Nachton On Ice... (Rules Within)

Here on the lake, the ice is thick enough for you to have fun skating, no matter how many spills you take. Lace up your own pair, or borrow one from the little stand next to the lake, and try it out! There's plenty of room for all!

((ooc: Feel free to RP at your leisure here; however, every post you make must quote a bit of a Christmas carol. Whether the title, a line or two, or what have you, don't forget to mention one, and place it in bold for all to see. Be creative!))

Xeph 14 years ago
Xeph was so busy attempting to break the sound barrier that it took him a moment before Nikhila's words registered. He looked over his shoulder long enough to lift his brows and say, "Turn?" Then it sank in, and looking ahead once more rather than down at his feet he realized they were running out of ice quickly. Turning had never really occurred to him, but he did his best.

His best obviously was not going to suffice... so in lieu of making any sort of turn whatsoever, he eyeballed the snowbanks around the lake in their vicinity, aimed at one of those, and made a spectacular werewolf-sized dent in it as he brought them in for a crash landing.

Joyful and triumphant, he popped his head up and exclaimed, "That worked," with some surprise. Extending a hand to Nikhila he helped her up and shook some snow from his hair. "Should we try it again?"

He didn't really wait for an answer... the question was rhetorical. Besides, the normally reserved Nikhila needed to unwind sometimes, in his opinion, and if he had fun too then it was all for the best. Giving her a little push onto he ice he stepped out after her and took off again in much the same manner as before, heading for the other end of the lake.
Joey 14 years ago
'Damn. Well that settles that.' He had been denying his feeling toward Ana, but face it, how could a guy and girl fall in love if they've never even had sex much less spent more than an hour in each other's company? With out any more thought he turned his face and pressed his lips to hers and angels began sweetly singing over the plains. They were perfect lips, warm despite the cold, just a little chapped from the winter weather, and receptive to his kiss. He lingered just a moment then pulled carefully away.

With her hand in his he took them to the edge of the lake and the bench where they'd left their shoes. He pulled the blade caps from her shoes and placed them neatly on her skates, before helping her with the laces. After pulling the skates gently from her feet he sat beside her and unlaced his own. He had absolutely no words and so contented himself with sitting next to her and absorbing the electricity that still ran through him from their kiss.
Montana 14 years ago
Seeing Joey's face come towards hers in slow motion shocked Ana; at first she thought perhaps he was falling and she didn't want to be crushed under his big manliness... But she also didn't want him to land on his face. She moved closer to him, or so she thought - he was moving closer to her, and leaning over more! - when suddenly she felt softness against her lips. Why couldn't she see? Oh, her eyes were closed. What were those sparklies and where'd that tingling feeling come from? Wow, if that wasn't a kiss that will open and shut her eyes, she didn't know...

Oh, it was over. Damn! It was over! Her lips still felt warm, where his touched to her own, and she felt as warmed as if she'd already drunk a barrel drum of hot chocolate. She felt movement as she was turned back to the edge of the lake but her mind was still focused on darkness and softness. Her foot was momentarily cold, then warm again as her clomper boots were slipped back onto each respective limb.
Joey 14 years ago
He got his boots on and tied, then tied the laces of his skates together and reached over to pick up Ana's. She was sitting very still and quiet and he felt concern bubble up inside him.

"Ana are you alright?"

He turned her just a little so that he could look full in her face. "Your eyes are like starlight now. Ana, baby, say something."

He was genuinely worried now, perhaps he had made her angry with his kiss, or maybe she was just in shock. Well he could think of no better cure for shock than more, so he moved forward and pressed his lips to her's once more, his hands moving from her shoulders to nestle in her hair at the base of her head. The perfectness of her lips struck him again and he was suddenly greedy for her. He needed to taste her. With gentle strokes of his tongue he managed to coax her lips open. He nearly growled in ecstacy as his tongue plunged with in the depths of her mouth and filled his senses with the taste of her..
Montana 14 years ago
Ana just sat there, staring off into space, not focusing on anything and yet was able to continue paying attention to everything Joey was doing, even though her awareness seemed locked on the kiss he'd given.

Suddenly - what was this man, The Flash, with all his 'suddenlies' here and there and WHOA! kissing her again, eyes fluttered closed lips so soft and warm and hand on her head in her hair holding her close so warm so mushy so OOH! tongue so slippery and filling her mouth melting soaring flying hot Joey warm...

