Desperately seeking... cafe au lait..

The early evening crowd was already out, people moving about the strip from place to place in their lives, completely oblivious to the predators that walked among them. One of those was Amberelle, who sighed and shook her head at the thought. People saw only what they wanted, be it mortal or vampire. Except for her. She'd wanted to see some place to get a decent cup of cafe au lait for the last hour but so far she wasn't having much luck. 'Who do you have to kill for some good coffee around here?' she mused with a frown.

She stood on a corner, looking quite annoyed and ignoring the yuppie packed Starbucks behind her. As she tapped her high heeled foot and glanced around, she brushed a stray strand of blonde hair back behind her ear that had slipped from the loosely gathered clip on her neck. Amby continued to ignore the table of teenage boys behind her, loudly commenting on how well her legs and rear looked in the short slip of a dress she was wearing. 'God forbid I turn around to glare at them, they'd probably die from lack of blood to the brain when they saw how low cut the front is.' she thought with a slight smirk. 'Ohh..' she felt a little pang of hunger, 'don't think about blood..'

Giving up, she pulled out her PDA and started tapping around, pulling up the Nachton city guide online to find some reviews. 'Ah hah!' Finding a listing for a French style cafe just a few blocks down, she flipped the PDA closed with a snap and began humming as she walked down that way. Hopefully she could get a table right outside and have a chance to watch the crowds. It wouldn't be Cafe Du Monde, but it would do.

((OOC : Anyone can feel free to speak with her along the way, or at a table outside.)

Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan sat at a small table for two, nursing her third cup of cafe au lait, as she watched the patrons behind thick sunglasses. She knew that they were too dark for the time of day, but her eyes were still sensitive to the light. As her eyes scanned the crown, she saw the blonde in a dress she had seen just a few weeks ago on a runway in New York.

When she saw that there weren't any available tables, she lifted a hand and caught the woman's eye. She gestured to the chair opposite her's, then sipped from her coffee.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amberelle had walked up on the cafe, excited at all of the sidewalk tables. Obviously, however, she wasn;t the only one. They were all packed. She sighed inwardly, dissapointed. As she scanned the crowd, double checking just in case she spied the well dressed blonde waving her over. Curious, and very thirsty, she made her way to the table. She was greeted with the rich aroma of cafe au lait and leather. The woman's outfit was exquisite, Amby approved and was a little envious.

Bon nuet, mademoiselle, would you mind if I joined you? There does seem to be a lack of tables. She smiled warmly, trying to meet her eyes behind the dark glasses.
Meegan 17 years ago
"Yes, there almost always is, please sit."

Meegan tugged off her glasses with a slight wince and offered her hand.

"Meegan Masters."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Carefully sitting so as not to wrinkle the dress too much, she crossed her ankles and took Meegan's hand, shaking it firm but gently.

Amberelle De'Espionne. I have to say, that outifit is tres magnifique.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan leaned back, crossing one leg over the other within her ankle length black leather skirt. Her leather clad arm went back to her coffee.

"Thank you. I too must say the same of yours."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amberelle smiled. Glancing about, she raised her hand slightly to waive a waiter over. Merci. It's a David Meister. I'd just gotten it and finally have a chance to wear it.

She eyed Meegan a moment, then said with a thoughtful look Is that a Gothic-ah?
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan grinned slightly. It was nice for her designs to be recognized.

"From their most recent line, yes."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Ahhh. I have always admired those. I love leather, and it's so rare to find a designer who does much with it other than winter coat designs. Gothic-ah was always a bit.. dark, for me. And a little too warm to wear in New Orleans. But I think living here now I may just indulge myself with a piece or two. Amberelle smiled, then her eyes widened slightly. Oh! Meegan.. Meegan Masters, the designer! Mon Dieu, how silly I feel now.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan chuckled softly. As she opened her mouth to speak the waiter appeared.

"A refill for me and a cafe au lait for my friend. And bring us a plate of something sweet and sinful."

She returned her attention to Amberelle.

"I am one in the same. I am glad you like my fashions. You are welcome to come by the studio anytime." She tilted her head to one side.

