Babylon - After the entry thread.

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Ellis Duban 17 years ago
The bodyguard and had taken one look at her and grinned at her outfit. With a curtsy, she swung the bat up to lay on her shoulder, giving the guard an eye full of what could come. He stepped aside and let her in with a nervous chuckle.

As she entered the club, the heat from the bodies and music hit her almost like a brick wall. The lights were low but not too dark, the music thumped as she entered further, taking in the beautiful bodies walking back and forth. Stepping down into the pit, she looked around and despite masks, recognized a few of the city's elite politicians. It was darker down in the pit, Ellis noticed, but the size of the actual club inside was very misleading from the outside. The pit itself would've been a reasonably sized club. The stage that was flush with the entry level ground floor was mammoth. She circled the stage and moved on.

Passing into Dante's Hell from Heaven's Gate was breathtaking, to say the least. From the socially acceptable 'normal' exotic dance club into a sensory overload of latex and fetish made Ellis start to blush. There were less people in the back section milling around, but still a steady stream of people heading towards the back and disappearing into the private rooms. Some of the private rooms had curtains that were either closed for privacy or open for all to see. Groups of people wandered by, occasionally stopping before heading into their own rooms to finish...their business.

There were dancers suspended from the second level viewing section, each in different garbs, different historic periods, both in Dante's and the other side. Ellis watched the writhing up in the cage, her body moving slowly to the music playing. There was an announcement about a live band starting, but she only barely paid attention. Turning she saw a dancer on the stage, stripping erotically to 'Loosen up my buttons'. Ellis decided this would be a frequent hang out for her.
Iov Hammerthynn 17 years ago
Hammer watched Xeph disappear into Club Eternity. With a snort, he turned and looked at its polar opposite, Babylon. It wasn't that one was more popular than the other or that different types of people seemed to be more inclined to go to one instead of the other - but Hammerthynn decided to forgo entering the lesser of the two evils and made his way across the street into Babylon.

He was taller by at least three inches than the bodyguard, not that he noticed. Hammer passed him without a glance and the guard did not seem to want to trouble himself with the large six foot six man with the eye patch. Upon entering Hammer felt the heat and was reminded of Africa, but did not take off his coat. Instead he took several steps down into the pit and then stopped to survey the area. His good eye covered every inch of the front half of the club, noting exits or lack thereof. A hostess came by, ironically dressed in a rather skimpy Russian outfit and braided pig tails.

'Welcome to Babylon, sir.' The woman took Hammerthynn's hand and it took everything not to pull away at the touch and violation of his personal space. His hackles rose but at the sight of the rather lovely blond, he permitted her touch and let her lead him further into the club.

'You don't look like a Heaven's gate type of man. Why don't I show you the other side?' She did not wait for a reply, instead she led him over to what he could only describe as a whole helluva lot of latex and sex. Hammer immediately identified the smells surrounding him and his stomach growled again. He unconsciously licked his lips, much to his hostess' delight.

'Hungry, are we?'

Hammer looked down at the petite blond and permitted her a slight grin.
Jan 17 years ago
The band was set up in short order but Jan waited for more of the crowd to filter in before taking the stage. Its a waste to sing to no audience. The parade would be wrapping up soon and people would settle, if that was the correct word, into their desired places.

He took a sip of his water, and looked around the new place that the mysterious John Do had cooked up.


Of course he was sitting on the edge of the stage in Hell. It was much like the House of Pain with more flesh to be seen but he understood that it would soon become the place to 'be bad' for the upper crust. House of Pain was an underground nightclub, a dark rumor of epic proportions, but Babylon was out in the open for everyone to see.

Looking back at his band mates getting ready, he chuckled dryly.

"Wonder how long it will take the Uptights to shut this place down. Shall we take bets?"Â?

The sights were enough to make the vanilla crowd a bit squeamish and when you added the customers who were every bit as strange as the normal staff... well some people just didn't like knowing there was that much weird in their fair Nachton.

He looked up at the nearest cage dancer just as she happened to be looking down his way. Gyrating her hips provocatively, she gave him an inviting smile. Jan raised his eyebrows behind the mask but grinned and blew her a kiss.

