A butcher or a Baker, or a candlestick maker? (open)

Nara stood up when the bus stopped and climbed out to the isle. Her mind was alert with what she needed to do as she reached up into the rack above the seat and grabbed her bag. Waiting in line, she leaned down to peer out the windows of the bus to see her new place of residence. Biting the corner of her bottom lip, she filed out with the rest and proceded to the next line to get her suitcases.

Once she had her gear, she found a table with fliers about various things to see, places to eat, and places to stay. She gathered a few of the latter and found a payphone to start checking out the prices. Her eyes always on the people around her as the excitement of being about to start a new life sank in. She made a note of the prices and locations as she made her way through the fliers.

After making a star by the midpriced selection, she grabbed her bags and moved outside to see about finding a cab. She glanced to the left and with a moment's thought bought a local paper to check out the want ads for a job later on to get her by until she could convince the editors that she was worth hiring as a journalist.

She hailed the next cab and gave the driver the name of the motel, as he helped her put her two suitcases into the trunk. He took his time enjoying the view of the young red head that was to be his fare. The young woman looked to be in her early twenties, though with the blue half top tied to show her belly button and the deeper blue halter beneath, she was in great shape and might be younger. Nara got in and watched out the window as he manuevred out into traffic.