Artistic Abundance

The white building did nothing to stand out from the others just like it linning the street. Even the sign was quite sedate, proclaiming the business to be the "Artistic Abundance" in twelve inch tall letters of unimpressive pink. Windows showed a simple supply or hobby store at first glance past the battered hand written OPEN sign hung near the door. What made this store unique was that once you stepped inside you knew everything you needed would be here, from canvases to clay to computers with CAD and cartons for shipping. This was not just a supply store either. The regulars brought in work or paid their bills by contributing to the look of the store. The walls were painted in several murals with sculptures and paintings dotting the landscape. Apparently the exterior was either an attempt to fit in with the neighborhood shops or a sly way to keep the best supplies location secret. Either way the shop was not hurting for money or business. The plum painted concrete floor had numerous rugs in open spaces and scuffs down the aisles. Simple metal shelving was kept clean of cobwebs and dust which typically plague the style in most locales. Lighting was plentiful and a small sitting area was set up near the front with a back room serving as classroom for the nightly crafting classes.

Nyra wandered through the racks, touching the scrapbook papers and punches lightly, before scooping up several of the various calligraphy pens in various colors. She dropped them in the large straw shoulder bag the store provided as a shopping convenience. Inside were already multiple tubes of oil paints, a new palette and three different brushes of the finest quality. Those three little gems were what had coaxed her into the shop but her total would include a huge variety of items including the paints, pens, canvas, clay, beads and even a variety of metal sheets. And she had yet to even go down the Christmas Craft aisle!

Humming along with the carol piped over the speakers near the register Nyra enjoyed herself. The mild weather had her out in soft cotton gaucho pants that when standing still looked like a skirt with its lettuce edging. A green shirt complimented the dark gray pants while keeping her warm with its long sleeves and modest scoop neck. Nyra's hair was held away from her face with a thin silk scarf in black with green floral prints on it that was tied in a headband, ends trailing down her back. Her sneaker clad foot tapped as she contemplated the first item in the holiday aisle, a bisque cast of a little christmas house, depicting teddy bears covering the snowcovered chalet in lights and decorations. It made her smile for whatever reason, she could see it finished in the colors of her choosing, but she wondered just who would appreciate a gift like this.


Connie 17 years ago
Connie couldn't keep her mouth closed. Open, shut. Open, shut. In, out. Inhale, exhale. Her jaw was starting to crack under the strain of repeated yawns. The note on the table had said 'out art shopping' and unfortunately Connie's shopping list was sitting right next to it.

Mentally fishing her cellphone from her wayward purse, she dialed it mid-flight and held it up to her ear with her telekinesis as she covered yet another yawn with both hands.

"Hi sweetie. Could you do me a favor? Could you please pick up a couple quill pens or calligraphy pens and ink, and some parchment, some gold or silver paint - just a small can or even one of those dandy pens - and some scroll tubes if they have them?"

"No no, it's okay, you have your own list to fill, I just want our first holiday cards to be different, that's all."

She held the phone away from her mouth as she yawned again. "I'm going to head to bed now. Wake me up when you get home, will you please?"

"Alright love. Shop and have fun, I'll talk to you later."

"Love you, bye."

Again using her telekinesis to return the phone to her purse, Connie yawned herself across the room to the bed and heavily flopped down on the still-Nyra-mussed and -scented sheets, sleep claiming her quickly.

(( Connie out ))
Nyra 17 years ago
Nyra had just about reached the decision that this little precast sculpture was not something anyone she knew would want when her phone rang. The soft sound was not instantly noticable as the quiet christmas song blended in to the background easily. When the song, The Closing of the Year, reached a higher tone, Nyra quickly pulled it out of her pocket and answered it quietly.


Listening to Connie made her smile. Her vampire was sleepy. The request was simple and the artist strove to remember it all before giving up and walking to the register. Scooping up the pen and scraps of paper they had on hand, artistic types often needed something close at hand, and jotted down the list. Once it was all there she questioned her partner.

"Can I pick you up anything else?"

Connie's explaination had her smiling and promising with a 'will do' to wake up the sleeping beauty. Within moments the call was over. Nyra picked up the list and realized she had just promised to wake up her lover 'when she got home' which could be from the store or after painting in the studio all day. Deciding it was the later, as the former would only give the tired woman an hour of sleep, she continued shopping list in hand.
Nyra 17 years ago
The options on Connie's list were easily found. Nyra had opted to buy the calligraphy pens rather than the ink and nib pens. Those always scratched the paper quite a bit and then stopped working due to the fibers stuck in them. She had not enjoyed her art class that sketched purely in those things. The items she found were quite reasonable so she picked up several colors; black, silver, gold, and red. They were out of green so she did not fret too much. Everything else seemed simple to find as well.

Soon her handbasket was heavy and she headed to the cashier rather than venture back towards the seasonal section. The cashier was friendly and even knew who she was upon viewing her credit card.

"Your the artist with all those amazing sunscapes at Ramsey's! Wow, Mandy is going to be so thrilled you were here. She's the owner, not a drop of talent but she loves art. This is so great." The young woman gushed for a moment while her green hair spikes trembled with her every move.

Nyra smiled and blushed at the girl.
"Thank you. I was not aware my work had anyone following it, but thank you so much."

The girl quickly bagged up everything once the transaction was finished. "Oh yeah, you do have quite a following. Specially in this town. Say do you want help taking this out?"

Unsure just how to take that, Nyra tried to let her face look inquisitive not suspicious. Still the girl was friendly and out during the day so she accepted gracefully. Soon she was on her way after listening to the young woman compliment her car and taste in products. With a shake of her head she drove home, intent on putting several of the items to use upon arrival.

((Nyra out))