It's 5 o'clock somewhere (Very, very open)

Addison was sure he had a house somewhere...but with the time he spent at the office lately, it was becomming a faint memory. In fact, he'd been sleeping on the newest addition to his office...a sofa, for the least a couple of weeks. Showering at the gym, (something to keep his mind occupied until Jan called for him again), and eating mostly salads and take outs.

This was certainly not "the life" that most spoke of when they talked on professional careers.

With a polite smile and slight bow of the head, the red head ended the conference call he'd been engaged in with Mr. Hayashi, a head of a very lucrative company Dubine would do well to invest in. Very promising, but still in its early stages.

The accountant stood and stretched, closing the apple laptop and moving to stare out the window. The watch on his wrist stated it was 8 PM, but it felt later...maybe he just spent too much time here...losing touch with everything and ...everyone...else...


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Carol 17 years ago
It had been some time since Carol had checked up on the newbie. Hell it had been over a year. With tremendous guilt, but very cute shoes, Carol walked with supermodel flair down to Addison's office. Her layered silk and sheer dress fluttered with her movements as she reached his door and pushed it open, hoping he was there.

Carol hugged the door frame, bringing her knee up and tugged at her shoulder strap, letting it drape seductively. She was all business, Carol Hedley was.

'Addison, you busy baby?' Carol snorted happily while trying to look sexy at the same time and much to her happiness (or delusion) she pulled it off amazingly well.
Addison 17 years ago
'Addison, you busy baby?'

That didn't sound like his secretary...unless she was drunk? And wasn't she abstaining for lent, or whatever holliday she called it...lent...lint? Curious, Addison turned from the view of the city skyline and his jaw nearly fell off his face. It's unusual when the view inside the office is better than out.

"You look....lovely, Ca...Carol." Yeah, smooth. that would impress the head lady of their clan....suuure. Addison tried to pull it together, casually leaning against the bookcase right next to the window.

Well....he tried.

It seems, when faced suddenly with so much skin...pretty skin at that, his aim is a bit off. Books, files, and even that one trophy for "Worst Golfer Ever" preceeded the red head in their universal topple to the floor.

"YarK!" *Thud* Yeah, that was going to impress the image of competent CPA.....

"What can I do for you?" He said from his position on the floor, hoping that it might just swallow him up.
Carol 17 years ago
Carol did her best sex kitten impression, purring from the door frame when Addison promptly and rather ungracefully, fell to the floor. She covered her mouth and exclaimed.

'Oh shit!' She let go of the door frame and hurried over to Addison, holding her hands out to help him up. 'I came by just to say hi, see what's shakin' bacon! Here...let me help you up!'

The silky shimmer of her dress fluttered prettily at the tops of her bent knees. She made a mental note of how cool the material was - in the literal and pop culture sense. Hopefully she could get a few more in different shades. Spring was coming and her closet needed to get sprung!

Fashion..ness was next to godliness.

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Addison 17 years ago
At least she wasn't laughing at him...that was a good sign. Addison scrambled to a slightly-seated position before taking the offered hand to his feet. He swore to himself that one day, he'd be one of those cool guys...the sort to impress and not look so impressed himself at others....but judging by today's reaction to just a bare shoulder, he was a long way's off. It didn't help that he'd been harboring a slight crush on the blonde ex-fellow-familiar-family-like-person for a while. "Thank you, Carol. It has been a while, hasn't it?"

He cast an annoyed look down at th mess, and dismissed it with a wave of his hand. That could wait until later...he had a visitor not related directly to work. "How have you been? That dress is stunning, by the way..."

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Jan 17 years ago
Jan had been spending his early evening plotting practical joke entertainment in Nova's office at a time he was fairly certain she would still be asleep. Finding it hard not to whistle in good humor and feigned innocence, he quickly made his way down the hall...and saw Carol just release a door frame up ahead.

Wasn't that Addison's office or had they given it to someone new? He had not heard anything from the redhead in ages and though he assumed everything was alright, Jan was not sure things were with them. Why else would Addison leave?

He came to stand next to the entrance listening to the voices. It was definitely still Addison's office. His hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans, Jan leaned against the door frame and looked at the pair of humans inside with raised eyebrows.

"Well well look who found his way home."Â?
Carol 17 years ago
Carol beamed at Addison's compliment. 'You always like my dresses, Addison.' The red head was always so sweet and friendly; Carol wished he didn't hide himself away in his office all the time and told him so.

