Did you want to come back to my place? (Attn Will)

About a million things, none of them romantic, were racing though Reign's head. What was the last time she vacuumed, did she do the dishes, was there still laundry on the sofa? Wouldn't that be a great date, clean and folded undies just lying about... well it would be a conversation starter.

As she put the key in the lock, she heard Sirius pacing about inside the foyer waiting for her. Of course, Will would probably be expecting the mutt though, they had met after all.

"You know just for the record I don't generally invite guys over right off the bat."Â?

Why she felt compelled to say that she didn't know. But she didn't want to look cheap right then.

With the door open she waited to user him in and gave Sirius the command to lay down hoping he wouldn't trample Will right off the bat.

"Make your self at home did you want anything to drink?"Â?

William 17 years ago
Will heard the pitter pat of Sirius as Reign unlocked her door. It was a lovely little house and Will admired it for it's simplicity and location. He smiled at her and gave a small inclination of his head, his hand over his heart. "Then I am honored you think so highly of me."

Will stepped into Reign's home and looked around taking her home in. It looked comfortable and homey. Crouching he gave the very obedient Sirius his full attention for a moment. He scratched behind his ears, down his neck and with a chuckle the belly that was exposed.

"Thank you. Whatever you're having is fine."

He rubbed vigorously for a few more strokes then gave the beast's belly a firm pat with the palm of his hand. Still chuckling he stood. "He's rather shameless isn't he?"

He stepped further into her home and removed his jacket, laying it over the back of a chair. "You've a lovely home, Reign. Thank you for inviting me."
Reign 17 years ago
Reign couldn’t help but laugh. Sirius had made a friend and he was hamming it up. She was equally pleased Will seemed to like her dog. That was a plus. She’d had a few dates turn their noses up at him and she’d brushed them off damned fast.

She was a beer drinker and was currently on an oatmeal stout kick. Leaving Will and the mutt alone she wandered into the kitchen and poured two of them into pint glasses and returning handed one to Will.

“He’s a total gigolo if he likes you. I swear he’d do anything for a little attention. If I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes I’d never believe he was a decent watch dog.”

For a moment, she was tempted to challenge him to a game of pool. But she’d only don’t that once before and it had… interesting results.

Again, Reign thought of Bastian, and she did her best to shove those thoughts out of her mind. Although she promised herself she would touch base with him soon.

“Damned where are my manners? Sit down, anywhere. You know I don’t know why but it seems like it’s a bit unusual for you go come home with a girl on the first date.”
William 17 years ago
He took the glass from her "Thank you." Will took a sip and let the taste linger on his tongue for a moment before swallowing. 'Not bad.' He moved into the room and smiled at Reign.

"Would it help to consider this our second date then? And in all honesty I don't usually enter a woman's home until the third or fourth date, but I am glad to have made an exception in this case."

He set the beer down on a nearby table and crossed to Reign. With the back of his knuckle he brushed her cheek, then pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. He traced the line of her ear with a finger, before slipping his hand to the base of her head, deep with in her hair. Bending his head he pressed his lips to her's gently coaxing her mouth open with little nibbles and licks. He explored her mouth, drinking in the taste of her, the coffee she'd had earlier, and now the tang of beer, but mostly it was her and he would remember that taste for a long time to come.
Reign 17 years ago
Reign had been about to reply but that thought didn’t last long. Part of her was surprised how aggressive she’d been and even more so that he was keeping up with that. The other part of her didn’t give a damned, she’d been alone along time and so far liked Will a great deal and so she was more than happy to kiss him right back.

Ever mindful of her beer she held that carefully while wrapping her arms around his shoulders and even though one hand was truly free, she made the most of it. It took a while but she finally backed off and grinned up at him.

“I’ve always liked second dates.”
William 17 years ago
Will returned her smile and kissed her lightly. "I think they've become my favorite."

He had two options right now, he could kiss her again and possibly slip a hand beneath her top or he could step away and pick up with the drink. He was torn. The first was absolutely what he wanted to do and the second was what he should do. Will had no delusions about his sense of chivalry nor about his own wants and needs. He could reason away his actions, but that didn't mean he would like himself very much in the morning.

His third dilemma was in the love'em and leave'em category. He couldn't spend the entire night with Reign, and if he did he would have to explain why he couldn't leave until sundown the next day and he was fairly certain she didn't want him in her home for nearly twenty-four hours.

He pressed his forehead to her's and gave a soft laugh.
"I find myself in an interesting position with you, Reign Sorenson."
Reign 17 years ago
And how, she was becoming damned found of second dates herself. Typically, Reign moved into a relationship very slowly. She’d only had two serious relationships and both had been slow, others hadn’t gotten very far and some times it was because she insisted on taking things slow. Something about Will though, he was innately trustworthy. At least she thought he was and that might be clouding her judgment just a bit.

Fortunately it wasn’t so clouded that didn’t realize the answer ‘I’ve forced guys into more interesting positions.’ Was just a little –too- suggestive for a second date.

“Really? How so?”