And then it was over. Damn! Over again! She felt cold against her lips, her heart being in their plushiness, thumping in her throat. She tasted him on the tip of her tongue and the sparklies went away when her eyes slowly opened. Grinning bashfully, wondering how stupid she looked with her lips still pursed - she must have looked like a drowning fish - she replied quitely,
"All is calm, dear Joey, all is bright."

Nearly completely warmed over, she felt almost like removing her coat would cause her to melt all the snow around, she realized she didn't really want the hot chocolate nearly so much as another sip of the sensuality of Joey's Lips. But she still did want it. Pushing her glasses back onto her nose again, she nudged him and tittered. Tittered! He had her tittering!
Joey 14 years ago
He broke their kiss and remained just a breath way from her until she finally opened her eyes and answered his question. She called him dear, and it warmed his heart. Carefully he let her go, his hands sliding down her arms and away from her to pick up their skates and suddenly he was being pushed and giggled at. His puppy-like urge to push her back and wrestle around in the snow had to be traded for a gentle return nudge using his shoulder.

He stood and offered her his hand, gave her a good tug and was forced to catch her as he'd pulled much harder than was needed. As he held her for a moment, he prayed 'Make my wish come true.' He had no idea who he was praying to, but he hoped someone was listening as he lowered Ana back to her feet and tucked her hand in the crook of his arm.
Suki Langston 14 years ago
Suki tromped through the snow in her standard boots to the winter festival. Looking around she decided that her preparations would not go to waste. Within mintues she was strapping into her black skates that she had brought, slung over her leather clad shoulder. Turning her face into the wind she thought how the wind does blow, it stings the toes and bites the nose as she stood and began moving over the frozen lake.

Her hair had been sectioned into six parts and each individually braided for a funky almost tenticle look that ended in skull shaped plastic baubles and was held back by a black fleece headband. Though it was cold outside she felt pretty warm still and knew the exertion of skating would help as well. The double layer of tights, purple and black horizontal stripes and a sheer skull hose overlay, would keep her legs warm under the spiderweb material of her skirt that was artfully tattered. The long sleeved top was even double layered with a mini waffle thermal shirt under the spiderweb shirt with safetypins along the neckline holding it together. The black leather motorcycle coat only went to her waist but was lined and warm, as were the matching gloves.

Zooming about the ice she laughed out loud, reminded of her childhood.
Montana 14 years ago
Ana looked up at Joey as he tugged her back into his arms. A frigid wind whipped up and danced across her face. Shivering, she observed, "I'm somewhat surprised there's no bon or barrel fire here, with marshmallows for roasting and caroling out in the snow, no scary ghost stories or tales of the glories of Christmas long long ago... I mean, not everyone can have an amazing Christmas, but surely there's a special one someone keeps in their hearts, right?"

She tried hard to remember previous Christmases, friends, family, places, things... Not even the gifts mattered so much, but as she'd said earlier, the spirit counted... One 'girlfriend' she hung out with via Girl Scouts had a strange penchant for forcing her family to keep their tree up for extra months on end, and they even decorated it for Valentine's and Easter. The year she turned sixteen, the family'd even needed to decorate it for the Fourth of July...
Joey 14 years ago
"True enough, but it seems to me that Friends and relations send salutations. Just as sure as the stars shine above"

With their skates slung over his shoulder they made their way to the pavillon that held the hot drinks and he hopped cookes or some other kind of snacks.

((Ana and Joey out to the tree decorating.))
Nikhila 14 years ago
Realizing it was too late to stop or turn Nikhila could only brace for impact and pray neither of them broke any thing. Thankfully, snow was soft, cold and wet but soft enough not to cause permanent injury in this case.

Even with snow in her hair, and some down her back it was easy to let your heart be light when playing with a puppy, and right now, it was clear that’s what Xeph was. She tried to scowl at him as he helped her up but giggled as he shook the snow from his hair.

Set out on the ice again she glided for a bit from his push before putting her head down and using her long legs to her advantage gathering speed with each push.

“-Around- the corner this time.”

She reminded him, but did nothing to slow him or hamper their progress.
Pakpao 14 years ago
Well if it wasn’t the two turtledoves. Pak spotted Aishe and Kem but decided to leave them be, for now. Besides, she still hadn’t figured out how to move yet. No one else seemed to be having this problem and she was certain that remaining a stationary target was a bad idea.

