Job searching (open)

After getting all settled in at a nearby midpriced motel, Nara had spent awhile reading over the want ads and making some calls. There were several that were interested and wanted her to come in for an interview, however not many of those were full time work. She had given up on finding anything interesting on the tv and decided to do some more pointed work on finding out about this city. She had come here having seen several news stories and vague references to mysterious disappearances and unexplained events here. But in reality, she hadn't much real hard evidence or knowledge to work from for the story she wanted to write, which was a history of the town.

For that she needed more information, thus a quick flick through the yellow pages and bingo, a cyber cafe just a few blocks away. She entered still wearing the blue half shirt tied over the darker blue halter which showed her belly button, and jeans. She paid the fellow for a couple of hours and a snack before sitting down with her pad and pen.

Suki Langston 15 years ago
Suki bounced into the shop, dressed in her college clothes. Pink bondage pants with a fat black pinstripe and black straps running from the back waistband to the knees and another from the knees to the ankles paired with a black sweatshirt with a pink skull on the front left side and crossbones on the back right side. Her combat boots made clunky sounds as she tromped in digging through her couriers bag. She loved it even though it was now a dingy silver, she bought it through the Human Rights campaign on campus and it had a peace sign, a heart and an equality sign on the flap.

"Hey Ralphie, is Marnie working?" She asked the attendant with a hand flipping the fat braid over her shoulder. Of course that movement sent the dozen little ones back into her face but she left them there. Nothing like pretending to have tentacles with your hair to brighten your day. Today she only had the tiny sized ones near her face with the bulk of her hair in one braid down her back. Perhaps when she sat down she could find a clip in her bag to hold them out of her eyes.

At the mumbled reply from Ralphie, Suki rolled her eyes and made her way to her study group's regular table. Noticing a very under dressed girl at a computer close by she smiled and waved.

"Hi there! Will it bother you if a study group sits here? We can get a little loud but it only lasts an hour."

She hoped the girl had a coat on the back of that chair. The weather in Nachton was getting better but still, there was rain in the forecast.
Nara Baker 15 years ago
Nara looked around at the one that had come in, then back at the computer monitor. Just as she was about to take a sip of the coffee, the young woman in the strange (at least to Nara) outfit asked her a question. Lowering the steaming cup, Nara turned back and shook her head.

"No, no problems. Not really doing anything major." She responded. "What are you studying?" She asked out of friendly curiousity, as she shivered a bit. This place was definitely not southwest Texas. It was already spring there. Bluebells and all.

She had not really come prepared for this knid of weather, her light windbreaker wasn't going to work here. She had hung it over the back of the chair when she sat down. She made up her mind that her first paycheck would be used for a thicker jacket.
Suki Langston 15 years ago
"Thank you." Suki said as she organized chairs and got her books from her bag.

"Its a pretty small study group for our Managerial Accounting class. We can get into some heated debates so the library wasn't a good idea, but we need to independently verify facts so the computers were needed. Hence we take over a table here, suck down coffee and muffins once a week."

Suki knew she was rambling on but figured the young woman could ignore her if it was too much information. The class had just ended but she was the only one without a class just after, so her job was to secure their table. So far their little study group had been quite good and was being copied by other classes now. Ralphie complained but she doubted the increased sales would be turned away. Finally her hand landed on a clip that was large enough to contain her braids and she triumphantly pulled it from the black depths of her bag. Pulling the tiny braids back and clipping them all together solved her hair in the face problem for now and she smiled at the red head.

"I am going to go out on a limb and say you are not here to take advantage of their gaming computers, are you?"
Nara Baker 15 years ago
Nara listened with interest. She might look into taking some college classes once she got situated. It would help her with her goal of writing a book to have more of an education beyond high school. She shook her head.

"No, no time for games. I am multitasking, actually. I am looking for a job and reseaching this town to maybe write a book about it someday."

She took a sip of her coffee, and glanced around the place casually.
"Though the job is a bit more important in the realm of reality right now. I just got in and found a motel to stay at, but don't have the funding to go that route for very long." She explained.
Suki Langston 15 years ago
Listening to the other woman talk about her plan and goals reminded Suki of her first few weeks in Nachton. Absently she toyed with the three #2 pencils she had set out by her notepad and book. Soon she had fussed enough that two were actually containing her mini braids in a bun of woven loops. But it freed the clip so she played with that, clipping it onto her fingers and taking it off again.

"There is a lovely Coffee shop just a few blocks up hiring, talk to Gene though, because Marcy is a bitch. Jasmine's is hiring actually, if you like lingerie. And if your interested in working as a barmaid I heard from a friend that Flannigan's is hiring. Office jobs are not quite in my scope of listening though, but I do know that Sherlock Construction is looking for a receptionist. I don't know much about them though."

Belatedly Suki realized that she was ticking positions off on one hand with her other hand that had her index and middle fingers clipped together. Giggling to cover the minor embarrassment she removed the clip and attached it to her bag.

"None of those are in the paper yet, either. That help any?"
Nara Baker 15 years ago
Nara wrote down the names on her pad of paper with her pen quickly and then smiled as she looked back up. "Yeah, that is great. I will have to visit with them. Though I prefer not to work at a bar. I don't deal well with drunks." She admitted sheepishly. Then she giggled, "Working at a lingerie shop could be interesting. Watching guys come to buy their girl something 'special'."