"Later, my little bird, I shall do my best to work up an appetite."Â?

Smiling at the words she was doubtful to hear, Jan stood up and checked with the rest of the band. There seemed to be enough people to be worth opening for. He walked out onto the stage and took hold of the mic.

Giving the crowd a smile, he began

"I know that for many of you this kind of place is a new experience. So this song is for you...all the fetish virgins. Something light...don't want to scare you off too quickly."Â?

The song began slowly and Jan's voice caressed the more melodious beginning.

"When you were young
and your heart was an open book
You used to say live and let live

-you know you did
you know you did
you know you did-

But if this ever changin world
in which we live in
Makes you give in and cry "

He smiled and the music paused as he did.

"Say live and let die
Live and let die"Â?

It broke into a much harsher version of the old song and set the tone for their darker music to come.

"What does it matter to ya
When ya got a job to do
Ya got to do it well
You got to give the other fella hell

You used to say live and let live
-you know you did
you know you did
you know you did-

But if this ever changin
in which we live in
Makes you give in and cry

Say live and let die
Live and let die."Â?

Pulling the microphone close before the next song, he said.

"Welcome to Babylon."Â?
Carol 17 years ago

Carol clapped her hands happily as Jan and his band finished up their first song. Cupping her hands to her mouth, she yelled at the top of her lungs, 'GO GO EMO BOY!'
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Simon entered Babylon at the tail end of his song and heard the distinct yelling of his lady fair. His mask was bothering him and he kept scratching just underneath his right eye. Moving slowly to the right, he walked the length of the bar wall, taking in the amount of liquor and being thoroughly amazed. The bar was magnificent and filled to the brim with the very young to the very old. Trendy nouveau rich blended in with Nachton's old money and both enjoyed the club for what it was worth.

Passing through Heaven's gate, Simon made his way back to the much whispered about Dante's Hell. Jan's group had taken a break it would seem and Prince's, or the Artist Formerly Known As, 'Get Off - remix' was playing.

Simon had heard the thumping of this song many a times come out of Carol's office. He was surprised she still had hearing.

How can I put this in a way so as not to offend or unnerve

There's a rumor goin' all round that u ain't been gettin' served

They say that u ain't u know what

In baby who knows how long

It's hard 4 me 2 say what's right

When all I wanna do is wrong

And there she went. Simon watched Carol climb up onto the stage and start gyrating to the music. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she pulled at it, shaking her long blond hair loose. Simon pushed his mask up to his forehead as he watched her grab the pole and twist around, causing her skirt to flare up and expose her creamy pale skin.

Gett off - 23 positions in a 1 night stand
Gett off - I'll only call u after if u say I can

Gett off - let a woman be a woman and a man be a man

Gett off - I u want 2 baby here I am (Here I am)

I clocked the jizz from a friend

Of yours named Vanessa Bet (Bet)

She said u told her a fantasy

That got her all wet (Wet)

Something about a little box with a
Mirror and a tongue inside

What she told me then got me so hot

I knew that we could slide

Simon pulled his mask over his head and walked close to the chest high stage. No one had stormed the stage to get her off, so to speak, and the patrons on this side of the club took notice of the crazy little blond woman shaking her thang.

I clocked the jizz from a friend

Of yours named Vanessa Bet (Bet)

She said u told her a fantasy

That got her all wet (Wet)

Something about a little box with a
Mirror and a tongue inside

What she told me then got me so hot

I knew that we could slide

I'm gonna kiss in front of everybody - I don't care that's right I pull your dress up
shit - you aint got no underwear on
I shoulda known - I shoulda known
butta scotch curly hair wish you got some drawls on now
stone freak to the bone

That's when Carol noticed him standing close to the stage, watching her every move with a small smile on his lips. Her hair was a tussled mess which he had been privy to on several occasions - it was that 'freshly fucked' look that he liked so well on her. And once again, Carol managed to surprise him when she lept off the stage, right at him.