"Do you like to go to shows?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Well, I am sure I would enjoy it. I have never had the chance to go to one. This is my first real trip outside of New Orleans. I've been to Paris a few times with.. family, but never during fashion week. I am sure it must be exciting.

Amberelle smiled warmly at the waiter who reappeared with their cafes and a plate of assorted pastries. She lifted her cup and slowly inhaled the steam rising off of it. With a smile she took a sip. Mmmm! I was so afraid there wouldn't be any good cafe au lait here.
Meegan 17 years ago
"You won't anywhere else." She sips from her own cup, and smiles.

"I don't usually do this with complete strangers, but would you like to come to mine? It's in a little over a week."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
I would be honored! A chance to see a real fashion show.. it should be exciting. And I will be able to have one of the first choices of purchasing some, I like that idea. Setting her cup down softly, she perused the pastries. Finding a cherry laden one she picked it up delicately and put it on a plate, then picked up her silverware.

Please, if you don't mind, perhaps you could tell me a bit about the city? Is there a salon or spa you would recommend? She glanced up at Meegan as she began to eat the pastry. 'I do hope she knows a good one, I need to get a pedicure, bad.. and poor Louis needs a grooming..' Or even better.. do you know of a good pet groomers?
Meegan 17 years ago
"Yes, and yes." She grins over the rim of her cup.

"For a groomers I suggest the one that is about six blocks that direction."She points behind her to the east. "I've used them since I adopted, Dill. They do execellent work." She reaches down and scratches the ear of the black dog beneath her chair. When she lifts her hand she brings her purse with her and pulls sanitizing gel from it. As she talks she rubs the cool liquid into her hands.

"There is a salon just four blocks from here. It's not easy to get an appointment, but I'll make a call and get you in." Meegan pulls a PDA from her purse, and makes a note in it. "What is a good day and time for you?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Oh, such a cute puppy! I left my petit minou at home tonight. He's so well behaved, but it is hard to find places that allow you to bring them inside. Hmm. Since I've just moved here, my schedule is rather open.. Let me think. Amberelle cut a small bite of pastry and chewed her bite slowly. Such a simple question. She sighed inwardly.Evenings are much better for me. I'm just a night person. She tilted her head as she smiled at Meegan. Do you know if they make appointments late? I've always said there should be a 24 hour spa, so those of us who like to be out all night can still indulge.

((OOC - minou is french for kitty cat =) ))
Meegan 17 years ago
"Acctually, my standing is Fridays at six o'clock. To pamper my poor mistreated feet after a long, hard week. I'm sure they can get you in around that same time, is that late enough?"

Meegan selects a cumb topped, cream cheese danish from the plate, and sets it on the small plate before her.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Six.. That should be alright. For a good spa I'll skip my 'morning' workout. She grinned at Meegan as she pulled out her PDA and made a note. If you don't have plans, maybe we could go out afterwards? I'm sure you know all of the fun places in town. My treat, to thank you.

((OOC - Just guessing that 6 is late enough at this time of year / area / etc. And feel free to turn her down.))
Meegan 17 years ago
"I would be delighted to have someone with me. I will make the call, we'll just meet in the lobby. It's just four blocks west of here, only store front with big frosted glass windows and doors and one-oh-five stenciled in white." She grins and sips from her mug.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amby grinned, delighted. She quickly entered the address and building details in her PDA. Setting that down, she picked up her cafe and sipped it.

So, how long have you had little Dill here? She reached down to see if he'd let her pet him, just holding her hand out in front of him
Meegan 17 years ago
Dill lifts his head and sniffs, before nudging her fingers with his nose. Meegan chuckles lightly.

"That means you can pet him. I've had him just over a year now. He's still a puppy."
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amberelle scratched Dill behind his ears, grinning at the happy puppy's reaction. He is such a sweet thing. Very well mannered for one so young. She grinned at Meegan. Spying their waiter she motioned for refills on their cafe. So tell me.. what are the men here in town like? It's always so hard to meet a good single one, she mused with a slight frown.