missed Tai who had disappeared once again.

With a nonchalant shrug,
'Mi casa es su casa.'

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