Make mine,, butter brickle.

The drive to the arcade was filled with both amiable chatter, and relaxed silence. The silence was rare, but every once in a while Shay would cease her questions to consider Alec's explanations. She also used that time to think about the things she'd seen tonight, and how they might fit into her own, personal life.

Commitments were too far beyond her realm in life at the moment, other than the ones she had made to herself, and the ones she had to make to survive. She was fond of, more than fond, but considering Shay hadn't met anyone else of consequence, she was smart enough to know there was much too much future ahead for the two of them, before anything serious would be appropriate. Plus, with the way things were now, Dayle might never want to be with Shay again anyway.

Shaking her head, Shay resolved she couldn't let herself be distracted by those kinds of thoughts now. She had to give Alec her undivided attentions, and find out about 'ice cream'.


The need to shout to be heard seemed strange, but necessary as Shay preceded Alec into the arcade. The lights, sounds, music, and even smells of food assaulted her immediately, and she jumped back to collide softly with her father's chest.


Ignoring Alec for the moment, Shay took in the cacophony of stimuli, and tried to adjust to it. Grabbing Alec's arm for support, Shay found herself unable to describe how she was feeling now, except to say she felt slightly on edge. What she needed was a few moments to take everything in, and become somewhat familiar with the surroundings, so she could then possibly appreciate the place for what it was.

Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Now that had to be the best response ever.

Alec liked the arcade for many reasons. First, he seemed to be regarded as almost a part of a human grouping here - something that hadn't happened elsewhere and whose novelty had not yet worn off. It also allowed great practice for sound and visual sorting - with so much going on, practice one's filtering or concentration was somewhat difficult here, but as safe as one could be outside of the Domicile. He rather enjoyed pinball - not so much some of the other games, but the tactile aspect of that game felt very natural to him. Finally, there was the traditional fountain shop. Put it all together and it resonated with him well.

Grinning as some of the crowd turned and looked, he figured his reputation was growing. This would be the third time he'd arrived with a lovely lady in tow...and something told him that they wouldn't suspect that Shay was his daughter. Silly humans. At least he wouldn't have to take a broom to the would-be suitors. These humans had another core trait with him - most of them were a bit shy or cowardly. He'd had to develop some extroversion and spine in the last year. Ginnie and Simon had helped immensely with that, but by nature he was not a leader of the pack, he was a follower. It was nice to be held in high regard from time to time, but he could never be the boss - he was too paranoid, and it made you a target.

Chuckling, he steered them to the slightly quieter fountain shop and headed to his usual booth. Sitting down across from her, he grinned.

"It is a little much, but it is a home away from home for me. There are lots of things to do here, and plenty of ways to practice for more serious endeavors."
Shay 17 years ago
Somehow Shay found herself sitting in a booth, and looking at Alec, but how she got there was truly a mystery. One minute she had walked into this crazy place, and the next she was where she was, yet some distance had been traveled in between, and she hadn't been at all aware of her feet moving. Perhaps Alec had led her.

He started to speak, but after a few words Shay held up her hand, and closed her eyes. Then she forced herself to concentrate, and place all the sounds around her. The games, the voices, the music, the workers, people outside, and something else she was having difficulty putting a picture to...all these things she separated in her mind, rather like putting clothes away in compartments. Once that was done she took on the smells, and did the same. Opening her eyes it was time to absorb the sights, and this time she felt much more at ease with the surroundings. Grinning she lowered her hand, and settled back comfortably in her seat.

"I'm sorry for that...I don't know what I was expecting, but that wasn't it. It's a bit overwhelming, isn't it?"Â?

And yet again her idea of who Alec was went up a notch.

"You really spend a lot of time here? It doesn't take your breath away at all?"Â?

Shaking her head, not really needing an answer, Shay guessed part of his ability to hang out there had to do with time, and exposure. If she were to come to this place often, she guessed she would also eventually get used to everything there. However, she wasn't as sure if she would ever really like the place. She was willing to give it a try though, and in that attempt remembered the ice cream.

