Shopping ((open))

Amberelle stood in the middle of one of the Mall's large courtards and slowly turned in a circle. This was one of her favorite things to do, just wander the mall shopping. She'd even dressed in one of her favorite outfits, navy leather pants, matching combat style boots and her black 'Bite Me' t-shirt. Right now she should be feeling elated, or at least energized, but she was more depressed and confused than anything else.

Everywhere she looked there was a display or a banner hawking a sale for the upcoming holiday that had brought her out tonight. This was a completely foreign feeling for her, shopping for someone else. For her family gift getting was easy, she either didn't bother or she stole some kind of collectible that appealed to them. However she had absolutely no clue what to get Alex. Valentine's Day was not only the the first holiday together since they'd started seeing one another but it was THE big couple holiday. God forbid she mess this one up.

The blonde chewed on her bottom lip and fidgeted with the bags she carried. So many stores to choose from, and here she was at a complete loss. The first few she'd gone in to had ended with her just buying something for herself and beating a hasty retreat. Amberelle had even broke down and asked one of the saleswomen for suggestions but when asked, 'Well what does he like?' her eyes had gone wide and she'd frozen.

After all what do you get for your beau who's several hundred years old, and probably has everything he really wants already? It was bad enough to be trying to find the perfect gift, but she wanted one that said far too much all in one tiny object. Glowering at yet another jewelry store, Amby wished she was dating a girl.. then at least you just bought something brilliantly sparkly and were done. Diamonds spoke volumes for men, the lucky bastards. What do you buy for a guy that says I adore you, you're perfect, and oh by the way I love you?

Walking over to sit on a bench and looking decidely depressed, she leaned back with a large sigh.

Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan was delightfully exhausted. She'd left Rachyl at home and Jeff in charge at Gothic-ah and had nearly run giggling from the building. Her Lexus couldn't move fast enough to get her to the mall and she had, so far, spent three glorious hours alone and spending way too much money. That purchase at D&G was incredibly irresponsible of her, but who could resist leather so soft it should still be breathing? She needed a break, so she flopped onto a bench, occupied on one end by a blonde, the chains on her pants clinked against the wood. She set her bags down and glanced over at the woman. She started to look out across the mall and did a double take.


It had been an incredibly long time since she and the blonde had spent an evening galavanting around together, but Meegan had enjoyed herself and she did not forget faces lightly.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Hearing her name brought Amby out of the funk that had all of the stores blurring into one large brightly lit mass. Blinking, she turned towards the voice and a grin burst across her face.

Mon Dieu! Meegan!

One of the very first people Amberelle had met when she came to town was the designer, so naturally the Creole remembered her instantly. Besides her unique hair color, the human was decidely striking fashion style and looks wise.

Oh wow! How have you been? Amby twisted to her side to be able to look at her better. You look great.. Glancing down at the bags the other woman had, she giggled. And you've been having fun I see.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan couldn't help herself, she slid down the bench and wrapped her arms around the other woman in a quick affectionate hug before pulling away to answer her questions. The chains and eyelets on her pants clicked, and the mesh of her sheer black oxford style blouse over a red bra crinkled. She liked the music her outfit made, but decided to ignore it.

"I've been very well. Big things happening in Meegan land and I needed a bit of a shopping jag. So yes, I've been having a good time. What about you? You looked so...lost a moment ago. Is everything ok?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amby returned her hug happily, and smiled when she heard things were going well. For the millionth time the Anantya wished she'd kept more in touch, but such was life. Not having real friends for so long means you don't know how to be one, she supposed.

Her cheeks got pink and she looked slightly embarassed. I did? Oh my.. Well, I guess I was. Sighing, the blonde scrunched up her mouth and shrugged.

I've never *not* known how to shop for something before. But then again, she added with a happy sigh, I've never had a real beau before, so.. I mean, how do you shop for a man? Especially for, she waved vaguely around them, a holiday like this? What's the guy equivalent to a huge diamond that says... everything? Her amber eyes turned to Meegan, looking hopeful that she could shed some light on the answer.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan smiled happily at Amberelle's news of a beau. She herself was in love and so had that, so should everyone else mentality, every so often.

