To catch a killer (Private or Ask)

Cross watched the tall blonde Evenhet leave the dance floor and enter the private area. He nodded meaningfully to a group of 'young' men who were towards the back of the club flirting and laughing with a waitress. One of them turned his gaze away from the red door and found Cross and returned his nod. They wrapped it up with the woman and headed towards the bouncer.

The Ancient had come with a companion; he had watched him while he sat with the smaller blonde in the booth. It seemed reasonable then that Alfarinn wouldn't take long with his dinner. The group of men would take a few minutes to get past the bouncer and get into position and by that time the Evenhet should be well into his it were, as oblivious as a vampire can be. Cross sneered slightly to himself; all the human legends of vampires had the valiant hunters stalking their monsterous prey during the day while they slept.

He knew better.

Alfarinn 16 years ago
Alfarinn moved over to the bed and sat down, propping himself up on against the headboard and stretching his long legs out in front of him. He patted the mattress beside him and arched an eyebrow in sardonic askance. She had been quite forward before so he doubted she'd be shy now.

The woman glanced at the place beside him and raised her eyebrows in amusement. With a sideways smirk, she moved closer, placing one knee beside him on the bed. Alfarinn looked up into hazel eyes and for a brief moment saw the pain that she was trying to hide. She looked away, focusing instead on his chest as she swung her other leg up and over him, coming to rest straddled across his lap in one smooth movement. Her hands slid once more under the soft grey sweater.

Grabbing them both by the wrists, Alfarinn waited until she looked up at him again.

"What's your name?"
Victim 16 years ago
"My name?"

She choked back a surprised outburst of laughter.

"Does it matter?"

All he wanted was a piece of ass; names weren't necessary. Rolling her eyes at her own ill luck, She figured she had gotten the one guy who needed to salve his conscience before just taking what he wanted. Great, just great, Grace, you can't even be used properly.

Her eyes locked onto the grey ones that were watching her. That wasn't what he wanted; she could see it now and it all started to click. His body language on the dance floor suggested desire but it wasn't the same; she remembered the blonde in the booth and peered intently at the man she was sitting on as if looking closer would allow her to see inside his head. He seemed to be waiting patiently for her to answer the question; no, this wasn't normal at all.

"Grace" She sighed in resignation. "My name is Grace."