"You said something about ice cream? Can we get some, and then have you tell me about the things to do? Maybe if I have something specific to focus on, I'll be able to tune out a little bit of the..."Â? Waving her hands around, to indicate...everything...Shay grinned wider. Suddenly she found the whole place quite funny, mostly because of her reaction to it. '...excitement."Â?
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
She seemed to be a they made their way through the arcade. He was fairly certain that she was just trying to organize it all in her mind, so he gave her time. That was part of what they were here for, after all.

"Much of the external world is overwhelming. That is part of the practice of coming here - allowing that which doesn't matter to wash over you and not allow it to capture your attention at a crucial moment. Those with gifted senses sometimes have difficulty in this regard, and though it can be painful at first, the best way to sort it all out and learn to focus through distraction is total immersion into an environment like first. Later, combining more potentially dangerous elements in with noise, like found in a club, will further the development.

See, perception works both ways - you can use it to open yourself to the world, or to hone in on a specific thing. Most people use it to widen their abilities, but if you focus, sometimes the results are much more impressive. For example, many with your skill would think to look at those two people on the other side of the arcade and read their lips - there are no bright light near them, so they would simply clear their sight and do so. With practice, you'll be able to just sort out their conversation from the crowd, making lip reading obsolete.

It also works with all of your senses. Something to consider."

He didn't want to go into specifics of all of the ways to alter one's perception. Part of it was privacy issues, and part of it was wanting to allow Shay her creativity n research. If he felt that a particular aspect of the skill were crucial, like filtering, he would let her know. For now, it was just playtime with the supernatural. Sometimes allowing natural development yielded greater results.

Glancing around, he saw that the counter kid was, as usual, on the floor playing rather than manning his post. Just as well. Alec took free run of the counter when he wanted, anyway. In exchange, the kid on duty got tipped and extra breaks. Winners all around. Standing up, he gestured with his thumb toward the service counter.

"Now, let's see what Shay likes. Normally there's a worker at the counter, but I like making my own and they know that, so we have run of the place. That's him over there. There are two others that rotate through this job as well."
Shay 17 years ago
Everything Alec described to Shay sounded logical, and had to be a better attempt at dealing with the sensory overload than what she was now doing. Since what she was now attempting seemed a bandage fix at best.

Also, since she'd discovered her talents only weeks ago, she had been practicing them in the best way she could figure. The telekinesis seemed much easier to get a handle on, and to analyze, since there was a more tangible feel to it. Thinking of moving an object from point a, to point b, and then watching it happen was both exciting, and simple. That was until something when awry, which still happened more often than Shay was comfortable with.
Dings, and scrapes along her apartment walls were an indication of just how often her attempts had were the stains on her carpet, and broken dinnerware. Consequently, she kept her training of that skill to the confines of her own four walls, for now.

Trying to figure out her other talent was much more difficult, especially since she wasn't truly sure she even understood it. But Alec was shedding a lot of light on things now, and she soaked it up like the proverbial sponge.

"I already know how it effects my sense of touch...kinda like my skin is super can be a very awesome experience feeling..."

Shay blushed as her thoughts got away from her momentarily, and she nearly divulged something that had transpired between her and Dayle in bed. Though she didn't mind talking about sex with Alec, somethings seemed a lot easier than others.

"Well, you must know what I mean." She averted her gaze from his, not wanting to see if he really did get her meaning or not. That was something else she wasn't real sure she wanted to dissect right now.

Thankful to have something else to concentrate on, Shay got up and moved to the counter, trailing behind Alec. Her eyes had lit on the young man who reportedly had the duty Alec was now taking control over, and she found she liked what she saw. Though he was undoubtedly too young for her...possibly not even out of high school yet...that didn't stop her from wondering what he looked like under his 'uniform'.

Shay was very fond of Dayle, and their trysts had been very satisfying for Shay, but for the moment Shay wasn't sure exactly where they stood. It was for that reason, mostly, that she had found herself thinking slightly lascivious thoughts about other people recently. So even though the ice cream boy wasn't really an appropriate option, it didn't stop Shay from wondering.

"Shay definitely likes the counter worker." She shot Alec a timid look, but followed up with a wink, and hoped he realized she wasn't at all serious about pursuing the young man. "And are the two others just as young?"
It did occur to her if one of the other two were suitable, Alec might be just the one to pave her way to them.

