A Lady in her Carriage

Theo climbed into the limo in front of Tim, having consented to go home after the Mass. Curling up with her feet on the seat, she kicked off her shoes and rested her chin on her knee, thinking about the service as they pulled away. More specifically, she was thinking about Tim, and wondering why it was that she never heard anything from him, even when she knew from the look on his face that he was feeling something. At first she had enjoyed his quiet presence, but now she was suspicious.

"You're blocking, aren't you?"Â?

Tim nodded to confirm her suspicions, and seemed to be studying her for a reaction to that news. Feeling suddenly belligerent, she refused to give him a visible one, and turned to stare at the back of the seat in front of her. Perhaps he was an empath too and would know that she was annoyed anyway, but she still didn't have to give him the satisfaction of a display.

Why shouldn't she feel hurt and upset? The only people who could stand to be around her had to block their feelings to make the experience bearable. She understood that Tim was only trying to make her more comfortable but that wasn't much assurance. Of course it was irrational to be upset with her bodyguard, who she knew really was a good guy, and deep down she knew she was simply feeling miserable with herself, but it was easier to have someone to direct her hostility at.

Why did everyone have to lie to her?

They stopped at a light and impulse took over, with no small encouragement from the voices in her mind. These were the voices that told her when she'd done something wrong, berating her, then the next moment they told her to do more bad things. She knew she wasn't supposed to listen to them, that they were bad for her, but they were so hard to ignore.

Leave. Let him worry, he's a -liar-, and he's trying to make you go home when you don't want to go.

In one motion, she leaned over and opened the door, hopping lightly out of the limo and running out into the street. She ran, barefooted, onto the sidewalk, and continued her mad dash through the still-crowded walkways, disappearing into the night.

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