'There are more things in life than work and one important thing is fashion!'

Just then there was another voice behind her and she turned to see adorable Jan standing just where she had been.

'Jan darlin!' Carol grabbed Addison's arm and hugged it. 'You can't have him, he's mine right now!'

She gave the sweet vampire a wink and then reached out with her other arm, beckoning Jan closer. 'Come come, give us love!'
Addison 17 years ago
"Of course, no one else could wear clothing quite as well as you, Carol." It was the truth. She was always dressed to the nines and as she mentioned the work/life conflict that had, moments before, been at the front of his mind..he looked down at his own clothing. Standard suit for the office, albeit an expensive one, but it was hardly high fashion in his mind. Maybe he should get another one of those'd had gone over well at that one ball...depsite playing on his effeminate side.

“Well well look who found his way home.”

Addison's heart stopped for a split second. He was sure of it, but looking up verified the newest occupant of his office.

Inner Voice #1: "Oh shit, avoidance catches up with us! And I bet he knows we're avoiding him!"
Inner Voice #2: "I haven't been avoiding Jan."
Inner Voice #1: "Yes you have, you chicken shit."
Inner Voice #2: "I prefer to think of it as healthy procrastination..."
Inner Voice #1: "Chicken shit."

Addison licked his lips to wet them (when had they gone dry?), and pushed all the "I was planning on finding out where Jan was after..." thoughts out of his head and concentrated on not much.

"Hey..." He said softly.

Inner Voice #1: "Yeah, that was smooth. I'm taking over the vocals from here on out."
Inner Voice #2: "Shut up."

Carol's grasp on his arm helped to keep him from perhaps hiding under his desk. Which was odd, because he knew that Jan wasn't ...well, one of those vengeful sorts of Vampires, but he was nervous all the same. Her mock declaration of ownership made him smile, though.

'Come come, give us love!'

"Ahem." Addison had luckily seemed to reach the blushing limit of the day with that one good one just a moment ago as he didn't feel his face completely flare up with heat at the wrong sorts of thoughts on implied "love" that might be given.

"Do you want something to drink?" He asked both Carol and Jan, but his gaze was stuck on the latter. "I have...some water and soda and...stuff."

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Jan 17 years ago
Jan raised his dark eyebrows at Carol and questioned.

"Oh is he? So you're going to love him and keep him? Whatever will Simon think?"Â?

He grinned and pushed away from the door, pulling his hands out of his pockets in order to come give Carol a hug. Wrapping an arm around her waist and pressing his cheek to her shoulder, he squeezed her gently and asked.

"So how've you been? I hope Daddy has been treating you well."Â?

Jan leaned back and gave her a wink before turning his attention to his familiar. Regarding him with appraising green eyes, he replied to the greeting.

"Evening. Long time no see."Â?

He couldn't help but give a glance to the redhead's neck at the offer for something to drink. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a half grin, thinking Addison might never learn not to offer vampires drinks as a matter of politeness.

"I think I'm good for now...perhaps later."Â?
Carol 17 years ago
Carol hugged Jan happily and purred, 'Daddy's a dirty boy...but lately a little quiet. Well, more so than usual.'

She watched the two men silently interact and immediately felt out of place and very heterosexual. Waving away the offer of a drink, she jumped slightly at the ringtone of her phone. The high voice of a yummy boy singer hummed into the air, signaling a text message. Checking it quickly her smile fell as she took a step back towards the door.

'Speaking of which,' she held her phone in the air. 'Time for me to scoot. You boys behave now...ya hear?' With a wink Carol stepped out of Jan's office and made her way quickly to the elevator bay. Simon had text messaged her and asked for her presence in the Abby. Impromptu meeting with staff always meant make fucking haste and she did so.

((ooc - Carol out!))
Addison 17 years ago
"Evening. Long time no see."Â?

Addison tried to break that down into any hidden meaning like "I'm going to kill you for not keeping in touch," but it seemed like a simple greeting. He was getting worked up over nothing. And at the glance, the red head automatically flushed, mentally kicking himself for yet again acting like a complete and total uncool boob in front of Jan.

"I think I'm good for now...perhaps later."

You can't go wrong with a nod. All the cool cowboys do it in the movies. Addison managed to not look like a bobblehead as he emulated that. There, a cool move for the day's pile of uncool ones.

"You just got here..." And poof, exit carol stage right. And here he'd thought he'd get an invite for a shopping trip sometime, with the talk of fashion. No such luck. "And then there were two."

