Pictures, Nurseries, and try not to burn the chicken.(private)

Meegan sat curled around Rachyl as the hammock moved in a gentle swing, powered by Rachyl's foot. Rachyl flipped through the seven photos in her hand over and over, while Meegan rubbed circles across her newly expanded belly. Rachyl's baby bump was more and more noticeable each day and Meegan loved the feel of it in her hands. The pictures were a bizarre sepia tint and showed mostly squashed faces. They were the stills from the 3D sonogram they had done earlier in the day.

Their two best friends were coming over for dinner and they planned to announce the amazing findings of that sonogram, as well as finalize some things for Nyra's painting in the nursery now that they knew the most important detail. That brought the dinner menu to her mind, on her counter sat enough salad makings to feed an army battalion, large nearly perfect portabella mushrooms, ready to go into a marinade identical to the one the four breasts of well trimmed free range organic chicken were currently soaking in. Winter squashes sat cut and seeded and covered in plastic until it was time to put them on the grill. All in all it would be a lovely dinner. Plus Meegan had a stash of Jersey cranberries hidden in the crisper drawer for Rachyl's dessert.

Grinning to herself she placed a soft kiss on her lover's cheek, and settled her head to look at the faces of their babies.

"Do you know what time it is?"

Rachyl 17 years ago
She was in complete awe at the results of her sonogram that morning. Her hand had kept drifting across her belly as Meegan drove them home (as best as it could through her winter jacket, though). Setting up the blankets for their 'cuddle session' in the hammock kept making her midsection wiggle enough to keep reminding her "hey there's two of you in there." Before Meegan had joined her with the pictures she stood in the afternoon sunlight, holding her belly saying, "I can't wait to meet you."

The caresses of her lover on her belly was almost driving her to sensual distraction but for the fresh mental knowledge of the pictures she kept flipping through to stare and absorb. Meegan asked the time; Rachyl looked over the blonde's head towards the shadow of the sun behind the house. "My guess would be nearly five. We've been out here since lunch. No wonder I think I have to pee. Did you tell them not to bring anything? You know Connie wouldn't listen, even if you did."
Meegan 17 years ago
"I told her." With a chuckle, Meegan carefully began to unravel their cocoon. The chilly winter air hit her and her body responded with goose flesh and an urge to pee. It was an art to get the both of them out of the hammock with out spilling themselves on the porch, but they managed with just a small wobble. Meegan wondered how much longer they would ba able to do that, before Rachyl became too front heavy to get up safely. She hoped she had at least five or six more weeks. They gathered the blankets and Meegan took them into the laundry room and set them on top of the washer to be folded later, then made her way to the restroom, and a brush for her hair.

"Do you want the raspberry sorbet or the lemon tarts for dessert?"

She called out, knowing that Rachyl would hear her...where ever she was.
Rachyl 17 years ago
Once out of the hammock safely, Rachyl rushed to the bathroom just outside the kitchen. She didn't bother closing the door when she shucked her pants and sat to relieve herself. She found it a bit odd to look down and not see the gently curving abdomen she had been used to a scant six months ago, but instead a rounded, flesh and blood, human incubation machine, filled with her and Meegan's children.

"Do you want the raspberry sorbet or tarts?" She heard Meegan's yell through the house.
"Tarts!" She giggled as she pulled her pants up, closed the lid and flushed. Chanting to herself, "Tart, tart tart!" which she was enjoying entirely too much she entered the kitchen with a sudden craving for something unfruity. Reaching to the intercom by the pantry she toggled the buttom for the master bedroom. "Sweetie, did we get my beef jerky shipment yet? I'm craving something chewy and unfruity."

Rachyl's cravings had been so erratic over the past month (including craving pot roast for Christmas dinner as opposed to the more traditional turkey, beef jerky of random flavors, fruit rollups, pomegranate juice, pumpkin seeds and even dry white toast) that Meegan ran herself nearly ragged attempting to fill them all. Alright, not really ragged, but it was very sweet how attentive she was being.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan moved to the unit in the bathroom and pressed the button for the pantry speaker. "Yes, it's on the floor of the pantry. I haven't had time to unpack it yet. There's a bag of vegan jerky in there that I thought Nyra might like, would you pull it out while you're at it?"

She let the button go and moved back to the mirror. The brush had made a halo of her hair. She'd had it cut a full six inches at the spa and it had already regained an inch of that. She had absolutely hated the shorter length for about a week, and then it became more convient to style and care for. She as going tomorrow to have the inch re-removed. She tamed the mass with a inch and half bamboo head band, and went into the bedroom she was going to be doing the grilling out on the deck, and so she decided the white with black polka dot silk shirt she was wearing wouldn't survive the night. Which meant she had to change from the black linen pants as well. She quickly removed her clothes and pulled out a pair of black pants and a black fitted Talking Heads t-shirt.

