Nara Baker

Basic Information

Birth Name: Nara Baker
Aliases: None
Place of Birth: Uvalde, Texas
Age: 21
Male/Female: Female
Current Occupation: Journalist
Past Occupation: Waitress


Hair Color: Dark Red
Length and Style: About shoulder length and naturally curly
Eye Color: green
Skin Color: very fair
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 160 lbs
Nationality: USA
Race: human
Body Type: slender but athletic
Wolf Form: n/a

Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator/gifter(if a PC) N/A
Personal Questions

1. Describe your character's personality
Nara is inquisitive and somewhat impulsive. She takes her personal fitness lightly, but is active enough that she stays in shape. She dislikes just sitting by and doing nothing when she could be doing something productive. She dislikes monotony and sometimes takes risks just to get out of a rut of sameness.
2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.)
She has never had the money to wear designer clothing, but uses what she has to put forth a style all her own that is quite presentable to the younger set. It might seem a bit immodest at times to those of an older generation, but not enough to seem purposefully provocative. She just comes across that way at times because of her open, friendly, and personable nature. She pretends self confidence sometimes to cover her youth and inexperience.
3.What does your character like?
Nara considers biking and jogging enjoyable and goes out to one or the other at least every other day. She loves seafood and steak medium rare. Though her all time favorite thing is fresh baked bread. She loves children, and her parents had tried to get her to go to college to study teaching, but she passed up that chance when her father became ill (at least in her mind the chance is gone). She has a secret love for men in uniform and often is distracted when one walks by.
4. Dislike?
Nara isn't fond of alcohol in any form. She hates drunks as she has had to deal with them when she worked at the café. She hates being a waitress. Due to working in the café she found a pronounced dislike for slobs and people who left messes for others to clean up.
5. (For humans) Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned.
Grace, Marathon Runner, Balance, Observant, and Stability
6. What are your fears?
She fears being stuck in a boring job for the rest of her life and getting old with nothing in her life standing out as memorable. She fears never having what her parents had together, a real loving relationship. She fears spiders and ants.
7. What is your character's strengths and weaknesses?
She is a hard worker and in good physical health. She has always gone the extra mile when doing a job. Her parents never asked her to get the job when the medical bills got to be intense. She made that choice herself because she knew it was something that she could do to help. She never let the part time job get in the way of her chores at home or her school work. She would have had perfect attendance for her entire high school career but she had gone with her parents when her dad went to have tests done or when her mother was unable to take her father due to her own job. She is impulsive at times (can be both a strength and a weakness depending on situation). She reacts to mean spirited people badly and takes up for the underdog even when it could get herself in trouble. This has earned her several loyal friends, and since it is usually her reaction that the teachers would catch not the original infraction, it also caused her many days in lunch detention for minor misbehaviors. She sleeps soundly enough to sleep through the alarm sometimes. Unfortunately, this has made her late to school a time or two and late to work once.

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Hobbies & Skills
Nara has talent as a writer but hasn't proven it yet to the world. She knows her way around office equipment and computers. She has been a waitress previously and knows the work involved in waitressing in a small town type café. She enjoys writing short stories of fiction and could often be found reading to children in the summer reading programs at the local library.

Cosmetic Traits
Nara's eyelashes are long and dark auburn like her hair, making her eyes quite arresting to some people.

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention -
Nara bites her pencil as she thinks or listens to someone else talk. She often loses her pencil or pen only to find it later behind her ear. She double checks her locks now that she is on her own, just to be safe.

Personal History

Nara was born in the medium sized town of Uvalde, Texas in 1986 to Rosalinda and Tatum "Tex"Â? Baker. She attended school all her life in Uvalde, and basically was about average in all of her studies. She was a bit of a bookworm, but not so much that it kept her from riding horses or spending time outdoors with her family on picnics or bike rides.

She had several friends, some of which moved off to other towns. There were a lot of migrants that came and went that she lost track of over the years, but their way of life often made Nara sad for them, and her first story to be published in the junior high paper was about how the migrant children needed more help to keep up with their classmates in schoolwork.

Her life was that of a normal middle income family up until she was a junior in high school and her father was diagnosed with lung cancer. She took up a part time job at that time for after school to help make ends meet. She even with the strain of her father's condition, she did well in school especially in her journalism class.

Her father died after getting his wish to see his only child graduate from high school. His death came two months later and devastated her mother. Nara put her own grief deep inside as she was the only one who could look after her mother. This would one day come back to bite her, no doubt, but it was what had to be done for the time being.

She took the reigns of the household budget and paying back the mountain of medical bills. They did end up losing the house, and that was the last straw for her mother's fragile state of mind. Rosalinda died quietly in the night, and the doctors said that she had basically just willed herself to go join her husband. Nara sat in the house that was soon to be taken over by the bank surrounded by boxes filled with her family's things. She sat there for two days without eating and only drinking some bottled water as she pulled out every memory she could from her youth till that last day with her mother. She let each moment hold itself in her mind's eye and then put it away again.

She finally got up and went through the boxes sorting out what could be sold, what could be donated, what would be trashed, and the very few items that she would keep either in storage or take with her. She had several friends that tried to come by to help, but she needed this time alone to deal with her losses. The house was nothing without her parents, and so when it came time to leave, she was ready. They were with her, in her heart, and always would be. That was what mattered.

Nara had used all the remaining resources from the sale of the house and insurance checks to pay off the debts that were left. Then with a last look at the Texas dust and desert, she headed off to a new place to figure out what she was meant to do with her life.

As she made a mental list of things she could do, she thought of her part time job as a waitress. If possible, she would avoid that one as it was not something she enjoyed, but it might be all she could get at first. She had always enjoyed journalism class, and had written for the school paper and even had some articles put in the city paper. That would be her goal, she figured as she narrowed down the list.

She decided to write freelance articles and maybe a few children's books once she got a steady income. The choice of where was a difficult one. She wanted someplace that would draw her creativity forth. She thought back to all the articles that her journalism class had pulled from the internet and world news sources. The ones that drew most of her interest even then had been mysterious encounters that couldn't be explained away by the police. She remembered one town that stuck in her mind, Nachton, so that is where she headed. It was as good a start as any.

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