Addison flashed a smile and bent down to retrieve the files that had spilled over the floor. "Nice we've been having, ne?"
Jan 17 years ago
Jan watched as Carol bailed on them. If it were any other person he'd have suspected that she had left in order to leave the two of them alone but the blonde's social sense seemed almost non existent. She was fun though and you never knew what she would say next. He snorted at her parting statement about Simon.

"Then you'll just have to give him a bath."Â?

Had Simon been behaving differently lately? He hadn't seen his father enough to notice and would probably put off any strangeness to the new pressures of running the clan out in the open and not behind Ellis. He'd have to ask Nova if she had talked to their creator lately; perhaps she knew more than he did.

Turning his attention back to Addison, Jan smiled and shrugged slightly.

"Its getting warmer and that means less clothes and more to look at soon. That's the only real benefit to summer that I know of, off hand."Â?

Jan moved forward to stand in front of the redhead, barely brushing against him but not reaching for him. Eyeing the inviting neck for a moment, he raised his eyes to Addison's and asked pointedly.

"So, you going to tell me where you've been?"Â?
Addison 17 years ago
Addison wished he'd not just set the files aside. The nearer Jan got, the more flustered and anticipatory he ended up getting. Light blue met green, at least briefly, as he caught eye contact. "Do I have to?" Not a real question, but the accountaint paused, hoping that would be enough.

"Home...a couple of times...My mother needed some help." The red head leaned forward, capturing the scent del Jan. Damn, that did smell good. "...And then here the rest. I've not seen my room in the domicile or my a long time." Addison gestured to the office, as large as it was, around him. Home sweet home for a good long time. Addison moved forward a little again, brushing against Jan more. "You mad at me?" He licked his own lips and looked up at Jan through eyelashes.

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Jan 17 years ago
It was not as if they had figured out any sort of arrangement between them, He supposed they should do that soon. Jan listened as Addison explained; there -was- at least an explanation or an excuse. That was all that was really necessary for him, he wasn't concerned overly much with the details.

Running his hand lightly along the tie that the accountant was wearing, Jan smiled sweetly and gave a slight shrug. At least the redhead's absence was not for lack of attraction, he bit back a growl that threatened to escape as Addison brushed lightly and tantalizingly against him. Pulling harder on the tie, he used the corporate leash to drag the accountant firmly against him in one swift motion. Jan pressed his mouth firmly against Addison's for searing kiss. Lingering for a long moment, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the taste of the warm lips under his own.

Once Jan finally pulled back, he gave Addison another long look before announcing.

"I'm not sure yet."Â?

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Addison 17 years ago
Addison was pleased Jan seemed to take his explination well. Sure, he'd left out the part where his ex girlfriend tracked him down while home tending to his mother, but since they'd done nothing more than their taxes together, he saw no reason to mention it (taxes meaning taxes, not code for anything else).

"Mmmm..." Now that was a handy use for a tie...rather leash like. Addison made a sound of approval from the back of his throat as Jan planted one on him. As the other male pulled away, the accountant deftly gave the retreating lips a lick.

"I'm not sure yet."Â?

"Hmmm....what can I do to sway your mind?"
Jan 17 years ago
Jan flashed a fanged grin at the quick return lick that he received. Releasing the tie for the moment, he wrapped his hands around Addison's hips and pulled the accountant flush against him. He ran his lips lightly and slowly on the small portion of neck that was exposed above such terrible restrictive clothing, though he had to admit Addison looked damn sexy in suit. Nuzzling aside the long cool strands of red hair that lay against his companion's jawline, Jan nipped it lightly as he considered the question that was asked of him.

"Hmm, I think you need to get out of this office and buy me a drink. How about the Abby?"
Addison 17 years ago
Was it possible to get drunk before you started drinking? Addison's head swam and he felt himself grow rather warm, both effects of a good buzz. He tipped his head, allowing Jan more access to whatever wonderful things he was doing over there and tried not to break down and go into "cat in heat" humping motions, but it was feeling damn good. And had been far, far....far too long since, ok...thinking about it was causing a Jan was bound to notice, as close as they were at the moment.

