Things that make you go hmmmm... (Attn Dawn)

Much better, once again clean and neat Val had headed to one of her favorite holes in the wall. The place was called The Dictionary although Val had no clue why. She'd had and abandon a number of theories ranging from underground Scrabble tournaments to some sort of code name.

It didn't matter, what mattered was they made a decent Snake Bite (Guinness and hard cider), had several dart boards, a pleasantly smoky atmosphere and a good group of regulars who tended to talk to loud and argue over what ever game or show happened to be on. It felt rather like home. Having arrived first Val was making use of both her favorite amenities, alternating sipping her drink and tossing darts while trying to come up with a plan.

She wasn't quite sure how to go about finding the 'who's who' of local politics. Maybe she should have started going to these fund raising things a while ago.

Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Post cleanup, Dawn popped back on her ride and headed into the city. She wasn't familiar with the place, and with a name like the Dictionary, she figured there had to be a story there. Finding it with only minor difficulty, she curbed her bike and set her spikes. Walking in, she surveyed the crowd. It was a pretty good mix - obviously a local's local bar. She stood out a bit in her Chargers parka, but what the hell. She didn't really like football, it just matched her hair. Spotting the Valentine, she headed over.

"Didja come up wi'any brilliant ideas while y'waited? I got nothing."

Aside from playing Inspector Clouseau around Heel-Floor. But she couldn't very well mention that. Ah well.

"I guess ano'er day we could do more research at th'library, but other'n that...oh, I'll have whatever she's havin....nothing stands out."

She got a few weird looks, but the bartender here was FAST. That goes a long way.
Valentine 17 years ago
“The best idea I came up with was that.”

Val jerked her head at her drink before throwing a perfect bull’s eye.

It was tempting to giggle at the bar tender and the regulars’ reaction to Dawn. Val tended to get a look or two but because she dressed to be noticed and more expensively than a majority of the other women who came to the place, Dawn was a completely different story.

“I’m loathed to say it but news papers, how boring is that? But one of these hacks must know about political rivalries and who’s sleeping with who or if his honor was planning to divorce and the little woman wanted revenge.”

Which clan was running the mayor this time? She wasn’t sure. She could probably ask around and find out, but if it wasn’t them that was likely to be a complete dead end.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Laughing, Dawn nodded. She'd seen all manner of slamsheets in LA, but hadn't thought to grab one since she'd come to Nachton. That'd be some good clean family fun. Men In Black TOTALLY had it right when they said scandalsheets and tabloids were the best investigative reporting in the universe. Some of the shit they came up with was so outlandish that it HAD to be true. Otherwise, why print it?

"Well, iffin' we'see'a copy'a th'Nachton Enquire it'll be a BIT more 'citin. Bound t'be somethin' innit that'd be worth a chuckle. Prolly won't find it in th'library, tho. Maybe near a co-op'r sumthin. Huh. Wonder why y'git th'local tabliods near vegetarian places. Maybe seitan DOES make people crazy."

Sipping the snakebite as it was delivered, Dawn nodded. It was like drinking the alcohol version of apple pie. Kind of disconcerting, really...but tasty. It compelled her to take another sip, though she normally wasn't much of a beer drinker.
Valentine 17 years ago
Holding out a set of darts to Dawn she considered. Actually that made perfect sense. Not the bit about vegetarians being crazy but tabloids over news papers.

“I was thinking the society pages would be best but you might be on to something. Are there local tabloids?”

She retrieved her darts and walked back tossing another round and then waiting for Dawn.

“I’ll be they have something on line. Too much money to keep a morgue these days but on line makes sense. Might have to buy a subscription but what they hell.”
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Dawn began considering the line of reasoning that she'd started down inadvertantly. Val seemed to be seriously considering what she'd said, so she backpedaled a moment to review her thoughts. Automatically, she reached and accepted the darts.

Newspaper research would make sense - it'd give a lot of general insights and opinions into a world neither of them had immersed themselves into. The easy research could start with the larger locals, Nachton Times and such. If they could also find the more obscure "group newsletter" type publications or specific local scandal sheets, they would be able to branch from there. Standard media reporting would give the distilled version - the "less reputable" sources would give a greater feel for public opinions on the associated news blips.

Lost in thought, she threw a dart toward the board, hitting a singleton 20. She didn't quite know why she'd always started with the twenties in cricket, but she did. Probably because it was at the top of the scoreboard or something. But that wasn't what she was concerned with.