"I'm happy to hear you've found someone. It seems we have even that in common as well. Along with not knowing what to get said significant other."

She grinned and picked up the purple bag that was hidden among the others. "I got this at Fredrick's with the thought that we could do the whole sexy lingerie and love slave thing, but that's not very tangible is it? She opened the bag so Amberelle could peek in at the white and red lace and satin.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Eagerly peeking in the bag, Amby nodded approvingly several times, smiling. Oui that's a classic..! But.. Well, her expression shifted slightly as she considered such a thing, I think I'm a little too shy for something so... bold. Laughing some, she shook her head as she tried to picture giving Alex something like that without turning beet red. I'd just have to wear it and let him "unwrap" it later. Giggling, she smiled at the designer. Besides he likes green.

And he's an old fashioned kind of guy. Crinkling up her nose some she started chewing on her lip nervously. I was thinking something more, tangible, oui. And a way to say, you know.. she rolled her hand, hoping Meegan would know what she meant but sighed after a moment. You know, how I.. feel. Without actually saying it. Her expression perked up as a idea came to her. Maybe something engraved? That way I can't freeze up when I try to say.. it. Her shoulders slumped and she sighed. Ugh, if only I was a guy then I could just buy some stupid diamond and have my woman swooning.

Throwing her hands up, exasperated with herself the Creole laughed and shook her head. Enough worrying about that now! Clasping her hands over her one of Meegan's she leaned in looking curious. Tell me all about your cher bien-aimé!
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan gave that girlish laugh that said she was both delighted and slightly embarrassed at herself. "I'm bold enough, but I like the idea of wearing it all day and the arousal that will come with that knowledge later."

She knew exactly what the blonde was talking about. Though she'd been cured of the freezing and stumbling she could still relate. "Perhaps one of those elegant lighters. My ex carried one of those, he too was...old fashioned. He was still of the opinion that a man should have every contingency covered including being able to light a ladies cigarette. I guess that happens when you're that old." She could think of Aron with wistful sighs instead of pangs of grief or pain and it was comforting.

Now this was a subject Meegan could get entirely emersed in. "I'm not sure how much you've read in the papers or heard on those stupid tabloid shows on tv." She gave Amberelle one of those annoyed apologetic looks. She hated those shows. "Not that it matters. But I managed to fall into complete love with my assistant Rachyl. After some time together we bought a house and now my lovely Rachyl is expecting twins! Twins!"
She grinned as that silly softness came of her face again.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Meegan's comment on a gentleman always being prepared had the vampire nodding. It sounded exactly like something she would expect her Alex to think alright. Maybe a lighter was a good idea? It just seemed kind of.. generic. But Amby thought she might be on the right track so she resolved to swing by one of the Things Remembered shops sometime tonight.

Never one to listen to tabloids, she was far too aware of how easily manipulated they could be, Amberelle hadn't really heard anything about Meegan's romance so she just smiled and nodded excitedly. It didn't phase her that it was a woman, that was of little concern. Love was love after all, you don't get to pick or choose. At the mention of babies however she couldn't supress the high pitched squeal that came out of her.

Ohmygodbabies!? Merde that's so awesome! Laughing and grinning she shook her head at the human. You have been a busy girl haven't you? I mean, I'd heard about the.. unpleasantness.. at your factory a while back but I ignore those trash shows normally, so nothing about a lover and babies! You must be on cloud nine! The Anantya only felt a faint twinge of jealousy. That was one of the first things she'd mourned the loss of after her change. So, have you two had a commitment ceremony? Trying to get a look at Meegan's hands for a ring, she continued, You better get her locked down if you are making her your "baby's momma". Winking at the other woman, Amby made sure her expression was teasing, just in case.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan laughed brightly. "I think I've far surpassed cloud nice, I think we're up to eleven or twelve by now."

