A Teen at the Mall

Though Theo wasn't aware of it, Tim had predicted this would happen - Theo would get into the limo, they would make it about halfway to the towers, and then she would decide she was hungry.

And so they ended up at the mall, where Theo wandered from store to store, trying to select a likely candidate. This was made slightly more complicated by the fact that she categorically refused to put her shoes back on, arguing that if you didn't have to wear shoes in The Studio you shouldn't have to wear them here either, but most people were used to the odd behavior of the teenaged mall rats that hung about at this hour and let her be.

Passing by The Disney Store, she was reminded of her conversation with Aaron and Jan, wherein they discussed feeding on children. While she found that she was still quite uninterested in the idea, she still decided to go in and look around; she liked children's voices and didn't even mind if they cried or yelled.

The Eeyore plushies caught her attention, though she couldn't say why, and a saleswoman breezed by, sensing easy prey. This particular saleswoman, who went by Olive, was trained to believe that if you could get a customer to -hold- an item, they were much more likely to buy said item. With that in mind, she happily pushed the ever sorrowful donkey into Theo's hands. Unfortunately at that moment a half hysterical woman with at least eight children came in demanding service, and the saleswoman was pulled away. Theo, believing the stuffed donkey was hers (a not unreasonable assumption, considering the woman -had- given it to her), decided it was time to go and went back out to join Tim, her new toy tucked safely in her bag.

Continuing to lead the way, she headed in the direction of a fountain in the center of the mall where several people were crowded around, looking through purchases or simply talking. Some were enjoying treats from the nearby food court.

Theo thought this looked like a likely place.

Theodosia 17 years ago
“So what are you supposed to be?”

Theo turned her head at the sound of the boy’s voice and looked him up and down, taking her time in studying him. He was taller than her, though not by much, and had streaked sunny blonde hair that fell stick-straight over his eyes and down one side of his face. He wore a mustard colored blazer with patches on the elbows over a tee shirt and torn jeans.

He also wore a half challenging, half amused smirk, though the voices told her that he was a little nervous to be talking to her and curious besides. He was ‘trying to be cool’, something that clearly wasn’t effortless to him, but she thought he did alright.

She hesitated for a moment, twisting from side to side but keeping her feet planted firmly on the ground. She wasn’t certain of what he meant by that – she wasn’t in a costume, though perhaps her many layered dress and bare feet leant her a slightly non conventional look. She only vaguely grasped the way humans seemed to organize themselves – in spite of her interest in popular culture, the difference between a punk and a hippie, a skater and a druggie, not to mention the purposes of these limiting classifications, always seemed to elude her.

She shrugged and decided to answer.

“A pretty girl.”

That earned a laugh, but afterwards he just stared at her, as though struggling with what to say next – that wasn’t the answer he was expecting, though he liked it (and her) just the same. Theo enjoyed the lost and confused look on his face a moment before reaching out to take his hand.

“Come with me. I want to show you something.”

The boy, with the expression of one who couldn’t believe their good luck, allowed himself to be dragged away from the fountain and toward the nearest exit. The voices spoke of excitement and triumph mixed with more nervousness and a touch of suspicion, but she thought could make that go away.

For now, though, she sort of liked it – his feelings were an interesting response, different from the cockiness she sensed from so many boys like him. And while it was entertaining to trick some fool who thought they were going to have their way with her into giving her a meal, right now she was more in the mood for something…sweet and simple.
Theodosia 17 years ago
Tim was nearby, though she could neither see nor hear him – she simply knew he wouldn’t let her get too far. That was, after all, what she’d asked of him; that he not let her do anything harmful. Sometimes, she knew…she got carried away.

She had led her prey outside, to an exit few people used as there were more convenient doors on either side. A few stray smokers were out, but they were huddled near the ashtray. It was easy enough to lead the boy to the alcove opposite, where the trees and the shadows would mask their activity.

‘Okay, where is it? What did you want me to see?’

Theo smiled a little at the boy’s unsuspecting nature, thinking it was rather sweet that he had no idea he was being picked up, much less picked up for a meal. Instead of answering, though, she asked another question.