"Umm...The Abby..." Addison opened his eyes and detangled his hands from Jan's shirt, where they had managed to wind in somehow. "That sounds good, although I'll admitt, I've never been there." Odd, but he'd been so busy and usuallly ended up at the cyber cafe or HoP, that he'd never step foot in the club nearest home. "Should I change first?
Jan 17 years ago
The scent of Addison was intoxicating; Jan breathed in deeply and strongly willed himself not to bite the accountant right here. "A little taste, just a small one, wouldn't hurt..." He bit his lip to curb his impulses, preferring to continue his slow teasing of the redhead. Feeling the evidence of Addison's arousal pressed close against his own made the waiting both worthwhile and more difficult.

Tilting his head back and resolutely focusing on the ceiling for a minute, Jan finally answered Addison's question.

"Suits come in there occasionally but its not exactly the normal fashion. I have some concert wear in the truck if you'd like to borrow some."

They were the same height and pretty much the same build; whatever would fit him would fit Addison. The quick change of attire here would allow them to go straight to the Abby and concentrate on putting work far behind them both. Though Jan would readily admit he enjoyed his job.

He tugged lightly at Addison's belt and grinned.

"Do I get a show?"
Addison 17 years ago
'Club wear,' Addison mulled over what that meant in his head. Had possibilities and he'd get to wear Jan's clothes, quite the statement of 'that's mine" ...a pleasant thought indeed.

The tug at his belt only served to make the CPA harder. Damn, he should really get that under control...and fast.
"Well, I can't walk to your truck naked, can I? I'll strip if you get something for me to wear..." Addison did his best to look coy as he loosened his tie and took it off, hooking it around Jan's neck instead.

(OOC: and as outfit ok? It's gothish club wear...and I loooove gackt)
Jan 17 years ago
Jan immediately retorted with the first answer to come to his mind, which probably said a lot about his inhibitions.

"Why not?"

But he grinned and agreed to the terms put before him, after all he was getting plenty from the deal as far as he was concerned. Giving Addison one last lecherous look, Jan turned and headed outside. He came back with black vinyl and a few accessories.

"Hopefully the shoes fit, otherwise..."

Jan gave a pointed look at the ones the redhead had for office work.

"I'm thinking you might have to go barefoot."

He set all the clothes on Addison's desk and then took a seat in the accountant's chair. Leaning back with a satisfied smile, he craddled his hands behind his head and waited.

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Addison 17 years ago
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Addison smiled, pleasantly surprised he'd gotten his way so quickly. Once his vampire master was out the door, presumably to get previously mentioned garments, the red head slid onto his sofa and tried thinking of every unsexy thought he could in order to will away his...ahem, problem in the pants.

Rotten Taco bell, taco bell was food which brought thoughts around to mouths and then Jan's mouth. nope...that one didn't work. AHA! Balancing accounts....nope, that was something even he could find "exciting." Oooh...the cover of that one computer game...that had been disgusting!

And tadaaa! His pants fit properly again. And just in time. Jan re-appeared as Addison stood, holding what looked like some fishnet and scraps of Vinyl in one hand and a pair of "fuck me" boots in the other. 'Damn, all that hard work gone....welcome back problem in the pants.'

Curious, the accountant toed off his own rather sensible looking shoes and slid one foot into the first available boot. With the sock it was a tight fit, but with...tights? It would work.

"Comfortable?" Blue eyes rose to take in the sight of the young looking vampire lounging in his chair. With a slight flush and sliding his laptop aside, Addison climbed up onto his desk on his knees and hummed softly, unbuttoning his shirt. It was a little unnerving to be the only one losing clothing...and silently, sans for some humming, but he eventally slipped the undone garment off and tossed it at Jan where he was seated in the chair.

The belt followed, and feeling suddenly embolded (was that a word) by the slightly entertained look on Jan's face (could be only for his benefit, true) the accountant snapped said leather strap and slid off of the desk before climbing up into Jan's lap and hanging the belt around his companion's neck. Bare now, exceptinghis pants and socks, Addison leaned down and licked Jan's lips again and scooted back to turn around and fumble with the button on his slacks.

Which were giving him attitude suddenly. A short, silent battle of wills between accountant and inanimate-object-pants ensued but with some effort, and a soft curse, the red head was victorious and the dark, pinstripe pants fell to the floor with a soft noise, revealing today was "Go Commando" day (mainly because Addison ran out of clean underwear...shhh).

Fuck! Was the air conditioner always this chilly? Bending over slightly, Addison plucked up what looked to be a pair of shorts...or a mishapen pleather dinner towel, he wasn't sure which and looked back over his shoulder at Jan with a smile.
"Don't see any underthings included here..." This from the guy who wasn't wearing any before redress...