Amberelle's question got her thinking. "No we haven't. I honestly hadn't thought about it. We've been so pre-occupied with the new house and getting pregnant that a ceremony never occurred to either of us. I think I'll mention it to Rachyl. I think it's a grand idea."

She gave Amberelle a big smile and a nudge with her elbow. "For that you get to come to the baby shower." She winked and held out her hand "I'll need your calling card, madame, so that I may contact you at a later date."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Eager to keep in touch, Amberelle quickly pulled out her silver card case and slid one of the light blue cards she carried out, handing it to Meegan. That has my new cell and e-mail, I don't think I'd gotten everything changed last time we talked.

Amby returned the smile warmly and nodded. I can't wait to meet Rachyl! When are they due? And when is the shower..? It suddenly occured to her that it could be a daytime event and Amberelle felt a twinge of anxiety. How to ask, and how to explain not being able to come if it was. Ugh, she hated this part of her life some times. Well, all the time.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan took the pretty card and slipped it just inside her purse so that she'd be sure to find it when she got home.

"She's due in early May, but since it's twins it may be sooner, so the shower is going to be early April. We're thinking about an outdoors shower, but we have to have an evening event." Not that Meegan would tell Amberelle that her best friend was a vampire and so everything had to be after sunset in order to include that most special person.

"So outside it well, out, I'm not a big fan of bugs." Meegan grinned and her stomach growled.

"Hey are you hungry? I haven't eaten since breakfast. Would you care to grab a bite with me?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Laughing, the blonde smiled at Meegan. Bugs don't bother me, but I spent a lot of time in the swamp growing up. She shrugged. And evenings are much better for me so that's perfect!

Smiling brightly she nodded. Yeah I didn't eat when I got up, so I'm starving. What for she wouldn't say, but that particular meal would wait until she got home and grabbed a bag from the fridge. The Anantya frowned faintly. Feeding from Alex so often was throwing her routine off, she'd have to go back to leaving reminders around the house for herself.

Standing, she gathered up her bags and slid her purse over her shouder. So what're you in the mood for? I say something fried and with a side of guilt. Giggling, she winked at the designer. Unless you're worried about calories? I'm taking dance classes again and have my schedule normal for practicing my martial arts, so I don't worry about what I eat anymore. 'Oh and I also don't have to worry about that being dead and all,' she added to herself.

Mmm! How about a steak and some cheesey fries? Outback?
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan stood when Amberelle did and gathered her way too many shopping bags. Though one of them was from the Christian Dior baby store and was filled with many cute fluffy lacy pink frilly things. She grinned at the thought of the lovely baby things she'd bought. Rachyl was bound to fawn over them as she had. It was really getting rather ridiculous. She chuckled and managed to return her attention back to Amberelle.

"Oh how disgustingly sinful! I'm in. I'll just have an extra work out this week."

She turned around and recalled she didn't know where Outback was. "I'll follow your lead. I don't know where that restaurant is." She grinned again. "You're a dancer? Where are you taking classes at?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Leading the way towards the wing where the steakhouse was located, Amberelle matched her longer stride to Meegan's. I was a dancer, oui. Now I just dance because I want to, really.. kind of like a release for me. The blonde smiled slightly. It felt really good to be dancing again, she hadn't known how much she'd missed it.

Thinking about The Studio she grinned. I got sooooo lucky! I found this awesome place. It's called The Studio. The instructor is great.. which is important, trust me. Pausing in front of a jewelry store window she eyed a few of the men's watches on display. I wish he wore a watch.. But he has this phone Palm Pilot PDA thingy. She waved her hand vaguely. Considering his strict schedule.. I'd think he needed a watch, I know I do, but whatever works. The blonde shrugged and continued walking.

