Assassin's Tango

Simon quietly ascended the steps to the top floor of the ARCH. It had been some time since he had been in the facility and was curious to see what theme it was carrying. Not an overt art lover, Simon still relished the quiet murmur and relaxed surroundings.

He tugged at his jacket sleeve as he entered the top floor's exhibition which appeared to be Egyptian themed this week. The square footage of the top landing covered at least four thousand feet; the walls were lined with sarcophagi and the lighting, although dimly lit, spot lighted each coffin. Nine feet high wall dividers separated each sarcophagus, each with an above plaque with an inscribed description of each long dead Pharaoh.

Simon stood in front of the first sarcophagus, his grey turtleneck and matching dark grey jacket blended handsomely with his trousers. His good looks were not lost upon the women on the Arch top floor, but he quietly ignored his surroundings and continued with his stoic viewing of the dead kings. It was the tickle at the back of his mind that triggered next the alarm in his head, but it was probably the small hand that touched the small of his back that tipped him off.

Ellis Duban 14 years ago
'Oh, outside your control?' She shrugged prettily. 'Well, my that does explain everything. You had no control over the situation or was it that you were too busy playing hide the pickle with Carol?'

If earlier wasn't a good time, this was most assuredly not either, but Ellis didn't care at this point. At the very least the clan had their throats on the line making a profit, furthering its fortune but with Simon at the helm, he managed to lose his grip on Duibne, the CEO and his grandson, schtupp the secretary while letting the clan slip through his fingers.

'Oh yeah, Simon. Good job.'
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Simon began to talk over her when she brought up Carol. Immediately losing his grip on the last vestage of dignity, he began to raise his voice.

'Don't bring her into this, Ellis. Don't you fucking dare. You gave two shits about the clan, me, or anyone else so this act of playing the stunned expatriate isn't going to get you a date for the Oscars. Don't give me this bullshit, not here...not now.'
Ellis Duban 14 years ago
Ellis turned and made her way down the spiral staircase as Simon finished his threat. She pulled the strap on her trench coat and threw her hand over her shoulder. His angry footsteps fell in behind her and he grabbed her arm, pulling her back to look at him.

Ellis was tired of the man handling and finally decided to do something about it. As Simon whipped her back around, she let her opposite fist fly, punching him dead in the face. This of course only further worsen the situation as they stood precariously on the spiral staircase.
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
'Goddamnit,' Simon muttered as he followed Ellis down the steps. He was tired of losing the upper hand in the conversation and finally lost his patience, whatever was left, with her.

The clickety clack of her heels resonated off the eggshell walls with white crown molding. Simon reached out and grabbed her right arm, savagely pulling her back to face him - only this time her left hand came up quicker than he realized and Ellis punched him square in the mouth. The momentum pushed him back, richocheting him off the wall. His hand went to his mouth and it drew back blood. Immediately the blood lust in him went into overdrive and he imagined hers was beginning to as well.

He had had it. Simon grabbed her hand and pulled her down the rest of the steps with him and patrons on the way up backed out of the way. He began taking two steps at a time, no doubt tripping her on the way down but he didn't care. When they reached the next landing she tugged hard on his arm but he pulled her back, forcing her off balance and he dragged her onto the third floor landing.

Finding a door he pushed it in, breaking the lock and hurled her into it. The second he closed the door behind him, Ellis was on him like a wild cat. Quietly they struggled, punching and shoving each other, both trying to assume dominance once gained and lost. Anyone listening on the other side would assume that a couple had felt rambunctious and had wanted to find a place to cuddle but the hard right hook he sustained from Ellis would prove otherwise.

'Stop...god damn it!'
Ellis Duban 14 years ago
'Simon...these are PRADA!'

Ellis stumbled down the steps behind him, her heels ruined by the man handling she was enduring. Did she expect him just to take it? The unnecessary roughness was not nearly his style so his angry disposition was all new to her. She wanted him to fucking snap out of it and she did not hold back when he pushed her into the stock room on the third floor.

Any other time she would've gladly just gotten down to business and fucked like animals but punching Simon had split his lip and the smell of blood permeated the air. Hot scorching sex aside, she was fucking pissed. Ellis came at him again, shoving him against the door and swinging her elbow in hopes of connecting with his face. He grabbed it and shoved her back but she managed to get a good grip on his jacket and took him with her. They spilled onto the ground in the small room as they put up quite the quiet ruckus.

'You want me to stop? God you fucker,' Ellis pulled him up and again she came at him with a flurry of punches which he dodged to the side. Her fist went through the wall and he grabbed her arms, pushing her up against the wall, putting her into a choke hold.

