Black and Blue ((Attn Alex)) ((Open))

((Continuted from Not your normal date night ))

Amberelle parked at the same lot she always used when visiting the House of Pain. It may not have been much to look at with its dirty front shack and rusty gate but it was only a couple blocks from the best sewar entrance, was well lit, fenced and the guy who ran it was more than willing to pay extra special attention to the pretty vehicle for a few crisp notes. A treasure Amby was happy to have found. Pulling in and parking right next to the front, under the main yellowish light, she'd just killed the engine and was climbing out when the mountain of man called Sal came out the door and gave her a toothy grin.

Sal liked when the lady came by. The cash she gladly dumped on him was well worth the extra effort of actually having to watch the lot for a few hours. And while he'd had offers of a good deal more to let the foreign made car "disappear", there was always something about the blonde that scared him just enough not to take the cash. And, at over 6 and a half feet and 400 pounds easy it took a lot to make him nervous. Hey there Blondie, nice night for partying huh? The guy getting out of the passenger door made him pause before any further raunchy comments were uttered. Well that was a first. Oh well.

Amberelle gave the man a small smile. He was dirty, smelly and usually leered at her a lot more. But, he kept his word and watched her car so she didn't mind. Hey Sal.. Yeah it sure is. Be a dear? She palmed a small wad of cash from her pocket as she slipped her duster on then shook his hand firmly, letting his meaty fist swallow the bills up. He just nodded. Have fun, he called over his shoulder as he stepped back inside.

Grabbing Alex's hand, she laced her fingers though and snuggled up against his side. It's just a couple blocks this way, come on. She let her head rest on his shoulder and they walked slowly. The sounds of the city carried on the night's breeze and Amberelle opened her senses wide, letting everything come rushing in. She might not have the kind of sensitivity some vampires were known for but she enjoyed the added boost her feline form let her have. Especially now as they walked through what was not always the safest of areas. But tonight no one gave the couple any trouble. Reaching the manhole cover, Amby crouched down and moved it aside with one hand, squeezing Alex's with the other.

Looking up, she just grinned at him, a wide and fangy flash of white. Follow me, cheri. Releasing his hand she straightened then stepped forward with a giggle and let herself drop down into the dimly lit sewer tunnel below.

Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander looked at the dark opening and flinched.

"What do I look like, a turtle?"

Alexander muttered to himself. He got no response from below. He sighed. Well, at least this wasn't Paris.

Alexander folded his arms across his chest and stepped forward. It was a minor trick, but even falling could be done in style. He fell through the opening and into the sewer tunnel far slower than was humanly possibly. Landing gently, one foot after the other as if he had stepped down off of a carriage step.

Amberelle eyes glittered as she watched the little display. Alexander's hands fell to his sides, perfectly in time with his jacket. He raised his head and smiled at Amberelle. She clapped her hands, she didn't think it was possible to have a more dignified entrance into a sewer tunnel.

Alexander gave a mock flourish and bowed low. Amberelle rushed over and wrapped her arms around his waist. He gripped her hair and gently pulling her head back, brought forward her lips. He crushed his own against Amberelle's and left her gasping when she pulled away.

"Lead on, cheri."

Amberelle snickered and skipped around Alexander before grabbing his right hand and dragging him off into the sewers.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
It was just down the tunnel, after a sharp curve to the left and there a few yards ahead the Anantya could see in a pool of bright light the intimidating guards who kept vigil at the entrance to one of Nachton's most unique clubs. A small crowd of teens had clustered around the elevator doors and were trying to flirt their way inside. The two guards simply each used one large arm to part them as the couple walked up. Amberelle gave the two a warm smile, patting one of them on the forearm lightly with a quietly whispered greeting. The doors parted and Amby stepped in, Alex just behind.

Turning and stepping into his arms she hugged him close for a moment as the elevator began its ascent. Leaning back to look him in the face, the blonde wondered if he had any indication of where they were going. He was being agreeable, but then he usually was she thought bemused.

Cheri, have you heard of the House of Pain? she asked.
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander smiled wryly. "Well there is the Rugby stadium in New Zealand, Carrisbrooke I believe has the distinction of being known as the House of Pain. Although I somehow doubt, that's what you had in mind."

Amberelle jabbed Alexander in the side. "No, but seriously?"

"I've heard of it. If it's similar to the neutral zones in London and Prague, then it's liable to be full of feigned smiles, false sincerities, and polite jibes and insults. It's a novel idea to have the Clans gathered in one place, but trouble never seems to be too far behind. We Anantya have our aristocratic pride, the Evenhet have their much vaunted morality, and the rabble-rousers like to make a nuisance of themselves whenever possible."

Amberelle's smile faded as she listened to Alexander's words. She looked somewhat guilty and uncertain how to reply.

Alexander placed a hand on her shoulder and gently squeezed.
"Oh don't mind me. Inevitably it's the music that gives me a headache, rather than the politicking and intriguing that supposedly never goes on in places like these. And I'm certain I'll have an interesting time with you at my side."

Amberelle took his hand and kissed it tenderly.

"You don't have to impress me Amberelle. Not in any way. Well.. I could think of one or two things but they might make you blush."

Amberelle burst out laughing and wrapped her arms around Alexander's waist. "I'm sure you have a creative mind."

Alexander feigned seriousness. "No, just a perverted one."