It's too bad.. If I wasn't afraid that I'd get embarassed I show him what I've been studying.. Giggling she leaned over to the designer. They have these cool exotic dance classes. Basicly you know.. stripper dancing! Tons of fun and an amazing workout. Maybe when your cheri is ready to lose her bebe' weight.. she might like? And they have a lot of fitness and exercise type classes there too I think. Nothing is better exercise for you than dancing! Well.. I think the only better workout is sex. That comment had her cheeks pink and set off a fit of giggles.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan knew all about needing a release. She was lucky that her job was also her release. If she was particularly stressed she could close her self away and just draw. Granted most of that stuff was crap, but the results of a calmer Meegan was very worth it.

"The Studio, huh?"

Meegan looked at the watches with Amberelle, for politeness sake. They were lovely and would look nice on the wrist of any man. "Maybe he's just never been given the perfect one." She shrugged and lengthened her stride a little so that Amberelle wouldn't have to walk so slowly. She appreciated the taller woman doing that for her, though it was usually she that did it for others, since she tended to walk quickly.

Meegan had to giggle with Amberelle. "Those sound like fun. So does using sex as a work out. I don't think I've ever thought of it like that."

And she hadn't, working out was a planned activity with special clothes and lots of sweating and cursing. Of course now that she was thinking about it, if you took out the cursing that described sex too. She felt her cheeks go pink and her giggle turned to laughter.

She had to put her hand to her mouth and swallow the laughter, when they came to the entrance of the restaurant. Still giggling she followed the hostess to a small booth near the back of the place. She slid into one side and was still trying desperately to control giggles over something that just wasn't that funny.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Taking a seat on the side across from Meegan, Amberelle tried to control the chuckling the designer's infectious giggling was causing. Giving her a playful glare, she whispered loudly, Stop it! People are going to think we're quite insane! Her chiding held little weight as she muffled a snort with her hand and giggled along for a moment. Taking a few deep breaths, the vampire wiped the hint of tears from the corners of her eyes and bit her lips, focusing on her menu as she opened it.

Ok ok... Her eyes darted straight to what she knew she wanted and she nodded. Closing the menu, she set it down and leaned forward to nudge the human. Just breathe! Honestly, I'm not that funny! She shook her head and gave Meegan a goofy grin.

Their water walked up, introducing himself with a dimpled smile as Chad and squatted down to be at their eye level. So what can I get you lovely ladies to drink tonight? Something from the bar maybe?

Making a little hmm noise, Amby perked up and nodded. Yeah, that sounds good. A margarita, frozen, with salt. Oh and we want to start out with some of the cheese fries, heavy on the cheese and with tons of bacon..? Looking across the table, she gave Meegan a quirked eyebrow to see if that was agreeable to her.
Meegan 17 years ago
"Stop it! People are going to think we're quite insane!" This sent Meegan into a new fit of giggles, after coming quite close to pulling it together. She took deep breaths, pressed her lips together, and tried to stare at her menu. Everything was a bit blurry, so she swiped at the bottoms of her eyes, trying not to smudge the thick eyeliner there.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry." She gave a small snort, took another deep breath and tried to make sense of the words covered in plastic before her. She was still trying to decide when the waiter came and grinned his dimples at her. He was just scrumptious, and Meegan took a moment to appreciate him for the beefcake he was.

"I'll have" She picked up the drink menu spiral thing and flipped through it quickly. "Oh yum, I'll take the Sangria swirled margarita, top shelf, nothing on the rim of the glass please."

She grinned at Chad and put the menu down then nodded emphatically at Amberelle. "That sounds perfect."

Chad wrote in his pad and gave them what Meegan figured was his big 1000-watt smile. She returned it and he walked away telling them he'd get some water for them and then have their order right out. Meegan smiled at Amberelle.

"I think they must go out to the high schools and recruit them right off the A-lists. Not that I'm complaining, he was yummy."

She chuckled and looked down at her menu. She decided on the center cut steak, with salad and sweet potatoes, before closing her menu and smiled up at the blonde across from her.