She tapped the paper and then asked,
"Would you happen to know of some reasonable furnished apartments or efficency suits? I can't afford it yet but its probably a good idea to know where to look when I do get a steady paycheck coming in."
Suki Langston 15 years ago
Suki was happy the girl did not mind taking advice, it made her feel good about recommending family type places. At the mention of 'working in a bar' Suki quickly sat up straighter and blinked a bit.

"It's a family place. More like a pub really. With food, good atmosphere and a close knit staff."

Since starting classes she had made a great many friends, from many situations. Most people she did not tell that she had waitressed at the House of Pain for almost a year. First off, most college freshmen did not have a clue the bar existed and secondly they probably wouldn't understand anyways. Vaguely she pondered if this young lady would find Jasmine's acceptable with their 'toy' room products for sale.

Apartments were not something Suki had looked into at all, but her classmates discussed it at great lengths. Apparently the dorms were worse than a dungeon.

"Now, I do not have actual experience nor do I know the managers, but my classmates have talked about their best picks on where to live. Most are near the college and I would recommend them over anything in the industrial district even if its cheap, not the best neighborhood."

Thinking for a moment, Suki pursed her lips and laid a finger across them, her eyes squinted into the distance.

"Most people agree that Jessum Condos are the best, though they normally have roommates, but you could look for that too. Mayfair Arms is a rather austere apartment complex, but they are clean, cheap and drug free. Thats the best of sharing and single, but some people have talked up University Place for having moderately priced apartments from studios to two beds. Perks are the community pool, downside is the overwhelming number of potheads."

Shrugging apologetically she hoped that gave the new resident some ideas.
Nara Baker 15 years ago
Nara nodded again making copious notes on her notepad. She responded to the comment about the bar as she wrote. "I haven't had very many good experiences with those that drink too much. Just a personal preference but if nothing else is found, I could try there without too much trouble if it is a decent place that watches out for the employees."

Looking up with a smile, she tapped the paper with her pen.
"This is a great start. I do appreciate it. I don't mind the motel thing, but it is expensive and I miss having a place to call my own, ya know?" She shrugged thinking of the home that had to be sold back in Texas. "Maybe one day I will take some classes too, but right now food, shelter, and a job are the main focuses."
Suki Langston 15 years ago
Suki shrugged slightly. Drunks were just people that were easier to defeat if they pestered you. Her head cocked to the side as the young woman stated the requirements of the bar. It took her a moment to realize that of course someone this new to Nachton was unaware of the type of place she was describing. Wanting to smack herself she tried to clear it up with a quick explanation.

"Flannigan's is family owned and run. Except they have four college age kids all attending college. When the youngest started graduate school and two went to culinary school in New York, they found themselves short staffed. I know cus Mary, the last remaining one in town, is in my Business Management class and is pulling double shifts and school. They treat even customers like family."

Once she finished the long explanation she could have planted another smack on her head. Here they were chatting away and she had yet to introduce herself. Doh!

"I'm Suki by the way. Its a pleasure to meet you and good luck with the search." She said while holding out her hand.
Nara Baker 15 years ago
Nara gave a more interested look at the description of the place. She nodded. "That sounds like a nice place. Most bars back where I grew up were honky tonks where there was at least one fight a night and a mess to clean up before quitting time was standard oporating procedure." She chuckled.

Taking the other young woman's hand, she shook it firmly but not too tight before releasing it. "I'm Nara Baker, newly from Uvalde, Texas. As if the Texas accent didn't show already." She chuckled.

"I actually like the sound of that place. Do you think you might introduce me to the owners some time?" She asked tilting her head slightly to the side inquisitively.

"I have a resume, and letters of recommendation from my other job and my high school. I haven't done much since high school except work, but it should be enough to show my work ethic and the like."
Suki Langston 15 years ago
Shaking her head at the sound of those 'Honky Tonks' Suki realized where she had been coming from earlier.

"Well, you are pretty far from Texas but I am sure somewhere there is a bar like that in Nachton. Though I would not recommend working there." Suki said after their introduction to each other.

While she normally would not introduce an almost perfect stranger to her friends, this girl seemed ok. In a moment of rummaging through her bag she pulled out her wallet and extracted her card. It was a silvery purple shade with raised black letters. It read her name, title, two phone numbers and an email address. Absent on the card was any company listing or the name of her employer. Offering it to Nara she promised to make the introduction.

"Sure thing, though it may have to be a bit later today because of the study group. Or tomorrow if you don't mind."
Nara Baker 15 years ago
Nara nodded taking the card. "No problem, I need to explore a bit anyway and I should go ahead and get a coat." She indicated her windbreaker. "It just isn't the best for this weather. I don't actually remember ever owning a real coat to tell the truth. Jackets work fine most of the time back in Uvalde." She chuckled taking another drink of the coffee.
Suki Langston 15 years ago
"A good coat is very important! We may even get more snow this year. There is a very cool second hand store off the Strip, on Birmingham Avenue, if your budget is really tight."

Spying her study group enter en masse she smiled and wrapped up the conversation. "Give me a call anytime and we can get together. If you get voice mail just leave a message, I am probably in class."

The small crowd came to the table and started settling in. One of the guys plopped a very large paper cup in front of Suki. Taking a sip of the blue slushie she groaned happily before they began reviewing their last class and prepwork for the next. They worked for over an hour before packing it in and heading towards different directions.

((Suki out pending response. Welcome to Nachton Nara.))
Nara Baker 15 years ago
"Thanks. I think I will eat less and buy a coat now." She chuckled. "Thanks again." Nara turned her attention back to the research at her own station as the others came in. After awhile she got up put on her windbreaker, and gathered her stuff. Waving briefly at Suki, she headed out.

(Nara out)