Amberelle kissed him. "My little pervert."

Alexander coughed. "On second thoughts, I'd rather that didn't get around. I'm truly a sweet individual who'd never dream of..."

Amberelle's eyes widened as Alexander whispered in her ear. Her smile widened as well.

"Well, if you behave yourself tonight."

Alexander nodded. "Of course, I'm the perfect gentleman, cheri."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
The elevator slowed and the doors opened as Amberelle laughed. Pressing a quick peck to Alex's nose she quipped, You're a perfect something, alright! before turning and letting the air from the inside wash over her. Sweat, cigarettes, liquor, flesh and so much more. A shiver went through her and she couldn't help the grin that spread over her face even as she winced from the audial assault. That first rush of sound was always so loud, when the soundproofing was cracked. It was a bone pounding rhythm, hard fast and primal. It made her want to dance, to press out into the sea of writhing flesh and become lost in motion and the feel of the music through her. Instead she reached back for her beloved and grabbed his hand tightly, pushing out into the throng of bodies. It was unconscious, a slow reaction to the music as her steps got a little swishier, her hips swayed a little more. Amby was born to dance and this place called out to even the least affected to let loose.

I need to find out if my friend Jan's band is playing here again anytime soon, she said, but wasn;t sure if he heard her.

Skirting around she made a line for the booths. If Cyrus was here she'd see if he minded company. And if not, she'd gladly toss whatever rabble had assumed his location aside. It would be a win-win she thought happily. The only cloud on her evening was the low opinion Alex seemed to have of places like this so she found herself glancing over her shoulder to try and catch glimpses of his face as they moved. Squeezing his hand quickly, she motioned with her head towards the large corner booth she had in mind for them. It was occupied by several loudly yelling and laughing figures who the Anantya was quite certain would not be invitees of Cyrus.

Time to have some fun, she yelled at Alex over the music. Stopping in front of the table she tapped a nail on it to get their attention. One or two of the occupants seemed to acknowledge her and she smiled at them, almost as if indulging a small child.

Party's over. Time to clear out... this booth is taken.. and you are obviously not family.
Alex West 17 years ago
Definitely reminds me of Europe, thought Alexander, as he carefully weaved his way through the crowd that moved as one to the massive attack of sound. He watched Amberelle's hips sway back and forth as she lead him towards a booth already occupied by several people.

Amberelle had no hesitation in asking the people to piss off and go somewhere else. They really didn't look at Alexander as much as they stared. They recognized Amberelle, but not him. Not that it really mattered. Alexander feigned a yawn as the booth seemed to magically empty itself. That was easy.

Amberelle immediately shuffled into the booth and patted the leather seat next to her. Alexander nodded with a smile and graciously took his place at her side. Sometimes a reputation worked as easily as a grasp of Command. Of course Alexander tried to keep his profile low, his reputation in the dark.

Alexander leaned over and spoke softly in Amberelle's ear.
"Nicely done, almost as effective as the charms of Command."

He immediately regretted saying that, Celeste had warned him that Amberelle held a low opinion of that particular gift. There was no lying about it, so Alexander kept talking even as he felt Amberelle stiffen.

"I'm sorry, cheri. I forget your particular dislike of that gift. But I won't lie to you. It's one of my gifts. Leadership and Command always came naturally to me."

Amberelle relaxed slightly but her hands clenched Alexander's tightly and her amber eyes flickered as she looked at him like a pariah.

Alexander sighed. She already knew he didn't think much of such places, and now Amberelle would have another thing to worry about. He mentally kicked himself.

Amberelle seemed to read the look of resignation in Alexander's face and she straddled him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She pressed her forehead against his, looked into his eyes and winked.
"I'm not made of glass, cheri."

Alexander slipped his hands around her waist and smiled. "I'm sorry. And thank you for bringing me out tonight. What is life if not to discover new experiences and sensations?"

Amberelle returned his smile. "Thank you, cheri."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Nancy appeared at the booth then, all smiles. She might not remember the blonde's name but she was a good tipper and a friend of Cyrus, so she'd make certain the pair was well taken care of. Shifting her tray of drinks, she slipped a little closer to the table so she could hear their orders.

Not taking her arms from around her beau, Amby simply bent over backwards so she could see the human. Her blonde hair spilling over the table, Amby just grinned up at the waitress. Let Alex enjoy that view for a few moments she thought with a giggle.

Evening Nancy, the vampire said trying not to laugh when she thought about how silly she must look.

Well hello there! What'll it be tonight? Bottle of Patron? Or... wait.. red wine? Honestly she wasn't a hundred percent sure but wine sounded right to her. Hopefully she'd gotten it right, all she really remembered getting her was the tequila.

Umm.. cheri? What would you like? She lifted her head to look at Alex. Really this position was entirely too comfortable and reminded her of some of their more common positions during... 'OK, let's not think about THAT in front of a stranger!' she chided herself. The faint blush that came to her cheeks had Alex raising a brow at her. That knowing smile only compounded her problem and sent a shiver through her. His gloved hands stroked the small of her back gently. Strong, warm and soft the feel of them was doing crazy things to her insides and her mouth went dry. Amberelle just gave him a 'you decide' look. She didn't trust herself to talk right now.