She pulled on her top and had the pants on and was doing up the zipper when the door bell rang.
Rachyl 17 years ago
"Oooh!" Rachyl replied to Meegan's thoughtfulness. A subcurrent of 'oooh she was lazy!' tinged her giggle as she swung into the kitchen for a boxcutter. Finding what she needed in the 'various tools' drawer, she crossed over to the pantry and opened it. Locating the two boxes on the lowest shelf - the 'sorting' shelf, as it was so conveniently labelled - she cut the tape on both and yanked them open. Setting aside a bag of the vegan jerky (Soy-based! Enjoy chewy treats with all natural, all organic, all vegan flavors!) that she could treat Nyra to later, she grabbed a bag of her own sesame ginger beef jerky and tore the seal.

Gnawing on a butterknife-length of the brownish-orange meat, Rachyl returned the boxcutter to its home. She grinned at the label stuck on the top edge of the inside of the drawer: "Various tools." She'd gone on a labelling binge after she couldn't find some of their takeout menus and labelled most of the drawers in the kitchen, shelves in the pantry, and cubby-holes in the library.

She climbed the stairs to their bedroom and paused for a moment in the hall, peering into the room that would become their childrens'. Various boxes sat in one corner: playpen, stroller, clothes, diapers, all covered with a heavy plastic sheet to protect them from paint and dust. Stepping across into the master bedroom hallway she swallowed the remainder of her treat and sealed the bag, satisfied - for the moment - with the one morsel. Rounding the corner, she watched as Meegan pulled on her top.
"I'm not going to get changed," she stated almost defiantly, completely comfortable in the pale blue button-down long sleeved shirt and loose swishy-pants she was wearing. "But you can get the door, I gotta pee again."
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan gave a snorting laugh and pushed the button into place. Grabbing a handful of material in each hand she pulled the pants up like she would a skirt and dashed down the stairs. She took a full ten seconds to catch her breath and pulled open the door, her eyes laughing and a big smile on her face.

"Connie! Nyra!" A hug was given with each name and she pulled the door open all the way. "Come in! Come in! Rachyl will be right down, the babies mashed her bladder again."

She gave a wink to the two women and shut the door behind them. She helped them off with their coats and hung them on the pegs by the door.
Nyra 17 years ago
Nyra stood next to Connie as they waited for the door to be answered. She had dressed in casual cotton pants with embroidery creeping up from the cuffs in a lovely yellow shade that paired perfectly with the brown of the cotton. The top was a plain yellow t shirt covered with an open button up shirt that matched the pants. Last weekend she had dyed her hair a more golden brown shade that looked almost natural on her.

Despite assurances she carried a canvas bag with goodies inside. A casserole dish contained a still warm side dish that contained Christmas Limas, chestnuts and shredded brussel sprouts. It was such a hearty dish with a dash of sweetness and an almost potato-y texture from the beans. Plus it was so pretty because of the red swirl colors. Atop that was a tupperware container with a batch of cupcakes. They were Boston vs. Brooklyn Cream Pie Cupcakes from her latest cookbook, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Yesterday she and Connie had split one upon completion of making them and they were perfect, fluffy golden cake hiding a creamy filling and topped with a thick chocolate ganache. Nyra hoped Meegan and Rachyl like them.

The door opened to reveal Meegan and the hug was returned warmly. Extracting herself from her coat was a slight juggling trick between her backpack and the bag she got snarled up twice but managed to hand over the blasted thing soon enough. Smiling and laughing at their friend as they exchanged pleasantries.

"Thank you so much for having us! How is Rachyl doing besides the need to tinkle constantly?"
Connie 17 years ago
It had been difficult to adhere to Meegan's wish for the two guests not to bring anything. Connie had vacillated back and forth. Yes? No. Yes. No? Finally she decided that 'yes' was the better answer - after all, it was courteous and traditional for the guests to do so! - she followed Nyra to her health foods store and picked out a very good-tasting pomegranate juice. She had wrapped it in a transparent silver foil and cradled it in her arm as they waited for the door to open.

She'd worn her cashmere coat again. It had caused no end of embarassment when Nyra had informed her oh-so-sweetly that cashmere was made out of goat fur... But that it was 'okay because they weren't killed for it.' It still struck Connie as ironic in a way, in the differences between them and their view on 'lower life forms.' Among other things. She was glad she'd chosen something somewhat similar to Nyra; they'd dressed seperately for a change and the giggles created when Connie walked out wearing her gentle pink belted tunic with a white babydoll underneath and blue jeans were infectious and fun.

