The smell of fresh painted walls (( attn. Panos ))

The smell of freshly painted walls hung in the air as Alexandra walked through her new apartment, workmen were laying the final touches around the place, there was a brand new kitchen installed with a black grinate countertop, the cupboards were a rich red to match the chinese red walls in the livingroom, dark wooden floor boards stretched through out the whole aparment decorated with plush rugs in the sitting area.

The bedroom was decorated in the same red tints matched with black and dark colonial furniture, a heave four poster bed stood in the center of the room dressed with black silken sheets, the bathroom was turned into a true spa complete with a bubblebath big enough to fit 6 adults (or two wild sexing vampires), the tile work was done in a matte black decorated with red touches and white lillies in crystal vases.

To say the aparement breathed luxury and class would be an understatement, evyething matched as every room in the house had a touch of black and red, Alex's 2 favourite colours.

Waving to the 2 last workmen as they left the aparment Alex took a seat on her black leather couch, pulling her legs under her she slid her black cellphone open, dailing Panos' number she waited for him to answer, when he didn't she left a message with the answering service for him to call her back asap.

Looking around the apartment she smiled contently, the thick black curtains blocked out the harmful sunlight and to be extra safe she had the windows coated with an UV blocking film, heading into the kitchen she pulled out a bag of O positive, pouring it into a mug she heated it to a comfy 37 celsius, opening the microwave she drank down it's content, she didn't feel like going out to hunt tonight, hoping that Panos would contact her she put on some relaxing music and lay down on the couch, she would have to get into action soon, she still hadn't told Simon about her leaving Tacharan, something she wasn't really looking forward to... but it had to be done, she had to move on.

Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
He walked down the sidewalk and kicked at the slush puddles. He was taking a chance by randomly stalking Alexandra's new place hoping he'd catch her home. Stopping by Tacharan was out of the question and so was leaving a note for her there. That was the problem with storing numbers to speed dial in your phone. You never had the need to actually remember the digits, you just pulled up their name and Walah! You could be connected to them. Having his phone missing was irritating.

When he got closer to the place he noticed the windows were now much dark then they ever had been. Had she finally moved in?! He picked up his pace and closed the short gap with the quickness. He practically bounded up the stairs to the door. Silently he thanked this evenings earlier dinner for the use of their clothing. He was tired of wearing the bloodied black outfit. Stiff and itchy wasnt a good combo.

He paused momentarily before he finally knocked hoping she'd be there to answer.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Working out in her newly installed fitness room Alex was doing a series of kicks and punches against a kick box bag, her hands and feet were bandaged up, wearing a pair of shorts and a tight black tank she stopped her motions in mid air as there was a knock on the door, picking up a towel she wiped the sweat of her brow before heading to the door.

Opening it she was greeted by the one person she hadn't seen in months, grabbing hold of his shirt she pulled him inside without saying a word, closing the door with her foot she smirked at him, pushing him up against the wall next to the door she kissed him soundly, breaking the kiss she looked him over.

"Hi there"
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
He was looking at the doorjam when the door suddenly opened and he was pulled inside without a moments notice. Alexandra planted a kiss on him that was deep and he reciprocated it back.

She had a way to remind him everything he missed about her without even speaking, and he damn liked it.

"Hi there."She said pulling away from him.

Well at least she wasn't angry with him for their loss of communication. He wanted to snatch her back up into another heated kiss be he didn't. He also wondered about telling her what had happen or if he should just keep it a secret. He was in fact planning on hunting this woman down and he didn't want Alexandra to pull a Fallon on him. He doubted she would but it was possible. He didn't want to hide things from her but he also didn't want to be told to cease and desist.

He brushed a sweaty strand of hair off her face and behind her ear.

I'm sorry I haven't called, lately i've been swinging by here hoping to catch you. My phones gone, it went missing, and I didn't know whatelse to do to find you.

It was then he realized that the condo had been repainted and redocrated. The smell of new paint still lingered in the air. So perhpas he hadn't swung by as often as he had thought.

How have you been? Everythings look great in here so far, does that mean your out of Tacharan now? Did you speak to Simon? Are you ok?

This stream of worried question came out before he had a chance to gather his thoughts. This was so not the cool composure he was used to portraying. He sounded like a lovesick puppy or even a over protective stalker.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Smirking she looked at his surprised face a bit flustered from the kiss they just shared, running the tips of her fingers along his jaw as she brushed a few strands of hair out of his face.