Wine is fine for now, Nancy. Thank you, Alex said to her. Watching the girl blush and give him a flirty grin before slipping off, Amberelle wondered just what it was about Alexander that seemed to make women all act like that. It still made her a little jealous, but honestly she couldn't fault people for feeling the same way she did.

She flexed her stomach and sat back up with a sigh. Slipping her arms over his shoulders and crossing her wrists behind his neck she leaned back against the table and studied him. So Command came to him naturally. It did seem to suit him, she thought with a wry twist to her lips. It didn't bother her nearly as much as it might have since she'd accepted that she trusted him implicitly.

Tell me, she said softly after several quiet moments, you didn't believe everything Cel said about me did you? Because for some reason she tends to think of me as this helpless kid.. 'With lots of good reasons in the past,' the blonde thought. But people do grow up.
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander ran his gloved hands up Amberelle's back. She had given him quite a show. It reminded me of another De'Espionne and her corset antics. Alexander was distracted when Amberelle mentioned her by name. Celeste.

His pale blue eyes stared into her Amber pools, and Alexander smiled softly.

"You shouldn't judge your cousin so harshly," Alexander replied, "though Celeste was rather willing to point out your alleged faults, she was quick to promise that my heart would be burnt by her hand if I ever did anything to hurt you. Her words exactly. She worries that you don't train enough, that you aren't feeding, and that your relationship with me will be difficult."

Alexander paused and let Amberelle reflect on his words. "But I think, that despite your differences, your cousin loves you. I don't think you're a helpless kid, and I don't think Celeste is of that opinion either."

Alexander fell silent as Nancy returned with a tray bearing two wine glasses and an unopened bottle of red wine. She showed the bottle to Alexander and he nodded. Nancy carefully uncorked the bottle of Cabernet Merlot and poured a small amount into one of the glasses. Alexander picked it up and placed it in front of his and Amberelle's face. He swirled the glass and inhaled the heady aroma. Amberelle smiled and nodded. Looking back over to Nancy, Alexander nodded and returned his glass to the table.

Nancy carefully filled both glasses, and left the bottle beside it. Alexander handed one glass to Amberelle and then took the other for himself.

Alexander wondered if Celeste was here tonight, watching them. She had told him he wouldn't be able to spot her. He sighed softly and tilted his glass to Amberelle's. It touched the rim with a dull ring.

"Please don't think that I want you to be like your cousin Amberelle. I couldn't stand that. I like... love you for who you are, not what you could have been. Celeste and I are alike, similar in a lot of ways. But she is not you. She is not the one I chose. I chose you because you have vitality, you have a certain gaiety that is uplifting and exhilarating to behold. I know we're not perfect. We each have our flaws. But I chose you because I don't want to be with anyone else."

Alexander saluted Amberelle in French and then downed a third of the glass of wine. With crimson stained lips he smiled at Amberelle. "You are your own person. You have so much potential. Don't change because of what you think I want to see, to hear, to touch."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Slowly taking a sip of the wine, Amberelle shook her head sadly. Do you really think I'm here tonight to be changing? She sighed softly, staring into her wine glass for a moment as she twirled it in between her fingers. His words had a grain or two of fact behind them which did sting but the blonde knew her motives were more complicated than that. It was filling her with frustration that she didn't know what to say to just explain what she was thinking, and it shone in her eyes when she looked back at him.

Twisting she spun into the booth and leaned against the back, sliding her legs over Alex's lap. One leg twitched, tapping with her agitation. Finishing the wine in her glass in one long sip, she looked at her lover and tried to explain every thing that had been bothering her.

Cheri, I admit.. a part of this was sparked by what happened with Cel but.. There's been things about myself that I didn't know how you would react to or think of.. so I was kind of keeping them quiet. A shoulder shrugged. Speaking softer, she added, I just wanted to try and show you some more of me tonight.. And maybe you would show me you, too.

Biting her lip, she looked at him and wished he could understand what it was she herself didn't even know how to say.
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander placed his empty glass back on the table. He brushed an errant strand of hair away from Amberelle's face and smiled at her.

"Cheri, we all have parts of ourselves that aren't on display all the time. Or that aren't obvious. I used to dress like this more frequently in London and Europe. Clan business took me to places where a suit was a liability and the ability to project an image of confidence, of intimidation and power, was more important than the cut of thread you wore."

Alexander ran his hands up Amberelle's back and held her upright in his grasp. "I used to feed off high priced French escorts loaded with cognac and brandy, and Scandinavian maidens full of opinum, and then in later years, cocaine. My business meetings often involved the copious consumption of stupefied "blood dolls." But that's how business was conducted."

"You've never once asked me how I feel about humans? I wonder why? I'm speciest. I believe in our superiority and I believe that while humans can be interesting assets, attractive diversions, and clever tools, I regard them much in the same way a farmer regards cattle."

Alexander refilled his glass and took a deep sip.

"I have my vices like anyone else does. I wager and gamble. And though it may shock you, I do enjoy sadism. For sexual gratification, for the thrill of dominating others. It's a part of me I don't indulge often, but it is a part of who I am."

Alexander wondered how much of what he had revealed about himself would shock Amberelle, or make her recoil in distaste. But he promised to be truthful with her, and that meant sharing everything with her.