"Maybe one of them has a home convenient for a set up like you have with your family..." She had leaned across the counter so she could speak softly enough that Alec's ears would be the only ones to pick up on her thought.

Presented with the idea of ice cream again, Shay let her amorous intentions fade from her forethought, for now. New experiences were crying out to her from everywhere, but she knew better than to pass up those more readily available for those whose time would be better served at a later date.

"How about...a scoop of each?" The question was followed with a laugh, and a quick shake of her head.

"No, no, no...just kidding...but how about a small scoop of the top five flavors?"

Another day she'd be adventuresome, and try Bubblegum Surprise, or Devil's Food Dare...if it turned out she liked ice cream, that was. For now it seemed sensible to go with those already tried and found true by others.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
It seemed that she'd been experimenting on her own. Excellent. That indicated a general desire to learn and improvise when left to one's own devices. That, more than any other trait, was indicative of creative intelligence. He didn't need to know the whats of who she'd been toying with when she'd made her discoveries, but it was good that she was growing her repertoire of skills.

"The touches learned in a bedroom can be applied elsewhere - locks, structures, even vibrations in the air if you really want to push it. Enough practice and you can replace one sense with another...though it is very taxing. I might have it down with a few more years of practice."

Grinning at her assessment of the counter worker, Alec looked objectively. He seemed to garner a fair deal of attention from young women, but he wasn't exactly a fine specimen. In consideration, he did carry himself with a certain attitude and flair, though...which was part of why Alec had made arrangements with him. A charisma of sorts, confidence...surely.

"We can find out if you like."

Chuckling at her suggestion of all of them, he nodded. Gesturing to the case, he winked.

"No, no. I think that you're right. All of them are in order. Otherwise, how will you know what you like?"

Grabbing a glass of water for her, he began an assembly line of tester spoons.

"Take a sip to rinse your tongue between tastes. Sixteen to try. After that we'll do an experiment."
Shay 17 years ago
“I’m glad I have you and Ginnie to teach me these things.”

Shay smiled, and dipped her spoon in the first concoction, which looked a lot like a pinkish paste to her. The spoon had to be forced slightly, having met the resistance of the frozen milky matter.

“And I’m still in awe of how well, and far you’ve come on your own Alec. I shudder to think of where I would be now if it hadn’t been for you two taking me under your wings.”

Slipping the tiny plastic spoon into her mouth, Shay’s nose wrinkled, and her lips pursed. The cold was both surprising, and interesting, but the flavor wasn’t one she was too fond of. The pink color was obviously a result of the attempt to make the ice cream look like it’s real life counterpoint…cotton candy, which she had also never tasted, but had seen in a movie about a carnival. Shay found the pink ice cream way too sweet, and as it melted on her tongue, she could feel a place at the back of her jawbone clench up when the sweetness first hit her palette.

She swallowed rapidly, and cast a suspicious look to Alec.

“Ugh! That’s not an experience I want to repeat. How can you eat this stuff?”

While there were many other tubs of different colored confections, Shay was dubious about continuing on.

“Are they all so sweet?”

Waiting for an answer, before trying another one, Shay’s eyes couldn’t help but flash back to the cute boy again. After she’d studied him for what to her was sufficient time, Shay shook her head.

“Never mind…he’s too young…I’d probably just get myself into some kind of trouble, and I’ve been doing rather well avoiding that for the time being.”

Not that the ice cream boy had really been much more than a passing interest anyway. For now her interest in the ice cream was still active, so she moved to a tub of deep, brown ice cream, peppered with little white dots of something.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Thinking about his time as a young, hungry vampire with no training or idea that what he was doing was unusual or should be hidden made him shudder slightly. He had been very, very lucky that he was blessed with blending. Otherwise, he surely would have been killed out of hand.

"Yes. Yes you are."

Chuckling at the double entendre, Alec smiled.