"I was wondering where you had disappeared off to and i've been around, you know me i'm always upto something"

Taking him by the hand she led him towards the livingroom, pushing him down on the couch she took a seat next to him, her arms resting on her knees as she studied him for a moment, something was different about him but she couldn't quite put her finger on it, laughing softly at his rambling she shook her head.

"I've been good and no I haven't left Tacharan yet.. things kept me away from that place, I've been busy decorating this place, getting my furniture out of storage and buying some new things, you know what i'll give you a tour in a moment let me take a quick shower and change I'm all sweaty"

Standing up she leaned him to give him a soft peck on the cheeck.

"There's fresh O positive in the fridge if you're hungry, should be some chilled white wine there as well and red is in the winecabinet over there if you feel like something else.. you might be lucky and find a beer or two"

Starting to unwinde her hands she walked towards the bathroom throwing the windings in the trash as she walked along, undressing and taking a shower she quickly washed her body and hair, dressing in a pair of silk black pj pants and a matching black cami, brushing a hair she let it hang loose to dry before returning to the livingroom.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
She was calm and normal and it eased his anxiety. He was glad she had just been busy with life and not busy fending for it.

When she stepped off to the shower he was troubled again. With a sigh he went to her fridge to look for the ellusive beer she spoke of. She was right and he was lucky to find one in the mess of a fridge. It was stocked to the nines and he hope she wasnt organized about it, he had done some moving around of items.

He opened the beer and sat back on the couch, a little of the anixety crept back in as he prepaired himself to tell his crazy adventure story.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
She entered the livingroom with hair still wet. He waited for her to sit down so he took another sip of the beer.

Why was he so nervous? This felt silly.

So something happened over the past little bit and i feel like I should tell you. Just so like later when someones like "next time i will leave the bullet in your head" your not caught unaware of the situation.

He ran his hand through his hair.

On a nice little uneventful evening, i was trolling through the park looking for a snack and when I thought I found one it decided to pull a tiny ass little gun out of no where and shoot me in the fucking eye. Said snack got away and I found it very hard to heal with tiny bullet hanging out inside of me. Somehow I ended up calling Fallon, I dont really remember, alot of that part is a blur. She came and got me, I should say they came and got me, fucktard Cyrus was with her. They got it out of me and after being locked up in a room tighter than Fort Knox over night, surprisingly they let me go. Let me tell you, I was not sure if I was going to ever get out. A little to vulenerable for my tastes.

He had left out the part about being dropped off at the park to hunt down the little snack. Oh and killing the stripper and assualting Mr. McFatty pants.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Taking a seat next to him she turned her body so she was facing him, absently playing with a lock of her hair while listening to him talk about all that had happend to him over the past weeks, she remembered the night when he had called her asking for her to come to the park and help him out, she had gone there but couldn't find him.. so he had called Fallon.. interesting choice of people to call, frowning a bit she got up to get some wine from the fridge, getting a crystal wine glass out of the over top cabinet she returned to him.

Opening the bottle she poured herself a glass, holding her glass up to him in a toasting gesture she took a sip, enjoying the rich taste for a moment she let his words sink in.

"So other then being manhandled by Cyrus and Fallon and getting shot in the eye you're alright, what happend to you staying at your aunts place?"

Twiriling the stem of the wineglass in between her fingers she crooked head to the side, she wasn't sure how to react to the whole Fallon and Cyrus thing, when they had met at the museum they looked like decent enough people but looks ment nothing, she of all people knew that all too well.

"You can stay here if you want to, you know that.. all I ask off you is that you stay away from those two, i can imagen you don't want to run in to them any time soon but I don't want it to be public knowledge i'm the owner of this place, I have my reputation to worry about, i'm sure you can understand that"

Taking another sip of her wine she sat back.

"Go take a shower, there are clean clothes that should fit you in the bedroom next to it, i bought some clothes your size incase you would be staying here, i'm sure you can find something you'd like, also Panos.. you know how i feel about you, but don't screw me over or i will kill you, est ce clairement?"

She cared for him, she wanted him in her bed that was clear but she also know that he had done enough to cause her trouble and that was something she didn't need right now, as much as she wanted him to be with her and her alone she knew he wasn't telling her the whole story, he probably never would and that was fine, she didn't tell him everything either.

(( ooc. Alex has a little trust iseu here ))
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Her words hit him like a bad aftertaste. They came out and were spoken but then it took a few seconds to really sink in.