"Despite my usual dapper appearance and calm demeanor, I can be as nasty, hedonistic and as wanton as any of our kind. So please, be yourself. Let yourself be yourself tonight, cheri. After all, neither of us are Saints."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amby held her glass out silently, and let Alex refill it for her. Part of her wanted to rewind the last several minutes and pretend it hadn't happened. 'But really when you're the one who opens the box, you can't complain about what comes out of it.' And she'd wanted to know more. It had gnawed at her, wondering what all he could have found in common with her cousin, and hearing him speak she was more suprised at her own lack of suprise at some of the facts he revealed than anything else. It was rather ironic, she thought as she took a large sip. Here she was in love with someone who was so completely different from herself. Yet who was so completely like everything she'd ever known.

Her eyes were pools of liquid gold, looking up at him and running over his features slowly. Yes, he was indeed still the same man he was an hour ago. The corner of her mouth twitched, and she slowly smiled. They were having "these" conversations now, so she had to just grin and bear it. At least she knew that no matter what she said he would still love her. Well, she believed he would. And while he would probably never agree, or even understand, she doubted it would change how he respected her.

I never asked, she said breaking the silence between them, because I know very well that no one in Anantya will feel the way I do. I have friends who are humans, I spend time with them... I try to pretend, even for a little while, that I'm still one of them. She'd watched him carefully for signs of suprise or distate but she apparently hadn't shocked him. That was a good sign.

Amby moved back to his lap, settling her legs around him again and leaning back on his knees. It was so loud here she'd really rather not have to shout these more delicate views of hers. Her eyes burned with intensity, an inner passion and subbornly held ideal that she knew was heavily Evenhet in its core but she couldn't help it.

I still remember Alex, what it was like to be alive. To feel the sun on my skin, to see it shimmering on the bayou as the sun dips down.. to be filled with hope, potential.. life. Closing her eyes briefly, she swallowed and clenched her jaw. Calmer after a few heartbeats she opened her eyes again and continued. I've still been... this.. less time than I was alive. Saying she was dead was still not quite what she wanted to admit. She didn't feel dead. There was a time when she did, when she would have admitted it. When she really was inside. But now everything was different.

The Creole's face softened, her voice becoming gentler as she reached up and cupped his face. When I'm with you, mon amor, I really am alive again. A gentle smile crossed her face and she let the warmth of her gaze confirm what she said. Amby took a small sip before continuing.

A sadist. She sighed. I wish I was suprised, but honestly.. I think I could see the signs there. She lifted a shoulder gently shrugging. Swallowing slowly, she licked her lips and paused to go over her words carefully before speaking. I trust you, and I know you won't ever hurt me. But.. there's so much in my past that makes it very hard for me to understand how someone who I know is a good person like you are could get pleasure from that.

A flicker of sadness crossed her face. And.. I wish I cold give you everything that you want but I.. I'm not sure I could ever.. she shook her head, waving vaguley, knowing he'd know what she meant. Laying her head on his shoulder she let him hold her close, resting the side of his face against her head.

You know, she said softly. I think I lied.. Maybe I can understand. Sometimes when I hunt... I like to hurt them, to watch them beg and crawl and scream. A little shiver went down her spine. Licking her lips delicately, she whispered, Yeah, sometimes I like that.
Alex West 17 years ago
"It may surprise you, but there are Anantya who feel the way you do about humans, and there are Evenhet whose arguments on the 'human question' who make you believe they were in the wrong camp. You should have heard some of the debates I was privy to in London and Europe. Very lively indeed."

Alexander laughed softly. Some of those 'debates' had been running for decades, if not centuries between the various Clan factions.

"But at the end of the night I also have to pretend that I am human. Hiding in plain sight. One of my deepest fears is becoming an anarchonism, a relic of the ages, unchanging, inflexible. I refuse to be consigned to the annals of history because of an inability to adapt, improvise and ultimately survive. And that of course is an inherently human trait."

He smiled as he stroked her hair. Around Amberelle he really did feel as though his heart beat to a different tune, that the blood that coursed through his veins did more than just sustain his existence. She made him feel alive.

"I envy you Amberelle. You remember what it was like to be alive. What I remember may as well be written down on paper or consigned to the silver screen. I remember I was alive, but not how I was alive. Dates, names, faces, and places. I can recall them by rote, but they are distant memories. Clear and distinct, but distant. When I'm with you, you make me remember what it was to be a man. To take pride in one's achievements, to walk tall and laugh or cry freely. To feel for others, to feel for oneself. I cannot go back, but you bring life forward with you. And I thank you for that, cheri."

Alexander let loose with a long laugh, full of joy and happiness. He squeezed Amberelle on her buttocks, causing her to squeal and almost spill the contents of her glass.

"To be an Officer was to be a sadist. Who else would order men forward to certain death or dismemberment, and order the flogging or shooting of the same men if they refused to obey orders. The British Army was built on discipline and fear. All of the soldiers were from the lower classes, the Officers were drawn from higher stations. If the soldiers weren't in awe of us, they were in fear. It's how things were in those times."

Alexander stared at Amberelle and sighed wistfully.

"Of course the downside to being an Officer was that you were expected to lead your men through cannonade and musket volley without flinching or showing any sign of fear. I can't remember how many times I was scared to be marching calmly into the face of death with a sword raised and a stupid determined smile plastered on my face."