She was slightly apprehensive. This was were nice guys said they were married or gay or made up some other strange story.
William 17 years ago
He kissed her lightly once more, it was as though he couldn't get enough of her lips. "I very much want to take this to its most promising conclusion, however I do not think I will like myself very much in the morning. You see I wouldn't be able to spend the entire night with you, and that is highly improper of me. And yet I want very much to see where the next few hours lead. I am not a man of casual flings and I am afraid you will see me as such should we explore the next few hours.

So, Reign that is my interesting position. I respect you too much to sleep with you and leave in the dead of night, but I want you much to much not to."

He knew that it was incredibly foreword of him to speak of such things, but men had been so foreword with women the entirety of his life, oh in some eras they were more discreet about it, but men had been men since the dawn of time and that wasn't about to change anytime soon. That didn't make it proper or right, but there it is.
Reign 17 years ago
Blushing slightly Reign was happy enough to lean in and steal another kiss. It was wonderful to find some one who was willing to go slow, it just reinforced her feeling that Will was more than a one date guy. She was tempted to tell him he didn’t need to leave in the middle of the night but she managed to keep her mouth shut. Although, it did seem like an odd thing to say.

“Do I at least get another date out of this or have I proven to be a wonton woman and not third date material?”

Half the question was serious, the other half flip. She held her breath as she waited for an answer, trying not to thing about him saying no.
William 17 years ago
"It would be both an honor and a pleasure to take you on a third date, a fourth and a fifth if you so desire."

He kissed her again, just a fluttering of lips, and pulled away. "But for now I really ought to take my leave, before I give you reason not to keep that third date."

He felt a bit guilty for not drinking the beer she'd given him, but he knew if he stayed that he would not keep his promise to stay out of her bed. He picked up his jacket and swung it on. Sirius gave a little whimper and he chuckled and gave the mutt's head a pat, before turning back to Reign.

"My friend has promised to teach me about e-mail, so I will send one to you with the number of the little phone I'm getting to carry in my pocket."

He brushed finger tips along her cheek, and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips. He knew it was insane to use the very things he feared for this woman, but he would if it meant something to her. Never in all his years had he ever met anyone he wanted to change things for. He did not think himself in love with Reign, but he did want to get to know her and spend more time with her and if that meant carrying a damned phone in his pocket and learning the internet then, so be it.
Reign 17 years ago
Reign tried very hard not to be disappointed. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to take him to bed or not but damned she hated having the evening cut short, even if she did understand why. Of course that also made her want to blush a bit, but she managed to prevent that.

“I promise it’s not hard, but I’m also going to hold you to that. I hate being stood up.”

She offered a lopsided a grin. It was actually very true she did hate being stood up or strung along but she wasn’t really worried about it in this case.

Good manners dictated she should offer to show him out but damned if she wasn’t going to make him make the first move. She didn’t want to chase him out if he didn’t want to go.
William 17 years ago
Damn him to the ninth hell, but he did not want to go. He stood poised between breaking his promise and running out into the night screaming. He swallowed back the chuckle that threatened at the thought of himself running screaming with terror.

He stepped into her, making things harder for himself in more ways than one, and pulled her to him with a gentle hand at the back of her head, until they were pressed together. Line to line, angle to angle, he could feel the heat of her body through jacket, shirt and jeans. His need grew, but he tapped it down. Now was not the time, nor place. He would wait, he had that much control, but he wanted her to want him just as badly and he wanted something that would haunt his dreams until he could unshackle his need.

He paused a breath from her lips, breathing the air she stirred through slightly parted lips, before pressing his lips to hers with the passion that he held in strong restraint. He poured it into her through that kiss, he explored her mouth with his tongue, learning every millimeter of it, from the backs of her teeth to the roof of her mouth. He danced his tongue with hers. When passion had his fangs itching to drop and taste of her, he pulled away, knowing that even he at his age could not control such things for long. He lingered over her lips for a moment, before setting her from himself.

"La bonne nuit de bonne nuit! Séparant est tant de douleur douce."

He knew Shakespeare would always be a safe bet with Reign. He didn't know if she knew any French, and his was...not perfect, but the sentiment was the same in French, English or Sanskrit. He brushed his finger tips across her cheek once more, pushing a stray lock of hair behind her delicate ear, before moving to the door. The longer he stayed the closer he got to crossing a line, not yet meant to be crossed.

With another gentle kiss he opened the door and walked out into the night. When he reached the end of her walk, he let his breath come quick and his heart beat like a train engine against his ribs. When he was at the end of her block he broke into a dead run, back toward the Towers and away from a temptation he had never know before.

((translation: "Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow" from Romeo and Juliet))

((ooc Will out pending response.))
Reign 17 years ago
Hmmmmmm… it was a kiss to relish wonderfully romantic and he held her so well. It was a good feeling, one of want and need and not confinement. With only momentary hesitation, Reign let herself fall into it. It would have been far too easy to fall farther in and forget herself.

Will, however, seemed to remember and Reign blushed very slightly as she looked up at him.

Not speaking French she didn’t understand completely, but her Latin served her well enough and Reign could put most of it together. Of course, up until just this very second she’d never much cared for that particular play and so her replay was a bit hesitant and probably less than accurate.

“But I shall say goodnight until it be morrow.”

Letting him leave she locked the door after him, decidedly sorry to see him go.

((OOC… Reign out too))