Reverend Robert Xavier Tilton

Birth Name: Robert Xavier Tilton
Aliases: None
Place of Birth: Southern Plains, Texas
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Current Occupation: Televangelist, Preacher, Curator for the His Grace in Arms, Southern Evangelical Memorial Museum
Past Occupation: None of note.

Hair Color: Dark Brown with gray temples
Length and Style: Full blown crown of splendiforous combover and pompadour.
Eye Color: Jesus Blue
Skin Color: Rich, indolent, Jamaican style, Walnut Brown
Height: 6'
Weight: 250lbs of rolling rightesousness and thunder.
Nationality: American, there is no other.
Race: Human
Body Type: Round and rotund.

Description or name of your creator/gifter : Gawd is the only creator. Anything else is silliness, foulness and unnatural.

1. Describe your character's personality
Reverend Bob is a full blown, over the top egoist and extrovert. He loves to tell people about the Lawd, and The Plan, and how they too can be saved from a life of darkness. He's loud to the point of obnoxiousness, persistant to the point of a Restraining Order, and has a booming voice that belies his long experience in addressing crowds. He wears expensive suits, big diamond rings, and always carries a copy of "The Good Book" on his person, even if it's just a pocket version.

2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger
Pompous, overbearing, obnoxious, wealthy, questionable ethics if they exist at all. Reverend Bob takes up all the available space in any room or in any conversation.

3.What does your character like?
Preaching, saving others, rebuking sin, being on television, finding antiquities for his museum, gospel and country music, reading and quoting from "The Good Book," long vacations in Aruba, diamonds, gold, and Cadillacs. (Convertible preferred.)

4. Dislike?
Sin. Reporters. False teachers. Cults. And sin.

5. Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned.
Glamour, Bonding, Subterfuge

6. What are your fears?
The Apocalypse, Hell, other religions, cults, reporters.

7. What is your character's strengths and weaknesses?
High Verbal Skills, Persuasion, Excellent recall, tax exempt status.

Reverend Bob is convinced of the rightness of his calling and his cause. As such, he is absolutely paranoid about any one finding out his "dirty little secrets," as he thinks of them.

Bob is a victim of the worst kind of lust and guilt that one can imagine. He will often hire various ladies of negotiable virtue, and then spend days repenting, attempting to "get right with Gawd" and forget his transgressions.

Secondly, Bob demands the best in life. From the outside one could say he is a victim of greed or perhaps has an image problem. The truth is, Bob believes that the Lawd is showering him with blessings for all of his good works. Bob is myopic when it comes to understanding why others don't see his success for what it is.

Finally, Bob is as miserly as he is shortsighted. He will absolutely let things fall apart around him, provided the condition or material are not a direct link or reflection on him. While it is fine to wear an Armani suit for Bob, it is perfectly okay for his managers to shop at Wal-Mart, for instance. After all, if they were more suitable for good works, they too would have the blessings that have been gven unto Bob.

Hobbies & Skills:
Reading the Good Book, preaching, watching TBN, fund raising, Faith Healing, cold reading, some historical and archaeological knowledge through his work at the museum, but highly selective.

Cosmetic Traits:
Reverend Bob has tiny gold rimmed glasses, which he keeps on a gold chain, tucked in a pocket when not worn. Other than that, the pompadour rules!

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention:
Assumes everyone is guilty of something sin-wise. Spends WAY too much money. Buys only the most expensive of anything to prove that the Lawd loves a winner! Bob often cruises the strip for a little action, but only in the Lexus as the Rolls is way too noticeable.

Personal History:
Bob was raised in a small farming community in rural East Texas. At a very young age, he was "called to preach" one lovely Sunday morning when the Spirit overtook him during his Teen Good Book School class. At that moment, everyone present knew Bob would go far and that the eye of the Lawd was upon him. After High School, Pious High, to be exact, Bob attended St. Lawrence on the Trinity, a divinity school, where he swiftly received a Ph.D. in Theology, Philosophy, and Rumination.

Bob got his own church one week to the day after graduation, and increased his congregation on such a steady basis that within six months he had a local access cable show. His fame spread from there, and eventually Bob's Power Hour was picked up by a network and he was nationwide. The success was stunning, the rise steady, and Bob built a successful empire from his magnificent income. A string of Holy Theme Parks (Ride the Ark! Explore the Pharoh's Temple! The Apocalypse Roller's faster than Heck!), Edited for Theater-Theaters (Our content is G-as in Guaranteed to be SIN FREE!), and a few wisely made real estate deals, lead Bob to open his own College complete with the museum.

Bob is semi-retired, but travels across the world, occassionally putting on revivals and doing the odd show as a guest, while searching for Religious Artifacts.

Recently, Bob has been searching for a reputed artifact of great evil, and Nachton seemed like a good place to search.

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