Black Sleigh (Rules Within)

Two midnight-black horses stamp their feet with spirit as they eagerly await their next jaunt through the preserve. In their polished black leather harness with the sleek black sleigh behind them, they seem to glide through the woods and over the fields like a shadow. The jangling bells on their trappings are pitched low and echo through the night with mellow, soothing tones. The back of the sleigh, however, is far from cool and sleek. It bears several inviting piles of hay, all apparently well-used by previous passengers as the hay is scattered every which-where.

((ooc: RP at your leisure; however, every post must include some sort of observation - spoken or unspoken - about another character on the sleigh with you.))

Carol 16 years ago
'Oh my god COME ON!'

Carol grabbed Simon by the arm as she dragged him closer to the two beautiful black horses. Like any little girl growing up, she had been completely enthralled with horses, especially black ones. To hell with the white horses, she thought as a child. The black ones were so black they were whispers practically. Shiny, sleek whispers with the ability to poop in small stacks.

'Would you like to,' Carol said with a sultry look and a horrible thick German accent, 'roll in de hay?' She jumped up onto the back of the sleigh and proceeded to...roll.

'Roll, roll...roll in de hay!'

Yes she was quite proud of the fact that she had 'Young Frankenstein' on dvd and had seen it at least a dozen times. Mel Brooks is a GENIUS! Carol looked at Simon, admiring him in his dark grey wool trench coat and matching winter boots. He gave her a tight smile which made her giggle ridiculously.
Simon Huntington 16 years ago
He tried to keep his composure but could not help but snort out a laugh when she did her Terri Garr's Inga impression. Climbing up onto the sleigh he picked a bit of hay out of her blond hair and tried to get comfortable, the smell of horse manure not withstanding.

Leaning back onto the soft hay, Simon put his arm around Carol who again was giggling. The park had filled up nicely for the festival and for the moment he let go of his recent suspicion of being followed. The past couple of weeks and the recent news of Ellis not actually being dead had been a heavy burden to carry, but right then he was going to enjoy Carol and the season. Christmas was, after all, about loved ones and obnoxious songs by Bing Crosby.

((OOC out with Carol))
Diane 16 years ago
Dia had sat in the very back of the Sleigh completly bundled to withstand the cold. Michigan got cold and she was used to it, but that didn't mean she liked it. The Sleigh's driver told her they had to wait for more people before they set off and she didn't mind the wait as it was a beautiful night.

Bullheaded as she was she had not learned her lesson the previous evening when she had been attacked. The night still appealed to her and she was still going out alone.

As more people arrived she took notice to a couple who were carefree when they relaxed on the ride. How nice it would be to let go as they had. They seemed well comforted in each others presence, the tiny little blonde with the darker haired man. Lovely indeed.