Carol 17 years ago
They could not expect her not to get her dance on when they started playing her song. Probably the hottest song on the damn planet, Carol climbed up the stairs and grabbed onto the gold color pole with all her might. She swung herself against it, sliding down to the floor where she undid her hair and let it fly. Straddling the pole, she pulled herself up and started to swing her hips back and forth, showing more and more skin under her veil like dress. She could already feel the sweat forming on her skin and it spurred her on, flipping her hair around, pulling her skirt up and flinging herself on and around the pole.

Suddenly she felt him there. Looking up, she flipped her hair out of her face and saw Simon standing on the side of the circular stage, staring up at her with that little grin that drove her crazy. Carol disengaged from the pole and walked over to his side, then turned with her back to him. She bent down at her waist, exposing god knows what, and with her feet about two feet apart, grabbed her right ankle and slowly ran her hands up, all the while looking at Simon from behind her arm. When she made it to the top, she turned and knelt towards him till she was crawling on the ground. Then, at a painstakingly slow pace, she slowly stood, her eyes on his and then jumped off the stage into his arms.


She giggled as she smiled at him from her cradled position in his arms. Then she slowly slid down him and with a slow, predatory like pace, she circled him with her hands touching every where on his body. Carol circled till she was in front of him again and then she put her hands on his chest and slowly trailed them down the front of him. She ran her hands down the front of his pants and was duly rewarded. Sliding up his back, she rubbed her body against him, forcing him forward a step with her roughness. She felt his hand grab hers and she twirled out and then back into his arms to a close.

The crowd watching began to clap and she gave him a huge smile and a blushing wink.
'I shoulda been a strippa!'
Diane 17 years ago
Maybe she should stay working at the diner. These women..they were something else. Intimidation set in and she explored further.

Her dress trailed behind her as she stepped into what was the 'dark side' of the club. Her eyes widened in shock at the liquid latex coated women. This had to be the wrong section for sure.

Holy lord. The words escaped her lips before she could catch them.

She was a pink peptobismo bottle in a world of black disease. The music was blaring and she caught the end of some type of personal show for one man, when a petite blonde tossed herself off the stage and into his arms.

Where in the world am I? Her head shook. This was far different than Detroit.

She turned to go back into the 'softer' side of the club.
Nicholae 17 years ago
Once the limo dropped them off in front of the club, Nic's hand never strayed from the small of Livia's back. He liked touching her, but also felt extremely protective of her. That, and he didn't want anyone swooping in and trying to make off with her. She was indeed a beautiful woman, and in her costume created such an air of mystery that he would be surprised if he truly didn't wind up spending the evening beating the men...and possibly women, off with a stick.

"Amazing!" He said, loud enough to be heard over the din of the parade, but not quite shouting. It was his vision of her that generated the comment, but he quickly turned his eyes to the parade. He was still trying very hard not to overwhelm the woman with his strong feelings.

"It really does give one a feeling of Mardi Gras, doesn't it?" And now that he noticed the other things around him, he found the parade pretty darn authentic looking. The costumes were both loud, and elegant. The music was loud, and very festive. And the people seemed absolutely thrilled to be partying in the street. But after a few minutes he found himself wanting to see inside the club, and have the excuse of dancing to pull Livia close.

"Shall we?" Putting his hand more around her waist now, Nic turned slightly towards the club entrance, and gave Livia a dazzling smile.
Livia 17 years ago
Livia felt positively protected by Nic's actions since exiting the limo. She was very impressed with his gallantry and pleased that he should bestow it on her. Nodding her head at his comment she was amazed at the proceedings around them. There were more people in scanty costumes or flamboyant masks than she could count. Some were beautiful while others went with frightening. Quite a spectacle.

As his arm wound around her waist she smiled.
"I would love to."

Entering the club was an experience. Not something she had seen in the last few hundred years. She was quite glad for the mask that covered most of her face as she blinked and gaped quite like a tourist on her first trip to Rome. Still it was interesting and she was game to explore so she looped her arm around Nic and ventured towards an empty table.

Smiling at Nic she sat down carefully, mindful of her full skirt and risque slit up the front. Livia probably flashed a bit of the lace tops but hoped no one noticed with the scantily clad people already in attendance. Peering around interested she wondered if they had waitresses here and just how they told them apart from the patrons.
Nicholae 17 years ago
Rapidly caught up in the merriment, Nic grinned from ear to ear once he'd entered the club.