"That would not have been my first choice, and he wouldn't have been, either. Cotton candy is fairly unpleasant in its normal form...I expect it is popular mostly for the color. I started with French Vanilla ice cream due to the movie True Romance, if I recall correctly. There are many types of sweet, you'll find. That's why the taste testing before jumping right in. Look at it as reconnaissance for your stomach."

Taking a small spoonful of chocolate peanut butter, he nodded.

"They seem to view relations among their young as inappropriate. We should probably read their laws at some point, just for familiarity. I've gone over the basics and find that most of their rules aren't applicable to us or purely nonsense...but it gives an idea of what not to do in public or polite company. Movies are a pretty serviceable guideline, as is church. Plus Ginnie would appreciate your company there as well, I'm sure."
Shay 17 years ago
Looking at the names of the ice creams, shown on labels above each tub, Shay moved beyond the brown, or double chocolate, to the French vanilla, and put her spoon in after sipping some water.

“I suppose familiarizing myself with local laws would be good no matter what the reason. Right now, since I’ve been keeping to myself in my home, it hasn’t caused any problems, but more and more I’m finding I want to go out and get to know Nachton. And now…well now I have other things to study and think about…as well as test out.”

Shay lifted the ice cream laden spoon to her mouth, but stopped, and opened her mouth, rubbing the tip of her tongue along the point of her fang. She was lucky there too, that her fangs were not so obvious as to require any special consideration on her part. When she hungered they did extend slightly, making her bite easy and effective, but now the points were not much more than the canines most humans had. Sharper yes but more prominent, not so much.

The spoon disappeared into her mouth, as her lips closed around it. A small grin lifted the corners of her lips, and she nodded.

“You’re right again…this is much better. It’s sweet, but subtly so…and it doesn’t make my jaws ache.”

Touching the spot behind where her jaw hinged together, Shay swallowed, and promptly took another mouthful of the cold, and delicious concoction.

An almost imperceptible groan pushed past her closed mouth, when the topic of church arose.

Shay had watched some of the Sunday preachers on television, and even listened to the things they said, but it all seemed much too foreign to really get into.

“I dunno Alec…I think going to church with Ginnie might not be such a good thing. I’d be more than happy to spend more time with her, but perhaps at the mall…or hunting? Hearing someone proselytize about something I don’t consider to be more than fiction…well…”

How could she get her point across?

“You do not accompany mother, do you? Why is that?”
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Ah, vanilla. Always a good starting point.

"Yes. Many types of sweet, some better for certain things and moods."

Alec let free a small sighing exhalation at Shay's view on church. They weren't too terribly far from his own, but his perspective was a step closer.

"I do go, as often as my schedule allows. I go because it is important to me to understand that aspect of her. It is also useful to study the morality of a people in order to understand them. Religions seems to declare the core hopes and fears of humanity. It helps shape things from family structure to law to etiquette. In that way it is a useful tool. It is also a pool of resources typically left untapped by others of our kind because of their own belief structures.

I may not subscribe to their belief system, but I understand how it is a powerful force and worth knowing. And utilizing, should need arise. It may not be applicable to us, but it is to them...and to many of our kind. A small sacrifice of time, when I plan on living forever, with the immediate benefit of making Ginnie happy and the long term benefit of added understanding of human power dynamics makes it a pretty easy decision."

Taking a small taste of butter brickle, he wrinkled his nose. He'd not had that one before, but didn't like it.

"It is long winded and boring at times. I certainly would understand if you choose not to go. There are plenty of other things that could be done with that time to serve your goals."
Shay 17 years ago
“Oh…I didn’t know.”

Why had she assumed Alec didn’t go to church? More than likely it was because of the things he had said previously. Since he had admitted to not believing, Shay figured it was safe to assume he didn’t participate.

His reasoning again brought home a part of Shay she had already found not to her liking, but wasn’t really sure how to correct.

Selfish. Shay was a selfish person, who rarely though beyond her own desires, and even when she did, the chances were she would still benefit from anything she did for another.
Alec was suggesting she share this time with Ginnie because Ginnie would be happier for it, and all Shay could think of was how boring it might be.

