Trouble (Open/Attn: Celeste)

Addison didn't know why he had ended up at the cafe...he could be on the machine tucked under one arm right now...from the relative privacy of his own office, but the sound of silence punctuated by the occasional battles from his game of World of Warcraft wasn't going to do it for him tonight. he was again, looking to mayhaps socialize...before getting into some trouble, but avoid the spilling of the coffee this time.

"Hello, I have this..." The red head pulled his membership card out of the back pocket of his leather pants (The only thing he could find in his size on the store quickly on the way here, having not wanted to go home and find something of his own) and handed it to the pimply guy. And unfortunately, pizza head remembered him. Craptastic...

So, Addison put up with the leer long enough to be pointed to a free jack and get a latte (but put a stop when the guy said he wanted to see Addison's "Memory Stick" --that was just creepy). Then he put as much distance between him and the "happy" pizza as he could in an effort to keep the gross away.

The first sip was heavenly. A xanthine alkaloid compound never tasted so good as when it was flavored with chocolate and raspberry...damn!

"Fuck yes....Mmmmmmnnnhhhh"

Maybe he shouldn't have said that so loud...or with that moan at the end. Addison dipped his head, hoping his har hid the flush in his cheeks.

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Redd 17 years ago
Pushing open the door into the cafe Redd took a deep breath and let herself smile a little. The buzz of caffeine and the delicious smell of hot computer parts always made her happy. It was her weekly "social outing" so she could say to her mother honestly that no she really didn't stay holed up in her loft all of the time. Clutching her sticker covered neon red laptop in one hand she shrugged out of her leather trench coat and made her way to the counter. Her brightly dyed and striped red hair fell in her light grey eyes, partialy obscuring her face as she peered out at the geek grinning dumbly behind the counter. 'Ugh why did I wear this shirt , I know better than to wear anything tight around these acne laden nerds..' The once black old, ripped and shredded jeans it was tucked into clung to her too and she winced as she heard someone behind her wheeze. 'If they don't watch it I'm going to shove my size six boot up their ass,' she thought with a slight snarl.

The usual? The second counter guy had shoved his way to the front and was grinning like the village idiot, making the redhead sigh softly. Men could be so annoying sometimes. It wasn't like a single one of them would ever even come up and talk to her. Yeah, she said quietly. Got any free ports? He nodded vigorously and pointed towards one of the tables. She nodded and put some cash on the counter before heading that way. Behind her the guy began to whip up her triple chocolate mochachino with extra whipped cream.

Sliding into a chair across from another redhead, she gave him a noncommital, quietly muttered,
'Sup, before going about plugging her machine in.

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Addison 17 years ago

"Hey," Addison chimes back, looking up briefly to be polite and then doing a double-take as he registered the color of her hair. It was a color of red he has rarely seen, sans his own reflection in the mirror.

There should be a law limiting the amount of junk mail one could receive a day. No sooner than the small but powerful machine of Addison's boot up he got this:

"A connection is trying to be made...somebody needs me"

His audio clip from a Harry Potter spoof he has set to announce he has new mail...only, set too loud...leftover settings from playing his internet radio at top volume. Patrons, annoyed at the interruption, turn and glare at him, almost as if in unison. Addison drops his head to the table. This could be worse than when he fried the power supply last time...

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Redd 17 years ago
Looking up, Redd smirked at the rather embarassed looking young man across from her. About then her computer finished loading and her welcome to windows audio file played, a giggling laugh and moan with a loud smack. It was her World of Warcraft warlock's pet succubus' audio clip and it always cracked her up. Except in this crowd she suddenly pictured a dozen geeks 'gasoming at once and she blushed furiously. Damn stupid piece of... muttering to herself she slouched low and started running programs and logging into her email.

A tall cup of caffeine and chocolate appeared beside her and Redd dared not look up to see what the clerk's reaction to it had been. Yeah thanks man, she said quietly.
Addison 17 years ago
AHA! Addison Monroe doesn't know everything...he's clueless when it comes to carborators and couldn't tell you anything about how to act in a play, but when the sound file came out of his neighbor's could only be one thing: A succubus from World of Warcraft! The accountant had a 50 level warlock himself and knew the sound very well. Hearing it come from the girl's laptop meant he could hope he wasn't the only ubergeek in the room.

Addison peeked over his screen at the other red-head, feeling a possible invisible bond now. Ok, that was corny, but still....He cleared his throat.

"Excuse me, I couldn't help but you play World of Warcraft?"
Redd 17 years ago
Frowning at her screen, Redd took a second to register someone was actually speaking to her. With a rather undignified "Huh?" she looked up at the redhead across from her. 'Cool hair,' she thought as she finally registered it. Blinking a moment while her brain did a fast rewind and she realized what he'd asked she grinned. Well, a fellow gamer, how cool. And he actually was speaking to her not staring nervously. Maybe there was a reason she crawled out of her comfy cave on occasion!