Not only did he have the prettiest girl at his side, but even though their costumes were slightly understated, he didn't see any he felt were more elegant. There were several more elaborate, but he was content to represent a less loud version of a festival attendee.

He did have to admit, some of the women's costumes left little to the imagination in their skimpiness. Many a breast flashed as he looked around the dancers, but Nic's eyes didn't linger. He was much more interested in his date's attributes. He didn't miss the slight glimpse of leg Livia let show, before pulling her skirt close. Nor was he missing the creamy, round, softness of her own glorious breasts, as they bulged slightly from the top of her corset. The somewhat old fashioned piece of clothing had made a comeback recently, and Nic appreciated it as much now as he had a hundred or so years ago.

Leading her to the table, he held her chair as she sat down, and then joined her. Seeing a lovely young thing with a tray of drinks, Nic's raised hand quickly gestured towards them. Seeing he'd caught her eye, he waited until she'd delivered her current drinks, and then smiled when she immediately arrived at their table.

"Shall we throw caution to the wind and order some champagne, or did you want something else?"

Nic liked alcohol, but beside a few beers here and there, wasn't much of a connoisseur. He did enjoy a nice bottle of Dom Perignon on special occasions though.
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Ellis sat slumped in her chair. The darkness of the private tables afforded her this luxury. Leaning her chin onto her right arm, she gently tapped the iron mask to the rhythm of a song she knew all too well. Three years of having bi-curious Carol as her familiar made ground thumping songs like 'Gett Off' an almost daily occurrence. Carol loved to dance and it was slightly comforting to know that she finally learned how. She remembered earlier days of watching the little blond just flail about, not caring who was watching or if she was doing whatever move right. She apparently had been practicing - and then that awful brick feeling in her stomach rose up. Carol was probably dancing for Simon.

Ellis shifted uncomfortably in the dark. These feelings of jealousy and hurt were unfamiliar. Ironically if Simon had just asked to have Carol from time to time, she wouldn't have minded - just as long as she could watch. Really, was that too little to ask? She reached out and poked a waiter with her bat and pointed at her empty glass. While in the darkness, she'll get drunk, let the pain fester...and then maybe go kill something. Yeah, that always made her feel better.
Diane 17 years ago
The softer side was just as revealing as the....leathery side, minus the ominous feeling of dread she felt when she had entered. Safer, fluffier and more teasing were the women and the tables looked inviting.

Taking a seat at one of the tables near stage left she was promptly greeted by a scantily clad girl.

What can I do you for flower? A drink, a dance, maybe something more private?

The girl straddled her pink gown covered legs, pushing her full breats in her face. Dia's eyes grew wide and she bit her lower lip.

Um, a drink maybe? Seagrams 7 & coke please? A timid response.

The girl laughed and wisked away with a wink.

-Lord- She thought to herself.

A new act began on the stage and she watched while waiting for her drink to return.
Livia 17 years ago
"Champagne sounds lovely. I rarely indulge but I think this night may be perfect for it."

Livia smiled as Nic took care of things in his gallant way. It had been decades since a man had actually held a chair for her to sit in. Having him do something so charming was flattering and something she could get quite used to. Old world manners seemed to have gone with the old world. Unlike her corset.

Amazingly how it felt so luxurious today but three hundred years ago it would have felt like torture. Foolish waist training 1700's, she was quite pleased those days were gone. The beauty gracing her curves today accented them lightly without trying to push her bones into different shapes.

Settling her hand in her lap, folded neatly, along with her legs demurely crossed one ankle behind the other she smiled at her clanmate. He looked dangerously handsome. The mask adding a fae feeling of masculinity in its sharp edges and pointed tips.

"Have I thanked you yet for your wonderful invitation to this event? I hope I have, this is amazing and I am thrilled to be enjoying the evening with such a charming date."
Nicholae 17 years ago
"Good...everyone needs to let loose a and then."

