After a long break...

'Some things never change,' Addison thought, taking a sip from the green-tinted drink in his hand. It clashed terribly with his hair, but he was picky when it came to alcohol and this was sweet enough for him. The accountant eyed the patrons standing near him at the bar, but none looked familiar. He hadn't seen Jan yet, but hadn't let his master know he was back in town. The scant E-mails to the Tach Vampire from home had been hurried...his mother had taken a lot of attention after her surgery and his father was as much help as...a knife when eating jell-o.

But...he wasn't here to get himself down. He was here to bolster confidence a bit before heading back to the domicile. He'd even changed in the car...from his grey slacks and button shirt, which he left his house in, to some leather pants and a white t-shirt. Addison set his drink down and looked away from making eye contact with a gal down the bar who was shooting him an interested look.

"Anything else?"

Huh? Bartender...
"Yes, another please..."

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Addison 17 years ago
After a night of ignoring a couple interested glances and a rather riveting conversation with a young woman on the joys of fellacio, Addison paid his tab and left.

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