"My excesses aren't as bad as they might be, Amberelle. Part of my own discipline is to keep such desires under check. With your cousin, it was an opportune moment to indulge in that excess. It isn't about the pain so much, it's about the control and domination. Fear and discipline. And always a reason and justification. I wouldn't force that upon you, although you might enjoy having me as your willing house servant."

Alexander affected a mock look of seriousness that would have done Rupert proud as he turned up his nose at Amberelle.

Amberelle giggled as Alexander winked at her.

"Hunting comes naturally to us, cheri. And unfortunately the predator is seldom gentle with the prey. I think we are more like cats, than wolves though. Cats toy with their prey, they may kill the object of their attentions outright, but they do like to take pride in their kills."

"What you feel is what my sire called the Howling Wind. A dramatic euphemism, many of us simply call it the Beast, or The Hunger. We all have it, we all release it in different ways. But we all hear it in the hunt, and feel it in the kill. It's not good or evil as such, it's like an untamed animal. Acting on instinct, waiting to ride our anger, our fear, and even our joy."

Alexander held Amberelle close to his chest.

"Not even I can deny the Beast forever. Sooner or later it always finds a way out. Doing what comes naturally, the hunting and taking of blood is the easiest recourse to satiate the Beast. But for others, the Beast requires darker and more twisted pleasures to be placated.

Alexander fell silent for a moment as he cradled Amberelle in his arms. He'd seen the depredations some of his kind were capable of. Vampires young and old who not only enjoyed the blood but gorged on the flesh like animals. Vampires whose excesses and lusts would have made the Marquis himself envious, if not nauseous.

Alexander tilted Amberelle's face up to his and gently kissed her on the lips.
"And as I have recently discovered, love is an emotion that can soothe the savage Beast."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Smiling wide, she nodded softly. Oui, it can indeed. After all you've turned this viscious killer into a tame little lap cat, she chuckled, nuzzling her face into his hand. The leather smelled good and she closed her eyes to savor the sense of smell and touch. Looking up into his light blue eyes Amberelle felt that swell of happiness inside being with him brought. They'd made it through some of the more difficult questions of the evening, so she felt encouraged to continue onwards.

Twisting slightly she set her glass aside and then wrapped her arms around him under his jacket. Feeling the subtle warmth of him under her hands made her shiver. So, she leaned close and pressed a kiss to his lips and nipped them before pulling away, Tell me.. how do you normally do it? Hunt I mean.. And what do you do when you really cut loose?
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander laughed softly.

"Why, I do what I've usually done for nearly two hundred years. I charm and seduce pretty women."

Amberelle frowned and jabbed Alexander in the ribs. "Well, I figured that much was obvious. Your looks, your wealth, your dress sense and behavior. Not to mention your Command of words."

Alexander took Amberelle's hand in his and kissed the slender fingers. "What else is a gentleman to do?"

"Seriously, Alexander. What if there are no 'charming ladies' to be found?"

Alexander turned her hand over and inhaled, reveling in her scent.

"Why, there are no shortage of virile men waiting to offer their throats. Don't look at me like that. I'm not a homosexual, or bisexual. I believe in equal opportunity dining."

Amberelle giggled. "Equal opportunity dining? That's a new one."

Alexander pretended to be offended and pushed her hand away. "I find that I am considered quite attractive by both sexes, thank you very much. Blood is blood, after all. But to answer your question simply. I don't have to rely on force. I favor seduction and subterfuge. I won't however feed on the sick or children. I abhor feeding on children. Call it a predator's quirk."

Alexander shrugged as he wrapped his arms around Amberelle.

"Cutting loose? Now that is an interesting question. Would you consider me boring if I told you I get a thrill every time I speculate and gamble with millions of dollars, that I get a rush from waging war on the stock market and winning? I don't drink to excess, and my day's of "blood doll" banquets seem to be behind me in America. I enjoy dining, music, cinema, the theater. And sparring, but you know that. Perhaps I am boring in my ways of cutting loose. I reverse the questions upon you Amberelle, how do you hunt and how do you cut loose - aside from the occasional romp with a certain dashing English vampire."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Sighing, Ambrelle made an 'If I must' face. It quickly faded and she grinned at him. I usually don't eat that much.. Yes, I get hungry, she explained quickly. I just tend to try and put it out of my mind. Frowning faintly, she muttered, If Cel mentioned me not eating then she was in my rooms. Damn woman needs to learn what walls are for. Shaking her head, she tucked a blonde lock behind her ear and chewed on her lip for a moment. Taking a deep breath, she squared her shoulders before beginning.

My usual meal comes in a baggie. Not the most pleasant thing but it's that or I binge and purge. Tilting her chin up faintly defiantly the Creole quietly explained, I've always had problems. Those first few weeks after my change when he was so mad at me for my ungrateful reaction I was barely fed. And a newly turned kindred needs lots of vitae, even when her sire is an ancient. I guess luckily for me I really did want to die so the idea of starvation wasn't so bad. Amby shivered slightly remembering that time. A couple of his guards tried to offer me food for.... things, her voice cracked and her eyes dropped. She smiled faintly. Cel came in to check on me and found them taunting me. It was the first time since she'd changed that I saw real emotion in her.

But things like that are why I've never been comfortable with seduction to get food. Letting strange men paw all over me, an involuntary shudder went through her and she hugged him tigher. No thank you. And then of course controlling my instincts makes it hard sometimes. No.. when I hunt I look for prey that puts up a fight. More sporting that way. Giggling she kissed the tip of his nose. I guess I like to play with my food, alright.