"Y'know...this could work. Use th'straight newsta git th'gist of timelines an'wha, then use th'others filler. Hm. Not 'splainin it good."

Thinking a bit more, Dawn figured there had to be some local sheets - they'd been all over LA, she'd seen some in SF and SD too...couldn't be a Cali thing, could it? definitely wasn't - one had referenced a similar spread set up in NYC. Huh...maybe one of the others would know the "Nachton Chapter" of Freaky Conspiracy Thoughts Anonymous or whatever. A thought. Absently, she tossed another dart, hitting the triple twenty.

"Online first, yeah. We'kin signup wi'fake id or whateva too so's they don't send US th'porn. Bet Rupert wouldn't mind if I used'is email f'r'it. Oh, he's like th'ousekeeper or SOMEthing where I'm staying at. He could use th'porn, fershure."

Tossing her final dart, she hit a singleton 19. Not a terrible round, really. Handing them back to Val, she asked

"So whaddya kin? Start online'r back at th'library? Oh, and we're playin' cricket, right?"

((ooc: Dart throws provided by this wee game! I took the liberty of taking Val's first three throws, she's a LOT better than Dawn - Double Bulls, Triple 20, Triple 19! OMGWTF! But I didn't want to take them for granted ))
Valentine 17 years ago
Cricket? Who what, damned English game. Oh the darts. Val shook her head and grinned rather broadly, not bothering to hide her fangs.

“I generally play with five hundred and one up. I’m not sure I remember the rules to Cricket but we can try it if you’d like.”

Of course, Dawn had closed the twenty and the nineteen, which made life difficult but not impossible. Since they’d started a different game Val chalked up their numbers as she debated this newspaper strategy.

It was a shame there wasn’t a pub culture where you could get the latest and greatest gossip just by hanging around the right place. Although, maybe there was maybe she’d just been around the wrong places.

“That makes perfect sense to me, I’m especially partial to the fake ID part I wouldn’t relish the idea of getting blown up if we get on to something hot.”

She tossed a triple twenty and went about interpreting the rest of what Dawn had said. The high society bit didn’t seem in keeping with her persona.

“What’s with the house keeper and who’s Rupert?”

Exactly who had she fallen in with was the more interesting question, but one at a time. Curiosity didn’t stop her from throwing a triple nineteen though.

“Ugh, no I’ve spent enough time at the library for the next year. I think the other thing we need to do is find out where all these hot shots hang out. Couldn’t hurt to rub elbows with them.”

Maybe Rupert, whoever he was, could give the a clue. If he had the hots for some housekeeper, there was the potential of money there and money and power often went together.

She carelessly tossed her last dart and landed a single eighteen. She really ought to pay more attention to the game.

((OOC… yeah Val is a bit scary but polite. She won’t get too far in front of Dawn.))
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Well, the fangbomb having been formally dropped, Dawn 'smiled' as well. At least now they didn't have to bullshit about it. Glancing around, she noted they weren't within mortal earshot of anyone. Just watching for passers by would allow for free verbage. Sadly, it distracted her from her throw and she missed the triple 18, winding up in the area of the ones.

"Aw, fuckin' thing. Oh. Th'fake ID thing'll b'easy f'r me...gots some already. I dun like getting blown up much, what. Bein' dead ain't how I plan on spendin' m'eternity. An' since we're all up front an' what..."

Smiling her own toothy grin, Dawn stretched her neck some and said in American standard with just a touch of English and Southeast Asian blendings,

"I thought I might look into it for my people as well. He was one of our poppets, and we don't take kindly to when our poppets, after being cultivated and engineered for decades go and jump down elevator shafts onto bullets or get themselves blown up in the world's worst allergic reaction to shrimp cocktail."

May as well keep having fun. Val wouldn't believe Dawn was Anantya if she didn't take on an aire of respect - probably think her a renegade or a Tacky and that just wouldn't do. Tossing for the triple 18, she was rewarded this time.

"Rupert is our housekeeper at Heolfor Manor. As for the hotshot angle, I believe it is already being observed, but I had hoped to look into things from another angle. I thought something in a cooperative research would be more entertaining than solo study, but if nothing else a round of darts is always welcome. Sorry about the rust on my skills."

Ending with a solo seventeen, just outside the happy box, Dawn nodded.

