Join the Masquerade.

There is a man, a rather small man, but an expensively dressed man nonetheless, standing in the middle of Nachton's Strip where downtown and uptown meet. It is quiet and nearing dusk, the sky is on fire with the beautiful fall day coming to a close and the night time, rearing its dark face, ready to take over the city. He is dressed in a Prada evening suit, black but lined with blood red trim. His black hair is slicked back and his eyes betray his Asian descent. His fingers are laced together, holding something gently, as he stands straight, waiting for the light to crawl off to bed. He is watching the last bit of god's sun dip into the night sky.

Then it starts.

The ornate light posts that line the strip light up one by one from the end of Uptown all the way down to the man and the line crossing over to Downtown, flickering to life as the darkness embraces its soft globes. With the light posts there are speakers hoisted into the air every 15 posts or so. Behind the man is a large, but darkened heap of something and there is stirring as the night falls. As the light posts reach the man, the dark heap behind him comes to life with red lights, blue lights, white lights and shimmering bodies dressed in ornate costumes writhing to the music that is suddenly filling the night.

It glittered and it gleamed
for the arriving beauty queen
a ring and a car
now you're the prettiest by far
No party she'd not attend
no invitation she wouldn't send
transfixed by the inner sound
of your promise to be found
Nothing or no-one will ever
make me let you down

'Kiss them for me' blared out of the speakers on the street as the Asian man lifted the object in his hand and held it high into the air. It is a beautifully detailed, beaded black and bright blue mask with steel tips and he waves it in the air, signally to the parade that is now lining up behind him. The dancers begin to dance. The singers sing along. The watchers not only watch, but place their masks upon their heads and scream happy cat calls and hollers. The man slowly slipped the mask onto his face and stepped aside and with a snap of his fingers, launched the night time parade.

Exotic dancers, braving the east coast cold wearing nothing but skimpy sequined bras and Las Vegas style costumes stream into the street, doing their dances and performing for those who had come out this night to welcome another new magnificent establishment to Uptown Nachton. Another gem in Nachton's crown, the parade makes its way down the strip towards Babylon.

Let the fantasies begin.

Kiss them for me -- I may be delayed
Kiss them for me -- if I am delayed
It's divoon, oh it's serene
in the fountains pink champagne
someone carving their devotion
in the heart shaped pool of fame
Nothing or no-one will ever
make me let you down
Kiss them for me -- I may be delayed
Kiss them for me -- I may find myself delayed
On the road to New Orleans
a spray of stars hit the screen
as the 10th impact shimmered
the forbidden candles beamed
Kiss them for me -- I may be delayed
Kiss them for me -- I may find myself delayed

(ooc - Kiss them for me - Siouxie and the Banshees)