I like sparring too.. she winked at him, but you know that. Fighting is just a De'Espionne way, like our version of family board game night. That made her laugh and she squeezed Alex and gave him a quick kiss.

Other than that.. cutting loose for me? Dancing. When I was a kid you never showed how you felt really, it was all games and masks and subterfuge. People were always looking over my shoulder wanting to find some way to manipulate me so.. when I danced I could feel whatever I wanted and be free. Her face slowly became more animated as she spoke, a wistful far off look in her eyes. I mean, you see... a dancer, they're using their body to show you a story. You have to feel the music, to experience it. When I was dancing I was someplace else, I was.. someone else.

Pausing, she looked thoughtful. I think.. well about the only other things I really do would be when I go thieving. But it's not really cutting loose so much as.. I dunno.. I feel empowered. I'm good at it and I enjoy it. The blonde shrugged.

Oh! Her eyes sparkled and she grinned mischeviously. I guess my more mundane way to cut loose is power shopping. I have to admit nothing can get me excited like a shoe sale. Well... she paused and glanced up at him flirtatiously through her lashes, nothing besides you that is.
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander listened attentively to Amberelle, nodding every so often. He finished the remainder of his glass and placed it back on the table.

You'll find after a century or two that you can go without feeding for much longer periods. Trust me on that one. I find humans tend to make poor combatants, and I find wordplay and intrigue more of a challenge with humans than fisticuffs."

Alexander smiled reassuringly.

"But to each their own. Although you will never voluntarily see me feed off animals. My sire was sadistic enough to make me catch rats on a ship with my arms tied behind my back. He found it highly entertaining. I found it extremely annoying. There's one thing thinking like a cat, it's another to eat like one."

Alexander shuddered in mock horror and let Amberelle squeeze him tightly and coo to him.

"Yes, I gathered you De'Espionne enjoy martial training, both you and your cousin are quite the pair of fighters. Your cousin also mentioned you had something of a penchant for purchasing copious amounts of shoes. Although I suspect you didn't steal every pair you own."

Amberelle pouted as Alexander laughed and kissed her on the forehead.

"And of course a night with a beautiful woman like you is entirely priceless."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amberelle just grinned, long lashes dropping demurely as she playfully swatted Alex's arm. Really, cheri.. Flattery like that. Tsk Tsk. You make a girl think you had ulterior motives in mind.. Giving him a smirk, she just leaned in and pressed her forehead to his. Her fingertips ran through the hair at the nape of his neck while she rubbed the tip of her nose slowly over his. Remember... you have to behave yourself if you want me to let you do all those wicked things you said before. Sliding her hands around to grasp the sides of his head Amby kissed him slowly, taking her time and savoring the faint taste of wine and his own unique flavor. The feel of his hands gently moving up and down her back slowly added to the building heat inside her. Knowing here they were out in public, where anyone could be watching, left her shivering and gasping for air in between kisses.

She finally leaned back and chewed on her lip for a long moment. Would you maybe.. get us something to.. 'eat'? I know there are lots of willing people here.. Glancing out at the club, she wondered just how you found them though. Looking back, she gave him a little smile. Help me learn not to be so rough with my dinner. She looked a little nervous, but smiled. Ahh.. maybe something female. As soon as she said that the blonde immediately wondered how she would feel watching another woman touch him, and him touching her. It already had her wanting to claw something just in theory. 'Only one way to know... and if I had to pick someplace to get messy with someone this is a better choice than a lot of places..'
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander pressed his lips against Amberelle's and lingered for a while, enjoying the intimate sensation as she opened up to him. His tongue darted after hers as they clung to each other, oblivious to the sights and sounds of the House of Pain. He didn't care, manners and discretion be damned in a place like this. He pulled back, tugging gently on her lower lip as he broke the kiss.

Amberelle pouted slightly and leaned forward, hoping to press her mouth against his again. But Alexander pressed a leather clad finger against her lips and smiled.

"As you command, I will obey... mistress."

Alexander shifted Amberelle to one side, disentangling himself from her firm legs as he shuffled out of the booth, straightened and smoothed out his coat. She wanted something female...

Alexander scanned the other booths, most were taken up by a mixture of male and females, and there was every likelihood that those patrons contained other vampires. Not exactly best to invite oneself to a supper without knowing if the meal was already spoken for.

Alexander automatically dismissed the bar and security staff. Snacking on the staff might be seen as a breach of protocol in this establishment. He had seen similar rules in effect in neutral grounds. Use the staff, but don't abuse them.

That left the dance floor. A challenge then. There were plenty of women there. Energetic, fit and lithe. And pretty. It seemed the House of Pain liked it's stock to be as fine as any pedigree vampire establishment, even if the lighting was garish and the music overly grating on his nerves. Alexander picked a column situated near the dance floor to lean against and watch potential meals as they writhed in a sea of sweat, alcohol and probably ecstasy or any other cocktail of party drugs.

Alexander's head turned slowly, his pale blue eyes never blinking as he looked at the crowd. Sooner or later someone would look his way, catch his unflinching glance and slight smile. And it would give them pause. In an place like this they wouldn't be shy at all about their interest. If Alexander was patient, one would come to him. For a drink, for a light. For somewhere quiet to sit down... and talk.