"So Amberelle, tell me all about this new man of yours. I want every detail."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amby could only chuckle and nod in agreement, she thought Meegan had hit the nail on the head with their recruitment tactics. Yeah he's not too shabby, though I have better. That brought a happy smile to her face. It only grew larger as she thought about her lover. Her lover, she liked to roll that term around in her head, it always made her giddy.

Ahhh.. where to start? Leaning an elbow onto the table and propping her chin up in her hand she looked thoughtful for a moment. Her eyes sparkled as she pictured him. Well.. His name is Alex. He's your classic tall dark and handsome with these amazing light blue eyes. Her eyes closed briefly and she sighed. Sexy British accent, quite the gentleman but he's also quite capable of being... naughty. That brought a blush to her cheeks. Umm.. oh, he's a pretty good fighter too. We've sparred some. Giving the designer a conspiratorial wink she added, But I can kick his butt. And he knows it.

Her features softened into a kind of nostalgic glow as she ran backwards in her mind. Ok, let me start at the beginning.. We met at some friend's of ours' housewarming party.. He'd just gotten to town and I was with a girlfriend and he and I were kind of doing that eye flirt thing across the room, you know? He sent us over some drinks and Dawn was all trying to get me to go talk to him but I.. Amberelle shrugged a shoulder slightly. You know, I'm shy. Of course Dawn is in the dictionary as the definition of NOT shy. That made her giggle some. So get this.. when we all started going in to dinner she goes in before me and switched our placecards around so he and I were sitting next to each other! Of course I didn't find this out until later but.. yeah. A goofy grin just wouldn't leave her face.

Chad arrived with their drinks, settling them down on coasters along with tall glasses of icewater. Amby thanked him with a smile. Licking the rim slightly she wrapped her lips around the straw and took a sip, nodding as she felt a nice bite from the tequila. A soft mmmm followed.

Ok, I can bable about him all night, Amberelle said looking slightly embarassed. Which I am sure would be incredibly boring for you. How about you tell me about your cheri now, mmm?
Meegan 17 years ago
[ii]Chad returned with their cheese fries and took their order. Meegan waited until he walked away to respond to Amberelle.[/i] "He sounds like quite a catch, Amberelle. I'm very happy for you."

She grinned and pulled a fry from the pile before her and took a bite. She moaned and her eyes rolled up, and her lashes fluttered.

"Oh God that's good." She chased it down with a drink of water and grinned at Amberelle.

"Rachyl, wow there's so much to say." She gave a small chuckle and ate the rest of her fry. "She and I have been through a lot. I met her on a fluke at a restaurant and offered her a job as my assistant. She's become indispensable there. She saw me through an incredibly horrid ending of a relationship with a man named Aron Swiftwood. Then I realized what I'd been given, and I asked her to give me a chance. Then we bought this amazing house and are going to fill it with babies."

She chuckled. "I guess it sounds rather dull when I say it out loud, but it's not. We have an amazing life together and I thank God for it every day."

She sipped her margarita, then popped another fry into her mouth.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Happy to munch on a large gooey fry drowning in ranch dressing while she listened, Amberelle just nodded. It did sound like a wonderfully happy ending for Meegan. Fairytale level, maybe even.

She sounds wonderful, and the fates certainly smiled on you two. Amby speared an especially bacon laden fry and swirled it in the dressing. Taking a moment to finish her bite, she pointed to the designer and gave the human a lopsided grin. You are quite lucky, she turned her finger towards herself, and so am I.

Lifting her frosty mug high, Amby smiled. To our continued good fortune.. and to good health for your bebes. Taking a deep sip, Amberelle wondered just what she'd done to warrant such happiness in her life. It certainly hadn't been her deeds, she was well aware of what she'd done in her past. Probably more what she'd been through than the actions she had performed, she decided.

Looking thoughtful, she swirled her straw for a moment and glanced at Meegan quizically. So, what do you think we did to deserve such happiness huh? I don't think everyone finds true love and fulfillment. The blonde laughed lightly. At least I'd like to hope it's something kind of special!