At first his ears filled with the clean white static that turned into the rushing of the oceans waves. He stared at the floor in front of him his face emotionless while a hundred different things flew through his mind. His right arm was numb as he slowly cracked each finger with his thumb, trying to revive the feeling.

She was like everyone else. He was a manace to have around to her. That's what they all thought, thats what everyone had always thought. His brothers were the first, they hated him being around. He always caused to many problems, gave them too many headaches. It was because of them that he was the way he was now. He wouldn't still be alive feeding off others if they hadn't thrown him away and left him for dead. He wouldnt be what he is now. He wouldnt be a vampire.

Now she felt the same way.

'This is why you never let your guard down. You learned this lesson long ago and now today, you get to learn it again.' His inner voice barked. 'Your a fool if you think anyone will ever feel any differently towards you. You are posion. Corrupt, evil, bad, no good. You deserve nothing more.'

His head was stuffed with a million different emotions and thoughts. So many he could hardly sort them out. Instead he stood and his eyes clouded over.

I do stay at my aunts place. I have to go.

He placed the beer down on a table and started for the door, still completely stunned. He wasn't completely sure how to react at the moment. Rage, hurt, sadness, anger at himself, all these immediate feelinsg could of been avoided if he had never felt the need for once in his life to be honest. There was a reason he used people and threw them away like trash. This was it.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Blinking as he placed his beer on the table and made his way to the door she followed him quietly, if he wanted to leave her then so be it.. but she didn't think that was what he really wanted.. sometimes he could act like such a teenager.

"Tell me Panos, what am I to you? am I just a woman you fuck now and then? or is there something more?"

Pressing herself up against his back as she stood facing the door she wrapped her arms around his waist while pushing her whole length up agaisnt his backside.

"I want to be very clear here, I like you.. I like you alot, but that doesn't mean I don't put myself first, I have to do that it's the only way to survive and you know that as well as I do"

Sighing softly she pressed a gentle kiss to the side of his neck, her fingers making soothing circles on his abdomen, she didn't want him to leave but she had to set an example here, they were vampires, not simple humans, it was about survivle in their world, kill or be killed simple as that, in over 500 years she had learned that the hard way, hell her provesion was to kill and she did it well, her voice dropped down to a husky whisper.

"Stay with me Panos, you know you want to stay with me, you know I want you baby, I want you with me, doesn't that mean anything to you?"
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Was she testing him? He stood still as she whispered in his ear.

Is this a trap? His voice was low when he spoke. Turning around he faced her, a sad expression on his face.

I've spent thousands of years behind a wall so high and so thick that I've given up caring for anyone other than myself. I've locked everyone out and have been happy with that lifestyle for years. Until you. Never have I let myself feel this way about anyone. Now I remember why. I've never asked you to put me first but it's apparent what you really think of me.

His angered was fueled by the hurt that he felt. Did she really have such little faith him?

Do you honestly think I'd bring danger to your door? That I would screw you over and purposely go out of my way to hurt you? You think that lowly of me? If that's the case then the answer to your question is no. That you want me here means nothing.

He felt like she was blowing him off. SHe had asked if she was just some woman he fucked now and again yet that was how she was currently treating him. Hadn't he told her before that she was more than just some throw a way girl? He hated this feeling.
Alexandra 17 years ago
She could feel the anger rising inside of her but it didn't show on the outside, his words hurt her, but then she had just hurt him pretty badly without realizing she was doing it, GOD she could be so blunt, acting purely on her defence meganism to protect herself at any cause.

"I don't think that lowly of you, I.. please come back to the livingroom, don't leave like this"

Giving him a pleading look she locked her eyes with his, she had to come clean with him had to show him what she felt and that was the hardest thng she ever had to do, sighing she rubbed a hand across her eyes.

"When I left France I didn't just leave it to get away from the family I was part of, I left it because of the sheer fact of breaking free, of letting go and starting anew, I once believed I was in love, I loved him with everything I was and he betrayed me over and over again.. I locked my heart away after that, I promised myself I would never get hurt like that ever again.. and then you came along"

She could feel the tears well up at the memory of Michel, the hurt was still there, she no longer loved him, she had gotten over him but she would never forget how it felt to be betrayed that badly.

Whiping a tear away in an angry manner she looked back at him.