“Some of what you say makes sense, and I can already understand how believing in something can color a person’s perceptions; however, I think my problem lies in the fact that there are so many different religions, and beliefs. Everyone feels their way is the right way, so from what I’ve seen, few are open to even considering anything that goes against what they’re taught. I guess Ginnie is an example? And on the other hand, part of what I’ve picked up about some religions is that while they spout off about loving everyone, and treating people kindly, they only allow themselves to do so when its convenient. As soon as they come up against someone who questions what they believe in, they either fall apart, or lash out.”

Shaking her head, Shay would stick to her guns, and attend church with Ginnie, if Ginnie wanted, but only as a means of sharing time with her mother, and offering up support. If anyone tried to convince her that what they believed was law, she’d bolt like a wild kitten.

That wouldn’t be selfish, would it?

“And yet I have also seen how some people gather strength from their beliefs, so if that’s what it takes for Ginnie to get by, I’m not going to say anything to the contrary…at least not to her.”

Shay hoped her father wasn’t terribly disappointed in her, or how she felt. Having her own support group was something she didn’t want to do without. As for losing Alec’s affections, Shay refused to even go there.

The spoon of ice cream dipped yet again, and the next mouthful required a bit more mulling over, before Shay could decide if she liked it or not. This time she had come up with “Orange Sunshine Smoothie”, and though she could definitely taste the orange-ness, she wasn’t sure she like the way it was presented.

“Hmmm…this one is…different. It kinda tastes like I would imagine it would taste if I dropped an orange into a glass of milk, added sugar, and then mixed it up before freezing. I don’t think I like it…it seems…muted…not crisp and fresh like a real orange.”
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Nodding, she seemed to be both on the right track and not.

"That is where the study comes in. Our natural advantages can allow us to see that which humans do not. Or perhaps it is an aspect of faithlessness to see common traits among religions in general. I do not know enough to be certain. I think that religion is a particular group's way of explaining the world in a way that makes sense to that group. The difficulty comes in when people outside of that area of shared experience then compare stories. The morals are often very similar, but the groups see only the trappings."

Considering for a moment, Alec grinned.

"Though, honestly, the Clans aren't much better, are they? A belief system structured around the way each group views the world."

Raising his eyebrows slightly, he shrugged.

"Honestly, I do not know if she is biased against members of other religions. I do know that she has decided to walk a decidedly different path than that which her beliefs would tell her is right. Perhaps it is habit at this point and nothing more. Early on it became very academic and social. It seemed rude to me to ask why she persisted in her practice, so the issue was only lightly brushed upon. I have my theories, but I'll withhold them in order to allow you to develop your own and spark your own research, should you pursue it."

Nodding, Alec grabbed a bottle of root beer and thumbed it open, sending the cap skittering across the counter toward the garbage.

"Belief is what drives most people whether they can identify the root cause or not. Your belief that the outside world is worth knowing, my belief that showing you the world is more important than sheltering you from it, the worker's belief that the arrangement we've made is beneficial enough to violate the normal rules of business here...most everything can be distilled down to a belief. Some are grander than others - religion, family, clan, nation, law...they are all a bit larger than the feeling one might have causing...color preference, say. Choosing to wear white rather than green. But all of it still gets down to a belief or motivation structure, whether those things are clear or not. The real trick is seeing those larger beliefs and how their shadows will alter the smaller beliefs. Then you can begin to predict behavior."

Smiling, he shook his head. He wasn't fond of the orange cream, either.

"And that is why I will suggest the chocolate peanut butter next."

Holding out a spoonful to her, he winked.

"I prefer fruit sorbets or gelati to their American counterparts. But I prefer the dying American breed of fountain soda to those found elsewhere. The rise of the premixed beverage has taken a lot away from the flavors and personal preferences, but some places, like this, still have their own mixtures or alterations to make your own."
Shay 17 years ago
Taking the spoon from Alec, Shay immediately put it into her mouth, and sucked the frozen brown matter onto the back of her tongue. Pressing it against the roof of her mouth, she felt it melt, and ooze all over. The taste again was very different, and though she recognized the chocolate, and like it a lot, the peanut butter addition made her think for a few moments. Since she'd never had peanut butter, to her recollection, it took a few seconds to find it midst the chocolate.