Umm... yeah. Started a couple months ago. Her face softened from its normal defensive glower as she spoke to be a bit more animated. I take it you do too? Sipping her chocolate sludge she grinned a little wider. It was super extra chocolatey tonight. Two good things, she was on a roll!
Addison 17 years ago
"Is there anything else to do with one's free time? Those suckers who don't are missing out!" Ok, yeah...not the coolest thing to admit, but she was a of the elite! Addison tucked a lock of his own red hair behind one ear and took a sip of his almost-empty caffineted delight. "My main's on Firetree...all undead there, and just recently forayed into the land of Alliance, although my main's guild are all calling me traitors." A dry chuckle as he leaned back, feeling more relaxed speaking with this girl here. "Granted, they won't kick me out...I'm their main healer and they need me too much."

"I'm Addison, by the way." He looked back over the laptop to make eye contact and accidentally caught the eye of the happy pizza over her shoulder, smiling at him or her, Addison wasn't sure. "Oh, gross..." Oops! "not you.." he lowered his voice "the clerk's staring over here."
Redd 17 years ago
Grinning, Redd nodded in agreement. There wasn't much better than a good immersive game for your free time, in her opinion. Listening to... Addison, now that was a different name.. she couldn't help becoming genuinely interested. About to reply when he mentioned the grotesque clerk she clicked her mouth shut and winced. She slouched a little lower until she was peering at him around her screen. Whispering, These guys are so damn creepy, she brushed the hair from her face and behind one ear then the other. Her light grey eyes darted to where she could see the front area's reflection. She did her best to ignore them.

People call me Redd. She leaned forward and stuck her hand out to him. I play on Scarlett Crusade... been obsessed with my bee-eee rogue lately but my main's a human 'lock. Only been in the game a couple months, so I'm still feeling it out.

So like.. I haven't seen you here before. 'Doh, that sounds really cheesy, smooth move moron,' she thought.
Nara Baker 17 years ago
Nara found her way back to the cafe yet again. She had not found a job yet, but had been having some trouble with getting a copy of her birth certificate and social security stuff. It seems her mother hadn't put it somewhere for her to find easily and to tell the truth, Nara hadn't been all together mentally 'with it' when she had gone through all the files and papers her parents had left behind. So, for the time being, she was stuck in the hotel using up her limited resources while the government processed the forms she had sent in to get copies of the proper identifications needed to get a job and to rent a decent apartment.

She had spent the majority of the day running between offices. She had to have her birth certificate to get the social security and the forms to get the birth certificate were rediculous. She was ready for a nice tall mocha latte. She had managed to stop by the second hand store and get a decent coat which made a big difference. She wore the thick brown wool hip length coat over jeans and a plain blue tshirt.

Going to the counter, she fought the urge to grimace when the kid taking her order gave her the once over. He was creepy in the extreme. She didn't have her own laptop, so paid the fee to use one of the few remaining stations near the two red heads that seemed to be enjoying a friendly conversation. She nodded politely as she sat down taking a cautious sip of the coffee. She had almost spilled it in her haste to get away from the clerk.
Addison 17 years ago
"Yes there are," Addison whispered back. "The one that looks like a happy pizza actually asked to see my 'memory stick...'" Addison would be hard pressed to find a worse or possibly more lame pickup line ever. He smiled, though as the woman introduced herself. "Redd?"

Taking her hand, Addison did the whole shake and squeeze gently thing that fellow humans did when interacting with eachother instead of their computers. "Oh yes, the Blood Elves are a sweet race, although I'm still on the fence with the whole sharing of the Pally's and Shammies...the horde lost an advantage there, imo." It was still controversial, even after the expansion pack came out...but Blood elves were cooler looking than the dranaei.

Speaking of what sounded like pick up lines... The accountant chuckled.
"Naw, I've been here before, but it was a long time ago...long enough to make my membership card a waste of time to get. And...I've been very antisocial as of late, unless guild and barrens chat is considered socializing, and somehow...mediocre chuck norris jokes aren't real bonds between people."

He didn't want to admit it, but he did own the T-shirt that said "I survived the Barrens chat." Just then, another red head sat down nearby. "Hello," he greeted the newest red haired addition. "I'm beginning to think we should start a club...walk around in black leather trenchcoats and sunglasses in the middle of the night...The Red mafia...Although that might be taken as Russian, I suppose...."
Nara Baker 17 years ago
Nara chuckled. "Hello. Think we could get discounts if we made bi laws and such for the group?" She joked playing along his theme.

"I'm Nara." She introduced herself with a nod taking another sip of her heated beverage. She logged in with the code the boy had given her, and waited for the screen to change.

