Two Sides To Every Coin (Private: attn. Fallon)

Aishe shut the car door with a crisp push; it slammed a bit harder than she had thought it would. Glancing at Fallon and giving her an apologetic little grin, she trotted quickly down the street. The soles of her shoes echoed in rapid-fire through the night as she left the main drag of the Strip and wound her way through a series of sharp turns between buildings.

Presently she drew to a halt, emerging just a couple blocks from where she and Fallon had parked. It wasn't a terrible neighborhood; it was one of those little areas that teeters on the brink between good and bad, where the streets were lit but not quite well enough, and the residents were nice... but not nice enough.

Aishe didn't have a particular target in mind. She preferred this method, letting the prey come to her. Her sharp ears tuned her in to the footsteps around her. Gangs wandered through here at times. She didn't want one of those. She wanted someone alone. Someone cocky, maybe someone just a little bit desperate. This was the perfect place.

Bright light spilled from the doorway of a convenient store on a nearby corner, shattering the darkness. Aishe could hear the voices within, late-nighters, out far past the hour of decency. They might do.

She waited, around the corner, working on her "pathetic and lost" face, until the light was replaced by a silhouette.

Fallon 17 years ago
Aishe was one of the brightest women Fallon knew, and had accomplished a great deal with her life so far. She had joined the ranks of vampires with extensive forethought, and seemed to be thriving. Therefore, it didn't seem Fallon really had to worry about her sister, and how she would get along tonight. So what if she fed in a manner different from Fallon's...if it worked for her, and she was comfortable with it, then there was really nothing left for Fallon to concern herself over.

Parking the car just a short distance from the hub of activity, Fallon nodded in agreement. She liked using her car to bring her food back to, since it gave her some additional protection, and secrecy. But with a small bit of extra effort, she could make the alternative work. She had, when forced to park too far from the scene, done exceedingly well with that plan before. So she only considered it a small bother tonight.

The young man she'd seen, as she'd driven along the street, was still standing off to the side of the larger group. He was smoking a cigarette, which may have been why he was alone, but as she watched him from her spot along the building, she noticed when he finished, he did not join up with anyone. Instead he checked his watch, and then along the street. Maybe he was waiting for a ride?

Her ability to nearly disappear into her surroundings, had become honed to near perfection, once she understood she had control of the ability. Tonight she proved that, as she waited unnoticed, and carefully decided this one would work for her if he did as she expected.

When no one materialized for him, the young man started walking down the sidewalk, both away from the club, the other people, and towards Fallon. Stepping forward before he reached her, she saw she'd startled him a bit. Apparently she had blended a little too well, but that wouldn't hurt her, and in fact might even help.
Aishe 17 years ago
The shiver of anticipation was something she didn't think she'd get over, but Aishe had to admit that as bait she was a tempting target. The fear she'd learned on her first task for Chris at the apartments, what seemed like ages ago, was her channel. She still hated the feeling of losing her free will, her independence, but now she had control over it.

The snatch and grab was poorly executed; her victim (suspecting even as he reached for her that he might not be the predator here after all) was clumsy. She tried not to smile as she released the tension in her coiled muscles, snapped her arms up, and pulled at her assailant's arm. The man, unbalanced by her sudden tug, went over her with the help of her hip and shoulder.

She almost winced as he did; he hit the ground with an audible crack. Sparring with Chris was paying off. Standing over the man, heedless of his face or anything else, she observed his breathing with eyes keener than a human's. His chest rose and fell evenly. She hoped nothing was broken, but it was difficult to feel sympthy knowing he would have mugged her, possibly worse.

Aishe knelt beside the man, concealed in the shadows at the side of the building, and took his hand. Blood flowed more easily at the neck, sure... but it was too intimate and that wasn't her style. That was something to be shared with her Kiamhaat, if they ever went that way, and perhaps one or two dear friends.

With a glance around she pinned the man down just in case and lifted his wrist to her lips. His blood flowed; she hadn't been sure what she expected from him; drugs, alcohol, whatever, but his blood was surprisingly clean and refreshing. She drank deeply, but she'd learned how to control her thirst quite well since her creation.

One last look around ensured she hadn't been spotted; she rose smoothly to her feet and made her way with confidence down the dimly-lit street, the complete opposite of the meek and timid, weak lost waif who'd wandered around by the side of the convenience store.
Fallon 17 years ago
"Hello, I'm sorry to have startled you, but..." She glanced into his eyes deeply, and gave him a slightly seductive smile. "I was wondering...if you were in a hurry?"

The young man, fortunately was straight, and seemed taken with Fallon right off the bat. She didn't have any unusual ability to discern gay guys from straight ones, unless they were overtly feminine, but so far she'd lucked out with all her choices. Being that the club was a straight one probably didn't hurt either, though she didn't think she'd be surprised if she occasionally chose wrong.

