I am so sorry everyone. I had planned on doing the halloween event and...I just completely spaced it. I twisted my ankle last week, then I got my new computer and I've been setting that up, then Halloween with the kid and problems with her idiot teacher. I ended up going to her class yesterday just to observe and with trick or treating - I am so sorry everyone. I just completely completely spaced it. I totally forgot about TAC's little mini event as well. Jesus I forgot about the strip club...guys I'm sorry. I've just had so much going on lately. I'm a shit. =/

If y'all still want to do it, we can just make it a Fallish type deal? I am so sorry.

Mathias 16 years ago
Nothing to apologize for - RL happens and RL > all.

Having had to deal with twisted limbs and imbecile educators I completely understand
Shay 16 years ago
Parties!! Parties!! Who doesn't like parties?? Better late than never...?

As for the 'RL' guys who have those just need to get over it.

Seriously - hope the ankle is better.
Aishe 16 years ago
*shows up in costume and stands around by herself looking lost*

But they told me there was going to be a party...

... I brought candy...

Don't worry about it Roz!! Life goes on whether you want it to or not, you know? Most of the time the best you can do is grab onto it and cling desperately while you get dragged along.
Cyrus 16 years ago
No problems! People are seriously busy in RL (wtf is that?) this time of year. I think a fall party / theme is fine or just go with 'its Halloween in Nachton damnit'.
Aishe 16 years ago
Seriously, it's not like it wouldn't have taken us until Christmas to roleplay Halloween out, anyway.
Shay 16 years ago
LOL - no kidding. The invitations to Fallon and Cyrus' party had 10/1 on them, and it started quite a while after that.

What is time anyway?
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
Thanks for being understanding y'all. I am completely baffled at how I totally forgot about it. I'm going to try and get the starting posts up late tonight so we can hopefully start tomorrow. /hug
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
First off don't feel bad Roz, it's no biggie. Let's just go with it's still Halloween, in Nachton!
Mathias 16 years ago
Ginnie 16 years ago
Yay! Belated Halloween!
Alyshia 16 years ago
Don't worry about it sweetie, it happens to all of us, at least we get to have the party, better late then never right, don't beat yourself up over it /hug!
Alec Devereaux 16 years ago







I'm like so disillusioned right now.