Nic found himself shouting to be heard over the loud music and people, and didn't feel comfortable with it, so he moved his chair closer to Livia's. So close he could brush his lips along her jaw if he found the opportunity, but for now he just used the closer proximity to converse.

While Nic never had trouble flattering women, it was pretty rare that could accept the same in return, and believe it to be sincere. Too often in his past, back in the days of studio parties especially, would young starlets throw compliments his way in hopes of getting his attention, and then using that attention to foster their own careers. He couldn't really find fault with them, because he had done similar things all his life. But when a really important woman came along, and gave him words of praise, Nic took them to heart. That was why each time Livia brought up anything positive about him, it was hard to be humble. It meant too much to just casually wave off.

"Your smile is thanks enough, and it's I who should be thanking you for joining me." He stopped himself there, before he went too far. He still felt that special spark when he was with Livia, but remembered they didn't really know each other well, and he didn't want to scare her away before they were able to fix that matter.

"I agree, this is quite an elaborate show they have put on tonight...what with the parade, and everything. Even in Hollywood you don't often see anyone go to such lengths to promote a club opening. It's very effective though...really puts a person in the mood to party. And the theme...just kinky enough to get the point across that anything goes, without rubbing your face in it."

The two other clubs in Nachton he'd been to, Eternity and House of Pain, were both fun, and also gave a person the sense that they could get away with practically anything there, but Babylon seemed to transport a person back to where that kind of fun was more a way of life, and not so artificially generated.

Not that he was old enough to have experienced that kind of merriment first hand. But he had heard tales.

"See anyone you recognize?" Nic forced himself to look around the throng of people, mainly because he didn't want Livia to think he was some kind of freaky stalker, who couldn't stop staring at her. His eyes always returned to her face though.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Now THIS's what she was fuckin' talkin'bout! This place was hoppin! She wasn't so interested in the very busty ladies all over the place doing suggestive things, but she figured if she had it she'd flaunt it too. But she went a different route, never looked back and had no regrets. In walking across Heaven to go check out Hell she got her ass slapped or pinched a couple of times, so obviously she was still interesting enough to strangers, a-cup or no. And she could probably take anyone in Heaven on in a straight fight.

Glancing around Hell, she thought the odds would even up. If no one else, the chick with the bat also had the right attitude for this side of the bar. Must've been at least convincing to get in here with it even if she didn't use it on the bouncer. Lotta other people seemed out of place here, though. She'd arrived to see someone make a stage dive onto a patron who looked kinda like a businessman dressed differently for the know he was gonna be shelling out the dough for her fine ass in a few minutes.

Feeling another lingering hand on her rear, Dawn frowned. Turning around, a lanky, well dressed man seemed to be admiring her assets. Smacking his hand away, she said in a high, flutey tone,

"Hey mister, that's mine, bought and paid for. Go get your own."

Unfortunately, that only seemed to fuel the issue. He intimated that it was precisely what he'd been trying to accomplish with his activities, and was wondering how he might be able to further that goal. Apparently she'd gone too school-girly to get him to mind his digits, as they were now on her hips and he was square in front of her. Well, another tack would have to be tried. Cocking her head to the side, she looked him up and down. Snickering, she said

"Lil man, you ain't masochist enough t'handle what I dish out. Best run along back t'Heaven before one'a us devils gives you more'n ya reckoned."

Well, you had to admire his persistence and self debasement. He swore he could handle what she could dish, and that he was plenty into pain, pulling up his undershirt to reveal scars on his back and how lucky he was to have found such an athletic lass on his first trip. Sick limy fuck. Well, time for the hay-maker.

"Just a word'a warnin'. I'mma true sadist. What I'm good fer'll hurt y'deep inside. Show me ya cash an' tell me what ya want."