"Well, the high society research can be done, but my hair at present would be a bit conspicuous. If there is a function you would like to visit, I may be able to make internal arrangements. Perhaps I could even join you, a visit to the salon permitting."

This would be hard to keep up. She was managing to keep the laughter on the inside, but much more and she wouldn't be able to take herself seriously.
Valentine 17 years ago
For the fun of it and to counter Dawn’s straight speak Val slipped into a full on brogue as thick as it ever had been.

“He’ll be better faster stronger with new arms new legs and new veto powers.”

So exactly who was Dawn? This was getting even more interesting. Val was relatively confident she wasn’t family so that meant the other clans were in the dark too or had she just lost touch?

Heolford Manor? No, just no. Val couldn’t believe that, but then again why not it’s not like they all fit a profile.

Dropping the accent she continued, tossing a double eighteen to close that number off.

“Shame about the shrimp cocktail though, I’ve always liked those. It would be a long life without one.”

She was very orderly with her Cricket playing, not the best strategy but it helped her keep things straight. That meant seventeen was next. A slight slip of the wrist and she missed the triple hitting a single, that was corrected when she tossed a matching double though.

“Alright you’re on I’m sure we can do something with your hair, even if we don’t find anything we can shake things up a bit, don’t you think?”
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Matching her brogue for a lark, even if she couldn't parrot Val's tones yet, Dawn plowed ahead. Tossing a dart, she missed the double 17 high, landing in single land.

"I can wig it up and we'll have a lovely lovely time I'm sure. Or a wee bit of dye. An' shakin' it up seems t'be our specialty! We'll be the talk of the town, for better or worse."

Realizing her strategy wouldn't net a win since it was pretty clear her opponent was more practiced, Dawn smiled at the board. Focusing, she tossed a double bullseye - she might not close out first, but at least she'd limit the point margin. Right now she was up 20 - 0, but Val had closed out everything but the bottom three. Hitting a single 17 to lock it down, she nodded. Val was faced with the point dilemma - close the bulls, the 15 and 16, or hit points. Dawn was hoping she'd close the smalls, but it didn't seem likely. Plus, Val was a better tosser, which rankled. Still, better to play against a skilled opponent than decimate a crappy one.

"I can do some research and see what's coming up that might have opportunities and call you. If nothing else, we'll get to see new faces."
Valentine 17 years ago
“Oh I hate wigs, they never set quite right for me. Dye is much better, if you do it right of course.”

It was that or stick your hair in a hat and that was almost never appealing.

She raised an eyebrow at the bull’s eye toss. That was nicely done. Hmmmmm… nope still going to work on closing the others. The triple sixteen went well enough, but the fifteen wanted to be difficult. Val hit a single and frowned downing a good portion of her drink before tossing again, dear that was going to be a problem.

“You have to love hands on government. Who do you suppose is in charge since the big bang? I haven’t been paying as much attention as I should.”
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Shaking her head at her own lack of foresight, Dawn sighed.

"Prolly jus th'one wit'th'mos't gain from th'ol mayor's death...we really oughtta check that out first, good call what. Oh, an' wigs're just like nicer, sleeker hats. Jus take gettin' useta."

Slightly frustrated that they'd not chatted that option up earlier, Dawn through rapid fire. The first shot it paid off, closing her sixteens. The second missed its target below the double 19, netting no gain. Her final toss, a bit more frustrated than the others, hit the board with enough force that it bounced clear of the board and thunked into the floor.

"Oh...shit. That'll learn me t'throw irritated. Heh."
Valentine 17 years ago
“I’ll leave the wigs to you because I’m not fond of hats either.”

Her eyes widened and she giggled as Dawn’s dart took a rather unique turn.

“Very few things should be done when irritated. It can put someone’s eye out.”

It was said with a slight laugh as Val fidgeted with the dart, tapping the sharp end on the table not caring that it was leaving a mark. Apparently, she wasn’t the first to do that given the condition of the table and she was equally sure she wouldn’t be the last.

An easy toss closed fifteen for her.

“You said the mayor was one of yours or did I make that up? If he was would his lackeys be yours too or are they free agents?”

Another easy toss but she just missed the bull’s eye and swore. It was a twenty but not what she wanted. The final dart did just make the bull’s eye, but barley.

“I hate free agents.”
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Nodding, Dawn took up the darts again. Sipping, she considered.