The man grinned back at her, with a semi-leer, and shook his head. Fallon checked him out as discretely as she could, and guessed he was probably considered decent looking. He had pretty eyes, fringed with dark lashes that matched his longish dark, wavy hair. But with a nose that looked to have broken at least once, his prettiness was converted into a more attractive masculine beauty.

Yet nothing about the man appealed to Fallon on any level beyond that of food.

'Nope...was supposed to catch a ride, but the fuckers seemed to have forgotten me. What can I do for ya, darlin?'

As was the usual case, Fallon could smell alcohol on the man's breath. He didn't seem inebriated though, which meant his blood shouldn't be too full of liquor. She wasn't really in the mood to get tipsy, and had he accepted that next beer, it probably would have pushed him over. Since he wasn't driving, Fallon almost wondered why he had passed on the possibility of becoming more intoxicated. Instead, guessing it must have been a time constraint, the absent ride and all, was all the thought she gave the matter.

His attitude was a positive at least, even if his leer put Fallon off. She was used to it, and counted on it, but she doubted she would ever come to 'like' it.

"Do for me? Hmmm...I was thinking there might be something I could do for you. That is, if you're interested...since you don't seem to be getting that ride, I could even give you a lift, if you wanted."

Turning on the passion by making her voice husky, and sultry, while slowly trailing her fingertips up his arms, and across his chest, Fallon never let her eyes stray from his. Though she didn't have any mental abilities to persuade him, that never seemed to be a problem. Were all guys so into their pleasure, and egos that deeply to just follow after the first willing woman that came their way?

It was yet another subject she was curious about, but not ready to devote time to now.

Without saying a word, the man just nodded. Perhaps he figured he might make the vision vanish if he were to say anything, for he seemed somewhat taken aback by Fallon's forwardness. He followed without hesitation as she firmly pulled on his collar, and led him down the sidewalk.

Passing the alley, Fallon was a bit put out to see it already occupied with another couple. The way they were going at it, she wouldn't have been shocked to later find out one had been a clan member. She didn't miss a step though, and continued about another half block down, before she found a deep set door way. Pulling the man into the shadowed, and secluded alcove, she spun him towards her, and had bit into his neck before he knew what had hit him.

Wrapping one arm around his neck, Fallon held him still, while her free hand went between his legs. As she suckled at his neck, she fondled him, and drunk deeply as he groaned in what she assumed was ecstacy.

He took to the process like most of her meals, with relish, and quickly released himself into his pants. Her hand had been removed before the event occurred, but his loud grunt, followed by an equally loud hiss told her he had enjoyed the feeding, probably more than she had.

Full, but not stuffed, Fallon withdrew her fangs, and licked away any remaining blood from the man's neck. He was still lucid, but fading slowly, so she gently leaned him against the doorway, and waited for him to slide down into a squatting position, before she released him completely from her grasp. No doubt he would be asleep in seconds, and wondering what the hell he'd done to cause the condition in his pants, come morning.

Content to see no one had come upon them during her feeding, but not wanting to press her luck, Fallon turned, and walked down the street towards her car. Not seeing Aishe yet, she continued for another block, before stopping and turning around. When she was sure she hadn't been followed, she retraced her steps to the RAV, and got in to wait for her sister. Should Aishe not appear after a certain amount of time. Fallon was ready to go out after her.
Aishe 17 years ago
Hands in her pockets, Aishe strolled back to the lot Fallon's car was in. Her body language spoke of relaxation, and her golden skin glowed with the satisfaction of a good meal. She was proud of herself; not just because she was able to hunt successfully, but because so far she was perfectly well-able to disassociate herself from the matter.

There had certainly been a time when she'd privately feared she would never adjust to feeding off of humans, but that fear was, so far, unfounded. She'd made up her mind and set her goals and she was managing well. She still felt a twinge of amusement every time she thought of herself as 'no longer human,' but humanity had so many different definitions. In the biological sense, she had to agree. She wouldn't pass the tests. But in a cultural and an emotional sense, she was still human. It was a topic she and Kem had debated endlessly at one point, and she was still collecting evidence.

The light in Fallon's car was on. The predator's edge had faded, leaving in it's place her usual cheerful self, and as she slipped into the passenger seat she offered her sister a bright smile.

"I'm ready to go," she said. "Guilt- and calorie- free!"

They were different, she and Fallon, born in different circumstances, shaped by different events, but perhaps such diversity was what would keep their race alive.

Well, that is, if immortality wasn't enough.
Fallon 17 years ago
Before she had time to work up a good case of worry, Aishe appeared, and looked completely unscathed. Fallon couldn't help but greet her friend with a huge smile.