"Damn it Panos, don't you see that you're the first one that made me open up, the VERY first person I ever let close to me.. can't you see that i'm scared shitless.. I'm so scared of getting hurt again that the only thing I can do is protect myself, I don't know what else to do then that"

Her voice had dropped to just above a whisper, blinking away the tears that treatend to fall she walked over to the couch and sat down, pulling her knees to her chest she wrapped her arms around herself, if he wanted to leave she wouldn't stop him.. she had hurt him by protecting herself.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Any anger that he felt towards her melted away. He walked over to the couch and sat besides her, his hands between his knees.

That makes two of us.

He looked over his shoulder at her. Tears had marked little paths of pain down her cheeks.

I've spent my entire life behind a wall so tall and thick i gave up ever trying to escape. Until you. You are the only reason that i havent given in to the complete chaos and destruction that is my life. I don't want to just survive anymore. I've spent too much time pushing people away and being a complete ass to make them hate me. I don't want to do that to you.

Relaxing back into the couch he put his arm around her pulling her close.

Alexandra, I can't promise not to ever hurt you, I've already done that tonight. But I can promise that I wont intentionally hurt you. Or 'screw you over' as you gracefully put it. He gave her a soft smile. I've always been an annoyance, a nuissance, or a thorn in someones side. That's not what I want for you, or for us. Without you there is emptiness. It's an emptiness I never want to feel again, next time it will consume me. There will be no reason for me to fight it.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Letting him pull her against his shoulder she relaxed somewhat as he spoke about his feelings, how could it be that she had found someone who was so like herself, so much hurt and anger and yet they were the same, closing her eyes she took a deep breath to steady her nerves.

"We can fight the emptiness together, you and me against the rest remember"

Giving him a weak smile she caressed his cheeck, it often surprised her how much gentleness she felt towards this man, sometimes she just wanted to hold him and protect him against the rest of the planet.

"All i ask from you is to be true to me, i don't need to know your deepest darkest secrets, I don't care about where you go and who you have for dinner or where your money came from, all i ask is that you be there for me, no matter what, I don't want to return to the emptiness either, if that means having you in my life... there could be worse things"

She said the last part with a grin on her face, placing a gentle kiss on his lips she slipped into his lap, she needed him, not just now, but for ever... well as long as forever would be enjoyable for both of them.

"So... how about that shower?"
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
He laughed.

Am I really that gross today?! Joking playful he sighed.

I will go take one, but first two things. Since we're being upfront and open, I do plan on tracking gun girl down. I have a little...score to settle with her. How I called Fallon into this situation, or why she even came, is beyond me. I tried to get ahold of you and when i couldnt, half out of my mind with pain as i was, i went back into my phone to call Shay and I got Fallon instead. I don't want to go by them as much as youd rather me stay away so don't worry. She's most likely horrified that i'm going after this woman and I doubt she'll atempt to come around. You should of heard the lectures on not feeding on the unwilling. Those were almost worse than the wound itself.

He grinned at her and stood up careful to craddle her in his arms the whole time. Placing her back on the couch he paused and took a deep breath.

The other thing, and I know you can take care of yourself, but I wish you'd get out of Tacharan sooner than later. Things might explode sometime in the future with regards to that clan. I'd hate to see you get pulled into it soley based on your clan affiliations.

Also because he felt he'd have to fight against her if Ellis so chose that time to ask for repayment of the information he had sought her out for. That was the very last thing he wanted. Really what he wanted to do was just say Ellis was alive, but seriously how does that pop up in a conversation. Maybe it was best for her not to know until she left the clan. He didn't want to endanger her anymore.

From what I've been told, it should be easy for you to leave them. Simon isn't going to make much of a riot over it.

I'm going to go take that shower right quick and change into something more flattering. I'll be back.

He swiftly made his way to the bathroom and with a strange sense of deja vu he turned the water on to the tempeture he wanted and got in. When he was done he realized he had to go the the bedroom to get the clothing Alexandra had purchased for him since he did not bring any in the bathroom with him. Wrapping the towel around his waist he came out of the bathroom and spoked loudly so she could hear him.

Where did you say clothes were?
Alexandra 17 years ago
Sighing softly at his words about Tacharan she nodded, yes it was time to get into action, she would go into Tacharan and meet with Simon the very next day.

She understood him wanting to get even with the woman who shot him, she would probably be the same, not questioning him any further she let things be as they were, holding onto him as he stood up with her in his arms she smiled sweetly at him nuzzling his neck and giving it a playful nip, as he put her down and headed towards the shower she was lost in thought, so many things going through her mind at that point, now that they had a secure place to stay and no worries about a roof above their head the step of leaving the clan was much eassier, noone in the aparment building knew who or what she was, she kept her identity a well hidden secret and she had paid a considerable amount of money to the realtor for him to keep his mouth shut about the new owner, if the man ever decided to spill the beans she would just have to pay him a little visit.