"Hope I'm not interupting. If so, just pretend I'm not here. I won't make a peep." She promised with a friendly smile.
Redd 17 years ago
Redd just shrugged noncomittaly at the paladin/shaman debate. It didn't matter one way or another to the redhead, she didn't get into the player combat aspect of the game. And she'd heard all the arguments and theories in general chat for far too long now. Chuckling some she couold only grin at the idea of guildchat as social interaction. That was one debate she'd tried, and lost, with her Mother. Hence her weekly schelps to Qwerty.

It's Vin Diesel jokes in my guild, she said with a little grin.

Redd peeked over at their tablemate and offered a
Wazzap? Shrugging, she pondered the latest person to join them as Addison quiped about a club. Would the government pay to subsidize a study on the gathering instincts of age groups based on shared physical attributes? Probably. They did all kinds of stupid shit, she thought with a smirk.

I think we would need a different name, fersure. Somehow I see that one sparking Homeland Security to tap our phones and pull our 'net logs. Chuckling, she shrugged. I'm sure I already have them watching me considering some of the forums I like to chat on... so... uhh yeah, less reason for them to make me dissapear would be nice.

Nice to meetcha Nara, I'm Redd. And uh I don't think you were interrupting.. Grey eyes looked at the male across from her for confirmation.
Addison 17 years ago
"Aha, so you're guild is much advanced from The Untouchables, the officers have just evolved to 'boobie' talk." Addison rolled his eyes. "It's no wonder that the majority of them are virgins who've never seen a woman other than their mother up close." He was being harsh, but honest. Really, if he had to spend any more time listening to boobie and penis crap on vent, he'd /gquit.

"True, tapping into conversations and trying to descipher the secret messages of the better hair care products for red heads would take up too much resources on the government's end...not that they wouldn't be prepared to waste it, it seems." The accountant tucked a lock of hair behind one ear and avoided the clerk's attempt at making eye contact. "Probably not without some sort of sponsorship. I think we could probably get free service here, but I'm not about to pay the cost of that." Addison shruddered at the thought of letting that...that...person anywhere near him on a voulentary basis.

Addison smiled at Nara and glanced back over at Redd.
"Not bothering at all, red heads need to stick together, after all. Where do you two hail from? In town visiting? Residents?"
Nara Baker 17 years ago
Nara listened with a bit of confusion. She thought they were talking about some computer game, but wasn't totally sure. She took the bit asking about her and focused on an answer. "I just moved up here from Texas. I am looking for an appartment and a job but have neither at the moment. I was hoping to find something basically to pay the bills while I research the area for a book I want to write. I might start small with a series of articles first though. There might be some money in a series of sorts with a newspaper or magazine."

She glanced at the two of them and blushed.
"Too much info there probably. You both live here obviously, what's it like? I read online here and there some references to disappearances and such weird things. Is it true?" Her curious mind wanted to know more and that more would be better found from actual people than the internet in some cases.
Redd 17 years ago
Taking a nice long sip of her chocolate sludge, Redd nodded and smiled as Nara talked. Texas huh, not too far from her own home she thought happily. The woman's questions simply had the redhead shrugging unknowingly.

Well, I moved here from New Orleans right before Katrina. I don't get out much and really don't pay too much attention to the news so I hadn't heard of any dissapearances. But.. she shrugged again, like I said I don't pay too much attention. Smiling she added, Unless it's on one of my conspiracy theory forums.

So like what are you gonna write about? Missing persons? Kinda like "Cold Cases" or what?

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Nara Baker 17 years ago
Nara nodded. "I was thinking a series of some sort looking into old cases would be a way to get my name known as a journalist and then work up to something bigger like a book." She responded then frowned. "However, I need to make contacts with some of the long time residents. The internet can only give so much in the way of personal details and real emotions from the families of the ones missing." She looked between the two and blushed. "I really am taking over the topic here. Sorry."

She glanced over toward the clerk and got a shiver at his manner of watching them as often as he could, or so it seemed. "Though there is one that I wouldn't mind to find missing. Does that guy give anyone besides me the creeps?"
Addison 16 years ago
"mmmm...not that I can think of...but I've been pretty busy with work as of late..." Addison sipped his caffinated beverage, watching and listening as the other two red heads spoke, content to do so...

When the topic slid around to Mr. PizzaFace, Addison nodded almost too enthusiastically. "He' the aura of a know...the sort that you eye and think they live in their parent's basement playing star wars galaxies, but secretly are serial killers...the Hannibal sort..."

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Nara Baker 16 years ago
Nara gave a shiver and glanced back over at the clerk again. "Oh, you think so?" She was all alone here after all and having that kind of guy giving her looks of interest really bothered her. "I suppose I ought to head out." She finished her snack and gathered the notes she had made from the computer research while they had been talking.

"Maybe we will run into each other again." She got up pulling on her jacket. "Um if he follows me, could one of you maybe alert someone? I don't want to be the next one on the disappearing person list." She gave a somewhat less than hearty chuckle as she waved and headed out.

(Nara out... np was beginning to worry that something had happened to you two. Glad you are ok.)