A private lap dance? Only if you insist!

The strip club was themed he could tell from the entrance to the joint. He didnt make it much further than the heavenly portion before he sat in a seat near the stage. The women on stage divided up the patrons and split off. As the young blonde in the barely there gstring made her way to the edge of the stage in front of him Panos slouched a bit in his chair. She motioned for him to help her down and he extended his arm to her. She accepted his hand and took the large step down like it was cake. She was used to it no doubt, they did this song and dance to every male who sat close enough.

Though somehow you still felt just a tad special when they chose you.

Still holding his hand she slid her legs around his thighs and placed her well oiled ass on his lap. That was going to leave a stain. It couldn't be any worse than the blood anyways. He was immediatly thankful for the dark and wearing black. He hadn't even change his clothes yet. Home was so far away and what he really wanted was right here in front of him.

Hey sexy, looking for some fun? the petite blonde spoke in a chiming voice.

Perhaps. She slowly began to grind her bottom onto his lap hoping to turn his perhaps into a yes.

Well you look like your looking for something. So why don't you tell me what that is?

Stupid no touching rules. His hands ached to grab a handful of her hair and jerk her head back exposing her soft ivory throat and it's large pulsating artery. The thought aroused him.

Technically blondes aren't my type.

She giggled and continued her small slow lap dance and thrust her exposed breast into his face as she leaned in to whisper to him.

Something in your pants tells me otherwise, and between you and me....I'm not really blonde. Let's go somewhere more private. Are you good for it?

Always bussiness to be mixed in with pleasure.

Of course.

She backed off him and pulled him up out of his seat. She lead him to a doorway which no doubt was the enterance to the private rooms. Silly broad thought it was mearly her body and the touching that excited him. She'd find out soon enough he thought as she lead him past three body guards and through another set of doors. In the center of the room was a circle shaped plush...couch? It wasnt exactly a bed but not really built like a couch. Whatever it was she turned and pulled him closer to it until his knees touched it. Once he was that close she pushed him down onto his back and straddled him once more. She pulled his shirt slowly up and over his head, tossing it to the floor. She leaned forward and let her breasts brush against his chest.

Did you work the night of the grand opening?

Yes.She purred. Did you see me dancing that night?

My sister did. She recommended I come in here. She described you almost perfectly. Maybe you remember her being there? She was wearing pink that night. She said i'd like you.

He could feel her warm breath against his jaw as she slid around his face with hers. It was getting all too hard to not feed off her right then. He needed information first.

Even though blondes aren't your type? I'm not going to question that brother sister relationship, it just sounds strange. But there were a couple people in pink costumes that evening. One in a very yellow and blue crazy get up but yes a few pink. Tell your scout of a sister thanks for me. Lets end all this talking and get to bussiness. I wanna do more than just talk to you.

She whispered once more in his ear. I do more than just your usually dances, that is for the right price.

Her left hand reached back and unzipped his pants. His thoughts were distracted. The woman had been here that night. He could check the bouncer or security cameras next, but not until after, after he ate.

Suddenly he sat forward and pulled her close.

How about I make you scream. He whispered back to her.

She giggled playfully as he nibbled slightly at her neck. It quickly turned to a scream as his fangs sank in. His hand fit perfectly over her mouth and it was quiet again. She didnt fight for long as he drank her dry.

Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
His head peaked out the door to their private room. Both security guards were further down the hallway with backs turned. He saw the stairs leading up to where he assumed would be the main office.

Silently he slid out of the room and pulled the door closed behind him with a barely audible click. With soft stepped he leapt up the stairs pausing at the top to listen for the telltale signs of being spotted. The laughter of the two guards answered him. They hadnt notice a thing. He stood in a hallway with a few doors. Closing his eyes he tuned into his perception. His skin tingled as he heard a chair squeek to his right. He figured the office would be occupied and he hoped it wouldnt be filled with too many people. With a deep breath Panos grabbed the doors knob and twisted it, swing the door wide open.

What the hell! A rather large man half shouted half stuttered.

He was not alone either, riding ontop of him was a pretty little blonde, still half dressed in a corset and thigh highs. No doubt one of the strippers who worked there. She screetched and and rolled off the fat mans lap, letting his stomach slap back down ontop of his inadequately small penis.

Who are you!? What the hell are you doing in here! Get out! Johnny! Who is this prick! Johnny!

WIth all the ruckus fat man was producing it was no doubt going to call atention from the guys downstairs. Panos kick slammed the door behind him locking it swiftly. The stripper collected his gstring off the floor and searched for her purse crying.

You know it's just a strip club. You don't have to sleep your way to the top. Is there even a top? Would you get the best stripper award for fucking this prick? Panos smarted off to the girl and shook his head. His attention back on fat man who was hoisting himself off the chair tugging up his pants.

I'm going to kick your ass fucker! You don't know who your messing with!

Your absolutely right. I sure don't. Now sit down before I knock you back down.

Fuck y...Before he had the chance to finish his sentence Panos backhanded the man hard enough with his fist to send him reeling.

You should listen more.

Now that the man was back in his seat Panos knew he wouldn't stay. Stepping over to him he begn to punch the large meat head repeatedly. The man tried to fight back but Panos was too fast and strong and soon he went limp. The young stripper cowered in the corner sobbing and he turned to her.

Where are the video tapes?

She said nothing, only continuing to cry.

Where are the video tapes!

When she still said nothing he grabbed her shoulders and shook her.

The tapes! Where are they!

Wha-what tapes! I don't know what your talking about!

The security tapes, where are they kept?

With a shakey hand she pointed over his right shoulder to a filing cabinet. He shoved her back and walked over to the cabinet jerking on the handle it nearly tore the door off the hinge. Hundreds of tapes were stacked in front of him. It wasn't hard to find the tape he needed, they were all dated. He faced the stripper once more.

If you remember what I look like, you'll be as dead as your friend downstairs. Get the fat man some help, he's still alive.
Panos Mehalitsenos 17 years ago
There were no furious shouts or loud fists banging on the office door so with caution Panos cracked the door open and peered out.

From behind him he heard the stripper gasp. He turned around quickly to give her a dirty look.

Swear to god, I will kill you.

She cowered further back as he slipped out the door and closed it quietly behind him. Stuffing the tap into his pants he haphazardly tugged his shirt out to feign a bad retuck job. He messed his hair up and quickly made his way down the stairs. With a flsushed grin he nodded to the bouncers. Putting on the total boy who just got lucky with a hot girl look. The one bouncer smirked and the other rolled his eyes. Quickly he made his way through the crowded club towards the front exit. As he place his hand on the door to push it open and free himself from the deviant place he heard a shrill scream. A sudden burst of commontion from the back end of the bussiness gave him his exit cue.

His grin grew larger as he stepped into the crisp evening night. He had what he came for, the tape that would show him his prey.

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