However, Pak was having trouble getting her mind around things, literally. After more careful observation she cautiously pushed off and slid forward. See this wasn’t so bad, she had momentum, now how to steer. She was just getting the hang of that when an NHL wanna be took a corner a bit too fast causing her to panic and land flat on her ass.

The ice was –cold- cold enough that Pak was much more interested in getting up off it than in retaliation. But she couldn’t seem to get her feet under her, and kept slipping and sliding and making no progress towards standing at all.
Aishe 14 years ago
Aishe kept glancing at Ana and her beau out of the corner of her eye, although she had to admit, Kem's whispering against her ear was distracting, a ittle spot of warmth on an otherwise chilly night. She was getting the hang of it now and starting to make her wobbly way over the ice. Kem's hands, wide and strong around her waist, were gentle and firm.

As they gradually wound their way past folks dressed up like Eskimos, an interesting sight greeted them. Aishe couldn't help but giggle, and she could feel Kem shaking with suppressed laughter behind her. Pak... it had to be Pak. She was bundled up as if they were in the arctic, but that was definitely her there on her butt on the ice.

"Go help her, poor thing," Aishe said. She told herself it was all right to laugh... really! She tried to quell any guilt over the fact; Pak would have laughed at her, wouldn't she?

Kem's hands left her waist and he headed out towards their friend. Aishe watched him go with slight envy; darnit, it wasn't fair for him to move so effortlessly on his skates. He was supposed to hate the cold and the ice... or something!
Kem`Raaisu 14 years ago
Aishe seemed like she was doing well enough, so Kem kept an eye on her while he headed out over the ice toward Pak. She didn't seem to be with anyone else, or... at least, no one was rushing to her aid. Gliding easily towards her he stopped in front of her as she continued to slide and held his hands out in the same way he had for Aishe.

"The Zamboni impression is good," he said, "but you might go faster on your feet."

Aishe was coming slowly towards them and without looking behind him he held one arm out for her to catch onto to stop herself. He waited for Pak to grab onto him, anchoring himself on the ice like he'd done previously with Aishe and hauling her to her feet when she did so. There were definitely a few wobbly, 'too much egg nog' moments, but he was sure Pak would get the hang of it just like Aishe was doing.
Xeph 14 years ago
Xeph glanced back at Nikhila once more with an expression of surprise as his powerful legs pumped yet again, speeding over the ice with all the reckless abandon of a runaway roller coaster.

"Around it? But we were doing so well."

She was getting into it too now, and in spite of her insistence that they conform to the public and make neat circles around the lake, she wasn't exactly steering too strongly in any one direction. They were careening toward another snowdrift, and Xeph eyeballed it as he had before, trying to gauge softness and packing sufficiency.

Flashing Nikhila a wicked grin he stopped trying to control his skates at all and slip-slid his way into another drift. This one, unfortunately, was nowhere near as cushy as the first had been and he hit it with a solid thunk and a distinct grunt.

"Okay, maybe the 'around the lake' thing has some merit after all," he said, but that was all he had time for before Nikhila's momentum had her tumbling into him and he was bounced off the solid rocky lump under the snow a second time.

He lay there for a few seconds as sparkly stars and moons floated overhead and he was certain he heard pipers piping and drummers drumming and that sort of thing, then came to his senses long enough to hear the sound of his own laughter.

When he caught his breath he said into the tangle of limbs that was Nikhila, "All right. I'm convinced. We'll try around this time..."
Nikhila 14 years ago
Laugh, that’s all she could do as she mad minor insincere attempts at guiding them around the lake. It was so easy to let Xeph go along his merry way and literally come along for the ride. It was so much fun, and something she would never do on her own.

As he got into a drifted bank, again she though he had muttered something about her being right, at least partially right and took that as a warning and tried to stop herself from landing on him but failed miserably. Although he ws kind enough to cushion her fall quite nicely. However, Nikhila was instantly concerned and scrambled off him as best she could, so she was able to look at him.

“Are you all right? Are you hurt?”

But the fool was laughing. He must be fine, at least fine enough she didn’t have to worry about him and was able to laugh too.

“When are you going to learn that sometimes I’m right too?”
Pakpao 14 years ago
Not fully aware of her precarious position Pak let lose with a small tirade of Siamese profanity as Kem helped her up. At least she wasn’t sitting on the ice and that was considerably warmer.