Pulling out a pretty hefty wad of bills, Dawn gaped for a moment. How much did these fuckers pay for their crazy assed shit, anyway? Didn't they know going to a biker bar and slapping ass there would get them their kink for free? As he leaned in, body to body, he whispered all sorts of sad, fucked up repugnant shit involving lashes and razors and rope burns and electrocution. Trying not to throw up, she grinned wickedly, licked her teeth, put her hand on his and pushed it down. Going up on tip toes, she gave him a peck on his cheek and whispered,


Giggling, she ducked through the crowd while the man stood dumbfounded at what had just happened. Winding up near the stage, she waited a moment - maybe the band would start up again soon.
Nicholae 17 years ago
Scanning the growing crowd, Nic doubted they would be able to have the luxury of trying to figure people out soon. Once the place got jam packed, it would be difficult to keep bodies straight, much less try to see if they knew anyone.

But as he looked about now, his eyes fell onto some colorful hair that looked vaguely familiar, and as his gaze covered the body of the girl, he realized he did know her. Or at least he thought he did. The longer he studied the girl, taking into the crazy costume she wore, Nic knew it had to be Dawn.

"Speaking of recognizing someone, I see a friend I'd like to introduce you to. She's...quite unique."

Nic considered just whistling, something he could do quite effectively, but then changed his mind. He had established some modicum of class tonight, and didn't see the need to just toss it out the window.

Standing up he pulled another chair over to their table on the off chance Dawn could join them, even if only for a few minutes. While she didn't appear to be with anyone, for all Nic knew she could have been seeing someone from the band.

"I'll be right back." He spoke into Livia's ear, and then inhaled her soft scent before quickly moving to where Dawn stood.

Coming up from behind her, as she watched the band, or something else in front of her, Nic put his mouth close to her ear and spoke.

"Candy, little girl?" And followed up the line with an evil chuckle before quickly moving back. It was true he didn't know her well, but he thought he'd be safe in assuming she might react in any number of ways to his approach. The worst of which could possibly result in him winding up on the floor.

"Alone? Want to come join me and my lady friend for a drink?"
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Some guys just didn't take no for an answer. Well, on the bright side, if she knocked the fucker out and took his money she could honestly said he'd asked for it. The best part was that in this place no one would even doubt her! Winding up for a wicked back fist, she whirled around and halted forward movement almost before she'd started. Oh, it was just Nic. All good, then.

"DUDE! I'almos'fuktyer shitup'cuz sumfoojus triedt'gitall freshan'payme t'cuton'iman'shock'is NUTS an'shit! THIS PLACE RULES! An'alky's always welcome!"

Glancing at the table they were headed toward, Dawn grinned. This could be fun.

"OoooOOOooo! She's to'lly hot, mang! How'd y'conn'ER t'git seen'in public witcha, le'alone 'ERE!"

As one of the scantily clad waitresses in leather chaps walked by, Dawn smacked her on her ass. Turnabout was fair play, and she'd signed up for the shit, crazy girlie.

"Gimme a Fallout, full green, what! Oh! Anna Cherrybomb! Yum!"

Turning back to the mystery woman, she shook her hair a bit so it would lay flatter and avoid her eye holes. The motion probably looked kinda spastic, strands flipping every whichaway for a sec. No worries. Reverting to her proper schoolmarm accent, she extended her hand and said

"Hullo, dearie. I am Miss Dawn. And who might you be? I should really give you a stern talking to, being seen with that ruffian Nic in such an...obscene place. The very thought of what your dear mother would think! For shame!"
Jan 17 years ago
After a series of songs, Jan's group was scheduled for a break. He wandered out of hell and up into heaven to get something more hard core than water. His clothing did not actually fit the part in this section of the club and neither did his mask but he was far from being concerned. A demon among the innocent, a wolf among the sheep...typical.

Picking up his drink, he wandered back towards towards Hell in no particular hurry. Something bumped into him and Jan turned to see a scantily clad waitress with a small pair of angel wings and white lingerie holding a tray and expertly dodging a few drunken hands reaching for her ass. She just hadn't counted on someone to stop in the middle of the walkway. In his defense, he was listening to the lyrics of the song. In her's, normal people generally kept moving.

Jan reached out and quickly grabbed the tray and the drink before both could topple to the floor.

"Saved, Little Angel, I believe you now owe me your soul...or a kiss at the very least."Â?

The not- so- innocent vision in white leaned forward and whispered that he could have more than that...later, in a private room. Jan gave her a grin and a nod of acceptance before looking up at the drink tray.