She struggled for air as she ripped at his jacket, breaking a nail further putting her in quite the unpleasant mood. She pumped an elbow into his stomach and pulled her head out of his grasp. Moving away from him, as far as she could in the small stock room, they were both bent at the waist, gasping for air.

'For fuck...sakes,' she said in between breaths. 'Are we going to do this every time we meet?'
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Simon gasped for air after the well placed elbow into his solar plexus. He could feel the cuts on his face slowly healing but the blood in the air was making him dizzy. Fighting in small quarters just wasn't as fun as it used to be.

He backed up against the wall and slid down to the ground. He waved her off as he tried to catch his breath.
'You know, probably. I have a lot of pent up frustration with you and you just make it so easy.'

With a chuckle, he smiled at her. Simon was done fighting for the evening.
Ellis Duban 14 years ago
Ellis cleared her throat and returned his smile with a cautious one. 'Well, I'm not sure if I like you this way. You fucking hit hard.' Looking down she sighed as she spied the broken strap of her shoe. Defeated she reached back with her hand and undid both shoes, flinging one at Simon which he easily dodged.

'You owe me new shoes.' Leaning back against the wall she caught her breath. 'But seriously...what are you going to do about Marthinus?' Simon looked down at the ground and then shrugged. 'Is, bound to them or something? I don't get what happened, is he their prisoner or whatever?'
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Simon's mouth felt dry as he held the blood lust at bay. Swallowing he propped his knees up and rested his arms on them.

'From what I can gather, he chose it. Jacob had given him Eternity right before the raid. I'm guessing he pushed the rejuvenation to the limit because apparently he was shot in Johannesburg. I can only surmise that it was a death bed choice. I know he wouldn't want to use Eternity again, not with those side effects.'

Ellis nodded slowly; he could see her formulating a plan. 'Don't even think about it. You don't have a clan backing whatever plan you have going on in that head of yours. We know nothing about them or their numbers. It would be stupid to try anything now.'
Ellis Duban 14 years ago
Simon read her mind. She was already thinking of a plan to get Marthinus out but he was right. They knew nothing about them and even less about what Marthinus must be going through. 'Personally I think the side effects thing is bullshit. I mean,' Ellis snapped her fingers trying to recall the name, 'what was the thing Nova was working on in Nevada? The uh...starstream, star...bling?'
Simon Huntington 14 years ago
Simon laughed softly. 'Starburst. Yeah, but it wasn't like he had time to decide. He was pretty torn up when I saw him.'

Standing slowly, Simon straightened his clothes but kept his distance from Ellis. He walked to the door and peeked out it; not seeing security or any museum patrons hanging outside ready to arrest them, he considered what he would have to say next. As much as he didn't think it was a good idea, he did owe her.

'I'm going to be calling the clan together to discuss the situation with you.' He paused with his hand on the door knob. 'They have no idea you're back but even if they did, you'd be kill on sight with what came out after the raid. Whatever you're going to do about that, I suggest you do it.'

Simon's voice tapered off as he suggested she get her story straight. Was he giving her the chance to lie again? Probably, but not because he owed her that. It was more so because he knew she'd do it anyway.

'If you want there. Well I'm sure you'll let me know.' Simon opened the door and peeked out the small sliver of space. He gave her a final look and quietly eased himself out the door, closing it behind him.

((simon out))
Ellis Duban 14 years ago
Ellis listened quietly to Simon discuss her future. Boy that was a position she never thought she'd be in but then he was always there keeping her ass out of a sling. She supposed she never thanked him for that.

Yeah, she thought, she'd get right on that.

Ellis crossed her arms as Simon slowly finished his speech and exited quietly out the stockroom door. She would consider her options, limited though they were. It had been over a year since she had been in the Domicile. Maybe she could get some of her clothes. She snorted at the thought, it was like moving out of a lover's place, taking what you can with your one visit. How weird would that be for the clan, seeing their mistress as a clanless vampire they used to hunt for profit? She welcomed any threat; it at least kept her days interesting.

And what of Simon now? Their meetings all had similiar themes - punch me, punch you. What was she fighting him for? Actually, why was she bothering to stick around Nachton in the first place? Oh right, revenge. Yeah, there was that. Ellis considered her feelings for Simon - was there anything there, had there ever been? She felt ashamed suddenly for thinking the latter. She knew better than to question what brought them together.

Thinking of Carol with Simon now hurt deeply, beyond jealously but a physical pain that was coupled with loss. Unconsciously Ellis tucked a stray hair behind her ear and her hand froze there. Yeah, she knew better.

Picking up her shoes, she sighed as she opened the door and flicked off the light. Exiting, stage left.