ward q!

Could a ward for members with youngsters be created?

I dont think Thanos would love a one year old running around knocking over vases and drooling on marble. Pretty slippery! Plus cracked skulls on shiney surfaces means a bad time!

Thanos 17 years ago
We can certainly create a youngster friendly ward . Any special requests?
Diane 17 years ago
Hmm, off the top of my head? Soft and plushy!
Octavia Emiliano 17 years ago
We haven't forgotten! We're working the details out amongst ourselves =) Soft and plushy, gotcha!
Diane 17 years ago
/thumbs up!
Mosi 17 years ago
Youngster ward is cool, so is the singles ward. But how about something a little more, um, back to nature ish? Something in a small outbuilding perhaps, less security, less electricity and such?

Octavia Emiliano 17 years ago
Hmm we'll give it some thought.
Alyshia 17 years ago
I would love something like a library, maybe a tv room? where people can just sit together and watch a movie or discus a good book? or is that what the common room is for?
Kiril Turasca 17 years ago
Yupyup - that'd be mostly the common room - library is probably separate, but most commons usually have small bookshelves, too. At least the military and collegiate ones I've been in. Not sure on the psych ward ones...
Alyshia 17 years ago
I really have no idea in what ward I would fit best, Aly is pretty flexible so if anyone is looking for a roomie let me know!
Tobi Emiliano 17 years ago
You should join us in The Rails!

Also, there are common rooms in the wards, as well as the basement - http://www.sanguineaffliction.com/forum/showpost.php?p=31653&postcount=3 which anyone is welcome to use.
Alyshia 17 years ago
Ok sounds like a plan, i just have to make sure i'm not in too many threads right now, think just in one outside of the pack, so this could work out
Loretta Emiliano 17 years ago
Sorry for not being clear - Welcome to the Machine isn't an RP thread (I should have locked that, my mistake). I pulled your post out into the residence so we can play .

Alyshia 17 years ago
Ok thanks glad that got cleared up
Loretta Emiliano 17 years ago
Family friendly ward is posted here - http://www.sanguineaffliction.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2571

If you want to post a description of individual quarters feel free to do so within the ward thread (so we don't end up with 57340254834023). Feel free to add details that you want/need in the course of RP, kept it fairly open for that purpose.