Finally swallowing, Shay held the spoon and moved it somewhat pointedly at Alec.

"That one is very good. I can taste peanuts as a sort of afterthought...the chocolate is what my taste buds recognize first, and then the peanut...butter...kind of creeps through. It's nice...the peanut flavor cuts some of the chocolate sweetness."

Her description was a little stilted as she continued to analyze the flavors, trying to give her most accurate opinion. Reaching forward into the brownish tub, Shay took another spoonful, but this time just enjoyed the sensations of cold, and flavors, rather than try to pull it apart and figure it out.

While she let the flavors play inside her mouth, Shay’s expression grew distant. The little she knew about religion was, again, from what she had seen on television. However, all the thinking she was doing about it tonight, caused her to uncover a different feeling. It was this odd feeling that distracted her from the ice cream.

“Alec? Do you ever get a sense that you’ve been somewhere, or done something…or in this case, know something that you really shouldn’t have cause to?”

Had this been the first time she had experienced the strange sensation, Shay probably would have just ignored it, or at the very least let it go after a bit. But it wasn’t the first time, and that was what gave her pause.

“I can’t really explain it, except to say…well sometimes I get these feelings…not what I would call a memory, like having gone to the same store in the mall just last week, and returning yesterday. More like this discussion about religion…I feel like I’ve thought about these things before, but can’t for the life of me believe that is so.”

She turned quizzical eyes his way, and hoped to find understanding. Perhaps it was a common occurrence all people experienced, and not just some other queerness an amnesiac would pick up on. But either way, way hoped he father would be able to offer her some assurances.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Taking a moment to consider, Alec nodded. He knew all people had these kinds of feelings from time to time, but to an individual with no solid memories, the interest became more than basic spirituality or mild interest. It became a possible road map to who or what you were before, for better or worse. In his case, it had certainly been for worse. In hers...perhaps not. He didn't know the details of her life or, more pointedly, her death. But those issues ceased to matter now in most real ways.

"Yes. It is also common among those of us without our peculiar trait. The term deja vu could apply, but what you're getting at is a bit more specific."

Alec hadn't brought up the subject of Matthias with her yet, purposely. It would open a new can of worms that he wasn't sure he was ready to handle. Well, no time like the present.

"In the case of the religious discussions, it is quite likely. Your former keeper was very religious. that you would not have had conversation with him seems highly unlikely. In my case, I discovered some of my talents purely instinctively, others accidentally. The same may be true for you."

Deciding to focus more on the question at hand than that seed of another path, he rerouted.

"Humans have all manner of theories regarding the sensation that you're touching on. Dream state phenomena, past lives, religious epiphany, enlightenment, deja vu, women's intuition...there are all manner of attempts to describe or ascribe the feeling. Ultimately, no one seems to know where many of these things come from."
Shay 17 years ago
The sound of something off to Shay’s side, caused her head to turn in that direction. At first she thought the ‘ice cream’ boy had hit something with his broom, but quickly determined that wasn’t the case. Instead what appeared to have happened was a result of a youngish woman having run into one of the chairs, knocking it into the nearby table. Shay grinned as it became readily apparent that the woman had been distracted herself, watching the ‘ice cream’ guy, as he moved his lithe body around the room.

Young or not, the guy was definitely nice to look at, even if not quite a Mr. America type.

“That’s it…déjà vu…I wasn’t sure if that was some science fiction thing, or if it was a legitimate term…but that’s what I’ve been feeling on occasion.”

It was somewhat of a relief to know she wasn’t going bonkers, or maybe imagining things. It was even better still to hear Alec had also felt such things.

What did unnerve her, to say the least, was hearing about her other life, but more specifically…a keeper.

“Keeper? Just what did I do in my previous life…run amok through the streets, foaming at the mouth?”

Her question was asked in a slightly flippant tone, but underneath the term bothered her.

“Until just this minute, I don’t recall having really felt at all interested in who I was before. I don’t remember that woman, so I’ve come to believe I’m better off this way, but I can’t help but now wonder a little.”