"Well, they probably aren't free agents, but a good deal could be of other affiliations. Prolly easy enough t'find out at least two've th'factions involved, which doesn't leave much left. Th'odd bit though is that alotta th'muckymucks were there, right? Maybe there's a new faction to consider."

That thought didn't please her at all, and caused her to miss her first throw at 19 into three-land. She missed the wire on the second toss, then closed out her nineteens on her third. She'd wanted a shot at the bulls for points, but it wasn't in the cards.
Valentine 17 years ago
“Now that I –hadn’t thought of.”

A new faction, not an unreasonable thought. No, not at all. Val matter of factly threw a bull’s eye followed by a single twenty and another bull’s eye before sitting down at the little table to think. Thinking involved finishing her drink and signaling for another.

Who would want to play?

“It can be a dangerous game to just jump into. I suppose it could be oblivious natives, its even remotely possible that the homeless are putting in a concentrated bid; there must be a leader for them out there somewhere.”

She began twisting her ring about, sliding it down to the tip of her finger where she could easily and freely spin it.

“You know I almost like the idea of free agents better than dark horses. At least you stand a prayer of buying a free agent.”
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Dawn shrugged. She didn't really care one way or another about the new faction beyond the research aspects and the opportunity to muck about in other people's business. The whole political game was a new set of experiences for her. Watching Val finish the board caused a brief surge of frustrated anger. Val wasn't looking directly at her for the brief contortion of her face and hand clenching that showed the irritation. Hopefully she'd miss it. Sure, she wasn't an experienced dart player...but...losing sucked. Didn't matter at what. But no reason to bring her hangups to bear on a seemingly cool chica because she was GOOD at something. That'd be pretty lame.

"Yeah but th'genda kin be'a bit'uffer t'figure fer'm. At least a dark'orse'll'av'a consistent setta rules."

Realizing the irritation was apparently still close to the surface, Dawn took a large swallow of her drink, polishing it off. Watching Val play with the ring brought a smile to her face. At least she wasn't the only one at the table with a tell. Slapping her hands down on the table, the smile transformed into a grin.

"Well fuckin'a! Looks like we've gone'n got ourselves a plan!"
Valentine 17 years ago
That was the first time that Dawn’s speech had truly lost Val. She’d replayed it in her head several times and still couldn’t get it. Which irritated her, Val prided herself on getting through accents and being able to work with anyone no matter what they sounded like, hell she could even manage to understand a Welshman.

In response she deliberately answered in a brogue, as thick and back country as she could manage.

“Sure’n you’ll be needing to repeat that cause I didn’t understand a fooking word ya said.”

Nodding in approval as Dawn downed the rest of her drink Val flagged down the bar tender and ordered two scotches. You had to close business with a drink, it was just a habit she’d gotten into. With the two scotches she grinned.

“To the plan then.”
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Cocking her head for a moment, Dawn chuckled. She was being made fun of, but it was a new and creative way. So that's something. Mimicking Valentine's voice...not perfectly, but somewhat eerily for the time they'd known each other, she said

"Aye, so sorry m'dearie! I was merely commentin' on how the agenda of one of them Free Agents can be a wee more difficult to ken than that a one of them Dark Horsies."

Taking up her scotch, Dawn grinned. It looked like this business meeting had concluded.

"T'the plan!"
Valentine 17 years ago
Val let out a solid laugh, she approved off Dawns imitation, she’d done it well and quickly. You had to like that and it showed the girl was sharp and adaptable. Funny the kind of people you met in a library, maybe she should go more often. But then again probably not.

She hated to down scotch in one gulp, and so didn’t, but took a good swallow drinking to their oddly and impulsively spawned plan. Sliding back out of the brogue took a second and her words were still faintly tinged with the accent.

“Now did I give you my card? Can’t have you running off with out back up or keeping me out of the fun.”
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Pulling out the card from her jacket pocket where she'd squirreled it away, she rapidly twirled it between her fingers.

"O'course! An' we gotta find a good stretch t'show off our toys, too! I'll be sure'n pick something especially curvy t'gimme an unfair advantage."

Winking, she stood. Resuming Val's voice, she said

"Well, m'dearie, I must anon. I've got me chariot awaitin' me an' a wee bit o' plannin' te do! Until next we meet!"

Flipping her jacket over her shoulder, she paused theatrically and saluted Val with her card. Smiling, she turned and left.

((ooc: Dawn out!))