Welcome to Babylon

Desire. Erotica. Bare skin. Infamy. All things, and more, are what we offer you. Beautiful men and women. Global pleasure. Want. On the dark side of your destiny, let us lure into our fantasy. Two stories and ten thousand feet of luxury await you in uptown Nachton, across from the famous Club Eternity. Come to our red door and step into the fantasy that is the infamous Babylon.

Scantily clad men and women from the most beautiful countries in the world await you, ready to serve. Built in a flat figure eight design, the first circle called Heaven's door greets you with a full bar that wraps around the entire circle, encompassing a pit style dance floor with three stainless steel dance poles for your delight. The stage is flush with the entry level, but the pit holds sweet spots of darkness for your pleasures, whether it is the company of a beautiful body dancing to the beat of the live band or dining on a full five star menu with some of the most famous names from the culinary world.

Beyond Heaven's door is Dante's pit. For every action there is a reaction. If there is heaven, then there is surely a hell and we offer dark pleasures, painful fantasies. From leather to latex, from silk to satin, private booths are sectioned off along the back of the second circle, along with another full bar lining the semi circle. Another stage, a larger one features live bands, Hollywood stars and special shows of pain and pleasure. Stairs leading to the second floor, an open, cathedral like viewing of both stages and more food and alcohol to drown even the stoutest of sailors.

Babylon is everything and it is the one thing you crave the most. It is the beginning, the end and it waits for you.