Sarah gasped as the sweat ran down her face. She twisted her hands in the air, and swung her hips in a slow rhythmic beat, matching the thumping bass that caused her whole body to shake. She laughed along with her friends as water from the fire hoses were sprayed along the crowd, keeping the dancers cool and wet. Her 21st Birthday and Sarah's friends had managed to score her an exclusive invite to the hottest underground club in town.

They were even kind enough to provide Sarah with some enticing little tablets with the promise of making her night even more memorable. Sarah had pretended to swallow the pills and had spat them out at the nearest opportunity. She didn't need an artificial high. She loved being part of the crowd, gyrating to music with friends and strangers, and proving to herself that even science students could cut loose every now and again. Sarah had traded her lab coat and gold rimmed glasses for a matching leather skirt and halter, and a pair of disposable contact lenses. She'd let her long locks of auburn hair down quite literally.

Sarah wasn't aware how long he had been watching her, but it was her friends who pointed him out. Tall, dark haired and with blue eyes that seemed to be both distant and alert at the same time. Did he just smile at her? She couldn't tell with the strobing lights. He leaned against the column, dressed in a leather three quarter length jacket that immediately made Sarah think of her favorite television show that had two very different male vampires who wore similar jackets. And the stranger looking back at her was almost as attractive as those two actors.

He was definitely looking at her now, and Sarah shivered in spite of herself as she twisted closer towards him to get a better view. Wow, his face was GQ handsome, and this was no college boy playing the cool poseur. This was a real man. The clothing wasn't some cheap knockoff and she could smell his sweet cologne as she danced to the edge of the crowd and closer to him. As Sarah spun around she felt someone grab her hand and twirl her like a ballerina. Too surprised to act, she found herself spun around into the arms of the stranger. Her hands hit his chest and she stared up at him, speechless.

Hello, my dear. My name is Alexander. Tell me your name."

Sarah swallowed with some difficulty as Alexander took one of her hands and gently kissed her fingers. It was cliched and old fashioned, but this Alexander seemed entirely sincere and friendly. And he was European. Well English anyway. And he spoke like one of the Royals! Sarah blushed and turned her head back. She couldn't see her friends, but she didn't want to go back to them. This was her birthday. Her rules.

"My name is Sarah, Sarah Jones."

Alexander still held her hand and he still kept Sarah close to his chest. She noticed that he wasn't even sweating. His forehead wasn't even damp. Alexander noticed her staring, and laughed softly.

"You want something to drink Sarah Jones. Something enjoyable. Come with me."

Sarah blinked twice. She did feel hot and bothered. A drink would be nice. Especially with Alexander. She merely nodded and followed Alexander as he led her by the hand towards a booth at the back of the club. Sarah's eyes widened. She had heard that only a select handful of people had access to a booth.

Sarah hesitated at she saw the blonde haired woman calmly speaking with a waitress. Threesome's weren't her thing. She looked at Alexander questioningly.

Why act surprised Sarah Jones. Surely a woman as attractive as you can be appreciated by more than one. Trust me. Come with me. You will like her."

Sarah's reservations melted at the soothing tone of his voice and the soft smile on his lips. Alexander was right of course. She was attractive, nobody noticed her at college, but dammit she looked good tonight. And she was her own woman now. It was her 21st birthday. Sarah slipped her arm around Alexander's waist and walked confidently with him over to the booth.

Alexander motioned for Sarah to sit down and she moved along the booth to the blonde haired woman.

"Sarah Jones, meet Amberelle. Together we will have a marvelous time tonight. You will have fun, trust me."

Sarah greeted Amberelle shyly. She was very attractive. Alexander slid into the booth next to Sarah. She looked at him and smiled. And so was he. And they both seemed so sophisticated. Sarah was sure she would have fun tonight. No she was positive. She wasn't going to play the science grad student tonight. She was going to be a woman. And maybe be with a woman. That thought caused Sarah to shiver in anticipation.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amby shivered at his parting comment. Never in a million years would the blonde have dreamed someone addressing her with that term could have sent such a tingle through her. But it was Alex... which made it safe and all right to be a little bad like that. The idea of him following her every command suddenly had immense appeal. Grinning at his back as he moved away, she had brief visions of what she would do to him if given the chance. Nothing they wouldn't both find enjoyable she guessed.

With a happy sigh she leaned an elbow on the table and propped her chin up on her hand. Her golden eyes watched him as he stood silently, waiting to draw his prey to him. She remembered very well the way he could draw your eyes from across the room without even trying. He'd managed to enthrall her with ease, after all. When he did put forth an effort the Creole was confident he'd be irresistible. Her gut twisted a little at that thought, but the vampire just reminded herself no matter how many of them might throw themselves at him he still loved her, and that wasn't changing.

It was odd watching him patiently standing there, calm while the club was so frenzied around him. Confident and relaxed, he just waited. So very different from her aggressive ways, but a method that seemed to suit Alex she thought with a smile. Her eye would scan the crowd around him, trying to pick who he was seeking, but it wasn't until she saw his hand reach out that she did. The surprise on the girl's face made Amberelle giggle. 'Been there done that.' Her smile faded some when he kissed the woman's fingers, and she looked away.