An itch on the back of her calf just wouldn't go away, even with the mental scratching of the telekinetic push, so Connie raised one of her sneakered feet to scratch with the laces just as Meegan opened the door. Nearly falling over as she tried to step forward, she stepped inside and waited as Meegan took Nyra's coat, then handed over her own. Hugs exchanged, admonishing glances given and shrugged off when the guestly gifts were given, Connie merely stayed silent as Nyra inquired after Rachyl's health.
"I bet she's still pregnant," she quipped.
Rachyl 17 years ago
Rachyl was about to step out of the bedroom and into the hall to meet their guests when she realized she wasn't wearing a bra and her shirt was more than half unbuttoned from Meegan's ministrations earlier. Sighing expansively, she slid out of the shirt and pulled on a hastily-chosen smooth black silk bra, and decided a white t-shirt might be a good idea, before re-donning the button-down.

Down the stairs she descended slowly; suddenly an awake and alert Dill arrived from downstairs to meet her midway, turned around and escorted her down the stairs. "They're my daughters too, and I'm going to protect them," he seemed to say sometimes.
"Still, yes, for another four months." she responded to Connie's quip with a grin.

"Hello Connie, Nyra," she said, giving air kisses to both while standing on her tippytoes. "I see you listened about as well as our d... arling children will, once they get older." Oops. Almost.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan laughed along with Nyra at coat tangle, and took the bag from her with a, "you guys didn't need to bring anything!" She stepped out of the way so that Rachyl could exchange greetings and gave Dill's head a loving pat. He was such a good boy.

"Come on into the kitchen I have wine to air and mushrooms to marinate."

She smiled and led the way to the kitchen. "Nyra, what kind of wine goes with grilled portabellas?"
Nyra 17 years ago
Hugs and coats all exchanged, made Nyra smile happily at their friends. "Pish, I was trying out new recipes and needed test subjects."

Following Meegan along to the kitchen she explained what was in each container and what each needed. She could smell the marinade and thought the grilled mushrooms sounded fabulous.

"I am so not the one to ask, though maybe Connie has an idea on that. The bottom container is in need of a quick visit to the oven, just to reheat it in case it cooled any. The top one is cupcakes and they can sit out for about an hour or stay in the fridge until we are ready to gobble them up."

Just being in the Meegan and Rachyl's home always made Nyra feel good. It was a warm place full of love and hope for the future. She leaned against the counter and smiled.

"Anything I can do to help?"
Connie 17 years ago
Connie watched and grinned at the severe feeling of 'fatness' she was going to have after their meal. Meegan had gone all out and created a veritable smorgasbord of indulgence with her menu. Nyra's suggestion about her own idea of which wine to use for the mushrooms was a bit of a surprise... Nyra didn't drink, after all, so... "Well normally I would imagine something red, like a Merlot or Burgundy."

She glanced at Nyra as if to say, 'Are you actually going to drink?' but then squinted for a moment. Perhaps Meegan had meant 'what if Connie and I wanted wine, what should we have?' She wasn't too sure, but decided her question was valid anyway.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan set the things on the counter and turned the oven on low. She popped the casserole into it then placed the cupcakes into the fridge. "Those both sound delicious and a perfect fit with the menu."

She beamed and pulled a blush from the wine cooler. "Well since red doesn't go with chicken and it sounds like white won't go with the mushrooms, we'll go with a blush."

She set it on the counter and pulled the corkscrew out of the drawer and set it next to it. That wine didn't need to breath for as long as the reds did. She moved to the opposite counter and poured the marinade over the mushrooms and pulled the chicken out of the fridge.

"Give me just a second to go light the grill and I'll be right back."

She went to the back door and smiled at her friends. "I'm so glad you guys could come."

She gave Rachyl the get them drinks look and stepped out into the chill. She squeaked, and reopened the door. "Shoes!" Meegan ran to the front hall, tucked her feet into clogs and then ran back down to the kitchen and out the back door.
Rachyl 17 years ago
Rachyl pouted at the mention of wine. She then decided to do a little half-joking whining herself. "But I can't have wine! Can I have cheese with my whine? Why whine about the wine?" She made herself snicker and laughed even harder at the look Connie gave her.

Rachyl was in too good a mood to take affront at the sideways glance, the so-shocking directive Meegan silently gave her, and simply smiled. Then she giggled at Meegan's squeak and subsequent dash for podiatric warmth. "I offered to cook," she explained as she walked to the back door to watch Meegan light the grill, "but then, she wraps me up so tightly in blankets and jackets I'd look like Randy, that poor little kid from Christmas Story."

Sighing with affection for her lover and life-partner, Rachyl turned to the two women with a big smile and a clap of her hands. "Anyway, what do you ladies want? Tea? Water? Wine? Breast milk? Okay I'm kidding about that last one but I -really- want that pomegranate juice!" Rachyl exclaimed as she examined the silver-wrapped bottle Connie had brought.