“Why can’t we do this sport in summer’s clime? I am cold and I am wet.”

Pak groused. At this moment, she was having a very hard time remember why she’d left her warm cozy office.

Effectively, and slightly desperately, clinging to Kem for support she let him lead afraid to make any attempt at movement on her own.

“What the hell is a Zamboni?”
Nicholae 14 years ago
"I'll stick so close to you, you'll have no worries there m'lady." Nic would make damn sure Livia wasn't injured while on the ice. So far he'd never had any of his dates wind up hurt, and he didn't intend for that to start happening now. Besides, he felt immensely protective of the woman who's hand he now held, and knew it would hurt him as well if she became injured.

The sleigh ride had been quite romantic, and very comfortable, but when it started becoming a bit too full of people, he thought being out on the ice would give them back more of their 'solitude'. Even with all the people on the ice, there were still huge expanses of areas where no one yet glided upon.

Once they had got their skates, and Livia sat down on a recently vacated bench, Nic helped her remove her shoes, and then replace them with the skates. Her toes felt a bit chilled, so he rubbed his hands together and then applied them in an attempt to warm her feet a little, before he put on the skates.

"I know this may sound corny, though I seem to be full of the old corn tonight...but you know, I've always dreamed of a white Christmas...actually living and participating in one, not just seeing it. I don't think I could have planned a better evening than what we've had so far. Are you enjoying yourself?"
Livia 14 years ago
It was not until Nic knelt at her feet, warming her toes before assisting her with the skates did she realize she had not been sure what exactly she was asking him in her last question. The reassurance that he would stay close to her was a heartwarming answer no matter how she looked at either.

"I dont believe I have enjoyed the countrysides covered with snow more than I have tonight. This has been a marvelous evening Nic. Thank you for bringing me."

Once they both had on skates, he assisted her to the ice. Livia wobbled a bit, but not too much. The feel of the ice under the sharp blade of the skate was something to get used to. She vaguely recalled doing this a very very long time ago at a country house, with a full skirt and corset on. This felt easier especially since she held tightly to Nic's hand.

Unfortunately just when she felt confident her blade jostled through a particularly deep cut in the ice causing her to wobble and start to fall. Her quick intake of air prevented more than a squeek of warning before she lost her balance. Not wanting him to fall as well she tried to let go of his hand and give him a quick warning.

"Nic!" Was all she sent before she struggled to regain her footing.

((Sending in Red))
Addison 14 years ago
It had been extremely quiet since he'd returned. His one outting had been full of random faces at the club, none of which he recognized. Which seemed to be a theme...Addison didn't recognize any faces right off while looking over the ice rink either. It just wasnt his ...weeks? The red head let out a puff of air. At least there was the hollidays to look forward to. And, in his light green jacket and mittens, he looked more festive than most.

Taking his turn in front of the rental booth, the accountant shelled over cash for a pair of skates, idly singing
"It's beginning to look a lot like christmas..." under his breath.

There was a time he had learned to skate...and that time was in elementary school. Addision had to covertly watch a blonde girl with pigtails lace her skates up before he could figure his own out. Figures...he could work accounts to the fine details, but couldn't lace these up...

Then there was the problem of actually skating...and it wasn't that bad...if he held on to the would be better if that little blonde girl weren't giggling at him too. Ah well.
Nicholae 14 years ago
Nic didn't feel all that secure only holding onto Livia's hand, since she had made a special point of letting him know how long ago it had been since she skated, and how uncertain she expected to be on her feet. Yet he also didn't want to appear too overpowering, by taking her in his arms. So he held her hand as they started around the ice.

After a mildly shaky start, she seemed to have the hang of it, enough so Nic lessened his hand just a little. And then she was having a bit of difficulty, and seemed to be headed for the hard ice.

"I've got you! No worries my dear. You're in the capable hands of jolly old Saint Nic here."

He chuckled as he slid in behind her on his skates, and released her hand, only to wrap both arms around her waist from behind, and allow her to fall back against him.

"See...only a fraction of a moment in peril...and now you're right as rain."

Unable to pass up the opportunity, Nic snuggled his lips against her neck, and gave her a series of quick, kisses, intended to tickle more than seduce.

"How about we try it this way for a bit, until you get your ice legs under you?"

Moving back to Livia's side, Nic kept one arm firmly around her waist, and crossed his right hand over his chest, to take her right hand firmly.