‘What’s your name?’

Ah, now he was on to her, though he didn’t seem to mind. He gave her a shy little smile before turning to look up at the stars.

“Cory…what’s yours?”

Once again, she declined to answer – instead, she took the opportunity while he was distracted (too shy to look her way, according to the voices), and came up close behind him. She would have to stand on the tips of her toes, but the slight height difference wasn’t terribly inconvenient.

“Shh…I’m just a pretty girl, Cory…”

The last was spoken with her fangs pressed against his skin, and she felt him sway into her as she bit down. She wrapped her arms around his chest, pressing against him to help him stay upright, and drank.

When she was finished, she pulled back, pressing her lips to the wound until she felt it close. Keeping her arms around him for a moment longer (so warm, he’s so warm and young and alive), she drew one hand up to feel his heartbeat, which reminded her of a captured rabbit. She wondered, in a moment of idle curiosity, what would happen if she tried to hold him tighter; would he go still and content, as he was now, or would he wiggle and squirm and struggle to get away? She could make him feel any way she wished, but she could not predict what he would do and that made everything more interesting. Her glamour had not been needed tonight, and tonight that was more interesting as well.

The object of her speculations leaned back his head, twisting around to try to snuggle closer, but she stepped back before he could get his hands where he wanted them. Looking up at the sky, she pointed to one of the stars.

“There. You can make a wish, and if you never tell a soul it will come true.”

She said this with the solemnity that magic was due – there was not even a trace of smile on her lips. Cory, however, smiled widely enough for both of them.

‘I think I just did.’

Theo couldn’t resist a slight grin at that – perhaps this boy was quicker than she’d thought. He came in closer, bent down just a bit to brush his lips against hers. This time she let him, though she did not kiss him back.

He’d already had his wish.

Taking another step back, she slipped away, leaving him too stunned to think of following.
Theodosia 17 years ago
She might have returned to an entirely different mall, Theo thought as she stepped back inside. Tim was immediately visible and at her elbow, ready to take her back out and to the car, but she shrugged him off.

Several carts were turned over and merchandise was strewn all over the tiles. Opportunistic customers were busy grabbing up everything they could get their hands on and it seemed the security guards were too distracted to even notice. If not for the sound of fear and alarm that resonated even more loudly than the greed, Theo might have eagerly jumped in to loot a few things for herself. As it was she found she didn’t want to get too close. She could hear everything that was going on just fine from where she was, after all – people talking about wolves, or wild dogs, chasing people. People that were frightened, or worried, and even a few that thought this was all quite hilarious.

Tim asked her if she was alright – was he worried about her? It was impossible to tell, to her frustration. She assured him that she was fine and suggested that they should probably be getting home now. Tim frowned for a moment, appearing to consider the matter, then stooped down to talk to Theo eye to eye.

‘If you don’t mind…there’s something I’d like you to help me with first.’

Didn’t Tim want to go home? Well, she supposed he wanted something else more. Theo gave a light shrug in response. She was fed and happy in spite of the pandemonium, and as long as they didn’t have to sleep here she was alright with staying a little longer.

Theodosia 17 years ago
Really, it was almost too easy to get the tape Tim wanted from the security desk. There was a large crowd of people, some customers and some merchants, all demanding the three security guards’ attention as they struggled to handle both the people and the phones. It was simple to push her way to the front and then stand there looking lost while she pressed all the buttons on the tape deck, looking for the eject. Tim had pointed out which one they needed – the number on the deck matched the number on a nearby camera – and once the tape was released it was only a matter of getting it out.

So Theo climbed up on the security desk and screamed in four languages at the top of her lungs. It was a very good diversion – not only were the guards distracted, but the other people as well – and she’d felt like screaming anyway. It was stressful, being around all these unhappy and very noisy people. Once Tim had slipped behind the counter and snatched the tape (so fast that even she hadn’t seen – he’d had to signal her when he was finished), she abruptly fell silent, jumped down from the counter, and curtseyed to the guards.

“Thank you, have a nice day!”

With that, she strolled away as though nothing had happened, heading for the limo, and home at last.

There had been enough excitement for one day.