Absentmindedly, Shay moved further down the line of ice cream tubs, and put her spoon to a minty green colored one. She studied it for a few seconds, put a scoop of it in her mouth, and again wrinkled her nose.

“If that’s what pistachios taste like, I don’t think I’ll be giving up my almonds for them.”

Sipping her water, Shay’s mind started skipping over several things, from the bits about her ‘old’ self, to the subject of intuition.

“I’m kinda glad to hear women’s intuition is as real as déjà vu, since I seem to experience that too. Or, what I perceive that to be…sometimes I get very strong feelings about things, that again don’t seem to be based on any experiences I remember having, and I’ve already decided there must be something intuitive within me, that provides those feelings…”

Done with her taste testing, Shay backed up to the counter behind her, and hopped up to sit. Swinging her legs she saw the young woman and ‘ice cream’ boy were talking. Score one for her, she thought, and was slightly envious.

“Ugh…ice cream is good, and I really think I’ll enjoy some more vanilla, but less, and later.”

Rubbing her non-existent stomach, Shay stuck out her tongue indicating the slight discomfort she now felt.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Looking at her slightly oddly, Alec smiled mischievously.

"Well, you WERE human. I mean, look at all the trouble they get into on their own? Writing supermarket tabloids, making babies, having anti-war demonstrations in the street, not returning library books...I mean, you could have been pure anarchy."

Putting his arm around her, he chucked her chin lightly and leaned in.

"All kidding aside, everyone who changes is better off. Some people lose more than others, but to see the unfolding future of the world? Forever? How cool is that? Of course, I might be more biased than others since I didn't leave much good behind from what I can tell. There's a little on file about you, but I'd just let it go. Of course, it is your decision."

Satisfied with the evasion, he let the unanswered questions alone. If she pressed, he'd answer, but didn't see the need. Glad that the conversation turned back to ice cream, he nodded.

"I prefer the real deal as far as pistachios go...but I don't tend toward nuts in general. We can get some mixed nuts if you like to see what you're fond of, but they get stuck in my teeth."

Leaning back from the counter, he nodded. Stretching, he casually laid some money on the counter in the prearranged spot behind the register.

"Too much good stuff can overwhelm the senses to further input and dull the mind. I suppose that's one of the universal truths that perceptive individuals must learn to cope with. Let's head back - we can always make other outings. All the time in the world, after all."
Shay 17 years ago
Human. She had been at one time, that was proven. Vampires were not born, per se. Yet having no knowledge of that life, it was difficult to imagine now.

Writing gossip, demonstrating against anything, and over due library books...nope, none of that seemed to be anything she'd be interested in. And babies? No way! Shay was much too selfish to even think about caring for something so helpless twenty four seven. She liked her sleep, and she liked her time to do what she wanted, without the needs of another interfering.

Shifting her mind away from herself, Shay frowned and shook her head at the thought of Alec's description of himself, and his prior life. Of course she didn't have any facts, but she couldn't believe someone so patient, and willing to teach her, could have not left something behind. But being that was water under the bridge, she left him alone with those thoughts. If anything, the man Alec was now was perfectly fine with Shay, and she wouldn't want anything to change him.

Tossing her spoon into a nearby trash receptacle, Shay slid off the counter. She liked it when Alec put his arm around her, and disliked it that the last time was too short. Once he'd paid she slipped her arm around his waist, and wrapped the other around the front of him. Hugging him, she then let go, not wanting to make him too uncomfortable. There were things about him she didn't quite understand as yet, but so far he didn't seem terribly at ease with a lot of touchy-feely stuff. Maybe if she kept it up, he'd learn to like it, maybe not, but for now she wasn't ready to accept the negative.

"Thanks a lot pops! This has been a most enlightening evening."Â? Her hand came up just in time to cover a slight burp, and then she was walking ahead of him, down the stairs.

"I think I'll go over to the mall now, on my way home, but you don't need to worry. I'll let you off the hook since I've seen that most men aren't too fond of the pastime. You can go back and play with your toys in peace and quiet."Â?

Bouncing down the stairs, totally oblivious to the loud music now, Shay stopped at the door just long enough to look back at her father, and smile.

Then she was gone.

(Shay and Alec out!)