Welcome to The Studio

The Studio is a a unique environment that offers dance classes to men and women of all skill levels. You can find classes in ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom, and fitness, and for the ladies a foray into the world of exotic dancing.

If you would like to join a class, please pick up an application in the lobby and place it along with your deposit in the tuition box, call and leave a message, or visit our web site.

Classes are held Monday through Saturday at certain times. Please be sure to pick up a new student packet when you drop off your deposit. The information can also be accessed through the web site.

We look forward to dancing with you!


Wren 17 years ago
Upon pulling up to the studio you find a pleasant single storey brick front building with a spacious front porch. The trim is painted a cheery pinkish color that matches the brick. The porch has a wrap around railing that is wide and sturdy enough to sit on, and two large porch swings. Next to the front door is a plaque that holds The Studio's Mission Statement.

The Studio is a place for men and women to find expression through dance. It will provide a safe environment for fitness, learning and creativity.

In white letters on the door read "Please remove your shoes before entering The Studio."

One enters into a spacious lobby. The walls on either end have large murals of greek ruins as viewed through a window or doorway of the ruins. The far wall leading to the rest of the studio is painted in a deep rich cobalt with paintings of the grecian coast line on either side of the single door in the center. The wall with the entry door is painted in cream with a gold crackle finish and draped with white gauzy curtains around the two picture windows. To the far right is a freestanding island with an assortment of teas, single cup coffees, and hot chocolates along with the trimmings for them, and two electric kettles that hold hot water at just to boiling temperature. To the side of the island is a water cooler. There is a rug that leads from the front door to the dance floor door, but the rest of the floor space is covered with groupings of low squashy couches and arm chairs, along with some large floor pillows thrown about. It is a quiet comfortable place that invites students to hang out before or after classes and chat. Soft classical music plays in the background.

One leaves the lobby to enter the dance floor proper. The floor is a light gray composite that can be used for all forms of dance including ballroom. The walls are a soft muted sandstone color. A Barre extends across the left-hand wall and up to the door way on the front wall and the hallway on the back wall. The right wall and the other halves of the front and back wall are covered with floor to ceiling mirrors. In one corner is a small stand with a stereo system, remote for the stereo, and what ever drink Wren has brought in, usually water. In another corner is the resin box and a shoe rack for students to place their shoes to await changes during class.

One leaves the floor by way of a short hall. On the immediate right there is the restroom, it's walls are the same color as the studio walls, and there are several small pictures of the grecian coast, and a small glass shelf of seashells.

To the left is the men's dressing room. The walls are eggshell with hunter green argyle diamonds. Against the left wall is a bank of lockers and cubby-holes. The back and front walls hold a row of cushioned folding chairs, and a long low couch sits against the right wall. Above the lockers is a row of individual mirrors, and a full length mirror hangs next to the door.

The women's dressing room is next to the restroom. The walls are painted a buttery yellow with tiny pink, blue and purple flowers painted all over. The right wall holds lockers and cubby-holes with mirrors above. The left wall holds a kitchenette; refrigerator, short counter with sink and cabinets above and below. A microwave and electric kettle sit on the counter and in the cabinet is a duplicate of the coffee basket out in the lobby. The fridge holds bottled water and Wren's lunch things. On the front and back walls there sit a total of six small vanities so that the students have a place to sit and take care of personal grooming. A full length mirror hangs by the door as well as one next to the lockers. In the center of the room are two low benches for dressing, and behind them is a long low couch.

Wren's office is accessible only through the women's dressing room, and with in it is her sanctuary. The walls are a study in impressionist painting. Bold slashes of color mix with geometric shapes to form a cozy relaxing space. One corner is "curtained off" with beaded curtains hung to make "walls." With in that space there is a fat yellow armchair and ottoman, a bean bag, a small futon, and a book shelf. The rest of the office holds a large oak desk, with two client chairs before it. To the right of the desk was an oriental screen that Wren used to change behind when necessary.