"And looking all perky too! You really have a handle on this already, don't you?" Fallon hoped her relief wasn't too apparent, as she turned the key in the ignition, and started up the car. A slight shrug followed, when she pulled from the parking spot.

"I don't know why you were curious to know how I go about things, when your way works so well for you. Can you tell me...what do you do?"

Fallon guessed she could have followed after Aishe and watched, but not only did that seem invasive and creepy, she still had her own needs to take care of. That didn't mean she didn't want to know all about Aishe's way of feeding.

"Or is asking that crossing the line of propriety?:

Turning onto the highway, Fallon interrupted long enough to get directions to Aishe and Kem's house.

"And...have you and Kem ever hunted together?"
Aishe 17 years ago
Aishe certainly didn't mind sharing the tricks of the trade with Fallon... how else were they to learn, after all?

"Chris has taught me," she said. "He wanted me to know how to hunt in different ways. But I think to keep from having trouble with guilt, or anything... well, the way that works best for me is the well-planned ambush."

She gave Fallon a quick, concise overview of her preferred hunting method, happily pointing out that it also gave her a chance to practice breaking holds, perfecting throws, and all the sorts of sparring she and Chris did. The difference was, she knew Chris wouldn't ever intentionally hurt her, so sparring with him lacked the element of true urgency. Hunting, for her, was an element of true unknown that let her test her skills on her own.

As to the second, she shook her head. It was easy to forget that Fallon knew very little about Kem. She had told her friend, seemingly such a long time ago, the bare minimum of the fact's of Kem's existence, but it had never been her place to give details. It still wasn't; that story was Kem's and no one else's, but still, she wanted to answer Fallon's question.

"Kem doesn't need to feed often," she pointed out. "Once every three weeks or so. He doesn't necessarily enjoy it, and I think it's rare that he actually goes for the fresh kill, so to speak. I hunt on my own, sometimes with Chris," she said, thinking of her very first hunt. Then she brightened. "Maybe with you too."
Fallon 17 years ago
The only thing Fallon found odd, when Aishe gave her the details of her hunting practices, and training, was Kem's absence in it. Of course if it hadn't been for Cyrus, Fallon surely wouldn't be sitting in the car now, talking so calmly, and rationally about such things. And it was therefore natural that Fallon had picked up, to some extent, on the way Cyrus fed.

There were times when she knew her man used more violent means to secure his food; however, since he did that pretty much when he went off on his own, she never really saw that side of the vampire life.

"I...don't think I could do that. I know they say when you live in an abusive relationship for a long time, you can pick up on the violence yourself, and thereby perpetuate it...but I've never been able to do that."

She shuddered a little, and immediately turned to look at Aishe, while grabbing her sister's forearm, and squeezing it assuringly.

"Not that I see anything wrong in it...Cyrus hunts like that from time to time, and I truly only want for you both to be healthy, and live long lives, so if that's the way for you to go about it, I don't want you to think I judge you at all. In fact, I know my methods would be a lot less than desirable to many...and understand why as well. Different strokes, and all that I suppose."

The idea of not feeding more than every few weeks had tremendous appeal to Fallon. She had no problem taking care of that need as often as she had to, but if she could do without, it wouldn't be something she felt she would miss.

"Of course I would love to hunt with you more! As long as it doesn't interfere with your time with must be nice to have so many friends...and ones you have that in common with. I've met a lot of Anantya, but they all seem to regard me more or less as just an extension of Cyrus. I don't really mind, but my only other true friend is Ana, and well, she doesn't share our love of bodily fluids."

Fallon winked at Aishe, hiding a little of her frustration with not having more friends. In comparison to her prior life, she had more friends now than she should ever want for. And she mentally chastised herself for her dissatisfaction. She had no reason to complain about anything.

"You speak so lovingly of Kem. I really hope I get the opportunity to get to know him better. And Cyrus too...they seemed to hit it off rather well at the house party, didn't you think?"

There...Kem could also become a friend, and perhaps if Cyrus got to know him better, they could associate more. Fallon never wanted Cyrus to become bored with her or their relationship, and worried it was a possibility.
Aishe 17 years ago
Aishe smiled fondly at Fallon. "Nothing will interfere with anything else," she said. "We have all the time in the world, you know."

Her words were spoken in complete confidence. She'd been away from her friends once, she didn't plan to again. As with Kem, she intended to keep her friends close by.

She pointed out the way to Kem's house (their house, she reminded herself once again), managing to find it without directing her friend into any cul de sacs. When they pulled up, she smiled. It was a crisp night and the breeze carried the scent of the nearby ocean on it. She adored Kem's choice of home. It was very nearly out of Nachton's city limits, very close to the water, and most of the time, felt like a little tiny bubble of "not city" in the midst of the big city.

"Home sweet home," she said to Fallon, indicating the walkway as she made her way around Kem's car.

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