Hearing Panos call out to her from the hallway she got up headed towards him, stopping dead in her track at the sight of him, the towel covering his lower body drawing her atttention as well as some forgotten drops of water on his torso, licking her lips she managed to advert her eyes to his face.

"Umm their in the guest bedroom over there"

Nodding in the direction of the room she kept her eyes on him the whole time, her gaze moving up and down his body as a small smile formed on her lips.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
He smirked when he saw her stop dead like a deer caught in a pair of headlights. Her dazed directions made his grin larger.

He walked over towards her and feigned picking up something right infront of her and immediatly planted a kiss on her lips.

You dropped that.

With a raised eyebrow and a quirky smile he turned away and made his way to the bedroom she had nodded to. Going to the closet he found the items she had purchased. Pulling out a button up long sleeved black shirt he grabbed a pair of dark grey pants. He dressed quickly and rolled up the sleeves of the shift as he stepped back out of the bedroom.

You have good taste madame. Is it better on or off?
Alexandra 17 years ago
She couldn't help but grin at his actions, he could be so bold sometimes but that was what made him atractive in her eyes, folding her arms she waited for him to walk back out, letting her eyes travel across his body as he walked back out fully dressed.

"I've been told I have"

Running her fingers along the collar of his shirt she leaned into him inhaling his scent, moving the shirt to the side she licked along his neck, stopping at his ear she whispered to him to follow her.

Walking into the master bedroom she turned on the lights on the bedside tables, casting the room in a soft golden light, looking at him as he stood in the doorway casually leaning against the doorframe she pulled her cami over her head showing him that she wasn't wearing anything underneath, her satin pj pants were next leaving her as naked as the day she was born (on both accounts), laying down on the bed she smiled sweetly at him, pulling the black satin sheets over her body she closed her eyes.

"Are you gonna stand there all night long, this bed is very comfy you know"

Keeping her eyes closed she stretched like a cat making the sheet slip below her bare breasts.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
He crossed his arms over his chest.

I'm not sure. The view from here is deviously lovely. And if i remember correctly I think theres a basketball game on right now. It is march madness you know.

Before she was able to toss anything at him for his blatanly ridiculous remark, he unfolded his arms and advanced towards her room. Jumping on the bed stomach first he landed next to her and fought the urge to to tear back the rest of the sheets.

I have a problem. He stated as he ran his fingertips across her collar bone.

My clothes wont come off as leisurly as yours did. I'm gonna need help. Unless of course he paused to let his fingertips continue to trace down into the small valley between her breasts. you like this outfit so much it becomes a mere accessory for your eyes.

His fingers hovered at the edge of the sheets. Barely brushing across the surface.

You don't have much time to decide so think fast.
Alexandra 17 years ago
Cracking an eye open she smiled, he was toying with her and she knew it, there always was some kind of funny interaction between them, some tension in whatever form.

The moment he jumped onto the bed next to her she opened her eyes and looked at him, turning on her side she rested her head on her arm giving him a sensual look which told him how much she longed for him, but she decided to play the game they were playing.

"Hmmm that's a hard one.. you see you look terribly handsome in that outfit and it would be a waist to take it off wetting her lips with the tip of her tongue she grazed the collar of his shirt with her fingertips, looking into his eyes she ran the tip of her tongue along her left fang "but then.. an undressed version of you is just as desirable.. so what to do?

Letting her fingers trail down his shirt she pushed it off his shoulders, her eyes never leaving his face "Maybe you should loose the pants and keep the shirt.. cause I really really like this shirt on you.. it brings out your" leaning in she licked his chest "eyes, so yes.. no pants but yes to the shirt"

Laying back down she adjusted the sheet covering most of her body so that it was just barely covering her chest, there was enough cleavage visible to give him a good look at her ample bosom but not enough to show all the goods.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
Done and done.

With the quickness he discarded his pans to the floor next to the bed. Without a moment in between the first act of removing pants, he wrapped his arms around her snatching her up and managed to roll her so she was now mostly on top of him. It was fast and he grinned at her after she recovered.

He let her orient herself before he kissed her deeply and with a century worth of hunger. He hadn't forgotten what it was like to be with her, it had just been missplaced with everything that had recently happened. Now, when her lips met his, every memory and desire flooded back into him.

Alexandra, I need you. Now and always.