"So... where is this going?"Â?

Angel pointed to a woman sitting alone in a booth and Jan, accompanied by the waitress, delivered the Seagrams and Coke.

"I believe this drink belongs to you? I assure you that it was brought here through great peril and some personal risk."Â?
Livia 17 years ago
The whisper of Nic's breath against her ear was interesting, just enough to cause a slight rush of goosebumps down her arms. Such an interesting occurance and one she promised herself to look into it further somewhere a bit less public. Despite the theme of the club she had no desire to indulge in anything quite this conspicuously.

Watching him move towards an oddly dressed girl she blinked as they exchanged greetings. Of course she could not hear them from this distance in this noisy place but she blinked in shock just the same. Here she had thought she had put a bit of effort and time into her outfit. That slight bit of nothing must have taken quite a bit of both to create let alone put on. When the two headed back she could not help but notice the young woman's interaction with the waitress.

Livia had to restrain a giggle at the girl's introduction. Surely someone this bold in costume would not be so straightlaced. Perhaps her words were costumed as well. With a smile she waved towards the other chair at their table.

"I am Livia and it is a pleasure to meet you Miss Dawn. Somehow Nic has entrapped me with his web of gentlemanly habits and dashing good looks. Perhaps you can tell me how to guard against such thing? Especially in here as you look like the living edge of decorum. Just what exactly is that web of an outfit made of young lady?"

A giggle did escape finally and she hoped Dawn did not take her too seriously.
Nicholae 17 years ago
Dawn was one of those girls who were just so outrageous, a person never knew what to expect from them. That spontaneity was something Nic had become enamoured of immediately upon meeting the young girl. He still didn't really know what to make of her, on the whole, but then didn't seem to mind either. She was, what he thought he recalled as being called...a trip. She made him smile, and imagined would be pretty effective for curing someone of the blahs, if they happened to have them.

After having had dinner with the girl, and spending a little time listening to her odd speech, he assumed he might have a better handle on what she was saying, that Livia might. However, from Livia's response, Nic could tell she had a keen mind, and listened better than he did, apparently. He did pick up on Dawn's assessment of his date, and shrugged slightly, somewhat confused by his luck as well.

"I am a bit amazed at my luck there as well, but prefer not to dwell on it too much...wouldn't want to jinx things, right?"

Before he could introduce the women, Dawn and Livia gracefully did so themselves, and Nic couldn't help but beam just a bit at Livia's lavish compliments. Such attention was a major factor in the longevity of his Hollywood career, but he learned early on when not to take them too seriously. Tonight he had no reason to think Livia wasn't being sincere, and while he shook his head in a wee gesture of modesty, he stroked the side of her neck with the backs of his knuckles. Sometimes things just seemed right, and for a change tonight was turning into one of those things. Besides that, he wasn't about to correct the portrait she had just painted of him.

Could two women could be any different, Nic didn't see how.

While Dawn was quite an intriguing spitfire, it was Livia's obvious femininity and understated strength that appealed to Nic. Seeing both women, side by side, made him appreciate how women could be so different, and still equally attractive. But not only was Dawn too young for Nic, she was also just too much period. The thought of whatever man attempted to hold onto her made Nic silently give a toast of luck to. He also hoped they took a lot of vitamins, and had tremendous stamina. Of course it wouldn't surprise Nic at all if Dawn continued on quite happily without the need for constant companionship. At least for now.

Not that he had anything to do with her response, but Nic couldn't help but appreciate just how 'in stride' Livia greeted Dawn. Again she just showed him how truly better socially equipped she was, than he could ever hope to be.

Before the waitress left to fill Dawn's order, she dropped off four flutes and a large bottle of champagne, that Nic had ordered as they sat down earlier. Choosing to uncork it himself, he made sure his aim was safe, and then wiggled the cork from the bottle with his thumbs. The pop wasn't ostentatious, but appropriate for the vintage and he filled each glass generously.

Happy the waitress had wisely included a couple extra glasses, Nic offered one to Dawn.

"Sure you wouldn't like to join us in a toast?"