How do you like your eggs in the morning

A black tailored suit, white crisp looking dress shirt with the top button undone, black polished shoes, hair tied back in a low pony tail, facial hair neatly groomed, smoothening down his mustache he smiled at his reflection in the lobby mirror, yes he looked sharp as ever.

Casually strolling into the club he nodded towards the bouncer standing at the entrance, the other man gave him a small nod in return, Ilya knew he looked like a person of well being, the way he carried himself oozed confidence and allure.

Taking a seat at a table he smiled at the blond busty waitress who came over right away, bathing her eyelashes at him.

"Hi there tall dark and handsome, what can I get you?"

To say that her breasts were fitting into her uniform would be a lie, they were about to spill over the top if the woman were to bend over, now there's a thought, grinning he made a gesture for her to come closer.

"Bring me a bottle of Kapitansky vodka, the good stuff.. not that cheap American brewed poison but the real Russian type, leave the bottle and glass"

Leaning closer to her he used his charm to make her blush beet red, she reeked of cheap perfume and alcohol, not the type of woman Ilya was looking for to do anything at all with, yet she was there to serve his needs and who was he to object to that, watching her walk off with a slight bounce in her step he shook his head in amusement, letting his gaze wander around the club he spotted a few women of interest, taking out his smokes he rolled himself a cigarette, Ilya wasn't one for those pre-made filter cigarettes, instead her always rolled his own, placing the finished smoke in between his lips he took out his plated silver zippo, flipping it open he waited for the cig to catch fire, inhaling deeply he sat back as the waitress returned with his order.

"There you go sir, is there anything else of your liking"

Throwing him a flirting look she tried to be as sexy as possible, raising an eyebrow Ilya poured himself a glass, shooing the woman off he stretched his long legs out in front of him, the night was young, right now all he wanted to do was sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.