Just a reminder for everyone on what the weather is like in and around Nachton. Its location is based on Baltimore, Maryland.

Weather Link

The other thread with information is rather old so hopefully this link works for everyone.

Suki Langston 16 years ago
Thanks so much! Was just contemplating heading to the HoP and wondered if I should find a coat. Brrrrrrr!
Alfarinn 16 years ago
Nah, not for the weather lately... at this rate Nachton will be lucky to get snow on Christmas.
Mosi 16 years ago
Speak for yourself! I need a warmer coat and scarf.
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
Speak for your self! To my Southern blood 40's and 30's is seriously cold!!
Alfarinn 16 years ago
You're in the wrong part of the south then...its been wonderful here. ;P