Spying Nancy nearby the blonde waved her over. Another wine glass Nancy, and 3 shots of Patron... She gave her a hard look. Now. Nodding quickly, the waitress dashed off to the bar, brushing past Alex and the pretty redhead. A slight smile was on the Anantya's face but she felt her nerves building. Listening to her beloved introduce Sarah she had to wonder how much command was behind those simple words. Probably a lot.

Her dark honey eyes had a slightly hard edge that didn't match the sweet smile she gave the newcomer as she slid to make room for her. Giving her a slow and obviously appraising look the blonde nodded faintly. The young human was young, healthy, trim. The outfit did nothing to hide her figure, but accentuated it pleasingly. Nothing like Amby, Sarah was soft and slim yet still very nicely curved where it mattered most. Noticing the slight shyness, the subtle hesitation and how the girl didn't move with the confidence most of the girls here did, Amberelle was a little puzzled. Twisting sideways to face her, the blonde reached out and ever so softly stroked her long auburn hair.

Why are you here tonight, Sarah? You don't look the type for this place. Her voice was silky and smooth, almost a purr. She tilted her head, the picture of curiousity.

Sarah just smiled. It's my birthday. So, some of my friends brought me here to have a good time and celebrate.

Ahhhh... well happy birthday then Sarah. Amby's tone was a little warmer. The poor girl was in so far over her head the vampire felt sorry for her. She glanced over at Alexander, a slight hesitation in her eyes but then smiled as she saw Nancy step up beside him. Perfect timing Nancy. Taking one of the shots she let the other two be set in front of her companions. Nudging Sarah some the girl picked up hers.

A toast, to a memorable and enjoyable evening. Raising her glass to the other two she tilted her head back and let the smooth liquor burn down her throat. It was really more of a fine sipping liquor, but the Creole wanted it all, now. And about seven more.

Setting the glass down a little roughly, Amberelle leaned over to Sarah and whispered in her ear, Have you ever kissed a girl? Eyes watering from the drink, throat burning she just shook her head no slowly. Giggling, Amby slid an arm around behind her. Well, I haven't since college... So it's been a couple of years. The blonde leaned away slightly and twirled some of Nancy's silky hair in her fingers. Would you like to kiss me, Sarah?
Alex West 17 years ago
Alexander downed the contents of the shot glass and carefully placed it back on the table. Amberelle was toying with Sarah. Quite interesting, thought Alexander as he poured himself a glass of wine. So it was Sarah's birthday, well she would be the one providing the gifts this evening.

He listened with interest as Amberelle asked Sarah to kiss her. Sarah didn't seem shocked, but she still looked shy as Amberelle ran her fingers through the auburn locks. Alexander learned over and spoke softly in Sarah's ear.

"Relax, Sarah. It's your birthday. Be a good girl and climb onto her lap. And kiss her, you'll find it quite enjoyable."

Sarah smiled and nodded. It was her birthday, and she would do what she damn well pleased. Her skirt slid up as she straddled Amberelle, revealing more of her firm, tanned legs. Sarah wrapped her arms around Amberelle's neck and pushed her ample breasts against the corset as she leaned in.

Amberelle glanced over at Alexander, but he pretended to be more interested in the contents of his wine glass. Amberelle slipped her hands around Sarah's waist and pulled her closer, pushing the skirt up further so that she could see the red thong between her legs.
"Kiss me Sarah, do it now."

Sarah opened her mouth and pressed it against Amberelle's. Amberelle shivered at the soft lips and let Sarah explore her mouth and tongue as the clung to each other. She was hesitant at first, so Amberelle gently tugged and nipped on her lips, offering encouragement as she gripped Sarah's waist tight.

Alexander watched calmly as Sarah and Amberelle kissed deeply. Both had their eyes closed and Alexander wondered if Amberelle was enjoying herself. She certainly looked like it. He caught the scent before the red drop formed on Sarah's lip. Quickly disappearing as Amberelle's tongue flickered out over the skin. She pressed her mouth harder against Sarah, stifling her moans as she sucked on the human's blood, letting it flow into her mouth.

Alexander swirled his wine and inhaled deeply. All in good time, all in good time.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Winding her hands through Sarah's hair, Amby finally pulled her away roughly. Both women were panting softly. Licking her bloodstained lips and teeth, the blonde shuddered. Opening her eyes slowly she just stared at the fully exposed neck so close to her mouth. It was so near she could hear the faint sound of the nectar rushing through her veins. Something inside her demanded more loudly, urging her to take another sip. Just a sip.

Almost unconsciously she leaned forward, opening her mouth wide to scrape her fangs roughly over the sensitive pulse point and making the woman in her arms shiver. Leaning up, Sarah wrapped her hands around Amby's neck and tried to kiss her again. Amberelle's brow furrowed and she growled, annoyed to have her actions thwarted. Sarah cried out as her head was roughly jerked backwards and the vampire leaned close to run her tongue gently over her shoulder and up her neck.

She tasted sweet, a little salty, but fresh. Amberelle ran her mouth over and down, bending the girl backwards onto the table and forcing her chest upwards. Her tongue ran over the sweaty, soft skin and she nipped at her, little bites that had Sarah moaning and grabbing Amberelle's head. A slow smile spread and the vampire chuckled deeply before sinking her fangs into the tender flesh over the redhead's pounding heart.