Giving the accountant a sideways hug, she made kissy motions up into the air at the taller woman.
"So what did you two end up doing for your New Year's? I really wish you could have come to the corporate party, maybe your presence might have breathed a little life into it for me."
Nyra 17 years ago
Nyra was feeling happy and content though the confused look Connie gave her made her realize she probably had been too vague about the wine. Surely whatever wine that Meegan and Connie liked would taste fine with the food. Something to clear up later no doubt. Of course she had no idea what a blush wine was so she just smiled and watched. It was fun to watch someone else bustle around the kitchen other than Connie who tended to float things around. Sometimes she wondered how her partner survived before telling her.

Rachyl was being silly but that was fun as well, it was almost like they were just carefree youths enjoying an adult evening that was a new experience. The reference of being bundled up was lost on Nyra but she smiled anyways, its not like she ever got movie references, having so rarely watched TV.

"I would love water and juice myself. Pomegranate is my favorite, when mixed with green tea its so good. I found a small bottle of that at the grocery store last week, I don't think it made it home."

The mention of New Years had her smiling that secret smile. She and Connie had rung in January quite privately, enjoying a fabulous meal and intimate company. Going to a party would have been a very poor second to the lovely night they had shared.

"Sorry the party wasn't grand, Rachyl. We just stayed home and had a lovely quiet evening."
Connie 17 years ago
Connie returned the hug and the air-kissies to the shorter redhead. "Somehow sweetie, I doubt that, by the time you're actually producing, you'd have any to share, what with two children on the way. Though maybe sneak it into cooking or someone's tea or coff... Ow!" She rubbed her side when Rachyl jammed a knuckle into her rib. "Alright so no bad breast milk movie jokes then."

Connie caught the little smile Nyra smiled and immediately tried to push down the flare of arousal she felt in her, remembering their cavorting together for New Year's. Hoping Rachyl wouldn't detect the heat of her skin, she changed the subject. "Yes, so, when do you find out the sex? I mean, genders. Or will that be an announcement for the dinner table? I told Nyra it would be one boy one girl, but she's the romantic one saying it will be two girls. We never did decide on a 'bet payment', though, considering it really wasn't a bet."
Meegan 17 years ago
After a bit of cursing and knob turning Meegan got the gas grill lit and the mesquite chip thingers placed. She shut the lid and went back inside. Leaving her shoes by the back door she returned to the kitchen, catching the last sentence from Connie. Curious about what she meant, Meegan figured the best way to find out what they were talking about was to let them continue.

She skirted around everyone and began to get the squash ready to go out on the grill in their little foil packets. She set those aside and went to chop veggies for the salad.
Rachyl 17 years ago
Rachyl felt a bit sheepish that maybe she'd knuckled Connie a little hard but she wasn't too keen on the breast milk jokes like those featured in 'Meet the Fockers' or a number of other movies. Before they'd been funny; now they hit a little close to home. Especially considering that she'd have to feed two babies regularly from her body. Not "have" to. Chose to.

She did laugh at Connie's proclamation of their discussion of the gender of their twins. Trying to reach for Meegan's bottom as she leaned into the fridge Rachyl decided she'd rather sit instead of stand. She pulled one of the stools out of the island and clambered upon it.
"It's funny, for the last year I'd heard of people making bets and little wagers over various other people's pregnancies - even made a few bucks off one that delivered the day before my birthday - but so far as I've heard, no one has been making such things for us. That is, not that anyone has been obvious or explicit about... Martha in HR would have told us, or at least asked us if we wanted to get in on it. What about you, Meegan? Hear anyone betting on our babies?"
Nyra 17 years ago
Listening to Rachyl joke about bets and polls, Nyra could only shake her head.

"Well, I claim the healthy and happy block and am going to be expecting to win should there actually be a wager."

Really that was all that mattered in life, to be healthy and happy. Heck you could even be unhealthy so long as you were happy it was all good. Smiling at the ladies she simply enjoyed listening to the byplay going on around her. Meegan was chopping salad fixings from the looks of it. Nyra could even smell the faint hint of woodsmoke from the grill which made everything seem just perfect.
Meegan 17 years ago
Meegan dumped the baby bellas she'd sliced into a small bowl and pulled a bell pepper to the board. She chuckled softly. "Of course, I have a hundred riding on two girls and another on May sixth as the delivery date. Jeff asked me yesterday, but it had been after I made you go home. He said he'd ask you on Monday."

The pepper was quickly made into strips and dumped in a bowl to be replaced by a cucumber. "Rach, There are some new salad dressings on the third shelf of the fridge would you get them out so that Nyra can read the labels. I got a couple of organic ones that called out to me, plus the raspberry poppyseed you wanted."

cucumber circles were replaced by tear-drop cherry tomatoes in three different colors, and quickly halved and placed in their own bowl.