Last Call - Exit thread.

Mr. Do stood in the shadows of Babylon as he watched the parade slow down and finally turn the corner off of Uptown boulevard. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out his slim gold cigarello case and gently tugged at one of the tightly rolled sticks. Closing the case, he gently tapped the cigarello against its shiny surface as his dark eyes watched the parade watches slowly filter into both clubs or home for the evening. Suddenly something glittered and caught his eye down the south side alley of Babylon. Letting his curiosity get the best of him, Mr. Do casually walked towards the alley, lighting his cigarello as he hung out of his mouth.

Turning the corner, something dark and large shoved past him, knocking him to the ground. Passer bys had all but disappeared, so there was no one to alarm with his angry call to the rude person. Picking himself up slowly, he thanked the gods he had the luck to not lose his thin stogie and grabbed his lighter off the ground. Wiping at his pants, he felt something damp. Too thick to be water, to thin to be oil. Flicking the lighter again, he held it close to his hand.

It was red.

Do looked up slowly and held the lighter out further, casting its soft warm glow against the wall of the alley, revealing a scantily clad waitress he recognized from Babylon. She looked beautiful in her peacock mask although her slit throat did tend to distract the eye.

One by one, all will leave and notice the clutter of people, the flashing blue and red lights and hear the whispers of something being viciously killed. Feel free to react or ignore - but we thank you and sorry about the bloody mess.

You have until Friday 24th to exit, after that all threads will be closed and locked.

Jan 16 years ago
The band finished up and it was now down to the club's own music. Jan went to collect their earnings for the night while the others started loading the truck. It was pretty much done by the time he had managed to find someone with the ability to pay him. Staff seemed to have gone scarce about the place. What the hell were they doing? Were they all upstairs somewhere jacking off about how much money they had earned? Might be nice to pay the working people first but whatever.

He went to go look for the waitress that he had talked to earlier but he couldn't find her. It would have been nice to have a meal and she'd have enjoyed it. Oh well her loss. Walking out the back exit, he found his band leaning against the truck and looking for all the world like they were watching the most interesting of cinema entertainment.

One would think it was hard to miss sirens and blue lights but they were a common occurence for most of the places he hung out so Jan paid them not real mind. Not quite what the scene one would expect here though. Uptown being what it was and all. Probably some rich bastard who couldn't hold his licquor distrupting the crowd still hovering around out front.

Upon turning around and getting a good look, he saw that it was completely different. The area in front of him was a mass of chaos, far too much of it to be a drunk and disorderly. Gestering with his chin, Jan asked.

"What the hell is going on?"

Ash looked over at him with her cold jaded blue eyes and said.

"Its not a party until somebody dies."

((OOC: Jan out ))
Nicholae 16 years ago
Seeing the limo driving towards them, Nic began walking in that direction, moving his hand to caress the small of Livia's back. Pretty damn opportunistic having a limo drive them the short way back to the towers, and Nic had to consider what fun the two of them might have on the drive.

Glancing down at his beautiful date, Nic's eyes focused on her lips as he started to lower his own to them. But some shouting and then whispers from the expanding crowd around them drew his attention elsewhere.

"Police...huh...wonder what's going on?"

Seeking to protect Livia before anything else, Nic kept her close and didn't move in the direction he was curious about. Instead he didn't break stride and was soon opening the door to the limo. He saw no reason to make the driver park to do so, and liked playing the gallant servant at the moment.

Once he was sure she was securely seated in the back of the vehicle, he slid in beside her, and snuggled up next to her. Whatever was going on would surely be in tomorrow's paper. He could wait for that. He'd rather not wait for Livia.

"Home, James."

(Nic out)
Livia 16 years ago
Livia was torn, since saying goodnight to Dawn she had been anticipating their trip back to the towers and what might possibly lay ahead for them. But when he first leaned down ever so slightly with such intent too kiss her, her mind had pouted briefly and claimed to be wanting special for their first kiss. Of course the instant he paused and pulled away that same fickle voice whined about being denied the opportunity. Still the distraction was valid, police were usually enough to warrent a pause and glance even if she had no desire to see what caused it. Generally nothing good ever caused law enforcement to emerge, only violence or crimes stirred them into a frenzy.

Holding onto her handsome date's hand as she slid as gracefully as possible into the car she had to remind herself to let go, less he find her forward. Of course in this day and age she could probably crawl into his lap and not be blinked at twice. Propritary in mind she slid over mindful of her skirts flashing too much skin while leaving enough room for him to sit. Soon enough they would be home and could get to know eachother better.

As he directed the driver she placed her hand over his and smiled at him.

(Livia out. Blasted flatfoots messing up my evening! )
Xeph 16 years ago
The parade had wound down, leaving in its wake a dead waitress, slumped on the ground like a puppet with severed strings. Blood was in the air, and it made the hair on the back of Xeph's neck stand up. His lips twisted up briefly when the tangy, metallic scent wafted by, more tantalizing and teasing than the whispers of the authorities whose words were clear to his ears.

He stepped out of the Club, intent upon following the scent. Someone nearby would have the same blood-scent as the dead woman. Someone nearby would have her smell all over. But then, so did the police and the paramedics... matters best left to them, anyway.

Hammer would no doubt be looking for him, and with the air so heavily blood-laden, it might be a good night to make use of the Long Run.

((ooc: Xeph out))
Alexandra 16 years ago
It had been interesting her time spend inside of both clubs, she had learned something, met someone and maybe layed the base for something in the future, walking over to where all the comotion was she looked down at the dead waitress, the throat slit right through.

"What a waste of a good meal"

Snickering she walked off, her heels clicking on the pavement as she headed home, she knew that this would be one of the last times she would call that place home... to be honest it never had been one, the talk well chat she had with the mistery woman only reminded her more of the fact that she needed to leave Tacharan and stand on her own two feet, she also know that this ment she would make enemies and lots of them.. but then Alex never said no to a challenge.

(( ooc. Alexandra out ))