Draethen Silverlocke (WIP)

Birth Name: Bill Meyers
Aliases: N/A
Place of Birth: Plano, Texas.
Age: Real Age: 35. Apparent Age 35.
Male/Female: Male
Current Occupation: Social Services Manager.
Past Occupation: Bouncer, Factory Worker, Fence Builder, Case Worker.

Hair Color: Dark Brown to Black.
Length and Style: Executive short front, back, and sides. Not quite a burr, but not far from it. Some grey at the temples.
Eye Color: Light Blue with yellow circles around the rim of the cornea. Yellow flecks are scattered about the blue as well.
Skin Color: Pale without the hospital pallor.
Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 280 lbs.
Nationality: Texan, cause by God there ain't nowhere else.
Race: (I.E. Vampire, human etc.): Vampire
Body Type: Red Neck.
Name of your creator (if a Pc): Smelly.

Personal Questions
1. Describe your character's personality: Bill is intelligent, impatient, analytical, and seldom looks to the past. His views are his own, and he seldom requires, or even asks for permission or aproval, for his actions. He is quick to make a joke, but often his cynicism and sarcasm put people off. Bill considers himself a student of human behavior, and holds little hope that humanity will ever "rise above" their own self imposed limitations. He hates waste, people who are not punctual, and people who are obtuse and willfully ignorant.

On the other hand, Bill also has the occassional difficulty with authority figures, and believes fervently that all nobility are simply bigger murdering bastards than those that serve them. It is not an accident of birth that makes one rise above, but actions.

2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.):
Quiet until you get to know him, then depending on the depth of the relationship, perhaps jovial and convivial. Bill is perfectly willing to keep his opinions to himself, but doesn't hesitate to give an HONEST opinion if asked, no matter the consequences.

Bill despises suits, and absolutely refuses to wear a tie. There is simply no sense in modern man wearing brightly colored strips of cloth about his neck. He dresses casually, with khakis being as close to slacks as he will come, and perhaps a shirt with an emblem on it, if it's in the closet. He is equally likely to be in tennis shoes, combat or cowboy boots, but NEVER anything with tassels...

Most people that meet Bill on the street would think he was just another middle aged guy who spends time in the gym and is probably a 9-5er that leads a fairly predictable existance.

3.What does your character like? Books. He loves books. Bill is an avid reader, and favors science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries. He has no patience for soppy romance novels or crappy writing. Mark Twain is a favorite as is Shakespear.

4. Dislike? Rampant stupidity. People who refuse to learn, snobs, people of priviledge who haven't earned it. (Think Paris Hilton.) People who are more process orientied than goal oriented, bullies, traffic, sycophants, any kind of activity that is repetitive without being interesting, like a high school tennis or hockey match...

6. What are your fears? Being in the position of having to take orders from someone who isn't intelligent, informed, and worthy. Dying in a stupid accident.

7. What are your character's strengths? Intelligent, verbal, goal oriented, considered attractive by most people, reads and assimilates information with great rapidity, intense loyalty to those that earn it, single bloody mindedness.

8. And weaknesses? Impatience, speaking his mind at the wrong time, being fixated on one thing to the exclusion of others, disrepect for authority, being loyal (At times.). Being perceived as difficult to approach. A willingness to blow up the universe to right a perceived wrong.

Hobbies and Skills:

Bill has few notable skills. He can just about manage to connect to the Internet without help. He is mechanically dyslexic, and is frequently left out of the loop on any operation that requires mechanical or electronic skills. Bill is okay with this for the most part, as he knows his limitaions.

Bill is an avid DVD collector, focusing on the odd bits of television that he does watch. Occult shows, Ghost Hunters, Is It Real, and things of that nature, along with a smattering of cartoons. Ed, Edd, & Eddie, Billy and Mandy, Cat Scratch being among his favorites. He also collects movies that catch his eye. Spiderman, Spidey 2, natch, The Fantastic Four, Rocky Horror Picture Show, all in all a very eclectic set of things to view.

Finally, Bill is unable to admit that he loves both rap and heavy metal music, and thought that heaven was attainable when the two milieus mixed in the 80s with RUN DMC and Aerosmith...



Cosmetic Traits:
N/A. Bill is pretty much a, "take me as I am" kind of person.

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention:
Bill drinks and smokes on occassion. He wears a large three carat or so black diamond ring on his right ring finger and a lion's head ring with black diamonds in the eyes and mouth on his right pinky. Additionally, he wears a one carat black diamond solitare in his left ear.

All were a gift from his mother, and as such bear great sentimental value

Personal History (Please be detailed, this creates your basis for your character)

Bill was born, an only child, to a middle class family and lived a fairly unremarkable life for the majority of his years. He worked his way through college at a number of odd jobs during summers and odd evenings.

His parents helped where they could and between the three of them, Bill managed to graduate from college with a B.A. in Psychology. He went to work for a notable non-profit center, and spent the last 12 years working his way up to a managerial position.

He is now the program manager for a day hab site for adults with mental retardation.

Bill was neither a stand out, nor a wall flower in high school or college. He was simply a middle of the road kid, with middle of the road grades and friends. He was bright, but not a genius. Well liked but not most popular. Had friends, but shunned the spot light.

Overall, he was shaping up pretty well to be a CPA, except he hated math...

Odd Questions(To help define your character)
1. A stranger at a bar offers your character a drink, what is a typical response? "No thank you, I have one already."

2. Your character finds a lost child alone on the streets. What do they do?
Depends on the situation and age of the child. A very young child would be assisted in finding an older sibling or parent, or an authority. Older children might be allowed to use a cell phone to call someone to pick them up.

3. A barfight erupts in the nightclub your character is in, what do they do? As long as my person remains inviolate, nothing. If I am touched, I stop it. The hard way if necessary.

4.What animal does your character most identify with? The symbolic male lion.

OOC Checklist

Player name (online is fine) - Draethen Silverlocke
Other Characters you play - N/A
How you came to SA (Other board, friend, etc) - Referred by other player from TAC.
Have you read all the Rules? I hope so.
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Draethen Silverlocke 16 years ago
Bill was turned by a renegade vampire he knew only as Smelly the Diaper Pail. Bill had little or no information about his creator.

Of course, unknown to him, Smelly the Diaper Pail was in actuality, Dr. Dirk Vandertot, a relatively new vampire who had been a virologist before he was turned. Dirk hated being a vampire and he fought his impulses at every turn, but eventually his will was suborned by the ravening thirst, and in a fit of rage he attacked and nearly killed one of his own family.

Struggling with his new identity, and with the shameful fact that he had let it get the better of him, he spent all of his money and time working on a cure.

Unfortunately, Dirk grew more and more despondent and his work grew ever more sloppy and unsafe. Of course, this didn't stop him from trying his final solution on his self.

As fate would have it, the solution affected the myelin sheaths and other areas of the brain causing him to lose his memory, his mind, and his remaining hopes.

Living in a world of flickering images, unrecognizable faces, and a hunger he didn't truly understand, Dirk bounced around from town to town, and stumbled upon Bill one night outside a local Barnes & Nobles.

The thirst took over and the rest is history.